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Hello, my name is Cheese. For those who have been lurking /oat/ a few months you know that I am currently making a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic role playing game that plays like a point and click adventure game.

Well, due to some recent events I feel that any future topics about my game will be redirected to /collab/. And by future topics I mean one. This one.

The rules about my game is that, aside from the heroine's background, it follows strictly canon. Anything mentioned in My Little Pony media (toys, TV shows, books, ect) is canon. Anything not mentioned in media is not canon. I am going to focus on G4 ponies, but media from previous generations is accepted as canon also.

Here's what you can or cannot suggest for fan service.

You may:
Request which characters you want to see again in the game.
Request which personality traits that background characters will have as an NPC.
Request which locations you want to see again.
Request content from earlier generations of My Little Pony.
Request memories of the mane cast members you want to see in flashbacks.
Request which items or accessories you want in the game. (Whether they be key items or normal items, I cannot say).
Request cooking or tailoring (accessory) recipes.
Anything not listed in the You May Not section.

You may not:
Metagame including game mechanics, programming suggestions, changing character move sets. (I know how to make my game.)
Story. (Yes, I requested moments, but those moments may or may not become apart of the story in the end)
Inserting OC's. (I was originally going to allow this, until I realized that this is ego fuel. Don't bitch about it. don't ask about it. You lost this privilege last night.)
Suggest "new" locations. (New being never mentioned in the MLP series before).
Donate art assets, including visuals and audio. (I'm already on borderline to lawsuit by saying I'm making an MLP game, which will be unreleased until I submit its concept and prototype to Hasbro)
Asking to join the team. I am not hiring anypony until AT THIS TIME. If I'm hiring, I will let you know in the future.

Remember, suggestions will be accepted at my discretion. If I don't take your suggestion or say its a good suggestion. Don't complain. It's business. Nothing personal.

If you have any questions on this topic, please let me know. But don't derail the topic by picking it apart, please. Otherwise I will stop answering your questions.

So let's get started. Looking forward to your suggestions!

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>> No. 31594
Derpy should be in there somewhere. Maybe not with an actual speaking role, assuming I'm understanding you right and you're actually going to try and get this published, but as something to look for. Maybe have her doing something silly in each of her appearances?
>> No. 31595
File 132641975160.jpg - (58.94KB , 257x225 , Cheese.jpg )
I plan for no voice acting other than a Zelda style voice clips if Hasbro and Studio B allow. Derpy will probably have written dialogue if you talk to her.

Also I think Derpy would have multiple appearances throughout the game because she's the mail mare and you do visit towns beyond Ponyville.
>> No. 31597

If they say yes, you could try contacting Ocean Group and Tara Strong, directly or indirectly, and see if they'd be interested in voice acting. You might need a bigger wallet to recruit all of them, but if you manage to get Hasbro on your side, I don't see what the problem would be.
>> No. 31598
>If you get Hasbro on my side.
Doubt Hasbro is going to accept a game like this the first time, especially if they feel the game is going to have an E10 rating or higher (since E10 being the age of pinnacle tween shit games).

But if Hasbro thinks that the content is good enough to keep the rating to E10, then I'll have a bit more freedom to work with.

To know the difference between E and E10 watch a clip of a battle in Pokemon Black/White and a clip of Pokemon Rumble. I have a feeling that violence is going to be in the latter.

This means I'm going to have to be very careful with content, especially with violence and writing. One miss interpreted line can easily jump the game's rating straight from E to T.

Also, aside from mane cast and important characters like Celestia. If not, then I can buy licenses to voice clips. I plan to use in house voices for other sounds. Mostly because the other voices in the game are going to be the Heroine and monsters.

When I create an FAQ topic. I'll get into the Heroine and her role.
>> No. 31619

The reason Pokemon Rumble got E10+, as far as I know, is because it's noisy, not because it was any more violent than any other Pokemon game.
>> No. 31621
Also the animation is a bit more violent. You can see the Pokemon making contact with one another and flinching when they get hit as opposed to cut outs flashing and blinking when they attack/take damage.
>> No. 31624

Every Kirby game bar Return to Dream Land is E and they have the same level of violence.
>> No. 31626
I almost forgot about that. I hope that this game passes between E-E10 rating.

Anyway, back to topic. Any other fan service requests?
>> No. 31627
Speaking as one who has filled out ESRB forms and shot video is a strange strange beast. Just don't use damn and be sure to not use too much overt sexual innuendo (Grabbed by the Ghoulies was rated E and it had lots of adult humor kept on the sly). But if you're going for a Point n Click adventure game, then I really don't see many issues here with violence that would push it to teen- the monkey island series in its re-release got E10. Things that would be considered Comic Mischief won't push it past that. I wish you luck with attempting to sell this to Hasbro.

Curious though, will your game be closer to Monkey Island, or something more akin to the Quest for Glory series?
>> No. 31635
Probably a mix between Monkey Island and Paper Mario statistics (where 1 hit = 1 HP). Except the sprites are 2D instead of 3D paper cut outs and ponies who sit on the sidelines have "assists" that are activated by trigger, at random, or by player command.

I doubt the game is going to be very long (aiming for 15-20 hours or less for the main quest if you skip the cut scenes). There's no level grinding because all XP you get is from helping other ponies. Even then only the heroine can level up one attribute at a time (which are costly). Most of your power will come from outfits and accessories.

Other than that the battles are fast paced, but focus on using strategy with limited power and teamwork. As for exploring, you use the heroine's "artifacts" and the ponies' abilities to solve puzzles to progress.

This is as bare bone as I want to design the core game. I do want to add a crafting system and mini games eventually, but everything else is variety, level design, and fan service.
>> No. 31650
You know what, I think it's better if I create an create an FAQ thread.
>> No. 31655
FAQ thread is up: >>31654

Check it out for more details about the project.
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