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No. 30992
Hello,fillies and gentlecolts,and I present you...MY LITTLE CURSORS!I'm on a mission to make many OCs and characters on the show in the cursor world!Here is V.1-

So,if you would like a cursor of your OC this is what you do:
1.I will provide bases for unicorns,pegasi,earth ponies,and alicorns.(You can also give me 4 vectors of your pony)
2.Fill in the sheet however you want too.
3.Post here.
4.I'll turn them into cursors!

My DA is and I will upload the ponies separately there.That way you don't have to wait for the next version for new cursors.OCs will NOT be included on new versions of My Little Cursors,but instead be on here,just titled My Little OC Cursors.Also,you can request ponies on the show and give vectors for them,but you don't have too.So...Happy Cursor Year!
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>> No. 30997
If you're curious to who's on it,there's

Apple Bloom,Applejack,Derpy,Fluttershy,Pinkie Pie,Rainbow Dash,Rarity,Twilight Sparkle,Princess Luna (Season 1),Princess Luna (Season 2),Princess Celestia,Discord,Trixie,Colgate,Carrot Top,Gilda,Berry Punch,Raindrops,Vinyl Scratch,and Octavia.Currently working on Lyra.
>> No. 31005
All what you did was take other people's art, vectors etc, resize them and repost them as your own material.
Anypony can do that, the fact that nopony bothered doing it before should say a few things about what you are doing here.

And this is the... third? time you use other people's material to fill your DA page and try getting some free attention out of it. When will you -finally- learn your lesson and keep your grabby fingers away from other people's stuff for good? Don't touch what's yours, don't offer what isn't yours, etc.
Is that so difficult to understand? Seriously?

Because honestly, the first time can be understood, the second time is stretching it and the third time only proves that you just don't care at all about others.
>> No. 31015

Actually,she didn't resize them,she made them to cursors.And my question is,how the hay do you even make cursors?I think it's fine.But maybe she should credit people,or atleast say that "all vectors go to their rightful owners" like you said.
>> No. 31021

Ponyluver carries a long and infamous reputation of always using other people's things for her own projects and never, ever listening to others or learning anything from her long, long list of offenses. Instead, she fights back with nonsense, hyperbole or simply tries to impose her own conditions over the material she's using without permission. (For example, she thinks that "giving credit" is the same as receiving direct permission from the original author and has completely closed her mind on that.)

Take a look at her DA gallery, all of these Desktop Ponies animations she displays there were pilfered from others and recolored, so (according to her) are different so she isn't stealing them and even if she were, "she only wants to help" anyways so it's OK. (And that's after she was forced to delete a HUGE list of stolen animations, which she resisted to do until DA Mods had to step in. Even then, she decided that getting rid of the stolen material was like doing a favor to her victims and they should feel happy for that.)

Then she desperately tried to plug her recolors on several threads and projects, not caring at all how many times she was told to go elsewhere because she wasn't welcome there. In fact, people has been trying for months to make her understand that her behavior is annoying, that she can't go around helping herself to other people's things and that rather than helping, all what she does is annoy others and create disharmony, but absolutely nothing has sunken into that closed head of hers and this new thread is a good proof of that.

Anyways... if you want to learn how to make your own cursors, just check this link:

It's very, very easy to do and that page even provides you with links to useful graphic software in case you don't have any. If that link doesn't suits your needs, you can find endless tutorials by simply browsing Google or YouTube.
>> No. 31028
Thanks for the link :3
But I've never seen the seapony pinkie or sky lyre,are they not being used anymore or something?
>> No. 31038

They can be found here:

Basically she just recolored Dirko's seapony animation and added bits she took from Monkeyjay's original Pinkie to "create her own" seapony Pinkie, which is pretty much the reason for why nopony talks about it.

Check her behavior through the entire thread and then draw your own conclusions about her.
>> No. 31051
But...did she make Sky Lyre?And I also read about Aunt Orange...I've never seen Orange sprites before.
>> No. 31052
Derp.I'm using another computer so it logged me in as an Anon. :P
>> No. 31060
Uncle Orange is already available, but it's buried in one of the old Desktop Ponies threads. You may better download the program and get him directly from there.

Ponyluver posted an unfinished Aunt Orange animation that set off everypony's alarms because it seemed stolen from somepony else, after the ensuing mudfest calmed a bit, nopony else wanted to touch the character ever again. (And of course, she never finished the animation.)
>> No. 31062
Now that I think of it,she does seem bad.Maybe I should try to sprite?If nopony's going to make her,then why not?But can I take the base that she posted and make it from there?
>> No. 31070

Considering how the base was most likely stolen, the wisest answer is... no?
>> No. 31076
Yes the more spriters the better ^u^ As for using it as a base Id say go ahead, just state that you animated it but the base came from somepony else.
As for ponyluver, she is just a young girl who acts before she thinks things through. She does need to learn to ask permission for things though.

the desktop ponies do get used as bases in different animations (usually to keep consistency) and as long as credit is given to the original creator, animating a base has never been a problem from what I've seen.
Did we ever find out if that aunt orange was somepony else's or not?
>> No. 31084

How are you going to give credit to somepony if nopony knows who really was in the first place? Also, giving credit isn't the same as asking and receiving permission, so no, better leave that animation untouched unless you want to cause problems on purpose.
Desktop Ponies guys usually give permission to use their work as bases, but you can't just use anything you see and assume that it's creator will be the same as them.

>As for ponyluver, she is just a young girl who acts before she thinks things through. She does need to learn to ask permission for things though.

She's 14 and her behavior has proved once and once again that she doesn't learns her lesson because she -doesn't wants to- learn it.

She was caught stealing, people told her to stop doing that and she refused, then used her DA account to spread lies about her being the real creator of the stolen material and claiming that what others said was just a lie, etc. Part of it still can be seen on her DA gallery.

She has been caught using other people's material, everypony told her to stop doing that and she claimed she was only "trying to help" then she completely shut down her mind about the issue and has been doing that nonstop since then. (Her DA gallery is a shinning example of that.)

She went around hijacking threads to plug her own stuff and people told her over and over that she can't do that because it's a very rude thing and unconsiderate to do, etc. She said she was just "trying to help" and once again completely shut down her mind about the issue.

Basically that's Ponyluver on a nutshell: She always does what she wants, whenever she wants, to whoever she wants, period. And every time people says something she doesn't wants to hear or tries to make her understand that what she does is wrong, she shuts down completely and that's the end of the matter as far she cares.
Then after a while, she repeats the cycle over and over and over again not caring at all about what others say or feel.

Honestly, I don't know why she's still allowed around here.
>> No. 31087
Can you just post your Desktop Ponies art or do you have to ask first?
>> No. 31089
if its of an actual character post it here
OC post here

No you do not have to ask to post your artwork. Also there are bases to make the regular trot and a few other animations that was posted up here

So what character are you going to try to do?
>> No. 31091
Apparently, he wants to finish Ponyluver's stolen Aunt Orange sprite and resubmit it, which is a very, very bad idea.
>> No. 31096
> This thread.
Well, seeing how Ponyluver is now trying to use her DA account as a makeshift store to sell some (incredibly crappy) MLP pillows... yeah.
She is ignoring what's posted in this thread and trying to make (yet another) fresh restart, proving that she only listens what she wants to listen.

Good grief.
>> No. 31203
Quoted from DeviantArt's rules and terms of use:

>Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?

>You must obtain written permission from the proper and legal owner of any work which you wish to use, credit alone does not replace this requirement.

>Permission is still required even if you have planned to manipulate, color over, blend the original with other images, or otherwise digitally work over the original work.

>Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?

>For works which are not valid stock resources you should first obtain proper permission for use, preferably in writing.

So yeah, so many rules have been broken here.
>> No. 31209
Actually,I made my own Aunt Orange.

*wants to show you but Ponychan says "fails to process file"
>> No. 31214

She says many things.

For example, she said she was the real creator of StarStep's Desktop Ponies animations, which was a big fat lie she defended to the end.

She said that the sprite you talk about was hers, but she never provided a proof, and all of her animations posted after that were nothing but horrible recolors or deformed (and completely off model) ponies. In fact, all of her post-Orange scandal sprites were nothing but recolored bases with crude details scribbled on, with none of the talent she showed on "her" Aunt Orange animation.

She said she would be less annoying, just before she went into a spamming and thread hijacking spree.

She also said to have learned her lesson, and yet here we are...

Draw your own conclusions about how much you can trust on her word, especially if what she says is linked to something she wants.
>> No. 31220
I think rainbowshy means he/she made their own aunt orange sprite, not using the one ponyluver put up.
Anyway I remember that debacle. I understand not being banned for good but she didnt even get any sort of ban at all that I can remember, not even an hour ban with all the drama she stirred up.

yeah ponychan tends to do that sometimes just retry a couple of times and it usually works.
>> No. 31223
Seeing how OP ran away after this thread became a review of her bad manners and worse behaviour, I'm politely saging it to prevent a mudfest.

Angelkat, Ponyluver or whatever you expect others to call you, try to learn a lesson out of this and remember than just because this is the internet doesn't means you can go around taking and doing whatever you want.
>> No. 31225
Does anypony actually have proof of the Aunt Orange sprites being stolen?If not,why are we just "assuming" that they are?Would you like your hard work claimed to be stolen when it's really not?Who knows if it's stolen or not?And maybe we should ask others if they've made Aunt Orange sprites.
>> No. 31227
Im not assuming that it's stolen, but I'm not assuming that it's hers either. If you look at all her work before and after all the creating that she has done has been lacking. The only ones that looked allright are where she took somepony else's pony and tried animating it or recoloring, though the animations were always a bit choppy. So while I dont for a second doubt that she animated that sprite. I have a hard time believing she designed it. ie. the hair and necklace. No one from the current desktop pony team remembered making her so there is the small possibility she did make her which is why I've only said probably stolen. Normally I would have given her the benefit of the doubt but she kept doing wrong again and again so much that by the time this came up I just couldn't.

Anyway good luck on creating your own aunt orange sprite Rainbowshy. Looking forward to it.
>> No. 31228

You know that back then, Ponyluver said she would prove her innocence by spriting any other pony they could ask to her, because her skills were real and she totally not stole anything?

Except that she immediately backpedaled from her own word, because she didn't expected to get a request that -didn't- involved just recoloring a premade animation, and her solution to this new problem was simple: forget everything and pretend she never promised anything.

Months later, we are still waiting for the "proof" she promised to show everypony. Meanwhile, everything she has tried to submit since then have been nothing but plain recolors, mediocre edits or just other people's animations with some minuscule changes and her name slapped on them.

The level of skill she claimed to have back then was never seen again.
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