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Im not sure if this is the right section but i plan on working on a cosplay for the next anime convention in my area. I am a male who wants to either do an colt human version of octavia or rarity. For rarity i thought a white dress shirt, white jeans, white vans black vest, and the black aviator glasses. As for octavia all i could get is pink bow tie. Much help will be appreciated.
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>> No. 31447
Just use a t-shirt, please don't cosplay.
>> No. 31450
If you are overweight and over 20, do a favour to everypony (plus yourself) and don't cosplay at all.

Plus, transgender cosplay is creepy as sin and it makes the fandom look exactly as the parasprites wants it to look.
>> No. 31454
For both characters, go for some formal wear. If you're going to do this, be classy and clean.

Rarity: White and purple fedora, White suit, purple vest, purple handkerchief, and the only diamond you should have is on your tie pin or cufflinks. I don't know about the aviators. I've thought that was more of a RD thing.

Octavia: Get the right haircut, and get a clean shave. Black tux, cumberbund, pink tie, and maybe treble clef cufflinks or something.

>> No. 32172
This, with a few more suggestions.

For Rarity, get a pair of glasses with clear lenses (or no lenses at all) and purple frames - go for a pair that looks pleasing on your face, rather than one that looks exactly like Rarity's reading glasses.

If you're willing to render the pants useless for anything other than cosplay, go ahead and find a way to put cutie marks on either the back pocket or the legs of the pants. You could embroider, use a printable iron-on transfer sheet, or a felt cutout, for example. Alternatively, you could find a classy messenger bag in black, white, or leather, and put the cutie mark there.
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