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31243 No. 31243
So I made so super sexy website.

But its full of absolutely positioned DIVs.

Probably because i used WEBPAGE maker.

and i need to make shit work and all, so i need a web designer. Plox
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>> No. 31244
Shit... here is the website btw
>> No. 31246
More info:

This is a new Streaming brony radio station.

I'm going to have talk shows with other bronies about whats going on with the brony community and play music submitted by other bronies and interview people.

If you are interested please reply.
>> No. 31247
Maybe this should be in /www/? I have an anon helping me with my site there atm.

I will check it out when I get home :)

We'll talk later, my lunch break just ended
>> No. 31286
File 132584740959.png - (238.05KB , 800x655 , 132463659275.png )
ahhhh sorry I forgot.. Please send me an email and I'll reply, emailing is easier on my phone than posting here, I've had a look at the code and i know of at least one solution
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