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Good day, ponies.

I have this little project of mine, a site to make it easy for ponies to engage in roleplay with their OCs. It's now online for a bit over a week, and I've had to see some issues with the reception.

For now, people make an account, create a pony, make a chat room perhaps, and leave the site. Asking users, I often hear the site lacks a central spot and overall has a very incomplete feeling on it.

Well, it is incomplete. I had to realise that I have ideas, no concepts. This is a clear case of Programmer's UI, the site is simple, stripped. And overall, it seems to "difficult" to start an RP there. The lack of RP leads to people not starting any.

To cut it short, I need help of somepony experienced with website design. I do all the programming, I am good at programming, but I need some collabs for concepts, site design, menu design etc.

Thanks for listening.
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I forgot to say, the site can be found at
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