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File 132521786204.png - (318.84KB , 2586x1430 , pony graph.png )
30932 No. 30932
so, i forget where i got the idea, but i decided i wanted to graph all the ponies, prevalence in the show vs. popularity in the fandom. i think it was mostly just for the curiosity.

so after working on it on and off for the past month or so, i came up with this pic. a big chunk of that time was spent making the little simplified icons for each pony. if you dont recognize one of them, ask and i'll identify.

i've probably missed some characters, so point them out to me if you think of any. i went through the list of characters and ponies from the wiki and included every pony i recognized.

the positions are based on, basically, me guessing based on what i remember from the show and what i've seen from the fandom. i should probably find a better way to determine those.

something i noticed from what i have so far: there's a valley of fandom-popularity between the main characters and major fandom characters. between bonbon/doctor whoves and trixie/gilda, the most popular characters are the flower trio, and that's quite a drop down.

i've considered what the third dimension would be (if i knew how to represent it), and the best thing i've come up with is time, to show things like how quickly a character became popular, and how derpy's gotten more screen time over time. if i did this, though, should the other 2 axis' represent absolute screen time/fan work, or percent of the total?

so, anypony want to help me improve/expand this?
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>> No. 30939
You should replace all the icons with pictures of faces, with names underneath each face. Kinda hard to read as it is.
>> No. 30941
File 132525030073.png - (113.01KB , 596x609 , 132466856460.png )
Derpy on the same line as Luna and the Mane 6. Wonderful!
>> No. 30942
I find it interesting how named background ponies get the least popularity.
>> No. 30966
idk... that could work, but then wouldnt it either get crowded or very big?... i kinda like the little icons, but that could be just me.
yup (ever so slightly below actually), that was intentional, the fandom treats her almost like the 7th mane pony
me too... in fact, i think that may have been what gave me the final push to actually make the graph, to see if that was as noticeable as it was just in my head
>> No. 30969
File 132530016806.png - (243.34KB , 1055x859 , pony icons.png )
out of boredom/ocd, i also arranged the icons and stuff. here's that if anypony cares:
>> No. 30973
File 132531710439.png - (131.80KB , 510x431 , Pinkie_02_6.png )
Personally I like this better than the graph, but I still love the little icons.
Nicely done!
>> No. 30980
>> No. 30996, not too much interest it seems..
>> No. 31006
This is really awesome.
>> No. 31016
How did you gauge popularity? Number of fanart dedicated?
>> No. 31043
ideally, it would be something like that, but since i wasnt sure exactly how to go about figuring that out on my own, i just arranged them relative to each other based on what i remember seeing in the community. i havent really produced anything for the brony community before this, but i have watched what others have produced. so it's based on what's popular on EQD, KYM, mylittlebrony, ponychan, and tumblr.
>> No. 31090
File 132561889406.png - (117.65KB , 251x371 , alone.png )
>> No. 31093
if you mean that i forgot her, i didnt, she's bottom left in the graph and bottom right on the icons. if you mean that she's not popular... yea, but at least she was popular enough for me to remember, there should be plenty of ponies missing below her just b/c i havent seen anything about them
>> No. 31267
File 132581506537.png - (164.83KB , 1056x860 , pony icons.png )
i updated the icons based on this color sheet:
fixed colors, sharper cutie marks, and a few missing characters.
now, to put these new icons in the graph.
>> No. 31288
File 132586081034.png - (248.10KB , 2586x1400 , pony graph.png )
and here's the graph with new icons and a few changes in position
>> No. 31368
File 132606077280.png - (156.63KB , 840x860 , pony icons.png )
ok, here's icons rearranged with new characters from the new episode: filthy rich, the little fat colt, and young granny smith.
any suggestions for other ponies to add?
>> No. 31369
File 132606139518.png - (250.32KB , 2586x1400 , pony graph.png )
..and the graph updated after the episode. the new characters are low b/c i havent seen much about them yet, but i expect them to rise over the week.
>> No. 31370
File 132606229725.png - (39.37KB , 274x275 , 0c4GW.png )
I would honestly put Lightning Bolt higher than Dizzy Twister...
Nope, no bias here.
>> No. 31382
thats why we need an objective way to calculate position, as it is, it's just my or your subjective opinion.
>> No. 31562
...did this thread die or something? :(
>> No. 31843
File 132677400164.png - (156.66KB , 840x860 , pony icons.png )
well, i'm going to keep the icons and graph up to date, even though its still subjective
>> No. 31845
File 132677416044.png - (249.89KB , 2586x1400 , pony graph.png )
>> No. 32268
File 132728566837.png - (254.15KB , 2586x1400 , pony graph.png )
new episode update. notice derpy's huge jump to the right
>> No. 32269
File 132728576320.png - (160.32KB , 840x860 , pony icons.png )
>> No. 32301
I just wanted to say you're doing amazing work, OP. Keep it up.
>> No. 32363
thanks! now i feel all warm and appreciated. i couldnt tell if i was the only one left in this thread.
to anypony lurking, thanks, and if you have any suggestions, i'd like to hear them. missed pony, better graph position, whatever.
>> No. 33028
File 132796916508.png - (162.87KB , 840x860 , pony icons.png )
new episode update.
sorry it took a while, i was distracted by ponies.
man, the content output of the bronies is huge. i need to figure out how to more efficiently pony binge.
anyway, added flim & flam, and the thor & wrench background ponies
>> No. 33029
File 132796921445.png - (257.61KB , 2586x1400 , pony graph.png )
and graph
>> No. 33560
File 132867415388.png - (171.22KB , 912x919 , pony icons.png )
new episode update. the graph isnt ready yet b/c i've been busy and distracted, so i havent seen whatever fanart has been made since.... almost a week ago... and therefore cant give them a vertical position on the graph. that's also the reason it took until tuesday night just to finish this.
>> No. 33787
File 132901406222.png - (263.22KB , 2586x1400 , pony graph.png )
ok, so here's the graph with last week's new characters in place. still working on the new icons for this week's new background characters, but the horizontal positions of everypony who was already in the graph has been adjusted for hearts and hooves day, most notably: cheerilee, big mac, & the cmc.
>> No. 34382
File 132979675498.png - (268.18KB , 2586x1400 , pony graph.png )
uhg. the combination of lots of coursework and a ton of background ponies in the 2 latest episodes has me feeling very overwhelmed. i spent the entire weekend catching up on a week of pony, didnt see the new episode 'til this morning.

if there's anypony lurking who'd like to help in any way, by all means. even just little stuff like pointing out somepony in the wrong place or missing.

here's what i've got of the graph at the moment; positions up to date, but several new ponies from hearts & hooves and all new characters from friend in deed are missing.
>> No. 34981
File 133074091335.png - (182.33KB , 912x919 , pony icons.png )
ok, after 2 weeks of focusing on homework and the minimum amount of pony to keep me sane, i have 2 weeks of brony content to catch up on, but, at the last minute, i have the icons up to date. they're on the graph, but i cant give them vertical positions 'til i catch up, and by then, i'll probably have a new episode to add.
>> No. 35555
File 133194197433.png - (216.30KB , 912x917 , pony icons.png )
ok, so since making the icons has been taking up a lot of time, and i kept wanting them to be more accurate and less like the colored squares i started with, i'm just going to use the sprites from Desktop Ponies. i'll try to do my own version of the missing sprites, but i doubt they'll be as good.
>> No. 35557
File 133194724891.png - (314.62KB , 2610x1400 , pony graph.png )
and the graph
>> No. 36539
File 133378081870.png - (313.94KB , 2610x1400 , pony graph.png )
>not sure if anypony's still watching this
ok, so here's the graph at the moment.
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