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Hey guys, I have a project I need some help on and somepony directed me over here. Basically I require a graphics artist (or multiple artists) for a video game I'm writing. The game is basically H. P. Lovecraft's At The Mountains of Madness, except set in Equestria and starring the mane six. I can do most of the work, but I'm not skilled at drawing anything so I'll need help with the graphics, is all.

I've written most of the engine code and designed most of the game already. It's written in javascript, and so will run in a browser window, and it will be 2D. I'll need three different graphical styles:

1) The normal mode of gameplay will be a standard top-down square grid style sprite system. I'll need character sprites for the ponies, also penguins and such, as well as tilesets for the settings. The settings will be: the antarctic, with snow and tents and things; the insides of the tents; an ancient alien city in the antarctic, out in the streets; within the buildings of the city; within the caves and cavern systems beneath the city.

2) The cutscenes will be simple. Animation is handled by the engine, and consists of simple zooming or panning or fading of images. The closest I've seen in a game to the sort of thing I'm envisioning is something like the cutscenes in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, so if you can't grasp what I'm talking about go look that up on youtube or something. All you would have to do is draw the pretty pictures, I can animate them. They should be colored, but I can do that too if it's too much of a timesink. They don't have to look spectacular; they could be cleanly lined or sketchy, I'm not picky about that. I'm also not picky about the style, whether it's true to the show or noticeably different. As long as it's proportional, expressive, basically as long as it looks nice. For characters, you would have to draw the mane six, probably spike, Elder Things, a Shoggoth, and penguins. For scenery, you would have to draw the antarctic, the tents, a range of gigantic mountains, the ancient alien city, the caves, etc, we've gone over this. The scenery should feel vast and awe-inspiring, if at all possible. If you excel at drawing landscapes that just punch you in the face, I need you.

3) Throughout the story, there are these carvings in the walls of the buildings in the ancient city, and they tell the history of the aliens and the origin of the known world. I'll need drawings of these, as well. They will not be colored, and the style should be something similar to the way the stained glass is done in the show, I expect. You would need to draw Alicorns, Draconequus, Elder Things, Shoggoths, and various other creatures.

I'll need between 50 and 100 full frames drawn of each type 2 and 3, although with the second type (the cutscenes) there might be smaller bits as well, small changes to facial expressions or whatever that will be faded around during animation. Keep in mind that those numbers are very rough estimates, just to give an approximation so you know roughly how much drawing you would have to do. It's important that anypony who would like to help knows the story, and therefore the context and atmosphere, that we're trying to present, so it would be best if anypony who wants to get involved make sure that they have read H. P. Lovecraft's At The Mountains of Madness first. It's a novella so it's very short, and it doesn't take long to get through. You can find it here: <>. I am making some changes from that, obviously, but I'll get that information to you after you sign up. If you would like to help, email me at [email protected]

Well, thank you guys, I hope we can get this started soon! This is something I've been wanting to do for about a year now, and it would be really great if it would finally start falling together ^.^
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File 132726515095.jpg - (54.90KB , 720x720 , 36085 - blood rainbow_dash zalgo.jpg )
While I can't help with the lack of artists, since I love the Cthulhu Mythos, I'm interested in knowing more:

1.) Will this game have a sanity system of some sort?

2.) How grimdark/violent will this game be, considering the source material?

3.) Will the game's mechanics/gameplay be used to induce horror, or will this be more of an adventure game with "eerie" elements?

4.) Will there be combat at all, and if so, will it be handled in real time, or some form of round-based system?
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1.) Will this game have a sanity system of some sort?
I assume you mean something along the lines of the sanity meter in Eternal Darkness? No, there will not be anything like that, as far as I've decided so far.

2.) How grimdark/violent will this game be, considering the source material?
I'm going to try to keep that sort of thing on the low end. I don't believe in horror induced by gore and violence, or jump scares or anything like that, so I'm not going to overdo it. But, when the story and the context calls for grimdark, I don't see any reason that I should censor it.

3.) Will the game's mechanics/gameplay be used to induce horror, or will this be more of an adventure game with "eerie" elements?
The gameplay itself is more of an adventure system, rather than horror. The majority of the game is about exploring the city and learning about the Elder Thing culture, and the horror is derived through that: little by little, learning about what these creatures are, how they relate to everything else, and what, exactly, waits for you in the cold dark.

4.) Will there be combat at all, and if so, will it be handled in real time, or some form of round-based system?
There will not be any combat, and there will not be any way to die or lose. But depending on how well you do during the game, you could get the good ending or the bad ending, and it'll probably give you a completion score. But yeah, no combat. It's all about exploring.
>> No. 32264
That sounds quite excellent - I'm more of a fan of creepy exploratory horror games anyway; but At the Mountains of Madness has the potential to be adapted in a multitude of different ways (specifically concerning the Elder Things/Old Ones and the Shoggoth), so I thought I'd ask.

Thanks for answering!
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File 132730409938.png - (64.04KB , 670x604 , Tileset Antarctica.png )
I've been hoping to find a project I can work on my spriting with, so if you'll have me then I'd be more then happy to help.

Here's an example of road and ice for the Antarctic Tileset. They use basic 32x32 style.
>> No. 32293
That doesn't look bad. We'll probably be using a slightly larger tilesize like 96x or something, and of course most of the environments will be more complex than that, but if you're up to it you can shoot me an email and we can talk more about it. Would you just be doing the tilesets, or could you do the character sprites too?
>> No. 32332
File 132735361372.png - (2.00KB , 69x96 , Twilight Sparkle up.png )

Okay so I spent a few hours trying to design twilight. If it's this is the kind of style you want then sure, I can do them (although it might take a while if items are involved). She still needs some ground shading and touch ups on the hair, but that should give you a basic idea of what I can do.

As for tile what not... check your email.
>> No. 32339
File 132735688277.png - (62.18KB , 275x220 , Pinkamena.png )
>1st time on /collab/
this thread is relevant to my interests
Afraid I'm not an artist, but I'll be sure to find out how this goes. I do happen to be an expert in all things Lovecraftian, so if you need info about the Mythos, Lovecraftian sounding dialog, etc. I'm your man
>> No. 32340
p.s. I'd recommend you have some sort of sanity meter to make it truly HPL. If you are familiar with the Call of Cthulhu RPG or Arkham Horror the board game, it would be wise to study how those games handle sanity loss.
>> No. 32361
File 132736199276.jpg - (98.49KB , 606x476 , Overview.jpg )
I think it would look nicer from a more natural angle, rather than just from straight overhead.
The attached screenshot is from something completely different, but sort of that angle, as if the camera were looking down and forward on the character, instead of just down.
Could you try doing it more like that? Thanks!

In general, the one you posted looks nice, I just don't think the style quite matches the sort of thing I'm looking for, because of the straight-down angle.
>> No. 32362
Mkay I'll have a different version up in an hour our two.
>> No. 32366
File 132736744296.png - (1.76KB , 69x96 , Twilight Sparkle up ver 2.png )
version 2, with a slightly lowered camera angle, this one is basically a modified version of the first one.
>> No. 32368
File 132736767270.png - (1.21KB , 96x96 , twilight sparkle up version 3.png )
Version 3, this time with a heavly lowered camera angle only showing the tips of her ears and part of her horn.

If you want me to do something inbetween then I'll need a different picture to referance the angle off of, side shots are easier but, I want to get one of the harder sprites out of the way first.
>> No. 32373
... maybe you should stick to tilesets lol. Sorry but you're just not that good at these. I don't need the sprites to be amazing, but they should at least be properly proportioned, sorry ...
If this whole thing takes long enough, maybe Urimas will open his sprites up to public use, that would be easiest for everypony ... in the mean time, why don't you try a cave or a city ruin? Those are a few of the tilesets I'll need.
>> No. 32374
lol they are pretty crappy, I was mainly trying to get the perspective right but yeah, No hard feelings :)

I'll get working on the cave tiles. Hopefully those will be nice.
>> No. 32401
>I require a graphics artist (or multiple artists) for a video game I'm writing
Don't we all?
>> No. 32406
File 132743294949.png - (506.51KB , 859x785 , sketchy1.png )
Here's some sketches I did. Not sure what exactly you're looking for though.
>> No. 32407
File 132743306103.png - (1.15MB , 887x791 , sketchy2.png )
I'm interested in this project but I've got some questions about it.

Why would you use Javascript of all things for a game?
Would using tilesets even be practical? Do you already have code for that?
Do you have any runnable code yet?
>> No. 32411
Why would you use Javascript of all things for a game?
Javascript is one of my favorite languages. It's cross-platform and browser-oriented, so that's a major plus. I used to write in actionscript/Flash but I've always hated it. Why not use js? It's fast, clean, versatile, productive, and easy to test and debug. I guess if this is to be browser based, my other options are Java and Flash, and I just don't like using those languages.

Would using tilesets even be practical? Do you already have code for that?
I thought tilesets would be best, since that would minimize loading times. People shouldn't have to download entire floor maps if tilesets are an option. I don't actually have tiling code written yet, but it would take me at most an hour or so to add it, it isn't very complex code. Although, I recently wondered if I should upgrade the collision detection system (so it can work with more complex things than just rectangles) but that might make it impossible to use tilesets well, or at all ... so I'd have to think about it. Either way, the floor maps will need to be drawn, with tiles or without.

Do you have any runnable code yet?
As I said in my first post, I've pretty much finished the engine. I have a little demo of everything I've implemented (sprites, collision, cutscenes, dialogue, etc), I'll upload it in a little and show you if you want. It doesn't look great but all the code is there and it works well.

Also, your sketches are perfect. Just the sort of thing I'm looking for :D
>> No. 32417
In that case, I can help out with the art. I'll have to know what images you'll need (specific sprites, CGs, pixel size, etc).

It sounds like you're going for a Story of the Blanks-style game. Will the graphics for this Mountains of Madness game be in that 8-bit style?
>> No. 32442
Yeah, Story of the Blanks was certainly a big inspiration for this, but I don't think the 8 bit style matches the atmosphere here as much as it did there ... I'm thinking more of a sketchy or sort of watercolory style for At The Mountains. It'll also be a bit longer than Story of the Blanks, and there's cutscenes and things too, multiple endings ... so more content in general. But the gameplay is fairly similar, not much more than walking around and looking at things.

But yeah, thank you for offering your help ^^ For sprites we'll eventually need all the mane six and that's about it, and I don't know whether you were thinking about doing floor maps too ... or if you'd like to do the cutscenes that would be very nice as well ... I don't know, you should email me, then I'll send you the design doc I scratched up, and I guess we'll go from there.

In the meantime, maybe if you feel like it you can do a title screen? I don't actually know what the title should be, I haven't been able to think of a good one, but it would be cool to have a nice splash screen for it to go on. Maybe something with Twilight and Applejack gazing off at the distant mountains or something. I don't know, you're the artist, I don't want to dictate what you should draw lol
>> No. 32515
well I guess I'm going to have to cut clean and take my leave. The amount of experience I have isn't enough to really contribute much in the spare time I do have between class and other projects. Sorry I was overly ambitious and got ahead of myself :/
Maybe in a few months once this new found hobbie becomes more refined I'll be able to help. but until then, good luck.
>> No. 32522
Alright, well thanks for offering your help, anyway ^^
And good luck with everything! *hugs* :)
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