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Today, I had the idea to make a pony text adventure. I am teaching myself Python, so it is fully possible for me to make this a reality. But the idea I have for the game is also MASSIVE, and would take a lot of work. So I thought "Why not get some help?"

Basically, it's a generic fantasy text adventure set in Equestria where the player can be a pegasus, earth pony, or unicorn, each type of pony with 2 classes available to it. The player is a member of an adventuring party going into the Everfree forest on a mission from somepony high up in the government or whatnot.

I have many more ideas than this, but I thought just the basics would important first. I have ideas for what I would want this game to become in the far future, but those aren't relevant right now, and I feel that actually making the core game is more important than making the game prettier. But once the core game was made, I would want voice actors, artists and sound designers for it.

Anypony interested?
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Oh, and if anypony doesn't know what I mean by "text adventure", look up the game Zork. That's the kind of game I'm talking about.
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There's a number of engines which will help you create interactive fiction / text adventures. And many of them are freeware. So if you're not well versed in Python, then try the following, then you may benefit by trying one of the current engines.

(Pic unrelated.)
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I was going to put a list of engines in my previous post, but I don't have a useful list right now. Sorry for my bad editing skills...
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Surprisingly, I was also trying to learning Python today.

I could help you with VA's and maybe some coding if I happen to get any better. But, if you need somepony to help you with the plot, I'm your guy.
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Python's a great language to learn. The biggest question I'd have for you is: how much experience do you have programming (in any language)? This might be a bit much for a first-time project, but sounds about right if you're familiar with other languages.
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I have 4.5 years of programming experience in various languages including python. I'd be very interested in helping out.
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If I can find some spare time between work and Desktop Ponies, I may help out as well. Sounds like it could be interesting :)
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