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Fellas, I know this is a lot to ask, but I got an idea for something that might be funny.

A collection of producers, collaborating and contributing beats, for a selection of dudes who MC over them

What im saying is, pony rap. It doesnt have to be in character or anything, Im just hoping itll be quite funny or even sound pretty awesome.

Ideally I was hoping to get some females in on this and do mane 6 rap battles but obviously female voices are hard to come by, let alone show similar ones, and then convincing them to rap is a losing mans game so I guess anything will do.

I have currently got Jessy, a /co/ artist and female voice extraordinaire to have a pop at doing something, but thats it.

So what im saying is, If you feel you have an interesting voice and got a nice flow, why not try rapping for me? might be fun
or if you feel you would like to apply your talent to producing us some great sounding beats for our MCs to rap over, do that. otherwise, if anypony would like to help me organize it, thatd be great, im a busy guy.

If you are interested, in any facet, drop me a line. email in the field.

if you know anypony that might want to try, send em here. when we progress this far enough ill make a project soundcloud and we can truly get underway. the magic of this is producers can work with the rappers on their own, then come and give what the create back to us and we'll put it up with the other stuff.

ill be visiting regularly, but im usually on /co/ so if you want to catch me look there first

Your friend, Nootsack
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>> No. 30668
pony related by the way.

Ill also be looking for lyricists to try write some stuff for us
>> No. 30691
bumpin. come on, anypony?
>> No. 30721
File 132483519756.png - (913.00KB , 1097x1280 , R - The artist at work.png )
I'll might be able to contribute soon. I'm working on 2 other pony projects right now, but when I've got some free time I'll brush up on my beat chops for you.
>> No. 30723
wonderful, when we got a bit more support ill open a project email and we'll discuss more.

in the meantime we need MCs. direct anypony you think might be interested here, I know we got a bunch of singing talent, why not spitting talent?

in any case, can you leave your soundcloud with me so I can have a listen? no reason im just curious
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File 132486779271.png - (131.46KB , 288x287 , R - Happy.png )

Alright. These 3 pieces are the most relevant to this project:

But here's my general page too:
>> No. 30771
this stuff is just fascinating. i really like it, plus its near perfect for this.

I have potentially a couple other producers but leading them here for the project may scare them off so for now ill just micro manage both sides of the project.

tell me when you are ready to start producing, and if you know anypony in the rare catchment of 'pony fan', 'rapper' and 'willing to do pony rap' then do direct them here
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File 132658774457.jpg - (43.60KB , 845x945 , dj_w1sh____neon_lights_by_johnkapid-d4i1r4c_png.jpg )
I totally am willing to try it out, but not real sure what to rap, or if there is a script I can use.
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