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I would like some help in making a semi-animated version of the fan fiction "My Little Dashie". Sadly, I personally have no talent whatsoever, so this is more asking if anypony could do this. But basically I think it would be really good to find a good animator and artist, voice actors, and a live action actor, and a home to film in, to make it as good as possible, again, I probably could not help much though (talent-less) but I would love to see this happen, and do what I can if there is anything

(If you're on board email me at [email protected])
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oooh, yikes. you probably are not going to have very much luck finding people to help you, especially if you can’t do anything to move the project forward yourself! I wish you the best of luck, of course, but you are asking for a LOT by asking for animators, actors, etc. not to mention the equipment and software needed for such stuff.
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>pic completely unrelated

This sounds rather cool and I like the idea the main thing I have to comment on is

>and a live action actor,

from the sounds of it you just need one nearby person, but since you need one I would recommended a suggestion for this at your closest meetup if you live near one.

Besides that suggestion, im sorry I cant really help much myself. I hope this project goes well, it sounds really cool.
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oh right forgot to ask

>semi animated

with everything else said im thinking that means like who framed roger rabbit? (or similar things)
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