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Accidentily posted this in the Fanimation thread before, sorry for being a n00b.

Hey, Bronies. I'm in the process of creating a sorts of stategy/RPG/Shooter game for UDK. It's early in development, but will consist of Ponies for main characters. Right now, I'm putting out some art and scenery models. Once I get enough assets, I'm going to submit it to ModDB.

Although the game will be MLP themed, none of the Mane6 will be featured, as I don't want to look everywhere for a voice actor.

I want the game to actually be fun, not just for bronies, but for everypony.

I'm looking for anypony who may be interested in giving me a hand- especially coders. If your a Brony and know your way around UDK, animation, coding, or other skills, send me a PM
thanks :D
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