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30780 No. 30780
Hello Fillies and Gentlecolts, allow me to first say, Hello, My name is Lumo
And I need the help of the pony and brony artists to produce a game that I hope would provide endless entertainment to the players
the plot is this:
You are a pony, an OC of your making. and you just arrived in Ponyville, mingle with the locals, help them out, do some quests, become a member of their town, make friends and strong foundations.
But all is not as it seems, as a new element of Disharmony has arisen, Malice.
Help track down the elements of harmony with Twilight and the rest of the girls, and some new characters along the way
Fight baddies, help ponies, and decide the fate of Equestria.
Travel across the land, going to cloudsdale, Canterlot, Ponyville, Fillydelphia, Trottingham, and the Everfree, in attempts to save the world from the hate that now corrupts the land and chokes out all happiness like some dark twisted weed.

What we need:
*Concept Artists
*Character Designers
*Musicians of all walks of genres
*3D modelers
*and your OC

Post in the thread, or shoot me an email if you would like to join the development team, or just find out more information
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>> No. 30781
File 132495346785.png - (1.88MB , 2200x1700 , ScanImage020.png )
I got some art stuff for Christmas, So I may be able to help with the concept art and possibly character design.
>> No. 30795
Have any other details been decided, such as which game engine will be used, which 3d art programs, ect?
>> No. 30803
Oh! Yes, I apologize, that should have been in the first post
We will be using Unreal Engine 3, Blender for 3d models (or if you have something else you prefer to use, use that)
For that signature my little pony style, we'll be setting a system up like borderlands, only it will not be all black outlines, the outlines will match the primary color of the model it is shading.
Any other details you would like to know, just ask.
>> No. 30805
File 132500619357.png - (182.00KB , 905x883 , 131958573959.png )
I thought that e-mail address looked familiar. Are you still gonna use those songs I made before, Lumo?
>> No. 30809
Ah, alright. I do some game programming as a hobby, but usually only in Unity3D, and I'm on a mac, so I wouldn't be able to use Unreal 3.
>> No. 30810
File 132501238464.png - (97.75KB , 272x246 , 131519512597.png )
I'd be willing to contribute music :D
>> No. 30811
This happens ALL the time with fangames. Person thinks their story is so original and cool, but no talent of their own so a lot of people just see their work go to waste.

Successful fangames (rare) have the manager/designer do all the coding themselves, because then they are in a position to request and integrate art/music when needed. I suggest learning the language yourself and coming back when you have more than a generic RPG plot to your name.

Basically stay away from contributing.
>> No. 30813
>This happens ALL the time with fangames. Person thinks their story is so original and cool, but no talent of their own so a lot of people just see their work go to waste.

You just described /collab/ right down the last letter.
Yes, enthusiasm is always a good thing, but without the skills & abilities to be a good project leader, enthusiasm alone will lead you nowhere.
>> No. 30852
File 132506521359.png - (32.23KB , 326x425 , Victor Clear.png )
Hey buddy, you probably already have all my OCs, but that's all I'll be good for to you for this... at least until I can get a decent microphone, and then I'd gladly voice act if such staff is needed.

and yes, I chose Victor as my post image only because he has Sunglasses of Badassness on.
>> No. 30853
Oh, and Lumo is actually pretty good at that story-writing thing. Compared to what I usually see from him, that's a summary of an outline at best. The real thing must be a beast.
>> No. 30870
Yes I do, in fact I meant to email the thread to you but I'm undergoing some minor Internet shifts and am updating from a cellphone right now
What languages do you know, we maybe able to work with cross platform
Send the email some samples please :) and thank for the interest
Arnt all plots generic though?
90% of all Nintendo games are "save the girl" it's the method to go with it
The plot has been detailed on my notebook but would have been a wall of text right here, and I feared many would loose interest at the sight of such a lengthy writing
Voice acting is being considered but may not make the final cut

Thanks to all for your interest
>> No. 30871
What kind of samples do you want? Like little rifts for stuff or full songs? And what kind of songs, boss battle, free-roam...?
>> No. 30872
Also because my skill was questioned
I am a remedial composer, know the concepts of object oriented programming, have taken 5 courses in unreal 3 and 3d modeling and have a small skill in drawing ponies
Environmental drawings are still something of a difficulty for me
>> No. 30873
Whatever you feel is your best send it to the email and I'll be happy to listen, be it full songs or little riffs (however full songs would be preferable)
>> No. 30891

No. I'm saying ONLY having a plot to start from before asking for help is worthless, as ideas are VERY cheap. At least have done a substantial amount of coding OR art for the game before you ask, to prove to contributors you have something unique here.
>> No. 30948
Well I have some half-finished concept art of Malice and a few key areas of gameplay, but they're still in the inking phase.
>> No. 30951

Keep on mind that people can't see the ideas inside of your head, so whenever a person opens a thread to announce a project but doesn't provides visual proof, everything that person says and promises is automatically taken with a grain of salt.

After all, a promise is nothing but words and most of time, enthusiasm makes people promise things that are way, way far away from their real possibilities.

Think small, promise even smaller and work your way up from there, that alone can make a huge difference.
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