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31844 No. 31844
Hey there. I am wondering if anypony has any ideas for a website that should exist, but doesn't yet. That or perhaps there are some projects that might have a use for one. I currently have a Rackspace webserver all setup, but I haven't been inspired to create anything that I want to work on.

I am looking at making it with HTML/Javascript/CSS/PHP as that is what I have been enjoying so far, but I have experience working with a few other things. So any ideas or tips on where to look would be awesome!
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>> No. 31889
A search engine for Ponychan. The "search /blah/ threads" link is very unhelpful.
>> No. 31904
All I can think of are websites that already exist, but shouldn't. You know, "that side" of the pony internet. o.O
>> No. 31919

I second the need for a ponychan search engine
>> No. 31922
What would a Ponychan search engine do that Google can't? Want to look site-wide for something? Tack this bit of unicorn magic onto the end of your query:

Want to restrict yourself to just e.g. /collab/? There's a spell for that:

>> No. 31925

This is true and also what I've been doing up to this point. I'd still rather have a ponychan specific search engine (especially if the algorithm was good). So you could search by usename, time, whether it has an image and so on (i.e., the same way you would search forums or e-mail).

Bonus points: find the other thread where I've made this suggestion. It's somewhere on /collab/.
>> No. 31927

Thanks for the suggestion, although I couldn't really do anything nifty like that without access to the database =/
>> No. 31940
I'd like to have an easier way to navigate pony media. I can go on EqD and find the newest stuff, but what if I want to find "Top 10 most-viewed PMVs of the last six months" or whatever? What about "Best-rated original pony songs with vocals?"

How about a Pony Pandora that plays pony songs (and original songs inspired by ponies, of course) and responds to my preferences?

How about other forms of organization? Like, here's the original Winter Wrap-up. Now here's links to remixes in Bronies United style, 8-bit style, etc.. Now here's a link to an index of all the 8-bit remixes out there if you like those. etc.

How about doing the same for pony comics? How about keeping track of which comics are stand-alone things and which are part of a larger story, and informing me in advance so I don't click on the big story ones until the entire story is complete? (I keep reading these things halfway through and then stopping because the ending hasn't been drawn yet, and then I forget to check back later)

How about an index for all the projects that are currently recruiting voice actors or artists or whatever, together with the deadlines for application? Seems like you don't have a chance if you miss the initial announcement.

Things like that.
>> No. 31944

Those are some great ideas! I actually did a test website a few months ago for Pony Projects just like you mentioned, and now I totally want to do that as a sub-section of this whole pony content hub! Awesome awesome awesome! After work I am totally going to start on the design =D
>> No. 31950
Google indexes pages too slowly. We need a crawler that queries Ponychan every minute or so and has optimizations that take advantage of the a priori knowledge that Ponychan is running Kusaba X.

Web scraping is the usual way of doing things. Direct database access is something you can ask from Ponychan's admin once the project is online and popular and you're getting lots of traffic.
>> No. 31967
File 132693325034.png - (67.58KB , 1087x673 , myImage.png )
Well, I'll start with the Music section first. Do you think that a system like this would work out best?

The login system wouldn't be needed for a while, and might just be for the Projects system depending on how that one is setup. I am trying to think of a good way to do the presentation of the songs with their categories/tags. Well, I will totally start on it, as the layout shouldn't be too entangled with the code =3
>> No. 31982

This pretty much said what I was going to. I don't really have much to add. Its also possible to use post numbering to reduce the required bandwidth for scraping (or maybe just poll /all/), but I guess this goes into the part about knowing that it comes from Ponychan.

Would it be possible to add an option to search using only a text box? Would it be possible to have a view where both x and y axis are used for sorting (e.g., one axis could the original song and the other would be the style) so that there is a matrix of songs?

Or maybe even have other ways to visualize the result (this idea is partially inspired by this thread: >>30932)?
>> No. 31993
Glad you like my ideas! =)

Looks like a good start. =)
>> No. 32078
File 132703539483.png - (74.60KB , 1255x474 , progress1.png )
I haven't had much time, so I only got a shell of the page setup. But at least I now have enough that I can start on making it function correctly. After that I'll have to find somepony to make a good design mockup.

The weekend should be enough time to get it all functioning hopefully. I'll post back here once I have something working and hosted!
>> No. 32188
Well, the nameservers for are in the process of updating, but you can access it via IP at the moment. I am currently working on a system to make adding a song a cinch, so you can check out the progress here:

So far, songs can have multiple artists (for those collaborations), multiple tags, and multiple other songs in the database that it is a remix of.
>> No. 32222
File 132721946900.png - (142.24KB , 600x258 , page1.png )
Alrighty! My Saturday is gone, but it is now up at with super basic features, but is somewhat functional. Next up on this list:

- Dynamically add new artists that aren't in the list yet
- Turn the adding of the songs into more of a request/approval system
- Get the tag and remix portions in
- Implement filtering and sorting on the main page
- Allow filtering by tag name
- Allow users to send in change requests (e.g. this song should have these additional tags and that other tag removed) through a similar interface to the one for adding the song
- Get a web designer

Anything that I might be missing?
>> No. 32238
File 132725626009.png - (219.63KB , 750x714 , success.png )
Ooohoo! I got it so that you can add artists that don't exist yet!
>> No. 32334
File 132735501287.png - (31.47KB , 616x339 , progress2.png )
Just found out how to use AJAX, and now I have the adding of the songs right on the main page ( ) =D
>> No. 32378
..Are you experienced with AJAX?
>> No. 32381
File 132738013382.png - (89.46KB , 1011x674 , progress3.png )
I just learned it as of today. My current use for the inserting of rows is super simple, but I am going to be using it more heavily for some dynamic pagination+filters I think. It seems to be a super useful tool to know how to use =3

As it stands, I now have basic pagination in. The next steps in sight are:
1) Filters with pagination
2) Tags
3) Remix links
>> No. 32463
It took me all night, but I figured out how to do the AJAX with pagination! Now that that is working, adding in the filtering will be cake! But alas, it is time to sleep and then work =3
>> No. 32540
File 132754708843.png - (37.67KB , 1026x310 , progress4.png )
Okay, it wasn't exactly 'cake', but I got it working pretty much how I thought it should! The filtering works as you type (and probably kills the SQL server =3)

Tomorrow I shall start on the tags!
>> No. 32630
Woah, glad to see all this progress! It's great to see my ideas taking shape because of your hard work. Keep it up =)
>> No. 32850
It took until 2 AM, but I now have the adding of tags and the filtering of them working! Almost no songs have tags yet since I just finished that part, but I will take some time tomorrow to add a bunch of songs with tags.

I think I'll have to add some "song information" button that links a user to a page displaying all of the information about the song. This will include the stuff on the main screen along with the list of tags, remixes(not started yet), possibly lyrics (not started yet), etc. From there, changes can be proposed. I think there could also be a page that displays an artist's info, but I am too tired and rambling. Off to dreams of ponies!
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