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  Hi everypony !
Christmas day is getting closer, and with it the launch of our community's charity event in favor of the Children's Cancer association ! Few things in life are as devastating as a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, but together, we can be the rainbow that will make them smile again !

The Smile ! event in a nutshell :
- On Christmas Day, we will release a link to our stand on GlobalGiving letting you donate directly to the Children's Cancer Association (CCA), so that we do not handle ourselves any of the money.
- Because we are doing this through a well-know charity, all donations are tax-deductible for you, and not taxed either way, so 100% of it will go directly to CCA.
- If we get enough donations before the 31st, CCA will receive an extra 500$ to 1500$ grant for our efforts !
- Every single donor will receive a digital copy exclusive music album crafted by the most talented brony musicians ! Right now, even after filtering for quality, we have over 80mn of quality music, and are still waiting for the last submissions ! You can find a 5mn teaser of it in the embed.
- The top donors by the 25th of January will receive gifts generously donated for this effect, such as paintings, scarves, clay or wooden ponies and art commissions.

How you can help

First of all, spread the word ! This community is so big and moving so fast that we can't possibly reach everypony all by ourselves, so do not underestimate the value of your help with this !

We are also accepting any kind of gift prizes for the top donors, both pony and non-pony, as well as pledges and commissions ! You do not have to do anything else than telling us what you plan to donate (even if it hasn't been made yet) by sending us a mail at [email protected] !

If you're good with music, you can also visit My Little Remix and sign up for our next charity album !

If you want to donate but won't be able to do so between the 25th and the 31st, shoot us a mail so that we can direct your to our page on Global Giving, and you will still be eligible for the prizes and receive the music album as soon as it's done !
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More info here :

Thanks again, and brohooves all around to everypony for being so awesome ! The kids need us, let's all put a smile on their face !
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Pen Stroke, known for Past Sins, has generously offered an additional gift prize : a custom, one-shot fan-fiction of any topic or theme excluding
grim-dark. (Up to ~10,000 words).

Thanks again to all the artists making this event happen !
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