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I've started thinking today on maybe opening up my very own official Pony fansite. I'm actually considering paying for an actual domain name, some webspace and bandwidth for this website.

In creating the site, I vow not to enter as a competitor against other sites, but to actually endorse and link to them. It would be my way of contributing to the Pony community as a whole!

The site would have multiple purposes serving as a massive repository of fanmade Pony related media including videos, music, artwork, customs, fanfiction, etc, etc. If I'm to include artwork/projects that are not of my own making, then the artist of said work would actually be given his/her own little area on the website where I'd post their artwork along with links to their own art website (including Deviant Art and the like) And I'd be doing this all with their given permission of course ;)

Also I would include a massive personal hand made wiki of sorts (all from simple html which I'm pretty darn good at!) of both canon and fanon (letting them both serve as their own alternate universes in the Pony world)

There will also be a forum created for the sake of art exchange, projects, roleplay and a general discussion.

And there will also be a built in chat system with multiple chatrooms that serve for different purposes.

I'd like to get some opinions on my ideas before I go through with such a huge investment in the brony community.

remember, I dont wish to compete with others. I'd rather like to create a kind of web ring joining other communities to mine in such a way giving off the vibe that we're all one big happy family :3

So let me know what y'all think!
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HTML will only get you so far. If you want a truly dynamic website you'll need to learn PHP and SQL or bring somepony on like myself who knows how to program in it
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well I would like to make the news part like a blog with a comment system.

And maybe I'd like to make the artwork section a bit more dynamic so that it could be easier to update.

I'll be honest, I'm not entirely PHP or SQL savvy, so I might consider your suggestion just for those purposes. Still, I'd like to do the complete website design myself, and then add the PHP functions when I feel its ready for it.

Before I go and buy the domain name I'll go ahead and host a production version of the site on my current personal domain if anypony here would like to watch the production in progress ;)
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