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Howdy Y'all, I've been thinking about how tragic and all the loss of ponyarchive is and I began to think. Is the reason that it was taken down because it hosted the files themselves? If so, would it be possible to make a new site which only served torrents without HASBRO stopping it? If it only served the torrent files, that's no grounds to stop it is it?

I would be fully prepared to put in the time for this project but the questions are:

Would it get taken down?
What should it be called?
Is there any real need for it?

Please reply, I'm counting on you Collab :) Any feedback would be appreciated
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In the US, the DMCA makes linking to illegal content /and refusing to take it down on request/ illegal or at least it would have to go to court.

Outside the US it is probably legal. The sport streaming link website rojadirecta was twice ruled legal by Spanish courts only to have its domain name unfairly/illegally confiscated by the US.

Hosting in a country that doesn't respond to US pressure would be the best idea.
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Why not just put everything up on Pirate Bay and seed it? In any case, the guys running Pirate Bay also run a hosting company that specializes in hosting stuff that people want taken down.
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