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Alright, mah Ponies?!
I'm an Industry Animator, Producer and Director, I take commissions during downtime, including flash animated shorts
What I'm asking is; If I opened animation commissions to make short 'episodes' with your own characters, what prices would seem reasonable?
The last time I made an custom animation, it was for a law firm and I was payed £60 for 1.5mins

TL;DR What would you be willing to pay to have your OC voiced and star in their own mini-episode?
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I'm going to give you a heads up and say that unless your extremely lucky, free is going to be your best deal. Besides, I'm not positive but I think profiting off the franchise, wither OC or Cannon is still Copy Right Infringement.

Somepony back me up?
>> No. 30946
Not long ago, the Mods banned a guy who was suggesting payment for people taking commisions for fangames. The Mods claimed that they had no right to, and were entitled to absolutely nothing for their (fan) work.

Just saying, so you could avoid yourself some problems.
>> No. 30964
Ahhh... Very valid points... Thanks guys, I'll tread carefully - I already have a two people who want to buy an episode slot and I've already built an animation team, together with sound mixers, music composers, SFX and 3 voice actors.
Production begins in May, after University finals
Thanks again, I'm usually good at avoid copyright issues!
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