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No. 30730
Hi, I thought about making a side-scroller 2D quest-thing single player game, well, obviously about the MLP universe. Im pretty new on ponychan, I just would like to know if there is a place for a game like this, and if somepony is working on a similar game ( to not be all stupid and making something similar ). Thought about it, since I have all the coding ability to create a game like that, and some great ideas. Not promising anything, just would like to know if people like the idea.
Thanks :>
( If I have any English mistakes, bear with me, its my third language |: )
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>> No. 30736
Your english is quite good, actually.

Anyway, there are several projects like that. Go to, they have most pony fangames. Not to say you can't make one too!
>> No. 30743
Here's another list of pony games

Here are some projects on this board which may match your description (in no particular order and I'm probably missing quite a few).

Derpy Delivery >>156
Pony Platformer >>25396
Spike's Quest >>10544
Derpy's Adventure >>29141
Mega Spike >>27984
>> No. 31614
There is no such thing as to many pony games, but yeah as said before 2d games are happening. So I want to encourage you but it is rather your choice.

But I don't think anypony would say no to another promising project. (I would recommend demo or something to show work before asking for help (if you need any), it generally gets people more interested in the idea.

Also I wanted to welcome you to pony chan.

And yeah your English seems good, and congrats on your being up to 3 languages.
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