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Hello there bronies! I've been working on writing up a game engine as my final project for a computer science class at my college that's an exact replica of Final Fantasy 1 for the NES. What I'm here for is I am looking for help. Now that the class is over and I have submitted my final project, which was proposed to just be the battle system, and semester break is coming around the corner for me after a few more finals, I'm trying to publicly announce the engine. The project is and will continue being written in straight up Java.

I've had a public github repository for the entire development cycle of the engine so if anypony had been curious they could have done a checkout of it awhile ago. However, now I am accepting help on content and coding the engine now that it is no longer associated with a project for my class, that would have been cheating in my book if I had :P It already contains a few sprites and all the formulas I'm using are from the documentation for FF1 so it's going to be as exact to FF1 as I can get it.

BattleSystem needs just a bit more tweaking (I need to implement Items still) and then I'm going to start working on the overworld and menu systems, both I already have the code and design worked out in my head. Coder wise I'm looking for people to maybe help out optimize my code and review it as well as contribute in areas that need finishing or tweaks to make it more exact. One of the things I would really love to get fixed up is the music code which currently does not loop and is restricted to mp3s.

Content wise I need people who are willing to finish up all the sprites, make enemy sprites and formations, make sure the stats match up to the enemy documentation for FF1 (for example Nightmare Moon has the exact stats as Garland), and design maps to explore once I have the code and design written and documented. Some 8bit musicians would be nice as well to help add some atmosphere to the majority of the game. One of the things I was shooting for when designing all the sprite graphics was restricting myself to drawing with strictly the colors the NES was capable of drawing. This is for entirely aesthetic reasons, the engine actually loads everything as 32-bit PNGs.

The picture uploaded is an actual in-game screen shot of the game in its current state.

For those interested, here's the link to the repository. Please note that there are JUnit test files and cases as well as a uml diagram, they were requirements for the cs course.
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>> No. 29879
>Content wise I need people who are willing to finish up all the sprites, make enemy sprites and formations, make sure the stats match up to the enemy documentation for FF1 (for example Nightmare Moon has the exact stats as Garland), and design maps to explore once I have the code and design written and documented. Some 8bit musicians would be nice as well to help add some atmosphere to the majority of the game.

How much are you willing to pay for that obscenely picky and demanding load of work and how can you prove you will make the deposit in case you get what you asked for?

Because seriously, "I'll do the code" is the new "I have the script finshed in my head" line of the guy who has nothing and expects everypony else to do all the hard and truly important work for free.
Plus, anypony can "make the code" by simply using a game maker program, making the coder's importance bottom tier at best.
>> No. 29888
File 132371048900.gif - (1.32MB , 200x150 , 132108051566.gif )
See pic.

OP, I can't get your code to run. It throws a NoClassDefFoundError. I'm not good with Java. I'm running Windows 7 with the latest Sun Java.

I also downloaded and unpacked Eclipse and failed to load the code up. Did you forget to upload some project file or some other metadata?
>> No. 29891

Reported for flamebaiting.
>> No. 29892

I really don't see what was flamebaiting about his post. The worst that's in there is a tongue-in-cheek "U MAD" image, and besides that the post was entirely productive.
>> No. 29893
Thing is I do actually have the code conceptualized and I am fast at writting code, just look at the code repository. This entire program I have written from scratch, not some game maker program, for a college class. It's not like there isn't anything already there, there is already plenty there, it just is not a full game yet which is what I will be working towards. I'm not going to pay anypony for this project, I have no deadline for a finished game, I'm just going to keep working on this with all the time I have. I'm leaving the entire thing open-source and free and am looking for people who might want to help make content for it to make it a more complete experience.

I do have trouble with that as well. Since in my college class we use Eclipse I've gotten used to using that but Netbeans also works. I didn't include the Eclipse project files in case you wanted to use a different IDE. If you use Eclipse you'll have to create a new project and set the source folder for the project to the project folder you downloaded. If you're still getting errors in it you'll need to add JUnit as a library. I've been able to set it up in Eclipse across 3 fresh environments already.
>> No. 29894
Sorry, this is OP talking
>> No. 29899
> I'm not going to pay anypony for this project

Then you don't qualify to get anypony's time or attention.

Please remember that making graphics and tiles for a game is an extremely difficult and time consuming activity. Very, very few people can have the abilities and patience to do this task, and even less people will have free time to work on a complete stranger's request.

If you consider grahpists as nothing but free slaves unworthy of your respect and your gratitude, then yes, you will receive the exact treat from this community, or any other community you may go to fish for free hand labour.

>> No. 29900
File 132371732681.png - (162.70KB , 1680x1010 , eclipse.png )
>I didn't include the Eclipse project files in case you wanted to use a different IDE.
Then you'll have to step me through the process of creating a project file. I tried to, and it kinda worked, but Eclipse shows bazillion errors, all having to do with inability to resolve names. When I try to run it anyway, nothing seems to happen. Pic related.
>> No. 29902

Not to sound rude, but if you look around, there are dozens of people on this board who compose music/draw sprites or tilesets/etc for others' games and don't ask for a thing in return. Sure it takes time, but if it's what they enjoy doing, who's stopping them from doing it?
>> No. 29903
somepony has clearly never worked on community projects

You're not being offered anything for your help, and you're not being punished for not helping
Either get involved or get out.
It's not that hard.

This applys to ALL projects on collab
>> No. 29905

>Banned for expressing an opinion...

It's just me, or lately the Mods have been getting more and more agressive and intolerant?
Not only they ban people for the most trivial reasons, but they also take decisions on behalf of the entire community and what they say, stays. (Or they punish people with bans)

>and you're not being punished for not helping

But you just banned him/her for not helping.

>> No. 29906
File 132371946319.jpg - (8.08KB , 279x267 , troll0.jpg )
Did you reset your modem or are you posting from your phone?
>> No. 29907
No, I banned him for once again causing problems for everypony, and only from collab, and only for a short while.
It was actually rather lenient when compared to the rules I could have banned him against.

There's a fine (read: very obvious and not fine at all) line between expressing an opinion and just causing trouble to cause trouble
>> No. 29908
I wasnt going to point that part out, but yes, that was the same person yes, we can tell that
>> No. 29912

Don't worry, you're doing it right. Just as I noted before, I used JUnit for test driven development so you'll need to add JUnit 4 as a library. Eclipse should come with the library when you install it. You can click on the project, go to build path, add library, and select JUnit.

Also, I have experience with community open-source projects. Time is worth what people make of it, I'm one of those ponies who doesn't mind giving my time away to make graphics or program for free, I love volunteer work because whether I'm paid or not, I know in the end I helped make a better product that people will use and hopefully appreciate, and that's what keeps me going. I've also made a lot of mods for FretsOnFire and still help program FoFiX in my spare time.

This project and college in general had taken away a lot of my free time away, so I'd like to see people make use of my hard work and maybe contribute. If it gets big enough, my college's Game Dev Club will be heading out to Too Many Games this spring and we might demo the projects we are making. It'd be cool to demo this project there with all the work the Brony community puts into it.
>> No. 29917
I think imma skedaddle on out before something happens....
>> No. 29933
>If you consider grahpists as nothing but free slaves unworthy of your respect and your gratitude, then yes, you will receive the exact treat from this community, or any other community you may go to fish for free hand labour.

I know this is just parasprite bait, but just to clarify on my intentions: while I don't mind people just randomly contributing graphics and helping out with the game, I'd like it if it'd be possible to get a team together to help with this, that way were could work together and organize things. I'd be able to code around certain things if the resource developers provide valuable input/suggestions. Additionally, github provides an issue and suggestion tracker so anypony with a github account feel free to submit ideas there as well.

I know how hard it is to make graphics and how much time and busy work it is as well as programming. Don't expect to get anything less than the highest amount of respect and criticism out of me; you're willing to help me with this project with your free time, the least I could do is appreciate all that you're doing for me, but also understand that I still have standards since I'm shooting for a fully presentable game.
>> No. 29935
i think i can help, but for everything, i don't think so
never played final fantasy games. I'm only in for the 8-bit Nes part. I could look up on the internet if you have references. Hope it doesn't bother you. If not: can i have a list of sprites you need: monsters, characters, tiles ?
>> No. 29951

Don't worry, I already have all the references for numbers, they're mainly just FAQs from GameFaqs and the FF1 wiki. The game has been around long enough that's it's all been documented. The main FAQ I'm using for all the numbers is credited in the README. If you're playing the tagged version 1.0 you can see instructions on how to control and play the game once you have it set up within the docs folder.

Sprite wise, I still need the rest of the animation sprites for each of the jobs. There is already a base sprite provided as well as the standing sprite for each of the jobs to base work from.

As for the map system, I'm starting work on it. Maps can be any size, with tile size being 32x32, saved as a single image for what gets drawn to screen. Passibility map is a 1x1 pixel scale version of that map in black = not passable, gray = overlay, and white = passable. For dungeons it will also be a 1x1 pix scale map with solid color blobs to show different terrains for enemies formations (formations get to be specified by color in a separate file). Just for reference I'm going to be ripping a chunk of the original FF1 world map to show how it works, from there people can base their work on the system I have.

I do need map sprites then for each of the jobs as well, 32x32 in dimensions per frame of animation. One of the nice things about FF1 is how simple it is graphically. For animations all it does is flip between 2 different sprites depending on the direction the character is facing. It's even this way in battle as well.

As for what maps I'll want, I don't have anything really set in my mind. I was hoping some people would be interested thinking of a story and we could start making additional content around that.
>> No. 30011
File 132379598880.png - (132.83KB , 1680x1010 , eclipse2.png )
Added JUnit. No more errors, but still doesn't run. When I click run the console window outputs pic related.
>> No. 30067
Make sure the file you're trying to run is as a java application.
>> No. 30085
File 132386947952.png - (221.36KB , 1680x1050 , eclipse3.png )
We're in business! But what is the green play button for then? Why doesn't it work?

I'll go through the code and report anything suspicious.

Could you give me a link to some test driven development and JUnit documentation? Preferably, the same one you used yourself.
>> No. 30086
Also, lol'd at the debug output.
doop doop
doop doop
>> No. 30091
Yep, all those red errors involving the can not read file is normal at this point. I have it set up to load a list of sprites and if it can't find the image it'll just skip drawing that sprite instead of crashing when it's called. Those images haven't been drawn up yet so it's just giving that error.

As for JUnit, it was something I just learned to use in college since my college is pushing the whole Test-Driven development stuff. I can't think of any code off the top of my head that I could show you for JUnit other than what we have used in class but that's hosted on our servers and is restricted to students. Documentation wise, all I can really do is give you the JavaDocs page and tell you to google for examples

Yeah, I do that a bit to test line by line code to make sure it is actually executing those lines. I thought I had gathered up all those and deleted them before committing changes, I normally only keep debug like that for personal use until I get the bug fixed.
>> No. 30096
File 132388660520.gif - (9.61KB , 358x196 , sheet.gif )
i haven't finish yet, i may reduce the sprites' length somehow. Also tell me if there something you don't like.
So before i put it in a 48x32 transparent box
id like to know if the size of the character's map sprites are at a good size (bottom left).
extra: have a manticore :)
it funny how the pony walk tho, i guess it is to limit the frames to only two
>> No. 30104
Awesome Pony Noia. I love dash's passed out frame (the other one's too but that one the most).
>> No. 30108
Thanks a lot, those look pretty awesome! The walking sprites just look a little weird with the front legs, and Twilight's victory pose is a little complex for the animation. Just for some reference of FF1 sprites and how they're drawn in NES - Also, while the engine does not limit the height of sprites to use in battle, for the jobs I'd like it if the sprites would have as little vertical overlap as possible, so Fluttershy's might have to be trimmed down a little. I love how they all have such personality!

I appreciate the Manticore sprite, he'd make a good enemy to add to the game.
>> No. 30127
Map wandering system basics have been implemented :)
>> No. 30141
File 132394620214.png - (24.89KB , 400x416 , ponyville and canterlot map.png )
As a... NES enthusiast I'm curious if you understand just how restricted colors are. BUT, you stated you are just limiting yourself to the colors. Which is a fine compromise; it's more fun that way.

I managed to build the project with NetBeans and I got to the temporary world map. It's nice, but where is your final project with the working battle system? I'd like to see that.

There's a lot of framework in place already (mostly for combat), just judging by the amount of code, but I can't see any of the work you've done in action.

I'm not an amazing spriter but with small sprites with restrictions I think I do decently. Also I usually code in C++ but I've taken a year in Java and I'm interested in helping in both ways.

I'm ashamed to look through the collab section of this site and see so many snide replies to requests for help. This is the fandom to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Act like it! You don't have to offer assistance but calling people claiming they're asking somepony to "do all the work" is just rude. How about a "That's a neat idea, but I'm a little busy with something else right now. If you're still making progress on this in a few months I might lend a hoof"?

In an effort to put my hand at where my mouth is, I attempted to draw Canterlot and Ponyville in place of Corneria.

Considering the parallels between Canterlot and Ponyville to Corneria, the Castle Ruins, Saving the Princess, etc, I assumed this is where you were going with it.

As we're only restraining ourselves to colors instead of palettes, I didn't worry about counting colors and just didn't go overboard with it.
>> No. 30142
On second thought: the walls around Ponyville seem a bit extreme for the show even though they fit on Final Fantasy 1. I'd suggest not having them at all.

For the map sprites and town folk, do you want to keep those at 16x16 pixels?
>> No. 30144
File 132395482229.gif - (4.41KB , 256x224 , nes_spec.gif )
Maybe this NES colour spec could help you somehow?
>> No. 30151
I was actually going to leave world building up to the community. I was just going to essentially making the base game and design follow FF1, the story can be completely unique.

If you want to try my final project download from the downloads tab version1.0 instead of the latest commit build. That came before I started working on the map so after making your party it'll take you right into battle instead of to the world map.

Yes, since collision on the map is based on a 16x16 scale it'd be best of sprites followed that scale as well.

I was actually using the ones on here for reference
>> No. 30173
since i haven't done anything today maybe ill be throwing some ideas because I'm lazy

about the story:
- if you're lazy like me, just a remake of episode 1 and 2 FF1 style.
- create a new villain i guess( i remember more of those statues where discord was trap)
-since discord is Q(Star trek) maybe he could escape again and create an illusion to send them to the past like Q did with Jean-Luc-Picard. Jean became Robin hood again and had to save the princess (an ex lover somehow). *hint hint* it was like a role playing game ;)

why thank you starstep but I don't think i know this ponynoia. He have a silly name thought, mine better :P
>> No. 30175
Aw, so this isn't as innovative as I thought then. I thought you had some ideas in mind.

Well, you could just do the first part of Final Fantasy 1 up to the bridge. That would almost play like the first episode of the show.
>> No. 30177
If we want I can go and modify bits of code for specifically this game instead of make it a complete FF1 clone.

Some ideas I've had
-At beginning you name all your ponies, you get 6, one of each class.
-Start off as playing as Twilight for a bit, with a tutorial battle against Spike.
-Bridge scene is instead a view of Twilight being flown to Ponyville in the chariot, scrolling across slowly with cool panoramic clouds as credits roll.
-Since you get one of each character but gameplay still fits FF1, a system where party order can be arranged will be implemented. Ponys not on your party will still get exp. Exp will be divided into fifths, one fifth for each pony in active party, the last fifth divided in half amongst the two inactive ponies.

Game initially follows episodes 1 & 2 of s1. Continued from there would be a blend of FF1 and MLP. This is where it'd get trippy. After the battle with NM the elements of harmony are actually scattered about, your job is to go fetch them, but this is where FF1 comes in, creatures sent through dark magics and time paradoxes are guarding these elements, these creatures being minor villains in S1 (Hydra, Ursa Minor, you get the idea). End boss being Discord, who replaces Chaos from FF1, release by Luna who has once again become Nightmare Moon.

Some other things to think about, instead of an airship you'll get their hot air balloon. The world does not need to be as large as FF1's, in fact, we could skip the World map since it all revolves around Ponyville and we could just have Ponyville have different exits to different locations like the forests. Exception would be automated movement from Ponyville to Canterlot via hopping abord the hot air balloon, to which it would zoom out to the world map, and auto walk the sprite to Canterlot, then you can explore Canterlot freely, getting back to Ponyville the same way.
>> No. 30198
> instead of an airship you'll get their hot air balloon

Nah, the airship can stay. But instead of Twilight's balloon you can use Fancypant's flying ship, which is a deadringer for FF's airships.
>> No. 30248
File 132419080735.png - (3.48KB , 104x88 , Untitled-1.png )
sound good well i guess ill start playing final fantasy then (hope is not a long game)
I made two dragons hoho! remade rainbow cuz she looks really big. fluttershy's casting. and going to remake rarity dead pose.
here's the sprites you ask
hope you'll like the new outlines (FF1 style)
>> No. 30278
Thanks for the sprite help!

I got the walking animation code working last night and committed to github. The animation code is going to be switching to a strip system instead of having multiple files to help save on memory. You can look at the basewalk.png to see what I mean. Battle sprites will follow the same system as well as attack/spell animation.

Here's my current programming order that I'm going to follow
- Finish world map design
-- Add Regional formation mapping
-- Add Spawn Point mapping
-- Add NPC and Doorway events
--- Add dialog system
- Add item system
-- Items that do spells
-- Items that can be equipped
-- Items that teach spells that a job is able to learn
- Tweak Battle System more
-- Add attack/spell animations
-- Add status ailments
-- Make the interfaces and animations more pixel perfect and precise in timing
>> No. 30308
whoa that a lot. kinda make me feel bad for not committing this much hoho
-finish the map walking sprites
-"item use" sprites
-only three casting ponies (rarity,twilight and fluttershy) <:I
-and there's another dead rarity if you like bleh...
erase the sprites you already got, i forgot to remove some of them. :I
Y U no give me more space for the walking template! only had a pixel more for the hat to work with. Gah!
>> No. 30315
The walking sprites are just like every other sprite, there is no technical limit to their size. This will allow for large sprites like dragons and other things on the map without having to do complex mapping with multiple sprites. The only things that have restriction is that tiles are 16x16 when drawing the map. Sprites can be any width and height and will be centered at their base to the bottom of the tile they're on. Also when interacting with an npc, it'll only check the tile the sprite is supposed to be on, not all the tiles the sprite stretches into.

If you want you can make the sprites slightly larger, as long as it doesn't create ridiculous overlap, if that's what the design needs. The battle sprites have a little bit of overlap because of their design, in FF1 that was not the case.
>> No. 30317
Also, you're committing something to this project, I'm more than grateful for your help, no matter how much or little it is, it's better than nothing. All that code isn't much for me, I'm quite the code monkey.
>> No. 30318
File 132436158608.png - (1.19KB , 51x50 , windigo.png )
argh i always thought there were limits like 32 50 and large bosses since it possible to put 9 imps in the stage.(wouldn't like that to happen tho)
but i guess we could cheat a little
also forget about the ff1 outline style...the outline is black same as the background. curse ripped ff1 sheets i got from the net!
can i ask you about the color limitation? or they maybe none and that i screw up again :I
i just know the nes color palettes. (your wiki link)
>> No. 30354

NES sprites are limited to three colors, plus transparency. Many NES games have sprites with black outlines, effectively limiting them to two colors. FF1-3 put their in-battle sprites on black backgrounds, so there is a maximum of three available colors for them.
>> No. 30366
hey i had an idea last night what if we had to fight the two pony left behind? you choose 4 then the other two is an illusion create by nightmare moon ( to cause chaos or to tell there's no such thing as friendship or something...muhaha), like the shadowbolts. hey that remind me that the shadowbolt exist o_0 well as an illusion
here's the next update:
walking template is done and you have three choices of windigo
they use transparent? well maybe they had to use that so they could get their 3rd color since the background is black i dunno
>> No. 30390
File 132443794494.png - (1.27KB , 49x49 , parasprites.png )
have a swarm of parasprites :>
>> No. 30407
File 132444909590.jpg - (149.83KB , 506x484 , screeny002.jpg )
Oh sweet, I was actually about to either ask or draw one myself, parasprites would be the perfect replacement for an imp. All these sprites are looking amazing!

I've been working on the NPC code for the past few hours. I got them to spawn on the maps just fine, their wandering code needs a bit of work as they're ignoring certain passability rules. I also need to work on the speed a little, it's updating way too fast that it's a little hard to capture a screenshot.

After that I need to add interaction with them so they can say things, and then get doors to teleport you to other maps when you step on them.
>> No. 30453
Let me ask this of you: add an option to disable the Ineffective bug/feature.
>> No. 30490
I'm trying to keep gameplay as close to FF1 NES. Ineffective is displayed in battles when an attack misses or when an enemy is strong against the element of the spell you are casting. In the original FF1, actors did not correct themselves when their target died and no longer existed, instead they would still try to attack the target and would miss. It was fixed in remakes of FF1 so when an enemy dies the character will randomly select another target that is alive.

I guess later on in development when I fully implement game saving and the such, when you go to make a new game you'll be able to choose your play style to be either NES logic or Remake logic. I had the randomly choose target logic implemented earlier in the development cycle but took it out to make the game more accurate to the NES style of play which was the focus of my assignment.
>> No. 30507
File 132452779423.jpg - (257.00KB , 480x320 , 56683 - Final_Fantasy Nightmare_Moon animated applejack fluttershy photo_finish pinkie_pie rainb.jpg )
Should this help as reference?
>> No. 30604
That's adorable!
>> No. 30659
File 132470611404.png - (1.23KB , 49x49 , cockatrice.png )
here's a cockatrice. a mean one...
since the mane 6 is finished (i guess) then ill be making the npc(saw bonbon lira and derpy in map.ini)
>> No. 30662
File 132470792594.jpg - (56.79KB , 506x484 , screeny003.jpg )
Cool! Thanks!

I just got the dialog system up and running so now you can talk to NPCs.
>> No. 30665
File 132472457702.jpg - (12.58KB , 226x261 , 132249211766.jpg )
Would you need help with music?
>> No. 30679
Sure, all help is appreciated :)
>> No. 30683
File 132475796922.jpg - (128.68KB , 510x489 , screen004.jpg )
I have overlay working now so maps can have certain areas (such as forest or shallow water) where only a portion of the walking sprite is showing.
>> No. 30708
File 132479415518.png - (1.45KB , 69x38 , happy holiday.png )
happy holiday or happy no work day hohoho
made some shadowbolts which can replace madpony and nitepony plus three ponies: bonbon
lyra and derpy
>>30683 that great that mean we'll have a swamp that remind me of the hydra
>> No. 30817
File 132502641750.png - (1.23KB , 49x49 , hydra.png )
here's some more hydra,celestia(NPC),casting:applejack,rainbowdash and pinkie
also i won't be here for at least the 8th january due to internet so good luck ill be playing ff1 then :P
>> No. 30819
Alright, thanks. I'm currently working on the event code so then you can set doorways and complex scenes when stepping on set tiles. The scripting system for doing manual sprite movement and queuing dialog is a bit complex so I'll put that off for awhile, I'll just work on getting teleporting to different maps done.
>> No. 30833
Got teleporting between maps and same map working, I guess next is to work on items? Don't know if I want to do that or work on the menu system...
>> No. 30835
item maybe, so when u're going to work on the menu
the item will already be there.
>> No. 30880
Hey, is it actually comfortable working with ini, or would it be better to switch out for xml. Code wise it wouldn't take much at all to change, in fact it would be easier since xml reading is already part of java's standard libraries, but I'm just used to editing ini files thanks to working on Frets On Fire.
It all comes down to how content creators want to work, but please, I'd like to keep it to one file type instead of both.
>> No. 31055
Alright, I have basic item objects down, I still need to add a system on holding them per character and having equipment affect stats.

Main focus for me the past couple days has been implimenting saving data and being able to load it back up. So far it has been working great with loading characters with all their stats. A user selection system still needs to be added to allow selecting of save data.
>> No. 31078
File 132557999318.jpg - (49.81KB , 508x485 , screeny004.jpg )
Title intro is now working, as an example of how to customize the intro story that displays I filled in the intro.txt with The Mare in the Moon story.
>> No. 31275
File 132582607462.png - (3.56KB , 147x98 , stand.png )
Probably not a lot of engine updates for awhile, I'm heading out to MAGfest tomorrow.

Also still wondering what ever happened to the topic's main picture. *shrug* oh well
>> No. 31372
File 132606555806.png - (14.47KB , 310x330 , shops.png )
hi I'm back. I don't have much thought...
but here's some shops: zecora was suppose to be the potion shopkeeper and chyrilee, the bl.magic one (hehe). but since i have no idea for the wh.magic one this is what i've got.
Applebloom will be the one to sell apple "I saw you put those in your bags!"

I have an idea about having 6 kinds of Spike as an secret enemy in 5 different regions (in which you retrieve the elements, i think that the idea). The last one can be found in pony-ville when you fought the 5 others.

I hope you had a great time at that MAGfest. seeing it about video games, i have no doubt. Also keep up the great works.
>> No. 31373
File 132606599923.png - (1.12KB , 49x49 , hahatree.png )
I have discords worked on still don't like his left legs
somehow and i have 4 kind of spikes which the last one is out of FF1 style i think...
also have a Haha-tree :I
>> No. 31380
Aww yeah, this is sweet. I was planning on working on Shops when I got back.

MAGfest was a blast, met Nobou and his new band and got an autographed t-shirt. Also got to play tons of games in the arcade section, I'd love to go again next year. It's kind of disappointing that MAGfest and BroNYcon were on the same weekend and I had already planned on going to MAGfest for awhile (our group preregistered). If I ever get a steady enough income I might try going to more than 1 convention a year in the future.

>I have an idea about having 6 kinds of Spike as an secret enemy in 5 different regions (in which you retrieve the elements, i think that the idea). The last one can be found in pony-ville when you fought the 5 others.

If you've ever played FF6, you'd realize instantly why I'm reminded of that game from this idea. After Kefka takes over the world 8 legendary dragons are released and you have to defeat them just as optional bosses. I was kind of thinking regaining the elements could go along the idea of you have to overcome the opposite of the element, so the characters would be fighting shadow clones of themselves (what Discord did to them in s2) for each of the corresponding elements.

This is perfect to have as an enemy in forests.
>> No. 31384
holy something! you've met an pro! At least you can go at one of them!!! You don't know how envious i am *Groan*!!! what was he doing there? Final fantasy concert? I hope you were able to tell him about your project hoho.

i've never played any Final Fantasy (playing FF1).
don't tell me i have to play all of them as homework :P

I'm okay with the idea of fighting shadows so that means we don't get to fight Discord? and can we plz have a multiform boss?! (there's none in FF1)

oh and about the shops do you need them as tiles? or something?
>> No. 31385
File 132608568614.png - (2.26KB , 311x60 , Bloombloom.png )
Earthbound Papas huh...
>> No. 31397
No, I didn't get to talk to him other than a question I got to ask them all during Q&A. He was there on invite from MAGfest staff. They did do tribute music just because it was a video game convention, but he wants to focus on making new music with this band. It was pretty cool just walking around town later and seeing the band members just going around as well looking for something to eat, they really just felt like people instead of stars. I find it a bit of a shame that most people just had all this final fantasy stuff mainly for Nobuo to sign, I actually wanted to get something that the whole band could appreciate signing so I got one of their t-shirts since the cds had completely sold out early the previous day.

I can't wait to see how the videos my sister took will be, she was able to get front row and record most of the concert with her tablet. She also got some of her photos from the concert printed at the CVS and signed this morning by the band.

>i've never played any Final Fantasy (playing FF1).
>don't tell me i have to play all of them as homework :P

You don't have to play all the final fantasies of you don't want to XD 6 is my favourite thought just because of story and music.

>so that means we don't get to fight Discord?

Discord will still be important, who else would be causing these shadows?

>can we plz have a multiform boss?!

I'm completely open to that. Even though battles in FF1 don't have dialog in them normally, I want to add the capabilities. The base engine will, in the end, be good enough to make basic rpgs very easily, with the only thing dramatic people will ever need to change will be interface code. All of the core should be good enough to never need changing. This means mapping, battle mechanics, and scripting.

The reason why I'm talking about all this scripting is so the battle can be scripted so when the enemy hits a certain amount of hp it can be swapped out for a different enemy. If you just want asthetics I was going to have enemies be allowed different states dependant on hp. This is why the enemy sprites are called normal.png, there will also be weak.png if so desired. Any more than that will need to be scripted with commands to replace the sprite when the enemy's hp is at a specified number or percentage.

Now you understand why I wanted to try and stay away from the scripting portion, it's going to take quite awhile to implement and document standards and all the commands for other content creators to make, which sadly there are none of yet. Thank goodness github has wiki pages, for me to put all that stuff neatly with the project.

>oh and about the shops do you need them as tiles? or something?

I'm thinking shop keepers (table and all) will just be a single sprite. Rendering the shop won't be hard, I just need to go and write all the stuff for adding and removing items from the inventory as well as sales fees and how to set shops on the map.
>> No. 31456
File 132617142279.png - (2.78KB , 115x115 , Discord.png )
>I find it a bit of a shame that most people just had all this final fantasy stuff mainly for Nobuo to sign
well he's most known for that, who could blame that. But at least they know that somepony in the crowd appreciate what they make. Oh i so wish, video game music could play on the radio or in public somehow.
>You don't have to play all the final fantasies of you don't want to
I think i might watch a walkthrough on youtube for the 6th. since i'm playing the first one...and castlevania at the same time DX

i think i misinterpret this post >>31397
i thought nightmare moon wasn't eliminated then she found a way to hide the elements and that discord was an illusion, like the wonderbolts. But that ok, it doesn't change much. discord is already made... with a big error, so don't use this one.
>Start off as playing as Twilight for a bit, with a tutorial battle against Spike
maybe that will reveal to the player that there's a Spike hiding in each regions.

>This is why the enemy sprites are called normal.png, there will also be weak.png if so desired.
oh so you have thought of everything. that great! then it gonna be simple.

As for the multiform:
well i thought for the final spike, you fight him as usual
but when he reach 0hp he doesn't die, instead you have to use an item (ill let you guess what it is ;P), so he can die (transform back). the strategy is that, you have to lose a character's turn to use the item somehow...

second, for discord, maybe he could change form randomly with each weakness and resistance exemple (discord with fancy sunshade: resist fire, weak against ice brrr...). And i thought also
Discord with an archery target heals each time you dare attack him so that the time to heal yourself or something.

hmm could there be an animated intro before the battle for discord? something like you see him sitting there then he move with all his colors (not the NES), tossing his chocolate milk of glass, take a pose finally get the NES colors back.
just want to see him defying FF1's engine once >:)

here's are the shops
>> No. 31471
>second, for discord, maybe he could change form randomly with each weakness and resistance exemple (discord with fancy sunshade: resist fire, weak against ice brrr...).

This sounds hilarious and so perfect. I'll be sure to add individual enemy scripting capabilities to allow enemies to have special actions on their turn. It will allow something like this to happen as well as being able to form strict attack patterns for certain enemies.

Enemy scripts will only be capable of executing on the enemy's turn while Battle Scene Scripts evoked when a scene on the map evokes a battle will update with every phase.

>And i thought also
Discord with an archery target heals each time you dare attack him so that the time to heal yourself or something.

I want to add some status affects that didn't appear until later games such as Zombie (healing attacks do damage, and if whole party is zombie then game over), Reverse (damage is reversed), Blind (accuracy down until cured), Confuse (actor chooses random command and targets any target randomly for 3 turns or until hit), and Paralyze (actor can not act for 3 turns).

I hope you're checking for updates every day, I just got some transition effects implemented. I'm thinking of releasing v1.1 once I get all the character stats implemented (I've been procrastinating) and shops work. I've been mainly focused on just getting all the scenes implemented instead of polishing them to work completely.

I'm going to create a Roadmap for the project code wise just so everypony can know what to expect and when.
>> No. 31507
File 132623864114.gif - (367.50KB , 250x141 , tumblr_lt4iehgQJw1qzmunzo1_r1_250.gif )
>Zombie (healing attacks do damage, and if whole party is zombie then game over)
damage the zombify one right (light magics on zombie=ouch)? I like this one maybe it could make spike panic or do extra damage.
>Blind (accuracy down until cured)
it could be this gif, maybe used by depressing twilight
>Paralyze (actor can not act for 3 turns)
maybe characters stand sprite could change in a statue pillar thing

also thought for the shadow bosses:
-Applejack just lies about her attacks like,"applejack used fire" but in fact and it a normal attack, so it nothing serious maybe first boss?
-RD the traitor absorb her minions hps
-Rarity steals every item you use like potions - MINE!
-Fluttershy should be pissing people off. Statue affects always get me in such anger and i think your Blind and Confuse should do the work (still don't forget poison, I always forget to buy pure potions). Oh and have the guts to steal my hp. After all the efforts I've done to bring you down Gahh!!!
-Pinkamina and her alternate friends? second boss
-Twilight...ok i'm out of ideas since Pinkie. I'm hesitate to switch them with the Tardy and Pinkamina.

>I hope you're checking for updates every day,[...](I've been procrastinating)
I do. And yes I've seen your laziness in action but you can't see mine hehe

A Roadmap would be helpful
>> No. 31509
Twilight could have a paralyze every character but 1 spell saying friends you dont need friends

I like that liar jack idea. Haha prepare for my poison attack *liar face look* next turn blizzard!
>> No. 31513
>>Paralyze (actor can not act for 3 turns)
>maybe characters stand sprite could change in a statue pillar thing
That's more something for Petrify. Petrify is character turns to stone and can not act and does not cure until a Soft is used. If whole party is petrified then game over. Paralyze is just temporary lack of movement and game is not over when whole party is paralyzed.

>-Applejack just lies about her attacks like,"applejack used fire" but in fact and it a normal attack, so it nothing serious maybe first boss?
Gotta admit, that is a wonderful idea and I'd love to figure out how to set up a system to do that. I'd like to keep the main code as bare as it can be so then it's not cluttered with all this code that's only used in single instances. That's why I want to make a scripting system for battle. I guess I could set it up so when AJ attacks it can replace the command name in the display window with a random string from a dictionary of "commands" set at the top of the script.

>A Roadmap would be helpful
Added one last night as a wikipage on the github.

Expected dates are rather spread out for versions, but don't take that as it's going to be that long for all those features to be in, those are just times for release of a version with all those features. College starts next week, I'm kind of packed with classes and I'm going to have a job on campus doing some application development work. I won't really have much time to work on things except on weekends, and even then I might just take that time to take a break and hang with friends. It all depends on how much work piles up. I'm normally good with handling school work so all that matters is how much the job affects. If I'm able to get all my stuff done by 7pm each night I'll have plenty of time to work on this.

Maybe all this time that I might not be able to work on things will pull in more interest for the project and we can get more people to help design content.
>> No. 31516
ouch hope it not my theif who is left, he useless.
that a great idea
>Added one last night as a wikipage on the github
thk haven't saw that one. it would tell what you have already done. It would be useful in the future so we can leave your coding alone so that i don't ruin it with a last minute idea. So..."I'd like to keep the main code as bare as it can" sorry!
>Expected dates are[...] I'll have plenty of time to work on this.
don't worry ill try to work less as possible just for ya :P
>Maybe all this time that I might not be able to work on things will pull in more interest for the project and we can get more people to help design content.
I hope so too
>> No. 31524
>ouch hope it not my theif who is left, he useless.

Shouldn't be anymore, I just commited all the stats for the different classes.
>> No. 31554
catchy music.
next time ill put the ini file with the enemies. so you have less work.

got some ideas for shadow fluttershy quotes. Instead of talking the party, she talk to the player:

- why don't you use a better magic spell. Oh sorry, I forgot. It require higher int. Just to make sure: you don't! Ha-ha
- you should limit yourself with only the run button since the others choices make you look pathetic.
- Here's a cheat for you since you can't win: when it your turn press down right and [insert confirm button here] four times. Maybe you'll keep some dignity you have left.
- bou-hu-hu! The game is too hard! the game is too hard! How insensitive of Nhydock to not include a wimp difficulty for you to play.
- I saw you were out of pure potion. >:)
- What kind of armor you equip them with? Does this game need to include your mother so she can give you some pocket money? Or maybe you should let her play it for you.
-oh um...excuse me, I mean no offense but...I think you're loteey lot dumb for trying an RPG since it clearly not a game for you. (she imitating the original :I )
-Yes that it, keep wasting your time and let me destroy your social life.

Well if you have better insults let hear about it >:D

id like to hear if you have some ideas for the terrain/region/location maybe evergreen forest, (swamp?) clouddale, canterlot, discord realm(copy of ponyville?), appleloosa and sumzing sumzing...
or the title (googled Final Harmony and it a online game I think, chronicle of Yggdrasil)
>> No. 31566
I'm thinking we should skip on the world map, make everything continuous with ponyville being the center map and other locations like the everfree forest being attached with teleport tiles or npcs on the edges of ponyville.

Different areas will be unlocked as the player progresses through the game. Everfree being first dungeon open. Cloudsdale will eventually become open as a town and accessable by getting on the hot air balloon. Canterlot will be accessable by train.

I already have bits of the logo drawn up, I need to scan them then piece them together and ink it. Then I'll put the name on it whatever we think up of.

Once I have items working, I'll add the tent item which allows saving. Saving and loading already work, they just aren't implemented in a user accessible way yet. Once they are I'll work on the scripting system because scripts will have the capabilities of calling for saved variables or just using local variables. That'll allow story to advance and allow variation in interactions.
>> No. 31617
File 132644548524.jpg - (582.59KB , 1920x1080 , screeny005.jpg )
If you go check on a new git branch that I started, you can see work on a new way of doing maps. It's going to be tile based instead of having one large image render. Current focus is on creating an editor for the map system which should help in making maps.
>> No. 31631

Would we be able to find WARMECH romping around Clousdale or it's equivalent?
>> No. 31632
File 132648814525.jpg - (385.29KB , 1920x1080 , screeny006.jpg )
If we can think of a good character substitute I don't see why not.

Map editor is coming along awesomely :)
>> No. 31633

>> No. 31657
oh jeez, this thread is making me really not want to start a thread for my idea to make a pony Dragon Quest parody in RPG maker, it will probably just get me laughed at...
>> No. 31659
Not at all, go right ahead. I'm used to working in RPG Maker but I kind of got sick of it after awhile. Just for fun I'm pretty much writing my own version of RPG Maker since there were plenty of things that I liked about it, but there were other things that I feel I could improve upon if I did it myself. Additionally my RGSS has gotten really rusty. I think I still have a few scripts up online in place that I wrote when I was younger.

One of the things that I always push for in applications that I write is the ability for the code to be portable and cross platform. Additionally since this project is open-source anypony is free to grab the code and work it for their own needs as long as attribution is given.

This engine is being written in Java with only Swing and some packaged 3rd party libraries so any OS that can run Java 1.4+ will be able to play this. RPG Maker is restricted to Windows and runs poorly in Wine.
>> No. 31665
I kind of only skimmed the thread, I didn't realize you were making your own RPG creation engine as well. Will it be good for making a DQ clone or only FF style games? I basically want to make a straight clone of the old 2D Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest games. Not entirely sure if I want to go NES or SNES for the graphical style yet though.
>> No. 31666
Because flow and structure of the games are practically the same, the only thing that'll need to be changed is the interface arrangement code and some of the damage calculation formulas (which are all documented within various wikis and FAQs). If you know how to position things on a graph using x and y coordinates and basic java manipulation of variables, writing your own is a piece of cake since I've wrapped up a lot of the java graphics code with my own sprite and window handling classes.

This engine can handle full 32-bit png, but asthetically it's more built around classic NES styled RPGs. Once I have enough of the engine built for this project the core parts (sprite, map, game window, scripting, etc.) will be broken off into its own library that can be used to make other projects using the same file types.
>> No. 31668
I actually know nothing about Java, and I can't claim to be that great at programming either... both are things I always meant to learn/relearn though
>> No. 31685
Since nhydock came up with the idea for having a train
i thought maybe we could fight in it. The map would be linear in which we have to cross to get to the destination like cantherlot. Maybe for the WarChariot, we could have two robots ponies pulling a two wheeled tank or the head of Warmech himself, I dunno. I know it suppose to be in the sky (youtube) but i don't really have idea to put him in the sky.
maybe it a pinkie invention to help rainbowdash i dunno :P
>> No. 31688
Youtube embed play button
  Rainbow Dash, Suplex that train!
>> No. 31720
Alright, I got map region editing done with the ability to assign formations to it as well. All that's left is adding NPCs and Events to maps. I think I'll spend some time now working on getting the engine to read the new map format instead though. Then I'll push it back into master. Because of how much this changes I wanted to have it be another branch in case I wanted to go back at master at any point in time and continue working on something there.
>> No. 31747
File 132667017198.png - (1.00KB , 49x49 , timberwolf.png )
hey i got a genioso idea about replacing the wolf with the timberwolf. so here's a Tron wolf for you.
About the map, is Hyreia still working on the map?
lol whut?
>> No. 31748
ok ill pass the enemy.ini
kinda lost on that one
>> No. 31757
All the more reason why I love FF6

I haven't seen Hyreia in awhile since what was posted earlier. I should contact him to see if he's still interested in helping out.
>> No. 31760
Also, here's enemy documentation. It's been up for awhile but some things became a little outdated, so I just updated it.
>> No. 31765
File 132669604940.png - (3.22KB , 50x52 , quarray_eel.png )
wow you always have the most impressive sprites.

For some reason I felt like throwing this together. Hope I did it correctly.
>> No. 31789
Added a few more features to the map editor. Now you can hold down and drag the mouse to just continuously paint tiles. Additionally, if you hold down shift when hovering over the map grid, you can select a group of tiles to copy and be your brush. I've also put in some work to the game engine itself so now it's able to load the new maps. Once I work out a few more bugs with the editor, I'll merge back.
>> No. 31828
>lol still whut?
sabin suplex a ghost train while running? haha
the prob was there was missing stats like spd/agi, int and vit. But have no fear i found an alternative site tadam (still no vit tho):
I'm suprise you didn't include the name for the enemy (maybe from the folder i guess)
thk Star. you're doing really good maybe you can add a rock at the end of his tails(like he's coming out of it).
you remember the first time you posted big mac. I can't say you're a good spriter now. You're a boss!
i think i know why you made a map editor hehe
the tiles.txt look like a ascII art lol
haven't tried to use eclipse yet (seem complicate tho well i can still read what was post before)
Keep up the good work !
>> No. 31829
dunno if that help much but here the wolf stat (vit = 0)

exp = 24
level = 1
drop =
dropChance = 0
gold = 6

hp = 20
mp = 0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0
str = 8
def = 0
spd = 1
int = 1
mdef = 28
evd = 36
acc = 5
vit = 1

frez = 0
fire = 0
elec = 0
lght = 0
dark = 0
>> No. 32113
File 132708399809.gif - (4.97KB , 256x224 , ff1menu.gif )
On Fridays I have game dev club so I get additional time to dedicate to this project.

I'm going to start working on the FF1 Menu System. FF1 Menu System includes being able to see your items, status, saving, loading, and changing equipment. With the ability to change equipment, armor and weapon effects will actually affect performance in battle. Additional fixes may come as well such as actually being awarded gold and exp after battle now that the values are visible to the user to check.
>> No. 32118

The design is good, but it needs to be a lot bigger. It'd be all right if quarray eels were that small in the show - see how large Ponynoia's Discord sprite is compared to his mane 6 sprites? (His dragon sprites aren't quite as big but they're still larger.) Try to follow his example.

Your spritework is good. It's just a little on the small side IMO.
>> No. 32139
Wow, I nearly forgot about this.

I have very little useful experience mapping. I'm sure you could find somepony better.
>> No. 32143
Any help is welcome, don't worry about it. If you're able to get the program set up feel free to mess around with the map editor
>> No. 32484
Gosh darn it, I was hoping to get the menu pixel perfect, but with the sprites wider than usual and there being 6 elements instead of 4 orbs I need to take a few liberties with the design :(
>> No. 33017
File 132796368109.jpg - (77.98KB , 510x449 , screeny010.jpg )
Here's work on the menu so far. I'm thinking of creating a list of strings for system wide tags that can also be translated to other languages. For example, something like G could be renamed to B for Bits instead of Gold/Gil.

Graphically there are some things off from the original menu such as text length. This is a problem in relation to the battle system as well because in the original FF1, certain menus had their choices rendered as sprites instead of text, allowing them to be squished to all be the same width. I don't like this option and while it helps with the appearance a little, I'd rather have flexible strings that can be translated instead of sprites that are just squished text.

Then again, this engine is open source, so if anypony ever wants to make the choices be sprites with icons to the side they can be my guest, just don't expect it to be in the mainline code.

Also, I need some 16x16 pixel sprites, one for each element, to use in the menu to replace the orbs in FF1.
>> No. 33019
You can use these if you want I made them a while ago for a Tetris attack type game but they're 16x16
>> No. 33021
File 132796503245.png - (967B , 74x52 , element_blocks_by_kortallis-d4muhc9.png )
I didn't quite portray the excitement that I might be useful.
Sorry lack of sleep is getting to me.

What I meant to say is, how do these work?
>> No. 33367
File 132842096059.jpg - (56.70KB , 660x361 , The-Fun-has-Doubled-princess-luna-27340541-660-361.jpg )
Thanks for these, I'm going to be using them in the menu in place of the orbs. Proper credit will be added to the list

Spent some time working on the menu a little bit more so now the Inventory viewer is available. Once that is done I'll work on shops more so then one will be able to see what items are in their inventory after purchasing.

With basic items and shops out of the way, version 1.1 of the engine will be set for release.
>> No. 33378
File 132843557792.png - (123.61KB , 342x295 , 129714087369-1297028995240-(n1302143141452).png )
>> No. 34099
File 132937322514.gif - (62.11KB , 510x449 , mlp_ff1_by_blazingamer-d4p5nad.gif )
Items show up in the inventory now if you possess more than 1 of an item. Buying from shops also works. All I need to do is rearrange elements within the shop and maybe trim the dimensions of the character sprites on Friday.

Once that's done I'll create a new thread for the release of v1.1.

Also, here's a screenshot reel of all the things existing in the engine so far
>> No. 47289
ujjhj. noghc
>> No. 47306
File 141642255395.gif - (455.13KB , 350x197 , EleventhDoctorDance.gif )
Will the game cost anything? It seems like a really fun version of Final Fantasy, and I want to play it really bad now.
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