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So I decided to start a news blog, with high aspirations. My objective? To become EQD's mane competitor. Of course, I'm a long way off right now, as I only started up on Monday.

What this means is; I need content. [i]And[i/] an editorial team.
If you fancy applying for a position, or just submitting some content, my e-mail is in the e-mail field.


(I'm assuming this is the right place to put this, seeing as /www/ is going to be cleared out, from what I understand.)
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I'll repeat my advice I gave to Bronyland - try to think of ways you can set yourself apart from EqD. Give me a reason to visit both them and you.

Personally, I'd like to see a blog that doesn't shy away from mature, controversial, and other topics that upset most people and that doesn't normally get covered.
>> No. 31628
We would post things like that, if we had the information to post it.

We're the working pony's news blog. And by that I mean we have a Page 3.

To set ourselves apart from EqD, we're trying to make our posts a little more humorous where possible, and we plan on covering a wider spectrum of content. I feel that EqD has got to the point where it is just posting the same content from the same artists and we want to give others the chance, if only others new we existed.
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