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File 132422741275.png - (395.58KB , 600x450 , Operation Sharing Kindness.png )
30261 No. 30261

What is Operation Sharing Kindness?
OSK is a Ponychan/Pony Community donation drive that is collecting funds for good, reputable charities. This winter, we ponies have a wonderful opportunity to share lots of kindness with those less fortunate than ourselves! Let's show off our Elements of Generosity by making somepony's Winter a special one!

Our goal is $5,000 USD! We're already half way there... but we need your help! Maybe
we can even beat the goal!

Moony's (Charity Coordinator) e-mail
[email protected]

Nova's (Artist drawing pictures for anypony who makes a donation of over 30 dollars) e-mail
[email protected]

The deadline for pledges/donations is January 31, 2012

How do I donate through OSK?
Donating is quite easy! First, you have to pledge. Pledging involves no transferring of money. You simply write in the thread that you would like to donate, stating the amount and preferred charity, and then e-mail me those same details with your Ponychan user name (if you have one). This is just so I can keep better track of things and contact you if I need to!

Then, once you have pledged, when the time comes, I will send you a PayPal link! From there, you can transfer the funds which I will then give to a charity under our consolidated name.

In this way, we can bring positive attention to the community and, most importantly, share love and joy with others. ♥

What else can I do to help?
Please spread the word! Right now, the Brony Show is helping us do fund raising, and Nova, a Ponychan artist, is drawing pictures for anypony who makes a donation of over thirty dollars!

Even if you can't donate, there are so many ways you can help us do fundraising! Ask Equestria Daily to make a new post about OSK! Ask your artist friends or pony community members to plug and advertise for OSK! Get out there and show how kind and generous you can be.

Maybe you could help to make banners, too? Or host donation contests where donors are entered into a lottery to win something?

Moony's Promise
Here is my flutterwonderful promise to you! Your money, if donated, will go directly to reliable, low administrative cost charities. Absolutely no money will be going to me. Right now I'm giving about $1,200 dollars out of pocket... so I promise you my intentions are only to share kindness with those who need it! Because we've turned down a merger with Bronies For Good as of now, I will be paying any related tax we might have to pay out of pocket as well. Your donations will reach the charities in their entirety... you have my word!

The PayPal is open now, but it won't be donation ready until Christmas! Right now, I would hope that you might all continue to offer pledges. I think this is such a wonderful
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>> No. 30265
>turned down a merger with Bronies For Good

but why

And sign me up.

I don't know how much i can donate right now though, it all depends on how much i get for christmas monies (my relatives have learned that i'm hard to shop for and generally don't mind cash gifts, and prefer them because I'm a practical pony who usually uses them for bills lol).

I'll post again when I know.
>> No. 30267
File 132423077807.png - (168.85KB , 335x347 , Filly Flutterjoy.png )
I do not want Operation Sharing Kindness swallowed up by them. I feel OSK has a lot to offer that Bronies for Good was not providing, and the terms of agreement were not only binding, but... unfriendly, maybe, sounds about right.

I think we can do a wonderful job together through Operation Sharing Kindness! Just because we do not have a merger, doesn't mean we still can't work together!
>> No. 30268
File 132423082341.png - (263.07KB , 486x587 , a happy pony.png )
and that is just so wonderful for you to offer, Comet! Thank you so very much for choosing to share kindness with others this holiday season!
>> No. 30269
I see. I can't be too mad at them, they took my winter wrap up idea and ran with it, actually made a site for it and everything, so it at least got the word out there.

And I'm always happy to help. Kindness makes the world a much better and happier place.
>> No. 30270
File 132423183120.png - (127.97KB , 634x356 , Cute Fluttershy Smile.png )
i agree ♥
>> No. 30272
I think all the flutterpics has given me diabetes.
>> No. 30274
File 132423823824.png - (298.90KB , 611x588 , Rarity_averts_her_eyes-(n1302846790045).png )
I'm on board.

I'll send you an email with my pledge amount and my preferred.
>> No. 30281
File 132424894327.png - (344.83KB , 684x516 , everything is super wonderful.png )
fluttershy is my very favorite pony :)

oh Modal... thank you so much!
>> No. 30282
File 132424951070.jpg - (6.87KB , 176x117 , reg65451_widget.jpg )

I'm sorry that you feel that way, but I'm sure this is all a big misunderstanding ! We are only looking for a collaboration, not a merger, so you can get as much autonomy as you want. You do not have to follow any terms of agreement and I was honestly friendly the whole time, but English isn't my native language, so I know that I may come off as a little rough at times and misunderstandings may happen. Since it look like that happened, I sincerely apologize for that, no hard feelings ? To clear the misunderstanding, I really want to lay it down : what exactly do you want to offer that you couldn't provide by collaborating with us ?

Here is what we can offer you :
- We will get an extra 500$ to 3000$ grant depending on how much we raise.
- The donations will take place on GlobalGiving (a well-known, trusted charity website) and go directly to charity, without being handled by any of us.
- They will be completely tax-deductible for the donor, and it won't be taxed either so 100% of it goes to charity.
- GlobalGiving provides undeniable proof of the exact amount of money we raised as a community, and this is an official collaboration with the Children's Cancer Association that will be publicized on their website. By working together, we are assured to get media coverage on this.
- Every single donor will receive an exclusive music album, product of the collaboration between more than 35 brony musicians, and the most generous ones will receive One Of A Kind gifts such as scarves, paintings, clay and wooden ponies.
- You're asking people to tell you what charity they want to donate to, but then you have no way to "give to a charity under our consolidated name", as everything will be spread over small donations to the different charities. We have the means to do that and still make it count toward the grand total !

Most importantly, you're planning to receive donations with PayPal, which doesn't allow it unless you're registered as a charitable organization. We know that all too well, because it has happened to one of us before. I really hate to have to be so insistent, but I'd hate even more to see Paypal freeze your account (and keep all the money, as they always do) because of a misunderstanding.

Please tell us exactly your concerns, what keeps you from making this collaboration happens, and I'm sure this is something we can actually work out together ! And again, I'm sorry if my English makes me sound a little rough, but we all really care about making every charity effort succeed !
>> No. 30290
File 132425969032.png - (203.98KB , 406x406 , iop-(n1302148572443).png )
>doesn't allow it unless you're registered as a charitable organization.

Looks like there is some truth to what Bronies for Good is saying.

The policy of Paypal says that you will need to get " pre-approval to collect donations as a charity or non-profit organization." See link below.

I assume that Moony has Paypal's permission to collection donations. But just to be sure, I have to ask. Moony, do you have Paypal's permission to collect donations?
>> No. 30291
File 132427260868.jpg - (44.08KB , 519x511 , Cute fluttershy.jpg )
I do not like being backed into a corner... I feel that Operation Sharing Kindness has the capacity to expand, in the future, beyond what Bronies For Good is capable of.

While I feel it is very, very wonderful to work together, I feel hesitant putting OSK's efforts behind Bronies For Good, thus entirely stifling any independent development of the project in the future.

This Christmas Season, I am working the project alone... but after it, I do plan on assembling a team, a website, and more! I have given a lot of money out of my own pocket to see this charity organization succeed... and it is not one that is tied to the idea of "bronies" necessarily. While it is inspired by My Little Pony, and the amazing fandom we have, it also has the potential to be greater.

I am currently communicating with PayPal regarding charitable organization status, which is why there has been such a hold-up on the PayPal account (for those who have been following everything). Still, I hope to get everything settled at least before New Years.

I think I should mention we do have our exclusive offers, too! An incredibly generous pony, Nova, is offering artwork for donations over thirty dollars! And, as we build support, I hope we might be able to attract even more help.

I do not mind collaborating! But I will not see OSK swallowed up and become a part of Bronies For Good. You have so many wonderful pony charities contributing to the CCA. OSK will simply be putting it's efforts elsewhere.
>> No. 30296
File 132429126659.png - (173.42KB , 1000x1103 , bfg_logo-squiggly take 2.png )

Hello Moony, I'm one of the admins with Bronies for Good, a separate one than from before. First, I'd like to again apologize from all of us for this misunderstanding. It seems we've been making our points rather badly, so if I may, I'll just try to lay out everything as clearly as I can.

Second, I'd like to stress that we at BfG are not seeking to try and envelop your operation, however, we would love working alongside you this holiday season if you'd be willing. We have some contacts, we can spread the word of your operation and have other resources you might find useful, which although aren't very much, we give out freely to any of our other charity partners, brony or non.

Finally, I personally have had lots of experience with Christmas time charity events, I know how hard the work is, how costly it is and I appreciate you doing it for the good of the kids this holiday season. So, thank you for your time, I hope we can work together in the future after this small snag, and we hope to see Operation Sharing Kindness grow in the years to come.
>> No. 30310
Okay, I think I can do this. Unfortunately I have to convince my dad to use the paypal and stuff, but that should be easy. I just have to get a bit more money, and I can then donate about $35. I hope this works. And good job on setting this up!
>> No. 30311
Unfortunately, I can't offer any monies, however you have my support 120%
I do have an idea....
As there are many wonderful artists on this site, we could have them draw up a set of pics to be auctioned off.
I think what you are doing is great.
Good job, to everypony
>> No. 30326
File 132440520617.png - (52.02KB , 500x580 , 131499325420.png )
I will donate $5 to this.
My preferred charity is Food for People.
>> No. 30327
File 132440645929.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , Filly Fluttersmile.png )
To raise awareness and build support for Operation Sharing Kindness, I will be running a game giveaway for the next five days!

Any pony who donates over ten dollars can choose to be entered into a daily raffle! Ten winners will be chosen at the end of the day to receive their choice of either a -25% off Valve coupon or a random Steam game!

Right now, I have Left4Dead 2, The Orange Box, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, Medieval II: Total War, 2 copies of Just Cause 2, 2 copies of the Max Payne Bundle, three 25% off Valve Coupons, 2 copies of Dungeons of Dredmore with DLC, and one copy of Dungeons of Dredmore default (generously gifted towards the charity by JokingJames)

I hope you will consider donating!!
>> No. 30328
File 132440772636.png - (748.33KB , 800x799 , 132133131419.png )
I'd like to pledge 30 dollars. It's a commitment I feel I can honor.

I can certainly get it in before the 31 of January.
>> No. 30329
File 132440780461.png - (317.71KB , 1900x1916 , Flutter Luna Hug 3.png )
oh Szoreny... again, thank you so much! ...that is so kind of you.

if it is not too much trouble, could you send me an e-mail on it, too? just so i can keep track of it, i mean...

>hugs ♥
>> No. 30330
File 132440864662.png - (23.23KB , 450x352 , EbonTopaz_Stare.png )
I don't know exactly how much Dollars it is, but I can spare about 20 Euros.

As for which charity... I'll let you decide whichever needs it the most. I don't really need any of the games you offer, either.
>> No. 30331
File 132440880710.png - (232.49KB , 1900x1916 , crying peanut hug.png )
oh Ebon... that is so kind of you... thank you!

if it is not too much trouble, could you send me an e-mail, too?

>hugs ♥

>> No. 30332
File 132440906582.png - (22.56KB , 450x352 , EbonTopaz_Triumph.png )

Check your inbox.
>> No. 30333
File 132440929981.png - (202.25KB , 1024x1389 , Fillyshy.png )
thank you again, Ebon <3 <3 ~

also, Berry Punch has kindly donated the game World of Goo to our gift pile!

Thank you, Berry!!
>> No. 30334
*Just yesterday I transfered my money to my paypal account*

*Could have spared around 20-30 dollars for a donation*

*Deadline is for the 31st of January*

Goody! Then I'll have time to donate next paycheck :D
>> No. 30335
File 132440966332.png - (346.57KB , 3500x2520 , celebration shy.png )
yaaay! Thank you, Nathan! ♥
>> No. 30337
File 132441278269.png - (443.25KB , 1900x1916 , Flutter Rarity hug.png )
This post is a special thank you to Fenolio, who has generously donated The Orange Box, Half life 2, and Dungeon Defenders to our giveaway pile!!

Thank you, Fenny!! <3
>> No. 30338
File 132441318856.png - (83.36KB , 279x243 , pinkie tophat umm.png )
What are the charities available?
>> No. 30339
On board with this!

I'll send you an e-mail!
>> No. 30340
File 132441344604.png - (282.97KB , 526x353 , Shy Fluttersmile.png )
right now, at least 25% will be going to Toys for Tots!

As for the rest, you may pick and choose which charities you would like your funds to go to! If there is no preference, i will opt to bundle those donations together and find a good charity to donate to!
>> No. 30342
File 132441378086.png - (126.31KB , 600x614 , Rarity 1aab.png )
When I finish a hard day at work, I always donate money to Operation Sharing Kindness. It's the cool thing to do. It's for a good cause, you know.
>> No. 30343
I'd like to donate 40 euros (~52.3USD) to this cause.

I'll be sending you the email now. :)
>> No. 30345
Wait, cool? I want to be cool! Make me cool Moony!
I'll pledge 40 dollars, you pick the charity. I'll send an email soon.
Props to you by the way, really got to admire what you are doing here!
>> No. 30346
File 132441575483.png - (164.89KB , 332x400 , 50423 - happy screencap twilight_sparkle.png )
Looks like I did it wrong, lemme try this again.

I, Twilight Crackle, pledge to donate $10 to Toys for Tots.

I've sent you an e-mail already, too. ^^
>> No. 30347
File 132441672143.png - (13.97KB , 176x208 , dowant31.png )
I suppose I could do art for the people who donate.
But how do?
>> No. 30348
File 132441768035.png - (65.22KB , 236x215 , 2.png )
Giving 50$, and I don't want your gift.
I'll email that to you.
>> No. 30353
File 132442087791.png - (199.52KB , 500x477 , pinkie tophat oh.png )
I'll try to get a means for on-line payment sorted out and then I'll share some.
>> No. 30355
File 132442194057.png - (168.85KB , 335x347 , Filly Flutterjoy.png )
Oh, and please consider going to this reddit link, generously made for us by Hawkeye Pierce, and giving it a little upvote ^^
>> No. 30387
I really like this.Where did you get the idea?
>> No. 30388
I felt the need to submit this to Equestria Daily,so if it shows up expect a bit more crowds for this.
>> No. 30391
File 132443908164.png - (32.07KB , 400x550 , Elric of Melnipony.png )
Originally, I was under the impression that this was something Moony was trying to get finished before Christmas. But now that I think about it, I'm OK with the extended deadline. He has stuff to organize (and a life of his own), and most charities need funds through the whole year.

But when I first saw (a few days ago) that this was going through January, I went ahead and made online donations to Toys for Tots and a local animal shelter. I'm still on board with my original pledge, though. The way I see it is that once I transferred the money to PayPal, it was spent.
>> No. 30392
File 132444011010.png - (87.11KB , 590x704 , berry-153.png )
I pledge $20
>> No. 30393
File 132444012043.png - (171.81KB , 1280x1279 , happyjack.png )
A great big kudos to the bronies who organized this!

And a great big slow hoof clap for those who donated/pledged!

Keep up the good work, all! I might have to make a donation later on!
>> No. 30394
File 132444014479.png - (263.07KB , 486x587 , a happy pony.png )
Thank you so much, Random... I hope EQDaily will give us a shout out for it!

Maybe other ponies could submit to EQ Daily as well?
>> No. 30399
File 132444314392.png - (125.22KB , 576x480 , 131839577119.png )
Moony,um i know you are working to get Paypal to let you receive donations,and from what i have heard,that is no easy feat. so i've done a bit of research for you and came across from what i have gathered it is simply one of the best ways to collect donations,i hope you look into it!

also, since i haven't actually said so in this thread yet, i want you to know i am still sticking with my $20 pledge!

And i am ready to help in any ways possible,i'll promote OSK wherever i can ^_^
>> No. 30403
A $5000 goal? Now that's thinking big. I'll send an email as a reminder but I'll be doubling my previous pledge.
>> No. 30404
File 132444580096.png - (163.44KB , 520x520 , 131825514081.png )
I will try to pledge $5 at least. Need to see how much I get tomorrow from my check to be sure.

If there's anything you think I could do to help out more Moony, just say so. ^_^
>> No. 30408
File 132445255312.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , Filly Fluttersmile.png )
wow Vines!! This looks wonderful!

i will do some more research on it... but maybe with this i will not need to wait any longer on PayPal and not have to pay for a business account!
>> No. 30422
File 132448159155.jpg - (86.14KB , 867x921 , rarity61.jpg )
put me down for $30 so far, will likely be able to do more when the time comes, but gotta be sure.
And as I mentioned in /g/ will have games to add to the pile as time goes on.
e-mail sent with some other comments
>> No. 30461
File 132450630681.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , Filly Fluttersmile.png )
We have just received a promise of five custom made Pony plushies to help with the Operation: three from Dawni Blush and two from Bluefire Brony over in /merch/!

One from Dawni will go to our top donator and the others will be auctioned with the funds going to the Operation :)
>> No. 30486
File 132451368513.jpg - (166.50KB , 576x576 , mylittleponyapplejackby-(n1298043643641).jpg )
I'll pledge $100, now let's get this goal met!
>> No. 30487
File 132451641421.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , Filly Fluttersmile.png )
could you send me an e-mail about that, pittsburgh?

thank you so, so much for your donation!! ^_^
>> No. 30532
goodness, page 1? it can't be true...
page 1? that simply won't do...
so here is a bump just for you :3
>> No. 30533
File 132454603672.png - (179.70KB , 400x550 , 1300499394891.png )
Agreed, I want to see if anypony will challenge me to go higher by matching >)
>> No. 30540
File 132455060437.png - (179.87KB , 1544x1817 , Stormy Seas.png )

Already done. Doubled my original pledge yesterday.
>> No. 30546
File 132455840677.jpg - (55.59KB , 467x266 , 1288384794411.jpg )
Well then good sir, what be the current high pledge?
>> No. 30576
That would be $200 as my current pledge.
>> No. 30593


Do many generous ponies donating!

And none have e-mail me!


I don't wanna trouble Moony with getting the e-mail address from him, so please, if you want my Thank you for donating art PLEASE e-mail me at [email protected]
>> No. 30603
File 132461052715.png - (178.78KB , 600x600 , AJ - bearing a gift for you.png )
I am pledging $35 dollars.

Happy Holidays all.
>> No. 30627
File 132465892313.jpg - (49.78KB , 463x600 , ah like to spread love \'an chew hay.jpg )

Very well, I see yer 200 and raise ya 50. Might even raise enough fer granny smith to get her new hip!
>> No. 30649
File 132468548051.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , Filly Fluttersmile.png )
oh Pittsburgh.... that is so incredibly generous of you...

with that kind of support, I am sure we will be able to make this an incredible success :).

please be sure to e-mail me, okay? It helps me keep track of things!
>> No. 30650
File 132468763293.png - (353.94KB , 1280x1572 , rarity30.png )
I suppose this is as good a time as any to post!/OperSharingKind
(although the FB group might get changed to a fan-page, not quite sure how the two differ in function)
>> No. 30651
I did already. I was the one asking for gift pile suggestions ^.^
>> No. 30653
That was me, forgot my phone doesn't have my name saved.....
>> No. 30699
I really want to donate.

I can do $30 with my charity being Ear Candy, but the artist doesn't have to bother with the drawing for me and I don't want to be part of the game giveaway thing.
>> No. 30711
File 132479558238.jpg - (200.01KB , 380x316 , cooperation-international2.jpg )

You, my fine fellow, are indeed a generous one. However, you have been usurped. $275 shall be the new pledge. There might be enough for everypony at the old folk's home to get new hips.
>> No. 30713
File 132480924104.png - (297.55KB , 618x800 , Why_Can\'t_She_Hold_All_Those_Apples-(n1292402070697)-(n1292960208759).png )
Are we going to have to push this to 300? I think so. yep $300 it is.
>> No. 30719
Oh dear. With other donations adding up I may be approaching my budget limit. But I shall match your $300 for now.
>> No. 30728
Well, It's not a lot... but I'd love to give something. Unfortunately, I can probably only spare about $40 at the moment, but I hope it helps.

Merry Christmas, everypony!
>> No. 30734
File 132486332301.gif - (352.00KB , 200x200 , spinabspin.gif )
All my love to this, I wish I could help out somehow. I'll try to think of something.
Moony, you really are the best. Like, the best ever. (been wanting to say that for the past like 5 months of lurking, haha). And to everypony donating, hugs! You're all so great!
>> No. 30735
just saw this on EqD and sent a pledge email to Moony from the above address :) i so completely support this
>> No. 30752
File 132487469644.jpg - (13.66KB , 397x290 , way to go.jpg )
>> No. 30783
File 132495486919.png - (126.26KB , 1280x720 , presentponies-fluttershy-by-industrial-breeze.png )
I haven't been keeping up O:SK, so I don't know how I fit into this. So far I have donated $20 to an animal shelter and another $20 to providing social services to others through a well-known and effective charity. It doesn't need to be considered a pledge or however it works, as long as you know that it's because you inspired me.

That's all that matters, thank you all.
I don't want anything in return.
>> No. 30944
Hey moony, a promise is a promise and I got paid today :D

What paypal can I donate some dollars to?
>> No. 30957
File 132528652484.png - (755.00KB , 1261x1000 , 132519888928.png )
Well, as I said in the E-mail, I pledge £100 ^^

and also, where do I donate games for the giveaway pile?

>> No. 30977
File 132534177340.png - (14.55KB , 185x155 , ~But why.png )
>but why

You're welcome.
>> No. 30988
You can find that thread over in /g/, but I think you can do it here. Not a hundred percent certain though.

On another topic, I offered to donate to the gift pile, and the OP said something about posting here. So here I am.
>> No. 31013
Just to let everypony know, I'm now back from a short vacation, and I'm starting the first auction pony, who will be Fluttershy!

After that I'm thinking I'll do a season 2 Luna, but if anypony has suggestions on plushies they'd bid on I'd love to hear them!
>> No. 31053
File 132554073819.jpg - (16.49KB , 211x246 , tell me more.jpg )
A custom plush Fluttershy, you say?
>> No. 31057
Yup! She'll be up for auction shortly after she's finished whenever i figure out how to use ebay. Her head is already finished up, she should be done this week.
>> No. 31058
File 132555042801.png - (209.93KB , 784x1019 , hmmm.png )
I may have to get an account there myself...
>> No. 31067
File 132556180550.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , Filly Fluttersmile.png )
i'll have to go about ordering my own soon too, Dawni ;)

thank you so much for doing this... you are a wonderful pony!
>> No. 31068
Of course! I'm always open to commissions, which goes for anypony interested after the drive as well!
>> No. 31086
File 132560927822.png - (214.83KB , 400x500 , wat6.png )

Do want
>> No. 31501
File 132623467813.jpg - (76.01KB , 761x483 , buck.jpg )
>> No. 31667
File 132653220849.png - (207.97KB , 1208x1035 , Cutest fluttershy point ever.png )
Hi everypony! Operation Sharing Kindness is currently on hold, as a recent hard drive crash has set me back to square one!

I hope everypony might be patient while I put things back together! The deadline will likely be extended by a month to compensate...

sorry for the delay everypony!
>> No. 31705
Is the HDD and its contents salvageable?
>> No. 31764
File 132669600930.jpg - (16.79KB , 429x362 , sad shy 2.jpg )
Sadly, no.... it was a solid state and it's entirely unreadable.
>> No. 31905
Ouch, did you make a back up for your stuff before the crash?

I'm just asking questions. I hope everything will be fine soon.
>> No. 31909

Talk about a downer. I still have my donation set aside for when OSK is back on its hooves. I am also have most weekends off if there is any work that you would like to delegate out so you're not having to bear the full burden yourself.
>> No. 32206
File 132720418834.jpg - (58.94KB , 257x225 , Cheese.jpg )
Just checking in. Did you get a replacement for your solid state drive yet?
>> No. 32688
File 132762772221.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , Filly Fluttersmile.png )
Operation Sharing Kindness is back up and running! We have our payment plan open now and ready to accept donations!!
>> No. 32691
File 132762983243.png - (38.94KB , 117x178 , PowerToolsYay.png )
>> No. 32696
File 132763174121.png - (236.00KB , 466x443 , rarity108.png )
time to update the appropriate pages then! any thing besides the link I should add?
(I should be on STEAM, if that'd make things easier)
>> No. 32700
File 132763525410.png - (313.42KB , 600x653 , Derpy Love Letter.png )
Donation made!
>> No. 32705
File 132763843296.png - (179.87KB , 1544x1817 , Stormy Seas.png )
Huzzah! My donation has been made.
>> No. 32708
File 132764020454.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , Filly Fluttersmile.png )
Thank you so, so much everypony...

>hugs ♥...

and Stormy, your donation of 300 dollars puts you at the top of our donation pool right now! That means you are first in line for that custom made pony plushie!
>> No. 32970
That may be, for the moment, but there's still time. And if I recall, there ought to be a matching donation out there somewhere.
>> No. 33137
File 132812848491.jpg - (74.05KB , 997x750 , hurray pinkie pie.jpg )
Just donated 55USD~
>> No. 33222
Hiya Charity Ponies! I'm wondering if anypony has a strong preference on wether the plush ponies are auctioned or put up for sale in my personal store?

Either way, available soon will be a Filly Fluttershy, and whoever buys her will be able to choose an animal related charity for the proceeds to go to. And Filly Octavia, whose proceeds will go to a music related charity.

For anypony interested in giving it a look my etsy shop is
>> No. 33493
File 132858484976.gif - (126.41KB , 770x770 , 131509270048.gif )
$200 donation made! I doubled my original pledge! Yay!
Go spread some love and kindness, Moony, my friend!
>> No. 33559
File 132867325192.png - (64.53KB , 247x300 , PinkieHappyF.png )
Donated $35 a promised. Good luck!!
>> No. 33644
File 132881306042.png - (75.28KB , 218x351 , 131630057144.png )
Umm..I am having a little trouble with my bank..I will see what I can do...
>> No. 33676
none of this is going to the salvation army, is it?
>> No. 34207
File 132955699594.png - (207.97KB , 1208x1035 , Cutest fluttershy point ever (2).png )
Just a quick update for Operation Sharing Kindness:

We need your help to request an update at EQ Daily! They must be getting a lot of e-mails lately, because they've been overlooking our requests for an update for almost two months now.

I will post the update shortly for everypony!
>> No. 34208
File 132955714230.png - (755.00KB , 1261x1000 , Boo!.png )
Here is the update! Please see if you can get EQ Daily to read it!!


Hi everypony! In case you haven't heard, Operation Sharing Kindness is a My Little Pony community donation drive which collects funds from generous ponies like you and makes donations to charities under the pony name! Due to an unfortunate crashed solid state drive, the project came to a screeching halt over Christmas, but the lost work has been reassembled and everything is full steam ahead!


^ You can use that link to contribute to our cause! To those who have pledged in the past, I am very sorry, most of our pledge list was lost in the crash, but I hope I can still count on you to donate!

Our goal is five thousand dollars... I hope we can reach that amount! We can do it, everypony!

The opening of the donation page is not the only thing to celebrate, though! We're going to be beginning our STEAM Game Raffle as well!


If you donate ten dollars to Operation Sharing Kindness and add "Sign me up for the Raffle!" to your donation description, you will be entered into our STEAM game raffle! Every ten dollars equals once chance to win, so if you donate more, you will have a greater chance of taking the grand prize!

The Grand Prize Winner (1 winner) will receive:
Left 4 Dead 2, Just Cause 2, The Orange Box (Half Life 2, Half Life 2: Episode One, Half Life 2: Episode 2, Portal, Team Fortress 2), The Grand Theft Auto Complete Package (GTA, GTA 2, GTA 3, GTA 4, GTA: Episodes from Liberty City, GTA: San Adreas, GTA: Vice City) The Max Payne Bundle (Max Payne, Max Payne 2), Dungeons of Dredmor Complete Pack (Dungeons of Dredmor, Dungeons of Dredmor: Realm of the Diggle Gods), Day of Defeat: Source, The Humble Indie Bundle 4, Medieval II: Total War, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, World of Goo, Dungeon Defenders, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, Bit Trip Runner, The Binding of Isaac, Psychonauts, Audiosurf, Rock oponies, Terraria, Space Pirates and Zombies, the Cthulhu Saves the World & Breath of Death VII Double Pack, Steel Storm, AaAaAA!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, Super Meat Boy, World Basketball Manager 2010, Aliens Vs. Predator, Alien Breed 2, The Tropico Trilogy (Tropico 3, Tropico Reloaded, Tropico 2: Pirate Cove, Tropico 3: Absolute Power), Dark Void Zero, Bastion, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, Plants Vs. Zombies GOTY Edition, beta access to Super Monday Night Combat...

...and more! We might not be able to give away every game on STEAM, but at least you won't go bored ^^

If you don't win the grand prize though...

The Second Place Winners (many winners!) may receive:
The Orange Box, Half Life 2: Episode One, Day of Defeat: Source, Space Pirates and Zombies, or lots of other fun games! Who knows what interesting game you will end up winning?

Winners will be chosen fairly with a random number generator. Second place winners will also have their prizes assigned to them in a similar fashion!

You need to have STEAM and be willing to accept these gifts over STEAM if you enter this raffle!


Operation Sharing Kindness has a pony plushie auction coming up, and we'd love for you to pay attention to it when the time comes! Please keep in mind that our top donator will be receiving a custom made plushie of their choice, courtesy of Dawni over on Ponychan's /merch/!


Remember that we're still looking for banners or even story writers! There may be a potential contest in the future for you story writing, artistic, and musical ponies :). We could really use a nice new banner, if anypony is interested in helping with that!

Here's the donation link again!

And here is our thread over on Ponychan's /collab/!

Thank you all so much for your help with Operation Sharing Kindness, everypony! Let's go show the world what ponies are all about ^^

Sometimes we all just need to be shown a little kindness...

~Moony ♥

Sharing Kindness is an Easy Feat ~
>> No. 34333
Just a little update pertinent to this, Fluttershy is about halfway finished. She'll be done tonight if I get motivated, or tomorrow if I don't.
>> No. 34369
File 132978342456.jpg - (313.86KB , 1280x960 , 0220121905.jpg )
Annnd here's Fluttershy! I'll take nice pictures of her tomorrow... they never come out well when its dark outside.
>> No. 34526
I have to ask, are you and Bronies for good on good terms?
I was looking through the posts and it looks like you're still a little angry with them, did you guys sort it out?
>> No. 36181
Good to see an update over at EQD. I thought by now we'b be a lot closer than just halfway to the goal. Guess it's time to dig a little deeper and finish this out.
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