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So, basically this is something crazy I just want all of the coder bronies that have experience with creating stuff based off of YouTube.

What will this actually be?

A YouTube for bronies, because obviously we have quite a few parasprites on YouTube, which have been taking down the good videos that we watch.

Now, I do realize a project of this magnitude makes me out of my damn mind, but it would be a heck of a lot better than using YouTube, where we are very susceptible to parasprites.

Why is this being done:

Parasprites on YouTube have been attempting to shut down our community, and I think we are all tired of this.

What is my philosophy on this?

Well, when we were banned from 4Chan, we made this site;

When we were trolled off of Fan Fiction, we made FiM Fiction, we are being trolled off of YouTube, so why the hell not make a PonyTube.

We really need something like this, as we have already done other projects similar, such as FiMFiction and Ponychan.

So, who is with me?

BTW, sorry for the random pic, didn't have time to make a new one for this.
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hey man I had the exact same idea, i have a contact who works in computer programming and is also focusing on a project like this, he even has a way of avoiding the DMCA since his company is in Canada. So hit me up at [email protected]

My contacts email is [email protected] and dont worry he said i could post his email.

So hit us up so we can make this dream a reality!
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