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File 132458190855.png - (45.31KB , 272x306 , MLPBF_LogoConcept.png )
30564 No. 30564
Hello Ponychan! Welcome to the official Budding Friendships thread. We created a new thread to post official development updates as well as interact with the brony community.

My Little Pony: Budding Friendships is a Harvest Moon inspired game, set in Ponyville. You take the role of a new pony in town taking up a neglected farm by the Everfree Forest. It is your duty to bring back business to the farm, but at the same time befriending the various ponies in town.

Right now, we have five people working hard to make this impressive game a reality: Jaguar (lead director / programmer), Jadke (sprites / animations), Raptor (tilesets / UI), SenatorMyth (music), and TerminalHunter (writing).

One thing I want to stress is that this is not a dating sim/visual novel. We are highly against shipping and want to keep as much to the show's style as possible.

Visit us at our web site:

Help us by filling out this survey:
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>> No. 30572
File 132458707826.png - (5.08KB , 64x312 , Mane6.png )
Well, let's get things started, then.
Here's probably what you'd think about first, "what do the characters look like?"
So here's the mane six, done as original sprites.

You can see there's been changes since the screencaps posted. There will probably be a lot more changes from what those screencaps represented.
>> No. 30573
File 132458726367.gif - (8.84KB , 78x52 , BuckingPC.gif )
Since I've pretty much taken on an animation role, I can put up some teasers for my work with the sprites here. I want the sprite work to be differentiated from something made with RPG maker or the likes. Hence, all-original sprites, tilesets, and animations such as this one.

As you can see, the main character has had changes to her looks as well.
>> No. 30578
File 132459090279.jpg - (40.98KB , 150x144 , sexy3.jpg )
Why hello there! I'm Senator Myth, and I'll be doing all the music in Budding Friendships. It's a very fun and challenging task indeed!

The first task I was given was to construct a musical theme for the farm that would be slightly different for each of the seasons. This is the music that will play as the player goes about his or her business on his farm. And here is a demo of what the summer version will sound like!
>> No. 30583
Those heads are too small.
>> No. 30584
Um...if you need concepts artwork, I could help out...
>> No. 30585
File 132459739609.jpg - (95.29KB , 598x508 , 1315432793454.jpg )
>> No. 30606
Those may have been based on an older model. Jadke made a new template with subtle changes. You can see them in >>30573

We do need concept artists. What can you do?
>> No. 30607
I'm more environment-oriented, but I'm getting some pony practice in.
>> No. 30608
If um...if you need an example of environments I could whip something up.
>> No. 30610
Environment concepts are pretty important. Are you talking about world layout and level design?
>> No. 30612
File 132462365675.png - (524.63KB , 4000x3020 , 131727996657.png )
Survey has been filled out. I can't wait to play this game once it's ready!
>> No. 30620
Head is still too tiny. Those are realistically proportioned horses, not Little Ponies.
>> No. 30624
I can try my hand at that too.
>> No. 30656
While I love the idea of the project, the proportionally small heads on the character sprites are really bugging me.

On a non-critical note, I filled out the survey. Hope to see this completed one day.
>> No. 30670
Filled out the survey.
>> No. 30673
Thanks for your support!

We'll look into the small head size issue.
>> No. 30741
File 132486682373.png - (1.39KB , 105x50 , better.png )
In case you guys are interested: I went ahead and spent a couple of minutes in MS Paint fiddling with the proportions of the player sprite to try and make it look more accurate to the show's art style, and this is what I came up with. Right is the original, left is my version.

What do you think?
>> No. 30769
File 132492700262.png - (8.15KB , 120x364 , Mane7.png )
I have heard your pleas!
The sprites have been utterly reworked. It's quite a jarring transformation.

The Mane 6 have somewhat lazy transitions, copying the previous hair and etc. I'm thinking some might need to be re-sized more, but for now it gives a good idea what they'll look like.
>> No. 30775

The legs look too long, the necks, too short and the girls look more like stallions rather than mares.
A little tweakings could fix all of these problems though.
>> No. 30786
How do you mean? At least as far as the 'Stallion-like' qualification is concerned. I'm not really seeing it.
>> No. 30787

The mares should have a smaller and slender build because right now they look way too bulky.
>> No. 30788
The old ones are on the left; the new ones on the right. Are you sure you're looking at the right one?
>> No. 30789
File 132496051251.png - (39.64KB , 501x501 , 132464900469.png )
Will the game have its own website when its done?
>> No. 30792
File 132496510256.png - (624.82KB , 850x463 , screen.png )
I'm not actually quite sure what you mean now. In fact, I made these sprites based purely on what's in the show.
Keep in mind they're standing facing east entirely, which is somewhat rare to find; they're not quasi-southeast like they are most of the time in the show.

Perhaps if you showed me more like what they could be? But otherwise right now they're just like what the show offers, body-wise. Perhaps the too-large tails and such are odd at the moment but I do intend to revisit those.
>> No. 30808

Compare what you have here with how things are done in Desktop Ponies and you will understand why your ponies look all blocky and off model.
>> No. 30818
File 132502834168.png - (39.72KB , 355x130 , changes.png )
How about this?
>> No. 30821
We do have a website posted in the OP.

It could be better, and if anypony is willing to help with a website, we would really appreciate it.
>> No. 30822

The neck and nose look considerably better than before.
>> No. 30840
File 132505736824.png - (5.02KB , 60x336 , Mane6v2.png )
Legs and body reworked, as well.
The improvement has been phenomenal. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner.
>> No. 30842
They are looking much better.

Also I'll throw some environments up tomorrow. What are you guys looking for because I can try multiple different artstyles.
>> No. 30876
Filled out that survey, good luck~
>> No. 30879

That looks perfect!
>> No. 30898

Ah, now we are talking, indeed.
The necks and bodies look much, much more slender, and the noses now look more femare (snerk) then before.
>> No. 31008
File 132545744864.png - (727.37KB , 1421x1600 , JournalConsolidation.png )
Raptor couldn't get his post to work, so I'm putting it here for him.
"Hey everypony! I'm Raptor, the other sprite artist. Since it's still New Years somewhere in the world we've decided to surprise you with this: The current concept for the Journal. The journal ties together many separate elements and you'll be presented with it at the start of the game. Since it's a bit ambiguous at the moment, here's a rundown:
1. The closed journal, you'll only see this once when you name your character.
2. The 'Inventory' will allow you to reorganise what you're carrying. Equipped items are handled by a separate Inventory. The journal 'Inventory' acts more like an encyclopaedia.
3. The Assets page is a run-down of what you've grown, mined, raised and dug out of the earth.
4. on the notes page, you'll be able to write down what ever you need to remember.
5. The map won't be this blank in the finished version, we promise.
6. The saves screen will allow to obviously save your progress, it also gives you some minor statistics about how you're doing."

Hm, not exactly following you. I suppose there can be a map to match the journal that could have a hand-drawn appearance. But concept art in general would likely just be most similar to the show's elements - like our tilesets are - and is used as a preview for the ultimate design of an area so all the elements that people are working on separately are unified in design.
>> No. 31012
do you need them, still? I just got finished with one of my other spriting commisions.
>> No. 31014

No thanks. We're actually pretty set with art for the time being.
>> No. 31018
Oh, okay. I cant wait to see how this turns out. :D
>> No. 31273
File 132582389686.gif - (19.11KB , 70x56 , TwSpwalk.gif )
Characters are coming together bit-by-bit. Not that I think I'll post -everything, but I may as well share some of them with you guys.
Here's Twilight Sparkle, and the latest walking animation.
>> No. 31295

Dude, she crawls like a spider. 0_o
... creepy and icky.
>> No. 31308
File 132590232080.png - (458.61KB , 680x680 , 898.png )
I want to play this game!
>> No. 31309
File 132590237305.png - (458.61KB , 680x680 , 898.png )
I want to play this game!
>> No. 31346

>> No. 34408
File 132982948502.gif - (841.26KB , 605x462 , 134252 - animated pinkie_pie.gif )
Is this still being worked on? I hope it is, this is definitely something I would play, possibly multiple times as well. If this is still being worked on, I have an idea about the whole marriage issue. What you could do is, everypony you meet can all become your friend but then have a few, most likely the mane 6 or however you want to organize this, as being able to become Best friends, thus giving you the ability to get either help or maybe even small bonuses. Just wanted to throw that out there.

I do hope this is still being worked on. Otherwise I will be a sad pony.
>> No. 34422
File 132984893870.gif - (9.78KB , 64x56 , Pinkietrotvariant.gif )
Don't be a sad pony!
Here, have a Pinkie Pie animation from the game!

It hasn't been inactivity, we've been very productive for the last few weeks, actually. We're just trying to make something substantial to show rather than little pieces here and there. Our hope is we'll make a video to show of the game soon!
>> No. 34424

This is a good animation, although Pinkie should probably be bouncing up and down a little bit. It looks sorta stiff and non-Pinkieish the way it is.
>> No. 34425
I agree! And Pinkie will definitely get more specific animations catered to her style.
Right now, this trot is actually used as the base for movement for the player character and general pony movement. I just gave it a Pinkie Pie skin because I like Pinkie Pie.
>> No. 34448
Will this be available for Mac?
>> No. 34459
If we get somepony willing to port it to Mac/Unix, then sure. But as of now, not yet.
>> No. 34791
Youtube embed play button
  Good news everypony!

We have a new site! This time, we will be more adamant to keeping everypony updated to our latest developments.

In addition to that, we would like to show off a little of what we have done. We have a short video of walking around Ponyville, as well as interacting with some of the many ponies that will be in our game. Bear in mind, that the majority of the content will change.

Visit us at
>> No. 34793
File 133041652804.jpg - (26.53KB , 538x564 , Snide really filly.jpg )
Harvest Moon? Without shipping?
>> No. 34794
File 133041654669.jpg - (23.98KB , 533x561 , Snide indeed.jpg )
>> No. 34808

I remember reading that they were considering releasing two versions:
1. Without a romance system.
2. With a romance system.

I may just be imagining things, but one can dream.
>> No. 34809
File 133045106193.png - (48.32KB , 943x943 , rainbow_shrug.png )
Given that there are a total of three canon romances (the Cakes, Caramel and his girlfriend, and possibly Big Mac and Cheerilee), I'd say a relationship system is... possible, but not likely.
>> No. 34813
We never said that. That was another fan-game which I believe was a dating sim. Completely unrelated to us.

We are trying to follow the same spirit of the show, with friendship.
>> No. 34836
New blog post:

We address some of the common questions and complaints that you all posted.
>> No. 34887
Will we be able to customize our Pony?

Nothing too major like clothing or accessories, just something like a palette swap.
>> No. 34902
Something like the character customization and clothing colour slider from Harvest Moon 3 would be nice, I agree.
>> No. 34904
File 133064026145.png - (29.36KB , 182x127 , DrDoktorGendo.png )
I would be willing to be a play tester
>> No. 34908
We're looking into color customization, and it's very likely we'll have some sort of color customization, but nothing about it is finalized yet. We'll keep you posted about it.
>> No. 34987
Youtube embed play button

Myth made a compilation of the songs he has composed for us thus far. The one posted is just one of the three in total, and the one that was played during the Ponyville demo video.
>> No. 36364
One month without an update.

-begin worry mode
>> No. 36390

As they say, no news is good news. I wouldn't sweat it.
>> No. 36410
Yeah, probably just means they're working hard.
>> No. 37007
Hey guys, I'm Raptor, one of the artists working on the game. We haven't given up, so don't worry. We've been focusing on getting the player's farm fully functional. I must say that it's looking really nice, and some of the furniture you'll be able to deck out you house in doesn't look half bad if I say so myself.

Any of you going to Midwestria in September might see a few of us there, but nothing's set in stone just yet.
>> No. 37208
I'm very excited about the completion of your game. I am impressed with what I have seen thus far, and wish you folks the best of luck with taking care of business!
>> No. 37209
I'm glad to hear you're still working on it!
>> No. 37245
File 133480739118.gif - (5.72KB , 70x56 , AmberrunE.gif )
Hello again, guys. As Raptor has said, we're still in business working on this thing. There's not TOO much that's pretty and whatnot to show off since we want working crops and a complete farm before we proceed.

That being said, I can keep putting up some animations and such, as long as people are interested.
This the the new look of the main character, we refer to her as Amber. So I guess you could consider that the default name of the protagonist, though you can rename her like a Harvest Moon game.
She's also that "Budding Friendships pony" that the Equestria Daily posts and SenatorMyth's music on his channel have as the thumbnail!
>> No. 37248
She looks very nice. I, uh, don't know much about spriting, but I think she looks smooth.
>> No. 38314
making dinner, don't expect to hear from me in a while
>> No. 38402
Any chance you need any voice acting for this project?
>> No. 38403
Sorry, but no. We're not going to be having voice acting.
>> No. 38632
File 133764696215.png - (360.38KB , 1227x1514 , Amber3.png )
So we've come to a point where we need some additional help. We're looking for sprite animators and programmers. You must be committed to help with development. More specific details below.

Sprite Animator:
- Must be familiar with pixel art and making animations of it
- Must submit previous works (like a DeviantArt)

Programmer requirements:
- Must be fluent in C++
- Be familiar with version control
- Submitting previous work examples is highly recommended

If you're interested, either post here or email us at [email protected] and we'll review your application.
>> No. 38846
File 133799014392.png - (57.88KB , 640x480 , text2.png )
It may appear that we are inactive, but the truth is that we are still hard at work. We just don't post updates much. That's probably what happens when you have an introverted person leading a project.

Because we don't update often, we're not very known. Which is a shame considering the quality and quantity of a fan game we're producing. Therefore, I would like to start posting small updates more frequently.

We have posted two short demos of game play a couple weeks back. The first demo demonstrated what we have done so far with the farm and inventory. It displays the inventory screen as well as planting and watering crops.

Farm / Inventory Demo:

The second short demo posted was a short walk from the player's farm to Ponyville. Each map transitions seamlessly, which makes the world feel more connected as opposed to a traditional loading screen. This feature may or may not be cut, but was a good practice demonstration.

Walking Demo:

The past couple of days, I have been working on reworking dialogue. Dialogue in the Ponyville demo was very simple text, and couldn't support advanced text commands like coloring, bolding, italicizing, and/or underlining. Now it's been redone, as seen in the picture posted, to support them and more!

Taking inspiration from how text works in Ace Attorney (and even My Little Investigations), more text commands are available. Commands to pause it, change the rate at which text shows, or even play a sound effect. This allows for our dialogue to be a lot more expressive.

We're going to try to keep you guys more updated on our development. Like I said, it may not seem like we're doing much, but the reality is quite opposite. Lastly, I would like to reiterate that we're looking for additional sprite animators and programmers. We're working the best we can, but we could always use additional support.
>> No. 38856
Oh man, I know I don't comment much, but I haven't forgotten about your project!

I wish I was a sprite artist so I could help.
>> No. 38866
I noticed that, in the walking theme, the music was very abrupt in the transitions. Would a fade in/out be possible?
>> No. 38870
Shortly after making that demo, I got the music to fade in/out.
>> No. 39004
Just noticed the farming demo video when it hit me, will we get 'green squares' around which tiles will be effected by tools/seeds?

It might just be too early to complain, but without them it feels like a bit of guess work.
>> No. 39156
nah, I think you would get used to it. Its just like Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. You play it for a while and you catch on.
>> No. 39161
So long as it's explained in the tutorial, what's the problem?
>> No. 39165
That's a valid concern. We'll look into making the tiles that you're using highlight.
>> No. 39365
Hey I'v been working over with the desktop pony team for a wile, I'm just wondering if you still need help with pixel art.
I'v got no experiences in the programming side of things tho.

Hears my DA.
Contact me over there, as I don't come to ponychan often.
>> No. 40745
File 134240098603.jpg - (1.35MB , 2100x1500 , custom_pony__amber_by_theearthponyway-d568ipi.jpg )
It's our one year anniversery since starting this game!

Read more at:

Also, a fan created a custom of our player character. It totally caught us by surprise since we're not used to having fans, much less ones that create a custom and offers it to us. Now I know how Faust and rest of the Friendship is Magic team feels when fans create things because of them.
>> No. 40760
I expected to see you guys at Pon-E3. What happened?
Or did I just somehow overlook you?
>> No. 40771
Pon-E3 came to us in a really short notice, so we weren't able to prepare for it. We'll have much more to show at Midwestria.
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