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Alright, after listening to the fanmade song For The New Lunar Republic by iamnotacleverpony (look it up on youtube), I have been somewhat inspired to make some kind of MLP RPG game (or a strategy game of some sort), slightly darker than the normal kiddie stuff. As the setting of the song shows, it will mostly be a struggle between the factions of Celestia and Luna. I'm thinking of 3 factions:

Celestral Empire: Celestia's faction of light. Her regime is personified as the 'good' side, however, her favour of the 'noble' ponies is unsettling, particularly to the worker ponies.
Lunar Republic: Luna's faction of night. Many are resistance worker ponies (disillusioned unicorns and pegasi will also join the resistance)
Discord's Disruption: Discord's faction, bent on pure chaos throughout Equestria. Regardless of Celestia and Luna's disputes, both factions will unite to stop the Disruptors.

I'm thinking the player would take the role of an anonymous pony, rather than the role of Twilight Sparkle or whatever, but I reckon they would each take specific sides.
Twilight sparkle would join the Celestral Empire, as she is in awe of Princess Celestia (her image as her most faithful student has its own bonuses)
Applejack would join the Lunar Republic. As a simple earthpony, she knows the difficulties she faces in current conditions and relates to the issues Luna brings forth and promises to amend.
Rarity would follow the Lunar Republic. Whilst she does like to think herself as a noble pony, her subtle sense of generosity forces her to see the corruption spreading through the Celestral Empire.
Fluttershy tends to remain neutral. She doesn’t like to get involved with conflicts (perhaps she can be shown as somepony who provides a safehaven for the other ponies and animals affected by the conflict?)
Pinkie Pie would follow Discord's Disruption. She tends to enjoy the craziness, it's just so much more fun. Also the fact that chocolate rain and clouds of cotton candy exist with his force.
Rainbow dash would follow the Celestral Empire. She knows where her loyalty lies, and she certainly knows which side the Wonderbolts are taking.

How the individual story plays out and the gameplay is still unknown (I only thought of this tonight). I’m thinking if it was an RPG, you would start out as a worker pony who is thrown into the midst of this new conflict and must choose a side. Through this, you must undertake missions to undermine the opposing faction, or if you’re part of Discord’s Disruption, simply find ways to create confusion and chaos within Equestria. Both Celestral Empire and Lunar Republic would have missions to simply destroy any presence of Discord’s Disruption (which would allow you to fight alongside the ponies of the opposing faction)
If I was to do a turn-based strategy (or realtime?)It would probably be a split between 3 campaigns.

Tell me what you guys think :D
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3 seperate campaigns? Sounds like a mighty big challange to come up with all of that. But I'd be in support of something like this.
>> No. 30271
As mentioned, it is still a very early concept.

Although, I was thinking a little on the gameplay side (should I decide to make an RPG)
There would be 3 classes that the player may be able to control
Earthpony: The hornless, wingless ponies. Don't possess many special attacks but are tougher than other Equestrians
Pegasi: Swifter but more fragile than Earthponies. Can use their means of flight to avoid attacks.
Unicorns: The magic users. Can possess powerful offensive or defensive spells, but are much more fragile than other ponies.

Should I continue to go ahead with this idea, I will need help with the art side of things, I am definitely not an arty person.
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File 132430590735.png - (137.06KB , 294x348 , Cheering.png )
Now you just need some skilled programmers and good 3D modellers.
Regardless, I'll certainly be looking to give this one a try.
Best of luck, darling.
>> No. 30303
I'd be willing to do music for it, if you'd want.
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File 134098199596.png - (251.42KB , 574x452 , 22.png )
So I was just messing around in my favourites when I stumbled across this.

Get a bump.
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