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No. 30306
Ok, so I asked around in /chat/ where I should put this, and as it is a project they suggested here.
The idea is to have a series of fanfics written as a series of "journal" entries made by the ponies set in an alternate reality where nightmare moon has taken control of equestria and put the mane six in POW camps. The journals would be individual ( a different journal for each pony).
I am open to suggestions as to how the alternate reality came about, however I think a believable beginning would be that dash left with the shadowbolts, and celestia retreated with her forces to the everfree forest (or another location)
So, what do you think?
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>> No. 30312
Also, please leave any new entries/ideas here, and e-mail them to me at [email protected] (yes, SolarFlaire was actually taken)
>> No. 30320
is any pony interested in this/ do you think it is at least a good idea?
Is somepony....
I will have a sample from Twilights journal written later
>> No. 30425
File 132448623232.png - (261.63KB , 600x501 , 131898780350.png )
How about have the journals be written by each pony, and describe their life in this alternate darkness world?
>> No. 30426
yes, that was the idea, although i think they should be narrative, "as i walked down to breakfast", not retrospective "today i went down to breakfast"
>> No. 30427
File 132448744246.png - (153.56KB , 630x938 , 131681601681-Discord_can\'t_believ.png )
My little Auschwitz ?
Oh boy.. at first i was like.. this guy wants help and i havnt written in a while so i clicked your link .. Good luck and all , but i refuse to have anything to do with Fics that involve either Death/Sex or Horrible things that happen to ponies , lest i be a hypocrite for all the anti-fic rants i have made recently.

Still , interesting idea though, just not my cup of tea
>> No. 30428
umm... actually i was going to keep it pretty mild as far as that went.
i dont intend to write/ permit torure scenes (maybe implied, but never shown), and DEFINATELY no rape/sex scenes.
>> No. 30430
File 132448797854.png - (175.05KB , 911x997 , 132389440200.png )
Thats nice to know at least. Dont take it personally though dude , i am just kind of anti-fic these days :) . Like i said the idea is interesting , i dont like it on a personal level , but its a good idea for a fic. Tbh you would be better off asking around /fic/ (if you havnt posted a link here there, too lazy to check) to drum up interest on this kind of thing , rather than chat really.
>> No. 30431
ok, then will do
>> No. 30432
I'm interested.
>> No. 30450
Hell, I'd read it.
>> No. 30454
So far we have three writers
CM swirl
And (I'm assuming) groovy man
And two editors
And one who's name escapes me
>> No. 30485
Correct assumption yes, sounds like a good start.
>> No. 30506
Now the easy part:
not really
Background info:
> RD abandons others for shadow bolts
> nightmare moon takes over ponyville
>celestia flees
> mane six in different POW camps
> RD is captain of elite flying team for her majesty, the eternal nightmare moon
During story:
> Fluttershy succumbs to retraining and becomes assistant/ spy (fluttershy's nature made her seem most likely to be influenced by brainwashing/ propaganda)
> others attend "schools" to be taught about nightmarian rule. (pegasi attend pegasi classes, earth ponies with earth ponies, unicorns with unicorns)

That's all I got for now...
>> No. 30559
I would imagine that Fluttershy is kept in almost total isolation (with the exception of the animals in her care) in a cottage near the Everfree forest, throughout the course of her imprisonment she receives letters 'from' the other Mane 6 pertaining to the wonder of rule under Nightmare moon.
Twilight in a northern snowy interment camp (similar to that in the book 'One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich') Main workforce constructing laboratories in which scientists try to devise a method to create a unicorn super-soldier. Twilight causes trouble through undermining the authority of the camp's leaders however due to her intelligence and careful planning no illicit activities can be traced to her.
Pinkie is kept in a secure hospital for the criminally insane in Canterlot, due to her being the least predictable of the mane 6 NMM chooses to keep her under constant supervision. Pinkie predictably treats it all as a joke and I anticipate her to be the first to break out (not sure how though.)
Rarity and Applejack may be kept in the same (largest) camp completely separated from each other and having no knowledge that the other is also there. Both flagrantly disregard rules and disrespect authorities are caught, punished and eventually word spreads through the camps of the two, known only by their numbers. Only once they meet do they realise whom the other is.
Rainbow, in addition to her duties as flight leader also, on occasion visits rest of mane 6 encouraging defection from their cause.
>> No. 30587
I'd read this so much.
>> No. 30591
I'm really liking this...
The only one I had an actual Plan put together for was twilight.
I don't even remember where I came up with the idea..
Basically, though nmm sees that twilight is a powerful force of "chaos" magic. (think what happened when she auditioned for celestia). Nmm either wants to get her to use her power for her cause, or "harvest" it and power her inventions.
Possibly a "captain America" esque scenerio where NMM has saddles mounted with guns powered by magic.
I like the Fluttershy idea, but perhaps she is moved (unbeknownst to her) to a recreation of her cottage and told that it is unsafe to leave to to (insert a reason for not leaving). And she is acctually in NMM laboratory. Also, twilight could stumble upon her and convince her of what is really going on.
This is gonna be good...
>> No. 30625
first entry for Twi's journal
fell free to improve/ change
date is the day after the second part of the pilot aired in America
(yes i realise the following entry is short, but i wanted to at least start the writing process)

october 23, 2010

i wake up groggily with a splitting headache. "where am I?" i think to myself. the last thing i remember was rainbow dash leaving us on the other side of the bridge and then... its all a blur. my legs are aching as i struggle to my feet. i must have been lying down for some time. the room, or rather, the cell im in is dark, and dingy. "how did i get here? why was i taken here?" are the questions that ring through my head. fully regaining consciousness, i use my horn to better look around, and the cell is filled with a soft purple glow. all that surrounds me is four grey walls, a rusty metal bed with tattered, mildewed sheets, and a large steel door that has a slot in the bottom of it. i attempt to look through the slot, and at that moment it opens and something slides through and hits me on the face. its a tray of food, and some water. famished from not eating in....
well, im not sure how long its been, i eat the food greedily and the world around me grows dark as i slip into unconsciousness...
>> No. 30628
File 132466115262.png - (79.88KB , 163x196 , IT_BEGINS.png )
I can edit. Count me in.
>> No. 30629
Want to start on this?>>30625
Yes, I realize it's an editing nightmare, but I kinda hurried through it...
>> No. 30637
I can do editing! Allow me to demonstrate...

October 23, 2010

I woke up groggily with a splitting headache, no idea where I was. The last thing I could remember was Rainbow Dash leaving us on the other side of the bridge, but after that... it's all a blur. My legs ached as I struggled to my feet. I could tell that I must have been lying down for some time, from my thirst. The room, or rather, the cell I found myself in was dark and dingy. "How did I get here?" "Why was I taken here?" Questions raced through my head. After fully regaining consciousness, I cast an illumination spell to better look around, the cell filling with a soft purple glow. The only notable things were four grey walls, a rusty metal bed with tattered, mildew-covered sheets, and a large steel door with a slot in the bottom of it. I attempted to look through the slot, just as it opened and something slid through and hit me on the face. It was a tray of food, and a small bowl of water! I was famished from not eating in.... well, I wasn't sure how long it had been. I ate the food greedily, and the world around me grew dark as i slipped into unconsciousness...

Wow that was a tricky one. (Fun fact: I was listening to U.N. Owen Was Her? on repeat throughout.) In other news, will the CMC be involved, since I'm a sick bastard?
>> No. 30639
File 132466974964.jpg - (84.35KB , 640x480 , Photo on 2011-12-23 at 14_47.jpg )
congrats, your hired!
please e-mail that to me so i can archive it
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