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File 132441460618.gif - (73.18KB , 676x409 , MKFLogo.gif )
30344 No. 30344
I hope this is the right place to post this...

There's an (among others) Mario fangame focusing on crossovers called Mushroom Kingdom Fusion:

I just found out it allows custom skins, so anypony good at spriting feel like making some ponies? I'm thinking maybe Dash over Sonic, Fluttershy over Tails... Of course, the real fun would be powerup design, since MKF has Mega Man Suit and Sci-Fi Suit, as well as additional suits for certain characters, in addition to the main fire and flight power-ups.. Anypony with me on this?
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>> No. 30352
File 132442021005.jpg - (60.45KB , 800x1000 , octavia_filly.jpg )
If this gets off the ground, I could sprite for it. I'm always happy to help

Just some ideas:

- The Sci-Fi suit could be the steampunk attire seen on some of the Welovefine shirts.
- Rainbow Dash could be dressed up as Turbo Man in the MM suit, for hopefully obvious reasons. Fluttershy could be either Plant or Hornet Man.
- What song (or clip thereof) could we play for the death and end-of-level jingle replacements?

(pic unrelated)
>> No. 30356
For the end-of-level jingle, we could repeat the idea I had a while back for Smash modding and do "Do ya know you're all my very best FRIEEEEEENDS". No idea on the death theme.

For reference, if we do Dash over Sonic, she would have the following base suits...

*Rocket Boots, for upward boosting
*Sci-Fi suit is Pulseman, but the wiki just says "WIP", so who knows.
*Megaman suit is Quickman Sonic, which has boomerangs.
>> No. 30358
Also, any ideas for other ponies? I can't think of who to put Twi over in particular.
>> No. 30359
Also, turns out Pulseman Sonic isn't implemented at all yet. OH WELL

Anyway, here's a full list of the (original) characters and their powerups (note that some of these descriptions, particularly Link's, are focused more on how the suit looks than its function)...

Mario - Small, Big, Fire, Hammer Bro, Raccoon, Spartan w/ Energy Sword (Halo), Tanooki, Megaman, Soldier (Metal Slug), Blue Shell (NSMB)
Luigi - Small, Big, Fire, Hammer Bro, Rabbit (SML), Guile (Street Fighter), Bee (SMG), Protoman (Megaman), Bionic Commando, Cape (SMW)
Sonic - Normal, Rocket Boots, Quickman
Tails - Normal, Raccoon, Tanooki (w/ Tails Doll statue), Gyro Man
Wario - Small, Big, Dragon, Jet Hat, Vampire, Sledge Bro, Brute (Halo), Gutsman
Arthur (Ghosts 'n' Goblins) - Underwear, Armor, Spartan Armor (Halo)
Roll (Megaman) - Normal, Megaman Helmet, Bass, Item 2, Tango, Hunter (Halo), Tron Bonne
Link - Normal, Goron Tunic, Deku Mask, Classic Link (can turn into fairy), Magic Armor, Arbiter (Halo), Zero (Megaman), Cloud (FF7)
Vile (Megaman) - Normal, Zero (alternate costume)
Classic Mario - Normal, Small, Fire, Racoon, Classic Luigi (alternate costume w/ all above powers)


I might just do a project to turn the Megaman Suit into the Pony Suit.
>> No. 30360
Twilight could fit over Roll. Applejack could possibly be Arthur, assuming he still sheds his armor upon taking damage (which could be changed to AJ's hat blowing away).
>> No. 30361
Yes, Arthur does shed his armor upon taking damage. And I guess I can see Twi over Roll. Incidentally, does anypony have Mario-styled pony sprites, to use as a base? Like, a Super Fluttershy land sheet for me to work off of?
>> No. 30395
File 132444114007.png - (3.21KB , 256x224 , pony-5.png )
I've made some bipedal pony sprites for an NES Tiny Toon ROM hack I'm working on. Only Pinkie Pie is anything close to resembling finished, though (I have all of two sprites done for Twilight and Rainbow Dash and Spike aren't even started yet).

We could ask the guy who made Poni Poki Panic and Super Fluttershy Land 2 if we could use the sprites he made too.
>> No. 30396
Out of curiosity, what tools did you use to modify the sprites? DirectEd?
>> No. 30400

YY-CHR and a palette editor.
>> No. 30406
File 132444903485.png - (318.74KB , 1199x898 , Wingboner.png )
>looks up yy-chr
>Supports editing NES, SNES, Genesis, PCE, GG, WS/C, GB/C, MSX 1+2, NGP/C, SMS, and GBA
>> No. 30443
So, any progress on getting dem sprites? I'm okay with just about anypony, since I can just edit the sprites into another.
>> No. 30444
I asked herooftime1000 about using the Pony Poki Panic/SFL2 sprites. No response yet, but hey.
>> No. 30446
While I wait, I'm modifying the items for Pinkie over Mario. Any Megaman fans have any idea what her MM suit should be?
>> No. 30447
File 132450234061.png - (334B , 16x16 , mushroom.png )
Pinkie's mushroom!
>> No. 30448
Oh, and Raccoon Pinkie is totally going to be Surprise.
>> No. 30449
File 132450276042.png - (368B , 32x16 , leafsuit.png )
Here's the Surprise suit! (It alternates between the two sets of 3, they replace the two facings of the Raccoon leaf)
>> No. 30451
File 132450305419.png - (331B , 16x16 , poison.png )
Here's the poison mushroom. :P
>> No. 30455
Any ideas on the Tanooki?
>> No. 30491
bump tiem
>> No. 30521

I'm thinking either Clown, Magic, or Spring Man. Basically, any RM with a whimsical character design and/or stage could work.

As for the Tanooki suit... maybe it could be switched for a Discord suit? Both are mythological furry creatures with wings that can turn to stone (willingly or not).
>> No. 30562
Alright, I guess it's time to go to the MM wiki...
And Discord suit is a pretty good idea. Any thoughts on how the powerup should look?
>> No. 30563
Looks like it'll be Magic Man. Keep in mind that I can't actually change the effect of the weapon, just the appearance, and Magic Card seems closest to Mega Buster. And can you post the bipedal Pinkie sprites you have done, by any chance?
>> No. 30565
Also, Pinkie doesn't seem to have a steampunk variant, so we need a Sci-Fi version. The effect of the suit is the ability to swing an Energy Sword, so we should work from that.
>> No. 30567
File 132458274300.png - (303B , 32x16 , megamansuit.png )
Here's the Magic Man pickup. It flashes between the two.
>> No. 30588
I can't think of what to make the Fire Flower into. Red cupcake?
>> No. 30599
bumpity bump bump
>> No. 30602

Put Discord horns and a matching tail on her?


I'll get right on it.


A Poison Joke flower to turn her into Spitty Pie so she could shoot globs of spit, instead of fireballs. For more serious ideas, a Heart's Desire, though I don't know what she'd be able to fire then.
>> No. 30619
No, I mean for the pickup icon, as far as Discord goes. And the Poison Joke would work, except I can't modify the fireball's appearance, so she'd have flaming spit.
>> No. 30634
>> No. 30635

Poison Joke never had to make sense!

I'd put Discord's face for the Discord suit pickup.
>> No. 30638
Okay, so in summary:

Mario = Pinkie
Mushroom = Cupcake
Poison Mushroom = Rainbow Dash Cupcake
Fire Flower/Fire Mario = Poison Joke/Firey Pie
Hammer Bro = ?
Raccoon = Surprise
Spartan = ? (seriously let's get some halo fans in here)
Tanooki = Discord
Megaman = Magic Man
Soldier = ? (Pinkamena?)

So, any ideas on the rest?
>> No. 30640
File 132467020194.png - (477B , 64x16 , blueshellsuit.png )
Tank Pickup (it originally pulsed to a lighter color, but i decided that was unnecessary for tank (read:i was lazy), so this is essentially 4 tanks in a row)
>> No. 30641
hammer bro= cake throwing pinkie?
>> No. 30645
No to the first one since I can't change the projectile graphics. I can ONLY change the Mega Buster's appearance.
No to the second because how does that even kind of make sense.

I guess I could give Hammer Pinkie her hard hat from Sonic Rainboom.
>> No. 30646
>> No. 30655

Great news! :3
>> No. 30658

By the way, what game is the Soldier suit based off of?
>> No. 30669
Metal Slug. Mario gets a leather jacket and buzzcut, and can fire in the 8 cardinal directions.
>> No. 30702

Maybe you could put her in a royal guard's outfit, and she could shoot thunderbolts or arrows instead of bullets.
>> No. 30732
Again: can't change projectiles!
I think Pinkamena with a gun would be best.
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