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Alright /collab/, I've got a bit of a task I need help with. I'm starting a My Little Pony: FIM / Brony club at my school and here's where I am: I laid out a nice little packet that has an explanation as for why and how the idea for the club came about, the signatures of about 20 people (10 is the minimum), and further information about when and where it will be taking place. I have already found a teacher to supervise (as required) and a room to use. The club has been approved by the school's administration, and now all I have to do is meet with our principal and discuss the club. Now, the part where I need you all to help is with the schedule. I have a pretty good one planned out, but need some help with it. I need ideas! Now, I wanted to have a segment of the club where we discuss some fanart we've found, but also make some of our own. I'd love to do some pony painting and pony drawing. Can anypony provide guides or how-to's? In addition, if anypony has any other ideas for "activities" let me know. Thank you all and let's hope the club is a success! :)

(fyi: I also made this same thread on /oat/ to reach more people)
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