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File 132662824275.png - (501.48KB , 751x1051 , NMM Eternal Night.png )
31724 No. 31724
The MLP: FiM Card Game is a cooperative card game for 2-7 players. Up to 6 players can team up to take on the nefarious Nightmare Moon. Players will take turns going on "Adventures" with the help of the Adventure Deck. Completing these Events will reward you with cards and Friendship. Both will be necessary in order to ensure that you can collect the Elements of Harmony before Nightmare Moon does! Play with prebuilt decks or customize your own for maximum fun!

Our Blog (Follow Us!) -

Our Facebook (Like Us!) -

Our DeviantArt (Watch Us!) -

Thanks for all the support!

Our old thread was getting old and lacked a picture...So here is a new thread! Chock full of more links and actual info!
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>> No. 31733
New update on the blog! Distressed mechanic has been revealed!
>> No. 32079
File 132703570896.png - (452.88KB , 751x1051 , Surprise.png )

Outfit cards are up. New card type! Check em out!
>> No. 32148
There is some really nice design here! Love the little flair on the cards like the villain emblem etc.

I would suggest using a more readable font for the main meaty text. That font is a nightmare to read more than a couple of words in a row!
>> No. 32153
We are going to do a test print to see how it looks when printed. if we see a problem with it then it will definitely change. Thanks for the input!
>> No. 32169
No probs, the rest of the design is so strong is all. Using an all caps font is generally frowned about because the words lose shape really quick at a glance. There must be some awesome font that keeps the playful style intact somewhere.
>> No. 32217
File 132721029322.png - (521.13KB , 751x1051 , Apple Projectiles.png )
Yes I am sure there is. As we have stated everything is subject to change. In fact many of the cards we have shown have changed a lot. This is just one more thing that will likely change.
>> No. 32227
This card game looks absolutely amazing! /)^o^(\
When is the planned release date? Is there gonna tournaments with prize support like other card games? Sorry I stumbled across this and got excited. lol Anyways this looks really awesome and I can't wait to start playing. Saw your deviantart page too and I gotta say...again this looks amazing! I saw another card game being made on here but honestly I think itlooks pretty crappy. lol I think I have rambled long enough so thats it for now. Looking forward to new updates and previews!!!!! <3
>> No. 32237
File 132725346929.png - (309.28KB , 751x1051 , Pinkie Pie Twitcha Twitchin.png )
We don't have a planned release date at the moment. We are currently in the alpha testing phases of the game. Working out all the kinks takes time. We would love for their to be tournaments for the game. Thanks for the support. it is always nice to see somepony so enthusiastic over our work! :)
>> No. 32239
I've posted up a dissection/review up on my dA, and I'd like to hear a response.

I'm trying not to sound like an enemy here XD
>> No. 32252
My initial response to this was a bit harsh so I deleted it. Please go to our tumblr to see my new response.
>> No. 32256

For what's worth, your tone may not have been the ideal, but the message you expressed was very accurate, especially the final part.

If some people think of this as a popularity contest, just shrugh them off and don't let that interfere with what you do.
>> No. 32266
Yeah. I tried to be as professional as possible but I might have come off as a tad condescending. I never wanted a popularity contest and never considered it as such. As I said I don't even understand why there are comparisons being made. Out game and his game are nothing alike and don't even belong in the same genre of game. It's like comparing Monopoly to Halo 3.
>> No. 32267

I wasn't talking about you, I was talking about how "Age" basically just came here to plug his own project and DA account where he just bitched at your project.
All from his own safeheaven, where he could hide posts or block out people if they didn't pleased him.

You and this project are more than fine.
>> No. 32270
Oh my mistake then. You quoted my post so I thought you were directing your comments towards me.
>> No. 32273
I have posted a response to the response. I really didn't mean to sound antagonistic, but it probably came out that way. Me not explaining myself adequately (apparently) didn't help, the typos made only made it worse.

You assume I am a coward. You assume wrong.
>> No. 32274
To fit in with the show, Nightmare Moon should have, "Whenever Nightmare Moon deals damage to a pony, that pony takes no damage and instead draws that many cards."

Or however that would work in the game's rules. I don't know what damage/life is in this game or anything.
>> No. 32275
I have nothing more to say on the matter. You can continue to work on your project and we will continue to work on ours. We didn't get the exposure we got by pure chance. Keep working at it and if people like your game they will let you know so. More original games get printed than you think. Check out for more info on that.
The games rules are still a work in progress. However, No, there is no "damage" in our game :)
>> No. 32302

Negative backslash, consequences for your actions, unfavorable comparations, gets told BIG TIME by others.
Tries to solve everything by posting confusing walls of text to muddle the issue, paint himself as a poor misunderstood victim and quickly backpedal from everything.
In short, just another typical Deviantart user.

Dude, if yu can't face the responsability for the dumb things you say about others, then don't use the internet. And remember that when you point your finger at somepony, three fingers are pointing back at you, so before criticrizing others, take a look at your own insipid game.
There's a reason for why nopony pays attention to neither you and your project thread.
>> No. 32310
File 132733645312.png - (360.26KB , 751x1051 , Rainbow Dash Fastest in Equestria.png )
Alright guys we have a poll up of Facebook so lets see what ponychan thinks too! We are going to begins publishing some strategy articles on our characters. We will be revealing the final of the 3 versions of that character as well as revealing more of their support cards and then describing our design intentions for the character. We need you guys to tell us who you want to see first! Post here or on the facebook post and let us know! Thanks!
>> No. 32342
File 132735768717.png - (540.45KB , 800x648 , posed.png )
Twilight Sparkle!

I'm also interested in seeing the second version of the CMC.
>> No. 32352
If CMC is selected we would likely show both other versions :)
>> No. 32410
File 132743545957.png - (392.97KB , 751x1051 , trixie___angeben_by_negimap-d4l5yri.png )
A German brony named negimap has put a lot of effort into translating our cards into german! Isn't he freaking awesome?! Show him some love!
His DA:
German Forum Thread:
>> No. 32972
File 132788329447.png - (205.61KB , 640x360 , listening.png )
Is the poll still going on?
>> No. 33070
It is over now actually. you should be happy to know that Twilight won! :)
>> No. 33073
File 132803850489.png - (176.50KB , 570x525 , smiling7.png )
That I am! Thanks!
>> No. 33499
Finally got an update up for you guys. Twilight Sparkle strategy discussion! Check it out!
>> No. 33500
File 132858837263.png - (151.26KB , 351x441 , happy2.png )
Looks good! I like that third ability for Twilight. I hate to do this, but there should be a comma after the word "used" on "Predictions and Prophecies." Sorry, but there's a reason Twi is my favorite...
>> No. 33509
No problem we prefer that mistakes are pointed out! Thanks!
>> No. 33520
File 132861660555.png - (71.01KB , 280x280 , happy.png )
You're welcome. In that case, it should be "No problem. We..." I'm kidding, I'm kidding. It looks like you guys are doing excellent work. Thanks!
>> No. 34343
File 132974085651.jpg - (71.93KB , 815x507 , explaining1.jpg )
Another mistake that doesn't affect the game at all: the "Golden Delicious Apple" should be yellow, not red... Anyway, Applejack update looks very good. Thanks!
>> No. 34353
File 132976526003.png - (306.68KB , 750x1050 , Applejack Purveyor of Apples.png )
No that was the correct picture. If you will notice it has a golden tint to it. Also as Trivial pointed out there is another strategy discussion up on the blog. This time it is Applejack!
>> No. 34365
File 132977522262.jpg - (9.48KB , 250x167 , 250px-Golden_delicious_apple.jpg )
I did notice the tint, but a Golden Delicious looks like this.
>> No. 34370
It is correct that that is a Golden Delicious however we are using the Golden Delicious referred to in the show.
>> No. 34379
File 132979340680.png - (52.57KB , 198x194 , reading4.png )
I don't seem to recall that... When did it happen? I know there was a pony named Golden Delicious introduced by AJ in the first episode who had a yellow apple cutie mark, though.
>> No. 34380
In Episode 3: The Ticket Master
Quoting Applejack: "Thank you kindly Twilight for helping me out. I bet Big Macintosh I could get all these Golden Delicious in the barn by lunchtime."

Twilight is helping AJ harvest Golden Delicious. Spike pulls that particular Apple out of Twilight's haul and proceeds to eat it.

While it may be an oversight or a mistake by the animators, it is still considered a Golden Delicious by show standards. Which also brings about an interesting point, All those apples are Golden Delicious and they are various colors.
>> No. 34383
File 132979817227.png - (380.93KB , 850x674 , embarrassed.png )
Heh, I guess you're right. I never noticed that, and I watch "The Ticket Master" often. It's one of my favorite episodes. Not only are all of those "Golden Delicious" different colors, none of them are the correct color...
>> No. 34661
New strat discussion up on the blog. This week is Rainbow Dash!
>> No. 34822
File 133047875537.png - (352.64KB , 750x1050 , Rainbow Dash Absolute Loyalty.png )
New Preview is up on the blog. The preview was chosen by our facebook pool this last week. the winner was Elements of Harmony: A Reference Guide. Check it out!
>> No. 34828
File 133048882196.png - (363.59KB , 1141x711 , satisfied.png )
Lookin' good! Books are always relevant to my interest! Thanks!
>> No. 35108
Fluttershy Strategy discussion is up on the blog. Go check it out.
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