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No. 31413
I was watching Ace of Cakes when it hit me, why not make a pony cake? Now, this post is mostly a petition I will submit to Charm City Cakes to make a cake for the show's anniversary or for Lauren Faust's birthday. All you need to do is really just either post ideas for the cake and say that you support this, or something. I am really counting on the brony community for this because it would be a real treat for all of us to see them profile an MLP cake on Ace of Cakes
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>> No. 31414
You realise the price tags on cakes from that particular place?
>> No. 31415
That's why I am relying on the community, although I did just check the price, and boy are you right. Well, that sort of sets this project back a bit though.
>> No. 31427
Why not the cake boss Who also happens to be in new york, has a TV show where he makes incredible cakes, and there also is another broNYcon coming up with Lauren Faust being there.

Imagine if the community could get together and commissioned a MLP cake, and it was on that show...
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