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For the "Fan Service" request thread see: >>31582

I probably should have made this thread first as opposed to the fan service request thread. It slipped my mind at the time I'm terribly sorry about that.

I'm creating a My Little Pony RPG via Unity 3. The battle system, albeit inspired mostly from Paper Mario, is going to be made from scratch.

Here's a list of details for my project after the cut. If you have any questions that you want to ask. Ask them. That's what this thread is about.

List of Details:
-The game is an entry level RPG that plays like a point and click game with reflex commands and single digit statistics where 1 hit = 1 HP.
-The stage, or background, of the game is 3D while the characters remain 2D to capture the animation of the show, including a level camera angle as opposed to an overhead camera.
-The game will focus on rewarding exploration, strategic combat, problem solving, and helping others.
-The heroine, who is unnamed at the moment, is a human girl. As the game progresses the heroine uses "artifacts" for fighting and exploration. Her abilities are easily customizable via leveling, equipment, and accessories for almost any role.
-The heroine can level up each individual stat by spending Sparklites, the force behind cutie marks and magic in Equestria. Sparklites cannot be earned from battles. It must be earned by helping ponies with their troubles and making them happy.
-Battles are ranked from E to S stars based on time and damage taken. More stars equals more money and item drops.
-The mane six are all included as party members, their abilities can only be upgraded through "trust" which is built through time and conversation.
-When a pony trusts you enough, she will let you brush and pamper her for miscellaneous boosts and effects.
-Each of the mane six has unique abilities for both exploration and combat. Their outfit selection is limited, but they can the same accessories as the heroine.
-Combat has a major focus on strategy. The heroine and 2 ponies make up the active party while the other 4 ponies are "benched". Benched ponies can support the active party via "assists".
-Ponies can be swapped at the cost of either the Heroine's turn or that specific pony's turn.
-KOed ponies can be swapped with healthy ponies during battle. KOed ponies are revived with 1 HP when the battle ends, but resting on the sidelines for 5 turns will revive the pony with 5 HP. KOed ponies cannot use "assists".
-The game ends if the Heroine is KOed, but the other ponies will automatically use a revival item on the Heroine if there's one in inventory.
-The game will have a crafting system which is branched off into two trades: cooking and tailoring. Cooking creates consumable items while tailoring upgrades outfits an creates accessories.
-All latter details are story, enemy variety, level design, and possibly a few mini-games.

Again if you have any questions on what I'm doing feel free to ask.
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>> No. 31706
File 132659038245.jpg - (58.94KB , 257x225 , Cheese.jpg )
With the way things are at home, you may or may not see a working build of this game until around Fall.

This is because I'm finishing getting an associate's degree this spring and dividing my attention to multiple projects. This Spring I plan to finish art resources, including sprites and 3D models, while I spend the summer programming them into the game.
>> No. 32208
File 132720581402.png - (59.41KB , 228x269 , CheeseWithAHat.png )
This is something I forgot to mention in the OP:

I am going to submit the prototype and its concept to Hasbro once it's ready. Before that I am going to leak concept art and footage from the build in progress to build fan support. Once there's enough support, Hasbro may acknowledge the game and will take a look at it.

If Hasbro accepts the concept, then I will have a budget for full production and my career is set. Who knows, if I'm lucky maybe Lauren Faust and Studio B staff will support the project. Downside is that the project will be a secret from this point onward. But at least you have something to look forward too.

If Hasbro rejects the game completely, then I will release the build as freeware with documentation so everypony will have a chance to play it. 'Course this means that I will have to abandon future production of the game.

It mostly depends on if the project's appeal will lure in the target audience. I want the game to be played by all audiences, especially the target audience who are young girls that never played a good game besides Tetris before.

This is another reason why the game is going to be an easy to play entry level RPG.
>> No. 32243

I don't think that any Hasbro exec would accept fanmade material or even ideas (It's against their policy) but if you are planning to submit this game to Hasbro anyways, I suppose you should have to create everything down the last pixel and sound effect all by yourself to avoid problems with copyrighted material.

That would make life easier for their legal section in case they consider accepting this as well.
>> No. 32345
When I become a full developer, business and everything, I may submit it then. (I plan to have one IP done or almost finished at that time)

That probably won't be for at least a year and a half or triple that time from now. I plan on the game to be a separate canon from the show, but still canon in it's own series.

For now I want to build interest and motivation. Worst comes to worse, I'll make an IP out of it.
>> No. 32346
File 132735915484.png - (273.13KB , 630x500 , Most Interesting___.png )
For the brushing, you should have it only to a certain extent; the ponies may find you creepy if you keep brushing them XD

I think it would be a good idea to use all three like Pinkie-os said, but i'd suggest not keeping it to just story events and dialogue. You can have your actions in battle help the trust level, like using restorative items, or maybe even imitating other ponies' tactics, in which they'd see that you admire them enough to do so
>> No. 32359
I think the limit is pamper one pony per every 15 in game minutes. Or you could turn off the game and restart from your last save.

Course that method means brush a pony, fight a battle, return to the last save point, save and quit, restart the save, rinse and repeat. This is probably due to the fact.that I need to save as little variables to save file space as I can. The brushing is a temporary effect. It shouldn't be saved with the rest of the game.

I suppose brushing shouldn't increase trust but is a reward in increasing trust. Overall brushing is useless to metagame, but it is one of those personal rewards for the girls and those creepy bronies...
>> No. 32365
Here's a question Cheese: What can you do with weather?

This early in production weather is near impossible to make. Not because of the design, but because of the graphics I want to implement.

And those need Unity Pro, which is $1500. Especially if I want to implement visual filters.
>> No. 32375

Well, $1500 isn't an impossible goal if you get a job and save enough money for two or three months.
That would give you enough time to polish and improve this idea, especially if you are planning to send it to Hasbro as you claimed in >>32208

The fandom still will be here after you buy Unity Pro, so take your time and work at your own pace.
>> No. 32383
File 132738573884.jpg - (1.09MB , 2592x1458 , Guptooth.jpg )
Well, before I get Unity Pro I want to see if I can get my original IP's copyrighted...

Which I need Unity Pro if I want to remove the watermark... SON OF A BITCH!!!

Even though the MLP Point and Click Adventure game will be one of my lesser priority projects. This is due to the fact that: 1) It's not an original IP. 2) It's one of my more complicated and experimental designs, which requires a lot of play testing and tweaking. And 3) I need a full staff, which includes a 2D artist, a 3D artist, musician, quality assurance, and a lawyer to complete the game. That's 4 professionals (1 requires a degree), and an amateur I need to hire.

As for the game studio/office part. I'm thinking about moving to Alaska and starting there (and maybe start an otaku/manga store side with my cousin). Other than that, my top priority is getting my associate's degree. I probably won't start major development until this summer.

For now. I'm working on art work in my spare time. By spare time I mean pencil sketches while at college.

Also my hard drive is overdue for a reformatting. It's gotten to the point where I can't defrag it without spending a week to defrag it. I'm better off reformatting. It's faster and it won't damage the hard drive as much.

Also, have a Guptooth. He's a monster spawned from black magic sealed in a gap between dimensions. That gap was created the pony realm was separated from our world by the sages over a thousand years ago.

Guptooth is the weakest monster in the game. Only having 3 HP 1 ATP and 0 DFP. He has a simple attack pattern with no elemental affinities. Gupteeth form in packs for their strength are in numbers. However these packs are horrendously disorganized freckled across the land with no chain of command.

Gupteeth will follow orders of a Gupfang, which is an alpha version of the Guptooth.
>> No. 32390
If it's original IP it's automatically copyrighted. You don't need to do anything :)
>> No. 32393
or, you know, you can use a different completely free engine

ponykart's been surviving quite happily on a $0 budget
>> No. 32396

Probably he openly said he wanted Unity Pro because he expects to receive money donations or somepony to give it to him for free.

Which is why I have a question for OP as well: Do you have a visual demo of anthing to show besides of that heart on your first post?

I've noticed that you have VERY ambitious goals and you have been claiming a lot of things, such as sending and getting this approved by Hasbro, getting recognized by Lauren Faust and Studio B, using your very own continuity, very complex mechanics, visuals, etc etc.

But do you have something to show, or this thread is just another display of hype, wishful thinking and castles in the air?

Because you have been talking too much, promising even more, but showing nothing except for that heart on your first post and I want to know if this thread is really going to be worth following or not.
>> No. 32402
Wait about a year and I may have something.

Also I didn't ask for donations nor will I ask for money if I have nothing to show.

I have virtually nothing to show at this time. I'm not asking for donations. If I was asking for donations, even with nothing I would be making money on a copyright infringing project and I will be suede and permanently banned from Ponychan.

Get the donation crap out of your head. If I need money, then I can make money another way.
>> No. 32404
I probably should be more clear with fan support.

I want word of mouth. Not money.

I have what I need except time. All I'm asking is for you to wait until I have something.

Can you wait or do you need evidence that I'm working on the game?
>> No. 32405
File 132743234508.png - (68.45KB , 195x263 , 132144868059.png )
Probably not because at this point I look like I'm paraspriting.

I have to start with something. I probably should have kept this concept to myself. But I understand your disbelief. If I have nothing to show then why care?

I have two pieces of artwork and a temporary logo.

Meh... It's a start. Forgive me. I'm learning as I go with this.
>> No. 32408
>Wait about a year and I may have something.
>I have virtually nothing to show at this time.

>at this point I look like I'm paraspriting.

Only "at this point" and you only "look like you are paraspriting?"

Read your own posts. All of them.
You have nothing, admit knowing nothing and still expect people to keep paying attention to you for at *least* a year under the vague promise that you *may* get something done?

This entire tread has been a waste of time.
>> No. 32409
File 132743395741.png - (114.06KB , 358x342 , 132143499789.png )
You're welcome.

Glad to share my dream with you. Now I can prove you wrong.
>> No. 32418
so I guess you've never made a game before

well all I can say is start small and work your way up from there. Don't spend money on *anything* until you're sure you ABSOLUTELY need it and WILL use it extensively

hell, not meaning to brag or anything, but before ponykart I was working on smaller practice games for a whole 2 and a half years, most of which was just spent trying out different engines and I've still learnt a ton from ponykart along the way

being overambitious WILL kill a project dead, so keep things small and focus on very easy and achievable goals - don't even think about any of the fancy stuff until you've got those simple goals completely finished
>> No. 32421
File 132743953477.jpg - (1.11MB , 2592x1458 , 2012-01-23_12-07-30_761.jpg )
I have worked on 1 full game of mine, 1 Lufia fan game before I was blown off, a Fire Emblem board game and a Kingdom Hearts board game.

Now that I think about it. I don't have to buy Unity 3 for PC games or mobile games. But Unity 3d does have a water mark...

But not like I can't release indev footage with the water mark.

As soon as I learn to program 2D sprites in 3D space everything else should fall together.

... And this is an FAQ, not a blog.
>> No. 32422
File 132743963001.png - (68.45KB , 195x263 , 132144868059.png )
Sorry about that.
>> No. 32424
>1 Lufia fan game before I was blown off,

Seeing the extremely negative and self boasting tone you have used on each and every thing you say, I can understand why you ended up like that.
Take this as a friendly advice if you want to fit around here.
>> No. 32425
What ever happened to this thread is a waste of time?

Nevermind, old habits die. Guess I won't talk about this anymore.

I'm just waiting for the topic lock and the ban hammer to kick me off /collab/ now.

I'm just a parasprite who shouldn't be here after all.
>> No. 32426

Well, that was almost English.
>> No. 32427
Swype isn't the best thing to type with.
>> No. 32434
File 132744734770.gif - (485.20KB , 350x226 , DrinkChocolateMilk.gif )
Okay, I did some thinking.

Aside from the game details in the OP, the official crap should be taken as a grain of salt. In this day an age where everypony's sue happy, it is almost near impossible to get something official to pass on.

I also want to apologize for having nothing more than 2 concept images and a temporary logo. I still plan to upload more concept images and screen shots to Ponychan, eventually.

Also, I'm not a parasprite. I'm a light parasprite who parasprites for jest when it's obvious. Apparently that's not the case here and this whole thread is mostly drama and a waste of time.

I also want to clarify that you may or may not see a full working build for around a year and a half. As for screen shots, give it a month or two.

Any more questions?
>> No. 32445
Yes, I have a single question.

>I'm just a parasprite who shouldn't be here after all.

It took you 1 1/2 hour to backpedal from this and you still expect people to give you a special treat and pay atention to you for over a year because you "promised" that you *may* have some content.

So the question is, why should we believe any of your promises?
>> No. 32451
File 132745805772.png - (143.91KB , 296x290 , EvenMoreSmubBarSteward.png )
>Still wondering why you haven't reported the thread yet if I am paraspriting.

I did some thinking. I acknowledged my mistakes, I apologized for them. I'm ready to move on. It's all a learning experience.

I reported this thread around three ish hours ago for my own behavior requesting lock down of the thread. Thread's still here unlocked and I'm not banned from /collab/.

And here you are pushing the subject on how I exposed myself as a parasprite who shouldn't be here and that this whole thread was a pathetic attempt at paraspriting everypony on Ponychan.

If I was paraspriting, would I admit that I'm paraspriting?

It seems like you're paraspriting me.

Yes, I don't expect people to believe in a promise. However, I didn't pop this game out of my flank like you think it is. I literally spent weeks coming up with back story and game play. If you've been around /oat/ months ago, you know I've been talking about it and developing the designs. Not exactly programs, but more or less pen and paper stuff

Well, the OP is the designs that I've come up with and I'm going to follow them. Whether or not you'll see a full game in a week to a year. I cannot say.

I'm sorry that this thread is a waste of your time. Why did you stick then? Why not hide the thread (or better yet, report it for paraspriting) and not move on?

Do you like to do things that waste your time?

Whether or not who's paraspriting who let's drop the paraspriting thing and move on. The thread is about the game. Not me.
>> No. 32519
File 132753540668.jpg - (1.00MB , 2592x1458 , 2012-01-25_11-59-50_265.jpg )
Sageing because of lack of a new question.

Instead I have some more artwork. Enjoy.
>> No. 32520
I'll eventually make a tumblr or something for this project. If not my own personal tumblr.

So all updates will probably be forwarded to the tumblr. I'll still keep an eye on the FAQ thread here. Unless the parasprites chased you away from it if not, then that's okay.

I'd rather wait until I have some screenshots to show before taking more questions.
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