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File 132390387783.png - (59.77KB , 500x150 , my-little-investigations-logo.png )
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Hello, everypony!

First time posting about this here, so, howdy! I'm here with My Little Investigations, a fan game starring the ponies you all know and love, with gameplay in the style of the game Ace Attorney Investigations. If you haven't heard of it before, you can find detailed information in the engine demo videos on our YouTube channel (the embedded video is from it), but the general idea is that the game stars Twilight as an investigator tasked with solving crimes around Equestria by finding evidence, talking to and interrogating other ponies, and eventually getting to the bottom of each mystery. We're quite serious about delivering interesting stories and puzzles very much in the vein of the Ace Attorney games, and we have four cases planned thus far - this definitely won't be something hokey.

Beyond that, though, the main reason why I'm posting is that, although the game's engine has been in development for a long time now, it's now sufficiently complete that we're finally ready to open recruitment for the project! Until this point we've been using screencaps from the show, Desktop Ponies, and Ace Attorney/Ghost Trick tracks for graphics and music, but ideally we'd like the game to be the best it can be - so we're going to need help from here on out with visual art and musical composition. We've also decided to include voice acting during key portions of the script, so voice actors are also welcomed as well.

If you're interested in helping out with the project, then full details on all the positions available, as well as information on how to apply, can be found on our website:

All of the positions you see there are still very much accepting applications, although based on the response we've got thus far, the two categories that we especially need applications for are visual artists and female voice actors. If you're at all interested in either spot and think you can do it, I heartily encourage you to apply!

If you have any questions or comments or anything like that, feel free to post them here.

Thanks, all!
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File 132398390544.jpg - (37.66KB , 388x600 , AC-Altair.jpg )
Come on everypony! We need all the help we can get. I know we are new here, but give us a chance please. :3
>> No. 30168
I have an essay due in a few hours, but after that I plan to dig out my microphone to see how well it records. I'll probably audition for at least 2 roles. /)(^3^)(\
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Youtube embed play button

Looking forward to it!

Anypony who's curious about the project can find plenty more information here in our YouTube channel - we go over all of the main gameplay features you can expect to see there:

If anypony else is interested, applications will be accepted until the end of December, so you've still got plenty of time to apply, if so.

(Also, trying out a new tripcode... turns out that tripcodes including pound symbols don't work so hot.)
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File 132412233476.png - (91.97KB , 252x216 , firebatcasual.png )
I think the pixel characters animation and the background vectors don't match up, but asides from that its frighteningly perfect, the exchange of dialogue between Rarity and Twilight was amazingly fluid and in animated!

Following the links now, this looks like something I'd love to get involved in!
>> No. 30226
File 132412610505.jpg - (40.90KB , 640x360 , dragon-point.jpg )

That the pixel-art characters and the backgrounds don't mesh very well is a known issue - I'm not exactly an artist, so to put together these demo videos I pretty much just had to scrounge together what I could find to get things working, and the only place I could think of to get full-body animated ponies was Desktop Ponies. That's why we're now recruiting - to get artistic talent on board that will make the game a cohesive whole.
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File 132497289650.png - (105.29KB , 428x240 , Rarity-Please.png )
Giving this one post-Christmas bump just in case there is anypony else who might be interested in being a part of this project. You can see the post above with the video embed for information about this project, and you can apply here:

Thanks, everypony! Keep being awesome. :)
>> No. 30800
Whaaaaat. How did I miss this thread?? I'm here like everyday, and My Little Investigations is top-tier in my book so of course I'd want to audition.

How many auditions have you received? I wonder if other people missed the thread just like I did. If you haven't heard from LaurenGoodnight or Flootershai, contact them, they're good VAs. (I can get you in contact if you want)

Anyway, my auditions are below. If I misinterpreted what you wanted in any way, just let me know and I'll re-record:

Thanks for listening! =)

Actually I think the 8-bit stuff is ok; it feels like a stylistic choice. But I guess full animation would be better.
>> No. 30834
File 132504636228.png - (3.42KB , 288x256 , twisprites.png )
If you need some help with spritework, I could try to lend you a hand. Here's an example of what I'm capable of.
>> No. 30893

We've received quite a few thus far, but we always welcome more. Thanks! :)

(And no, I haven't heard from those VAs. I did a quick Google search, but I couldn't immediately tell who was whom or where to contact them at.)


Cool, thanks! Those aren't quite in the style that we were looking for - we were ideally hoping for more fluid animation - but we'll definitely give you consideration.
>> No. 30904

Like I said, it's just an example. Those sprites are for an RPG Maker game I'm working on, and RPGM only allows for three movement sprites in each direction. If you need something larger or more fluid drawn, I can do that as well.
>> No. 30925
>We've received quite a few thus far

Oh. Well then why was I the first to audition on this thread? I guess everypony else contacted you directly?

Anyway, I know LaurenGoodnight and Flootershai from a Doctor Whooves project, thread here:
>> No. 30926
I haven't actually played Phoenix Wright games but this looks great! Good luck finding the peoples you need :P
>> No. 30935
File 132523034181.jpg - (38.90KB , 600x337 , 131422145287.jpg )
I've been gone for, basically, nearly all of December. I'm working on some takes for this for Twi, Pinkie, and Rarity. I can sometimes also manage Apple Bloom and Mayor Mare if there is need. I'll send whatever I have done by tomorrow night (cutting it close, I know) but December was just a really bad time for me. >_> I'm a terrible visual artist, but I can probably help out with script writing/editing and things like scene placement / storyboards if you need something like that.
>> No. 30947

I'm pretty sure somepony has already told you this, but here it comes anyways.

Rarity's hair flips back and forth a lot, and it would be great if you could keep it from moving.
>> No. 30984
Sent my audition in...hope you guys got it! :)
>> No. 30989

Would you happen to have any examples of that style of animation? That would definitely be great if you did - or just full-body pony pictures, too. Field character artist is one position that we haven't received many applications for, so if you had anything that would be awesome.


If you check the recruitment page of our website, there's an recruitment email address listed there - that's where most have sent their applications. Thanks for the heads up on those two, appreciate it. :)


Thanks! :D


Great, thanks! I know this is awfully last-minute, but if you see this and would happen to be willing to do an audition for Mayor Mare as well, that'd definitely be awesome - that's one position that we definitely haven't received many applications for thus far.


I know - all of the visuals in that video are just screengrabs from frames from the show, so I pretty much had to just take what I could get. Obviously that won't be the case in the finished version.


We did, thanks! :)
>> No. 30990
I should add that obviously December 31 is a totally arbitrary deadline - if we know that people would like to make last-minute applications for positions for which we really could use more applicants, such as the field character artist and the VA for the Mayor, we can certainly hold off on our decision for those positions until, say, January 2 or so, if we know that an application is coming.
>> No. 31023
I've been following this project for a while, and I am really looking forward to the release :3

I really liked ace attorney investigations(more so than the phoenix wright ones) and this seems to capture the spirit perfectly, and then some! =D

Also, I have two suggestions:
first, I know you'll be incorporating voice acting, but could there please also be a voiceless option in the game(for those of us who prefer just having the text and that mesmeric text-writing noise :V)?

As for the second one, this one may sound a bit offensive, but know that I mean no harm: could you please not use Doctor Whooves in the game?
I know, it sounds like a really weird and unreasonable request, but let me explain ^-^l|l
I am personally a big fan of the BBC series, and when I saw the doctor in the "partners" video, I was thoroughly anticipating some epic doctor who shenanigans(like he is often portrayed in various fiction and art), so when I noticed that he wasn't the same 'doctor', I felt quite let down ):
Some background character behaving differently in different fan works is usually not a big thing. For example, there are a ton of different interpretations of Derpy in various works, yet it isn't something I have any problem with. However, 'The Doctor' is quite a big thing, and he has such a weird and unique personality, that it really irks me when I see him interpreted as any other background pony. It prevented me from enjoying the partners video as much as I otherwise would, and I know that even though I'm now aware of the fact now, it'll still annoy me when I get to him in the final game. And while I can't prove it as a fact, I am fairly certain that I am not the only one who will feel this way =/
And since it would be pretty darn unreasonable to demand of you to get his character 'right' when you obviously haven't watched the series, I simply request that you leave this one background pony out of the game. After all, there should be plenty of others to choose between =P
But of course, the final word is yours. And if you absolutely have to have him there, I'll just have to accept it(I'm still gonna play the game either way =P). It's just that I'm worried a fair amount of players are gonna be 'put off' by it =/

Also also, this is a game that I'd love to help on. Sadly I'm more of a programmer, and my artistic/musical skills are fairly terrible =s

I am however quite intrigued about the progress behind this game ;)
I know it's written in Java using the Slick Llibrary, and since I'm a c++ programmer(or at least that's what I tell myself <.<) I'm not gonna bother you with questions about that. I'm more curious about the thought process that lead to My Little Investigations, and the order you decided to do things in :3

>> No. 31035
First off, the partners video was just a demo. It's quite possible that Whooves will be portrayed differently in the real thing.

Secondly, personally I wasn't bugged by Whooves' portrayal in the partners video (and I'm a big Doctor Who fan). I just figured he was feeling "on edge" because of some encounter with the Daleks or something. Maybe that's a little unlikely, but it worked well enough for me.

btw, if you want the Doctor to have a voice, ask TheJamJar or PeirceSmolder.
>> No. 31037

Yes, it should be reasonable enough to enable players to turn off voice acting.

As far as Doctor Whooves goes, the entirety of the Partners video was just completely contrived to display how partners work. Nothing in that video is even remotely related to any actual case, and as such, I made no attempt to give the background characters the sort of complex personality that they would have had had this been a real case.

I'm sorry you were expecting something and were let down, but it seems a little hasty and more than a little harsh to say that because you didn't like the way in which Doctor Whooves was used in a bit part in an engine demo, I know nothing about the character and I must never use him in an actual case. In the fandom he's treated as a regeneration of the Doctor, yes, but he's also just a plain vanilla background pony in the show, one that I picked primarily simply because I was reminded of the sheepish way he acted when being hassled by Apple Bloom in Call of the Cutie, which fit the role I needed in the Partners video. If Doctor Whooves were to be a main character in an official case, obviously he would be treated differently than as a stand-in pony in an engine demo.
>> No. 31040
Yeah... I knew it would come out more harsh than I meant it to be ^-^l|l
I should probably choose my words a bit more carefully in the future

I'm still curious about the progress that went into this game though(but of course, if you do't feel like answering that, I'm gonna go and stop pestering you now =P)
>> No. 31080

No worries, all is forgiven. :)

What specifically are you wondering about regarding the progress? I'm not quite sure what you're asking.
>> No. 31095
Well, as I sad in the previous post, I'm mainly curious about the thought process that lead to My Little Investigations, and the order you decided to do things in.
I've started working towards making a game too(still have to get better used to the SDL libraries) and would love to get some tips from somepony who is more experienced
>> No. 31287

Hey, sorry for the, er, kinda delayed response.

The thought process that led to MLI was more or less centered around the fact that, at its initial inception, there weren't any fan games that I knew of that enabled meaningful interaction between the player and other characters. One of MLP:FiM's biggest selling points is its characters and their intercharacter relationships, and I really felt that we needed a game that featured that prominently. Ace Attorney has always been a heavily character-driven series, so the moment I thought of those two together, it seemed like a perfect match. So away it went.

In terms of the order in which we did things, we pretty much did it from the inside out - we picked done very specific piece of gameplay (interrogations) and implemented that first. Then we went up a layer and implemented character encounters as a whole, which contain interrogations. Then we went up another layer and implemented locations, which contain character encounters. That more or less brought us all the way up to the top, so the next step after that was to just implement the last few gameplay elements that fit into what was already present, those being partners and confrontations. And then, once that was finally done, we were ready to open things up for recruitment. And that about brings us to the present day.

I hope that answers your question; let me know if not.
>> No. 31311
Yes, thanks, that pretty much answers my questions ^-^

I always like finding out about stuff like this. It can be quite informative sometimes :3

For example, I probably would have made the level engine in the opposite order, but now that I think of it, the way you did it sounds a lot more organized and also more motivating
>> No. 31315

Yes, I would definitely recommend a similar approach, as I think it did wonders for my motivation. When you start at the top and work your way down, it's gonna take quite a while before you actually start seeing something that works, which I've personally found wreaks havoc on my ability to stay focused and motivated in a project. I'd definitely say your first priority should be just to get something - anything - working, and then go from there, because that way you can see your project take shape much more easily.
>> No. 32052
So...I take it all the parts were cast and I didn't make the cut? It sure looks that way, but you never updated the thread to say so.
>> No. 38100
Extracted script, images, and source code.
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