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Hi everypony !

Because Christmas is the time of giving, we are inviting the whole brony community to show the Element of Generosity and make a difference in the lives of many children. Few things are as devastating as a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Young patients and their families are quickly thrust into an unfamiliar and often frightening world of medical decisions and hospital protocols. At the same time, they are typically coping with emotional upheaval and financial anxiety, and their needs go well beyond what even the best medical care can provide. But together, we can be the rainbow that will make them want to smile forever !

The Children’s Cancer Association, a top-rated, award-winning charity, provides supportive mentors to these children and brings friendship in a time of loneliness, soothing music in a time of crisis, resources in a time of turmoil and vital support in the midst of life-threatening illness. More than 40 talented artists have already offered their talent to support this cause in the brony way : giving back.

As a very special Christmas gift, every single donor will receive a digital copy of an exclusive music album. The involvement of the music community over at My Little Remix is truly amazing : in only a few weeks, and despite their high quality requirements, we are now looking at a 74 minute-long production ! Those who had the chance to listen to the teaser can tell you how high the quality bar is set. It also shines by its diversity : Classical, Electronic, Acoustic, Dance, Drum & Bass, Rock and Jazz are only a few of the musical genres featured. They are now in the final phases of mastering, and aim to have it ready in a couple of days at the latest. Donate now and you will be e-mailed a digital copy as soon as it’s done. We will also be sending solid copies of it to the Children’s Cancer Association to let the kids listen to it and know that out there, even complete strangers care about them and put in that much work, just to make them smile.

Additionally, the most generous donors will receive very valuable presents kindly made for this cause, although we are even now still receiving more pledges at [email protected] ! How our present system will work, for example, is if by January 25th, if a total of 10 gifts have been pledged, then we will get in touch with the 10 most generous donors. Then, they can choose which present they prefer among the list, with the top donors being given priority. In the event that two people donate the same amount, the donor whose last donation was made the earliest will get priority.

Releasing the album on BandCamp would have been an easy option, but then Paypal, BandCamp and taxes would have taken their cut and donors themselves would have missed out on tax deduction, when they would have done even more good by donating directly to the Children’s Cancer Association. Because of this, the donations will take place on the Global Giving website, a trusted, well-known foundation that will grant you complete tax deduction and forward your money directly to the Children’s Cancer Association, without us or anypony else handling any of it. Moreover, we can not only track in real time how much our community raised, but also provide undeniable proof of it, so that our achievement can never be doubted or forgotten. This also makes it our best shot at finally getting some good press !

How can I donate ?

You can find the complete instructions here :

Donating now will automatically pre-order the album for you, as well as make you eligible for the additional prizes. Donations are cumulative, as long as you use the same email address every time.

Brohooves to everypony who contributed in some way to the album, to all the artists generously offering these beautiful gifts, to the Children’s Cancer Association volunteers for brightening the lives of children in need, and to everypony supporting this cause, if only by spreading the word !
Merry Christmas !
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File 132474423437.png - (751.07KB , 900x750 , singing_fluttershy_by_piquipauparro-d4bl82o.png )
Link to the list of our current prizes for the most generous donors :
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File 132484020877.jpg - (85.43KB , 306x408 , DSC_0033.jpg )
Wow, you guys are amazing, I can't believe it, we just broke $2200 !

Picture related, we have also received even more prizes for the top donors !

Merry Christmas and happy holidays !
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File 132489431800.png - (1.47MB , 770x1038 , derpy_monet_by_futtashy-d4dw0b3.png )
Bumping because WE JUST REACHED $3500 !

Keep it going ! 100% of it goes directly to the Children's Cancer Association, and you even get tax deduction ! Their Event Manager is on holidays right now, but this is also supposed to be officially posted on their site. The album should be released later on the 26th, and includes 83 minutes of music ! Be sure to follow the instructions so that you can get it as soon as it's released.

Thanks to everypony for being so awesome, and happy holidays !
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File 132508540505.jpg - (150.49KB , 900x675 , rainbow_dash_scarf_by_mastertortilla27-d4iajp7.jpg )
Album released !

Everypony who already donated while following the instructions should have already received it. If you didn't, please send us a mail at [email protected], we will be happy to send you back the album as soon as you do, as well as make you eligible for the extra prizes !

Big brohooves to everypony who helped raising more than $9000 as of now, and enjoy your music !
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ugh so many drives D: . I might be able to give to this one as well, but i am helping OSK >.<
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