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File 132477475881.png - (329.04KB , 744x1040 , mlp_card_game__spike_mane_party_card_by_masterage-d4iv3e5.png )
30694 No. 30694
I figure it's about time to throw it to the theoretical wolves.

I've been working on a mlp card game, as an exercise to help me get rid of a block for my commercial series. It went much further than expected.

I am not working on the one here that eventually got to EqD.

Anyway, the goal was to keep it simple, within the show's original demographic, while keeping the cards easy to print and readable on both card stock and screens (while providing a programming shortcut for the latter), AND be complex enough to reward deck-building WHILE allowing one to use any two ponies they want.

I think I did well.

The game is incomplete (mostly in part for my utter hatred of screencapping), and the card design will need to be tweak (especially that pink background on the Mane Party is a placeholder, at best).

The reason why I'm posting is that, wanting to add to my portfolio, I need feedback. LOTS of feedback. dA, and the EqD chats simply aren't enough. Eventually, I will need playtesters for data.

Here's a link to the gallery and the pre-release rulesheet. It's woefully behind, but I am on a trip where I can't work on it:

And here's a basic datasheet, just waiting to be exported into Lackey or the like... once it too is updated:

Anyway, thanks for your time, and I look forward to those delicious numbers and datasheets that will hopefully come from this. I do not mean to detract from the other major card game, either...
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>> No. 30697
File 132478126728.png - (50.71KB , 275x380 , derpy-card-by-wisp.png )

I saw this quite a while back on dA (while browsing for other things) so I'm glad to see it here.

I'm not sure what kind of feedback you are looking for so I'm only going to talk about game mechanics.

I like the objectives you've set up for your game (of keeping it simple). (It might become increasingly difficult to maintain as your make more cards though.) See >>10138 for another simple card game (not mine, pic related).

There was no datasheet when I first saw your game and its still hard to tell what your idea is. For one, there doesn't seem to be anyway to get apples (except for mane party effects for a few). The rules themselves are clear, but the direction the cards are taking isn't.

I don't really like the "cannot" wordings. If another can says "can" or "must", which one takes precedence? (And you might later have stacks of "takes effect even if another card says it cannot", and so on) I'd prefer if instead the card actually "countered" the things they are trying to prevent.

I don't understand Natural Remedies. Aren't all cards turned face up anyways at the end of turn? And how can you take this action if nopony is available to take actions? (Also, there currently isn't any card turn a card face down.)

I haven't designed any card games so what follows is entirely based on a hunch. I think it would be better if you started by designing the core of the game itself, with a set of (few) cards that would make the game playable (possibly with the show influencing initial tone of the game). And then as a second step, fit those cards to the characters and events of the show and then expand.

Currently, it seems like you are trying to fit the cards to the characters too much, which might adversely affect gameplay. The other way around would also let you have some idea of how powerful the new cards you create are.

This post turned out much more negative than it should be. I don't want to discourage progress (its certainly not my intention) but since you asked for feedback, I hope you don't mind.

I like the simplicity of the alpha ruleset and I'm really glad to see this being worked on.
>> No. 30698
Data! Delicious data! Om nom nom nom.

As for some of the concerns, I'll take a page out of Extra Credits and say: "Soon(tm)". Especially on earning Apples.

I should post that the datasheet is actually a month and a half behind my notes. Lazy, you see, beyond those card names :-/

Now the process of which I work... basically, I do have the core of the game right here, I just haven't actually assembled them in psd/png form...or have them online, actually. Helpful, I know. I then use the latest episode for the card text (Spike changed a bunch after ep10, after all, in terms of how he CAN relate to the others). As for how I'm releasing it thus far... it's been more random, as I didn't expect the exercise to work out until the [Spike/Fancypants/Octavia] card timeframe.

As for the eventual argument of "well, I'll just run all the apple-earning cards and be done with it, gg"... I'm working on it. Maybe extremely limit the earn cards, and have apple-earning be semi-automatic. I'm using this downtime to figure it out.

"Can vs Cannot" is an age-old battle. In my case, my notes say "Can" wins automatic stacks, and "Cannot" wins in Manual-type stacks. Probably needs to go one way or the other (or outright removed), but thanks for bringing that to attention.

Having the cards match the personalities is part of the point. I think of it as color or costs, ala M;tG. Except there's a lot of them.

As soon as I find a camera, I'll post the book I'm using. It's tattered now from scribbling o.o
>> No. 30704

It will certainly be interesting to see more of what's planned.


Since its worded as "find apples", you could even have 5 (or 10) apple cards, requiring 0 to 9 apples to play, that are always added in the deck. (Not that the wording matters, but this came to mind because of it.)


Actually I meant matching their "show personalities" to their "card personalities" (or "gameplay personalities"). I like that specific characters have gameplay personalities but meant that it didn't have to completely matching their show personalities. I did think this is what you were aiming for with the restriction of (non-mane party) cards to specific ponies. But, as you also said, as the show progresses, you also get more to work with (and can make changes to adapt them to the game that is being built).
>> No. 30705

I was toying with that idea, and initially thought it was detrimental to deckbuilding (it's actually pretty risky). Since I didn't do any hard-testing at that point (and a few major changes later), I might have to toy with it again. Thanks!

I'll still have playtesting using the original method, just to have a baseline.

The other thing about the game was that I wanted the game to be the same, non-uber-violent thing the show was. Because seriously, why in Equestria would Twilight Sparkle ever, EVER use magic offensively, potentially against her best friends? It sends the wrong message.

Anyways, moar delicious data required! Mine it, bargain for it, whatever... the better fed the game is, the better the game... actually is.
>> No. 30706
>Going further because I figured I might as well.

Apples as drawable cards gives it a parralel with most other major card game releases, as they turn into a Land of sorts. I do want to avoid that still, as it would introduce Mana Flood/Drought (as the most famous example) problems, while making deck-filtering cards even better than what they are now.
>> No. 30720
I knew I was asking for a bit much, since there's not a lot available for viewing.

i'll revive once I get back.
>> No. 30739
Definitely do playtesting with what you had in mind first

>The other thing about the game was that I wanted the game to be the same, non-uber-violent thing the show was. Because seriously, why in Equestria would Twilight Sparkle ever, EVER use magic offensively, potentially against her best friends? It sends the wrong message.

I like this aspect too, although for different reasons. I think its too easy to model games around violence and end up with game mechanics or objectives which are all too similar to each other.


That's a good point. (Although with the current apple gaining abilities, you might get a similar effect. This is partially why I thought you might have just wanted apples as cards.)


/collab/ is also a pretty slow board (I don't know where you'd go for faster response time but I'm pretty sure such a place exists). Reviving this later seems like a good idea too.
>> No. 30740
Now, I can say that one of the test formats is having random cards become apples, ala UFS, under pre-set conditions.

I figured that it would be too much errata, though, which is why it's backburnered. Another goal is to have a small, easy to understand rulebook, and too much rules/errata won't do.
>> No. 30745
File 132487143452.jpg - (46.32KB , 490x343 , otg_horsefaircardgame01.jpg )

I've never played UFS. When searching for its rules, I've found many complaint that its rules are very complicated so I decided not to follow through (at least for now). But your description was pretty clear. (Also, maybe this game prompted you to aim for a simpler rulebook.)

I also came across this (review of a) card game

while searching (pic related). Not immediately relevant to this topic, but I thought it was funny.
>> No. 30750

UFS is fun, though, and it's real problem was the battle stuff. The simple rulebook is more for the original demographic part of this exercise... that, and the card game I'm taking a break from is reasonably complex.

>Horse Fair
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. It's actually pretty solid, though.
>> No. 30790

Rules have been updated, somewhat. Namely, it's the new Royale mode I've been toying with, along with a brief explanation of how to earn apples.
>> No. 30812
Was there any other questions or concerns (or heck, I wanna see what the other card game thinks most of all)...

Oh, and I might as well tripcode now.

Otherwise, my final bump until I get more cards done up. I'll revive it when I get back.

>> No. 30830

The new mode looks interesting (although something like the old version of Spike might actually be a disadvantage here). I'll just wait to see from the other cards.


And its probably better if I'm not the only one giving feedback, so you'd get a more well rounded opinion.
>> No. 30831
Yeah, the old version would've been bad... but currently nopony (or Zebra >_>) has that ability (it did turn out to be slightly broken XD)

YOu're the only one... on here. EqD chat and EqD Steam chat... only way I could get better feedback is an EqD feature, at this point, and I shouldn't count on that (and nor is it ready for one).
>> No. 30979
Eh, page 2 is too far back to NOT revive ithout more info... but I guess I'll post it here.

Decided shortly after I posted the extended rules, but the first set will cover all episodes in S1 and the first 11 episodes of S2 (up to Hearth's Warming Eve). Newer episodes will still get cards, but they will not be prepped for release at this time.

Also, a shameless bump XD
>> No. 31050
Heh, maybe the card game maker-groups (all four of us o.o) can make the most uber, pony-filled card game evar XD
>> No. 31213
File 132564894017.jpg - (22.95KB , 405x359 , oooohhh.jpg )
This looks very good and I am interested in seeing more. Any chance of Carrot Top being included in the Mane Party?
>> No. 31218
The first set is finalized, but I don't see why not for the next set.

Set 2 is in pre-planning, primarily to make sure I keep rulings and such consistent.
>> No. 31331
well, nevermind that. Latest episode had too many CMC moments to ignore, finally gave Scootaloo enough uniques, and actually, helps keep future sets even.

S1 and S2, up to Ep13 will be first set.

and ohai thar EqD roundup. I will get a main page post, just you wait!
>> No. 31636
File 132649276095.png - (675.61KB , 744x1040 , Decl---MareDoWell.png )
I'm trying to be active again.

The other project is taking my time now, but I managed to sneak this one out.
>> No. 31658
File 132652087785.png - (1.11MB , 1116x1559 , NEWVERSION.png )
And this why I've been rather not wanting to post and Deck cards... there's way more of them to correct if I change the base... which I just did. I like this much more.
>> No. 31727
File 132663280682.png - (729.14KB , 1042x1456 , Octavia-Party.png )
And now I'm starting to update the Mane Characters.

I hope that this will start testing in late Feb.
>> No. 32006
File 132697869607.txt - (8.93KB , MLP Rules Text V3.txt )

Should also be embedded.
>> No. 32107
Three, three card games on page 1!

A-HA-HA-Ha. *lightning*

Seriously, maybe a true collab project together or something XD

Anyway, for those of you that got a headache looking at those rules... it's a text version. It's going to give you headaches. I'm working on a visual rulebook.

And, as for the playtest, you might want to go ahead and get LackeyCCG. Best possible way to really do it without designing my own engine...
>> No. 33204
I've got a pdf sheet up for testing. Please print it out, and lemme know how it looks, what border you prefer, and which font you prefer. If you have a gripe about the design or notice something, then lemme know that, too.

Preferably Save Link As, as Chrome likes to bork thing up. The file is 28mb, and it should be ready to print.

Gotta have data if I'm to improve this thing. Dunno if I can even get any here anymore...
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