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1. How would I take a vector like this (see post image), take all the color that makes up pinkie pie into a single solid color; eliminating line details such as hair curls and eyes while maintaining the crisp shape of her outline?

The paint-fill tool doesn’t work for parts that have lots of interlacing lines or gradual color changes and I don’t have a steady enough hand to hand-fill the outer pixels without butchering the overall shape of the vector (which is the primary focus).

1.5: How would I do the above but protect their cuitie marks (and only their cuitie marks) from being filled with a single color and, instead, fill them with a different solid color (losing their details but maintaining their shape).

2. How can I compile a bunch of different vectors into a single image and re-size each individual vector so I can make it match the general size and ratio of the others within the same image?

I’ve experimented using the ‘more sizes’ option on google images when getting my vectors, but even with that, some vectors have a thicker whitespace than others, leading to different sized ponies that need a few tweaks to look similar in ratio.

I have 0 experience or education in how to use Photoshop(or drawing for that matter, I’m not an artist in any way shape or form) and am working off of the 30 day trial. Any help from photoshop veterans would be greatly appreciated. If I get the help I need, I’ll be posting the results in this thread. (And to give you a hint as to the nature of this project, I’ll be posting it to /G/ too)
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1. What you need is a vector with a clear background. Then just click the "lock opacity" button (it looks like a gray and white checkerboard) on the layer pane, switch to the bucket tool, pick your color, set the tolerance to 255 and dump that mess.

1.5: Easiest thing to do would be to get a separate vector of her cutie mark, paste it on top and scale/rotate it until it lines up with the "real" one, and then do the same technique as above on it.

2. Start out with an empty image whatever size you want to end up with, paste each vector into it, and just use Edit > Free Transform to do the scaling. Remember to hold down shift while resizing to make sure the width-to-height ratio doesn't change. (This is also what you would do in step 1.5)

Hope that helps!
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Perfect. Thank you for the advice. It worked like a charm. A little more cleanup and the final product will be ready.

I should have known that the answer to my pony project question would be to raise the tolerance so high :D
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File 132543289492.jpg - (179.43KB , 1024x768 , 2012-01-01_00004.jpg )
Done! Here it is: A Region for Sim City 4
You can get the files and instructions on how to import it here.
>> No. 31007

OK, let's give it a try, I think that becoming the Mayor of Mayor Mareville is going to be interesting.
(also, what's wrong with the board? It doesn't lets me post a thing and asks me to "please try later" over and over again.)
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File 132547845995.png - (86.05KB , 1233x1199 , PinkiePieHiRes.png )
is this sort of what you wanted OP?
>> No. 31025
Sorry I didn't know somepony already answered your question.
>> No. 31036

Yeah it was answered already. But thanks for offering.

The way Sim City 4 region upload works is that it reads off of greyscale maps, with each shade representing a different height. I also realized that it trims and normalizes height differences, meaning the cuitie marks probably wouldn't have turned out looking proper in game since they would have been smoothed over too much, so I decided to just go with the outlines.
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