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File 132687914246.png - (81.02KB , 640x480 , Mane6-Blue.png )
31934 No. 31934
>MLP: Fighting is Magic - Thread XI

The guidelines:

- First. Let's try to keep the wildly Off-Topic stuff to a minimum. We don't mean to keep you from posting the unrelated comment once in a while, but when one beceomes twenty, it gets a bit hard for the DevTeam to spot important stuff and legit questions at a glance.

- Second. As with off-topic, let's keep discussion on gaming matches to a minimum. Commenting mechanics is okay, but commenting on particular matches only a few of the thread readers got to see confuses some people as of what's going on. Use discretion. If it's bound to become a 20 posts discussion on how awesome somepony's comeback was from the brink of defeat, it might be better suited for Skype. If it's just an one-off in-joke or witty remark, it could go in the thread, but, once again, avoid lengthy discussions if the subject matter can't be understood by reading the thread context, please.

- Third. Rarity is Best Poni. Then Twi, then AJ/Fluttershy, then RD and then Pinkie. Let's avoid "x is best poni" debates... Unless we're talking about gameplay, that is, in which Rarity is also -totally- going to kick everypony's flank... - Love. Anu

- Fourth. This one is more a comment than a guideline. We'll update when we've got something we consider worthwhile to post. We've explained several times why we prefer to do this over a daily/weekly log. Poking us will only result in getting distracted from actual development, thus, slowing the rate at which we put out updates. Don't worry. If the game were to be cancelled/delayed (and it's not), we'd be making an announcement about it on the site, not keeping silent about it.


>Our website's located at ; We'll be doing all major announcements through there, as well as having behind-the-scenes images and sneak-peeks at development as we go along; Following this thread is your second best source for information. Followers on here might also get a goodie once in a while.

>Frequently Axed Questions Document - Read this before asking any questions, please!


>Youtube Channel

>Livestream Channel

>Twitter channel!/ManeSix


>Important: The only accounts answering questions belong to the DevTeam, and are posting with a tripcode; Please consider any answer not coming from official posters or already answered in the FAQ as rumors, or with a grain of salt.

The official accounts are

Mane6 DevTeam - !.devteamGc
Prominence (Lead Programmer) - !PVE2itHFMI
MonkeyJay (Programmer/Animator) - !Rainbow23
Leedin (Animator, Character Artist) - !oEMx1GiGEw
Nappy (Animator) - !ncuj4CwIRE
Anukan (GUI Designer/Website Designer) - !Aikan3NYWE

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>> No. 31935
>Website Updated

The Joy of Palettes, or "Jay Wright and the Palettes Factory" -
>> No. 31936
I apologise in advance.
>> No. 31941
File 132688543427.png - (90.00KB , 772x835 , Rainbow_Dash_says_so_awesome-(n1304058326372).png )
Whoa. I am impressed by how you work with Fighter Maker!

consider me one of your most avid supporters.

I'm glad you guys are developing this not only because you're all actually good at it, but because you strike a good balance between secrecy and sharing.

While not being in-depth at most of our questions, you are most definitely awesome at compensating for it with behind-the-scenes stuff that even Capcom is too selfish to throw toward its fans.

Your professionalism plus your solid touch with the community in general is the reason you have your supporters. The completion of Fighting Is Magic I assure you will be one of the greatest milestones of this fanbase that should be looked up to by other fanbases of this magnitude.

I truly expect greater things from you. God Bless You people!! *sheds a manly tear*
>> No. 31943
File 132689156845.png - (285.76KB , 486x704 , 131059092469.png )
I read through the entire thing.

>> No. 31947
Paletting process man is mean, I don't like that guy.
>> No. 31949
Oh wow, your method for rearranging the palette sounds difficult. It's hard for me to believe Photoshop doesn't have a better way to handle that tucked away somewhere, but I don't have it to check. You might consider taking a look at the GIMP, though -- it's an unruly beast, but it's freeware and even though I hate using it I find it can be useful for processing steps like that. (this next bit is a bit long-winded, forgive me)

It's still not EASY to do that in the GIMP, but it sounds easier than what you're doing. There's a floating window that shows the palette, and it highlights the selected colour (in other words, you can ctrl+click the image to eyedrop the colour you're interested in, and it will highlight it on the palette so you can see which index/hexcode it is). You unfortunately can't rearrange it there, but all you have to do is right-click on the palette colormap, select "rearrange colormap", and it brings up an indexed window where you can drag and drop entries to swap them around, then click "OK" to commit the change.

Obviously you've got a method going that works for you now, but if you've got a lot left to do still you might consider giving it a look -- worst case you can just uninstall the thing again and keep on going as you are.
>> No. 31952
File 132690608344.png - (33.99KB , 430x478 , Kitsune Angry.png )
I have both Photoshop and GIMP.Turns out, however, that what I actually want is Fireworks. I can't do anything with a bitmap editor! I need vectors!
>> No. 31953
Vectors of Spider-Man!
>> No. 31956
I know that this particular thread is probably not the best place for this, but...
Stop SOPA and PIPA!
>> No. 31957
File 132690844785.png - (183.92KB , 900x890 , 131240109992.png )
Hurray for thread XI and more behind-the-scenes stuff!


I can't even begin to imagine how frustrating and time consuming it is to create palettes for this game. The closest thing I've come to anything like this is inserting sprites into a Pokémon game and dealing with just 16 colors per sprite is already enough of a hassle so the amount of work you put into this just seems brutal.
>> No. 31958
I might have a look at that, thanks! I'll still need to use photoshop to be my reference though. And yeah, if there is anyway to manipulate the palette in photoshop I cannot find it.
>> No. 31961
Most of the work was in the figuring out phase. Now it's not exactly easy but it's at least mostly logical (just very manual).
>> No. 31962
New Thread, hurray!

Nice post on the blog.
>> No. 31963
Not sure if Fleurarity or Dracularity is best alt Rarity.
>> No. 31987
File 132694752894.jpg - (84.42KB , 739x751 , 1326745595466.jpg )

Dracularity definitely caught my eye! I must say the red on O'Rarity also looks pretty cool.

Overall, a long, but interesting (well, to those interesting in the inner workings of the game) article. All that work sounds horrid, but from what I can tell, it's indeed worth it to see such nice palette swaps. I'm look forward to seeing the finalized swaps for all of the Mane6.

Also Prominence, for what it's worth, I think you are an excellent lion FM2K tamer. =)

Gah! This update just makes me look forward to seeing another update even more (Just like the last one did...).

Thanks for the writeup MonkeyJay (and for the pretty pictures)!
>> No. 31989
Rarity Frost doesn't get enough love. Personally, it's my favourite, even over the Pink palette swap I requested Jay to make.
>> No. 31990
File 132695164886.png - (26.39KB , 500x550 , Toph_Lurking.png )
New thread?

Always watching...
>> No. 31997
Now about this Rarity business, do you guys take peeks at the VA auditions or do you wait till everypony is finished?
>> No. 31998
File 132696574555.png - (28.25KB , 139x159 , Celerarity.png )
Celerarity is clearly the superior palette swap. That shade of green: <3
>> No. 31999
Rarity should have had a Spike color. ;P
>> No. 32003

Wouldn't have worked with the way the palette swaps work. The green of Spike's spines are a lighter color than his skin tone. Rarity's white color is definitely brighter than her hair.
>> No. 32017
After seeing how Rarity's pallets became an unnoficial poll, what about making pallets into official polls?
>> No. 32022
True enough. I only read 2/3rd of the article. It was a pretty long read...
>> No. 32025
Nice reading! haha.
It still *could* work. Rarity has such a contrast between her skin and mane that if you totally switched them it might just work. I think I did try something like this and it screwed up the eyes quite severely..

I think Frosty Rarity is my favourite too. I think the criticism about not enough contrast may hold though, I'll see.

I was thinking about that actually...
>> No. 32030
File 132700225985.jpg - (22.47KB , 428x423 , LightningBlitzrasberry.jpg )
"Mon Capitan! He's BACK!" XD
Nice to see you, Rellek.
>> No. 32039
Hey guys.
Loved the update, Jay. I had no idea sprites and palettes in FM2K were so tedious.
Kay. Back to silence.
>> No. 32047
FM2K just adds a few rough edges. The real hassle is because of our insistence to make the sprites look awesome. That sounds like PR crap but it's really true. We could have way less hassles if we didn't care as much.
>> No. 32048

>PR crap
oi :C
>> No. 32049
Sorry man, I meant it's only PR crap cos I'm not very good at it.. ¬_¬
>> No. 32050
Well, PR crap or not, the sprites do look awesome. They not only look accurate, but they animate very smoothly too!
>> No. 32053
You're doing a much better job than Capcom ever did. :P
>> No. 32076
File 132703508695.png - (28.10KB , 152x165 , Toph_^____^.png )
Hey at least SOME noticed me enough to care. How are things coming along?

I saw the Bronycon demo and you guys were awesome
>> No. 32082
New thread? We in there.
>> No. 32087
File 132704389128.png - (597.71KB , 912x881 , 131048086092.png )
If the development team didn't have such amazing PR, I'd interpret that as a thinly veiled insult.

Agreed. The animation is just so beautiful.
>> No. 32088
Yeah, you're right. Capcom's not that bad. I mean, Street Fighter x Tekken is shaping up pretty good.
>> No. 32090
File 132705383849.png - (247.13KB , 721x316 , fim-psp.png )
Please will there be a homebrew version for the psp? Because that would be so very ecip & awesome.
>> No. 32093
File 132705815016.png - (37.69KB , 223x154 , RarityFrost.png )

No, I love Rarity Frost too. The only way to make Rarity cooler than she already is, is by turning her into diamonds.

Emma Frost is best pony.

People don't like Rarity Frost? Clearly we need more X-Men fans up in here.

Other than Rarity Frost... Dracularity and O'Rarity also stand out as being particularly amazing, as is Rarity Hilton.
>> No. 32096
Dracularity is best Rarity.
Rarity Frost coming in a close second and Celerarity in third.
>> No. 32097
Youtube embed play button
  You know, ChocoRarity is starting to grow on me. I was like "ew" at first, but there's a certain charm to her. Chocolatey goodness. Looks like the sorta candy you get on easter.
>> No. 32108
File 132707886915.jpg - (73.85KB , 462x584 , Blind-cherry-spices.jpg )
Not in the plans

For the record, the name of that Rarity is "Cherry Spices", (Which weirdly sounds somewhat like a cloppy-movie character name to me). She's one of the Rarity recolors from the Blind Bags. (Pic related)
>> No. 32117
File 132708549524.png - (173.77KB , 972x822 , pouting_rarity_by_freelancepanic-d4b5xez.png )
No love for Celerarity? Not only is it a delicious pun, but that color scheme is simply fabulous.
>> No. 32120
>Not in the plans

Will there be later down the line?
>> No. 32121
Not likely. Sorry.
>> No. 32122

im sure there is somepony smart enough to do it anyway, just not in the mane6 crew.

personally i am curious abou AI for story mode.
>> No. 32123

Did you just now basically ask them if they have plans to have plans to port the game?
If somepony doesn't have plans, then I don't think they have plans to have plans either.

...And no, they won't have plans to have plans to have plans etc. either.
>> No. 32124
File 132709390825.jpg - (55.30KB , 403x481 , 131354450302.jpg )
True dat.
>> No. 32126
I don't know if I should cringe or smirk about the people who can't take a no for an answer and attempt to rewrite reallity to get what they want.

The game is awesome, the dev team is awesome, and if they could be left alone to work in peace, that would be even more awesome.
>> No. 32127
> and if they could be left alone to work in peace, that would be even more awesome.
Depending on what you mean, I might agree or disagree. I agree that they shouldn't be bugged too much. But I disagree that there should be no PR or any communication with the fans/followers.
>> No. 32128
File 132709678190.png - (158.69KB , 1646x1028 , BoltSad2E.png )
>and if they could be left alone to work in peace, that would be even more awesome.

...I'm sorry... ; ~ ;
>> No. 32129
File 132709696674.jpg - (117.01KB , 900x507 , 131352619478.jpg )
>I don't know if I should cringe or smirk about the people who can't take a no for an answer and attempt to rewrite reallity to get what they want.

Schadenfreude, Just Schadenfreude
Just remember if there is a will there is a way. :3

>The game is awesome, the dev team is awesome, and if they could be left alone to work in peace, that would be even more awesome.

That is why they made this thread.
So they can answer questions & be apart of the community.
>> No. 32130

I mean about being allowed to work without being bugged or asked to do things they already said they weren't going to.
>> No. 32131
File 132709735116.jpg - (19.77KB , 413x500 , 131217719124.jpg )
>> No. 32134
Youtube embed play button

Hey DevTeam, is Nyx going to be in the game? Nyx should be in the game. Nyx is the best pony. If Nyx isn't in your game yet, can you add Nyx?

Also, how much money would I have to pay to get you to add my OC to the game?
>> No. 32135

In that case, I agree. But oh well, that's always the fate of something/somepony that becomes popular.
>> No. 32136
File 132709869782.png - (1.13MB , 1280x1280 , 130920584414.png )

I agree with this, these would not be legit questions. Just pestering.
but questions like will there be a homebrew version for psp is. Even if somepony don't like it. But, there will always be haters hating and people not fully understanding something and it's purpose. But it is all good. ^_^
>> No. 32137

That pic should say "The Mare You Know."
>> No. 32138
File 132710171192.png - (140.37KB , 400x309 , bunny DAH!.png )
That is a good idea. I like it.

pic unrelated.
>> No. 32147
File 132712064570.png - (161.38KB , 894x894 , KEDZd.png )
>> No. 32151
Wow... that took a minute. Then it clicked. LOL!
>> No. 32173

It didn't click for me. Now I want to know what's so funny...
>> No. 32174
File 132717593482.png - (120.96KB , 433x360 , Cometoyu.png )
This. I demand to know.
>> No. 32180
Youtube embed play button
At EVO awhile back (at least I think it was EVO), there was a commentator for Marvel vs Capcom 2. This is one of his sayings, go to about 0:52 mark.
>> No. 32181
Oops, forgot my name.
>> No. 32185
*possibly wildly OT*
Hey, Anu. How's Bastion?
>> No. 32191

Hey!, Sorry I've not been very talky this days (Lots of stuff happening, in and out of game dev.

Already finished the game in normal mode (Brilliant, btw); Now slowly working my way on the achievements before I start game plus. Loved the game and every aspect of it (except perhaps the "no level replay", even after finishing story mode once); In fact, even got the OST to listen to while I work.

I'd like to see a Bastion sequel... Or just the next game by the company. It really deserves all those awards it got.
>> No. 32194

Well, that was very obscure... Thanks for the explanation, though.
>> No. 32197
File 132719601760.png - (190.10KB , 460x460 , where yo curleh mustache at.png )

Not really obscure if you follow the fighting game community though. Yipes is pretty much a household name.
>> No. 32199

Oh... Yeah, I don't follow the fighting community, so I guess that's the reason I didn't know about it.
To me, it just seemed like a random comment from a random fighter/player that had no significant meaning or humor value.
>> No. 32200
To be honest, there really isn't much significance to it. It's just about hype, plain and simple. And you don't need to know anything fighting games to know hype. The Mane6 panel at BroNYCon definitely showed that.
>> No. 32203
File 132719957372.jpg - (22.17KB , 431x419 , LightningBlitz_what.jpg )
>Everypony just continues to talk about what they were talking about.
Wow... this is the first time I've ever seen the stalker get ignored. o_0
To answer your unanswered question, Rellek, things are coming along fine. We've actually had some good, NEW questions for a change. =P
>> No. 32204
Actually, it does have significance to it. Everything he says is code for something. Since MvC2 is a fast game they have to shorten phrases. I don't know all of them, but "Oh so Pringles" means you're air combos. The slogan for "Pringles" is "Once you pop, you can't stop" aka you're doing air combos for awhile.
>> No. 32205
That's... deep. Now I want to know what "Fuck the Knicks" means...
>> No. 32209
File 132720655661.png - (248.84KB , 512x384 , Toph_Chill.png )
Hey I'm used to it by now. I'm surprised you responded at all actually. I'm not as popular around here anymore I guess... No biggy! I'm really busy irl so I don't have time to hang out here much :P
>> No. 32216
File 132720959128.jpg - (22.47KB , 428x423 , LightningBlitzrasberry.jpg )
Huh, really?
Well... as it turns out, I've sort of marked you as a friendly rival. Can't wait to go hoof to hoof with you. =P
>> No. 32223
File 132722355487.png - (87.28KB , 276x279 , Toph_Im_Pretty_Sure_This_Is_An_Apple.png )
Sweet! I saw the Pinkie footage and I must say that I'm liking Pinkie so far. I'll have to see how Rainbow plays.

I'm always up for some competition.
>> No. 32228
There are replayable levels in the Score Attack mode, I believe. And considering Bastion sold 500,000+ copies, I'm sure Supergiant will be working on something in the near future.
>> No. 32246
File 132725961976.jpg - (90.86KB , 600x480 , 206575_208224302541044_204440442919430_746575_7733734_n.jpg )
it would be awesome if the put c-c-c-combo breakers in it.

Pic unrelated.
>> No. 32247
File 132726052507.jpg - (22.40KB , 421x415 , LightningBlitz_snicker.jpg )
Is that real or photoshop? If it's real, then somepony in that cities government had a little too much extra time on his/her hooves...
I approve... I just think the time would have been better spent... elsewhere.
>> No. 32253
File 132726949353.png - (106.42KB , 229x362 , Toph_But_Thats_Wrong.png )
It's shopped. I can tell by the pixels and not having seen anything in my day.
>> No. 32277
That's obviously shopped.
>> No. 32279

It was explained earlier in the video. He got the mango Sentinel. You think of New York Knicks.

When the mango Sentinel lost, fuck the Knicks was a perfectly legitimate response.

If you play MvC3 at all (not that I would recommend it), because of the popularity of this video, and I assure you its huge, Capcom put Minty Magnus and the mango Sentinel in the game. I never bought UMvC3, so I don't know if we ever got cotton candy Storm, but that's the gist of it.
>> No. 32283
I don't normally post in collab, but... I would just like to mention that the full version of "The Joy of Pallets!" article does not load for me on IE, although it works fine on Firefox. I have not had this problem with other posts on your site. It just goes to a blank white screen on IE...

Also, now that Derpy has had a speaking part on the show, can we expect her to be one of the expansion pack ponies?
>> No. 32290
Youtube embed play button
There is no plans for an expansion to the game at this time.
>> No. 32291
File 132732213091.png - (348.96KB , 559x531 , 131909224814.png )
That said though, Derpy may still be among the 17 planned characters since she's rather popular in the fandom.
>> No. 32298

I literally have no clue as to what you mean! =D
(I just know that little about fighting games... Or Marvel... Or the Knicks for that matter.)

But thanks for explaining it.
>> No. 32313
File 132733947873.png - (6.67KB , 175x127 , 132Ditto_Dream.png )
<Not that one.
>> No. 32314
Youtube embed play button
Don't feel bad. I know a reasonably moderate amount about fighting games, and I didn't understand it. I suspect my lack of understand had more to do with not knowing baseball than it did fighting games.

But the immediate gist I got from his post was that the Knicks team color was the same color as Sentinal's mango recolor.
>> No. 32315

We don't support issues with IE and the site at the time, sorry.
>> No. 32326
File 132734712200.png - (119.93KB , 1201x1444 , BoltEye.png )
Try getting an actual internet browser like Firefox or Chrome? >__>
>> No. 32328

Opera FTW, matey.
>> No. 32329
Youtube embed play button
Damn it Sunset, you turned this into a Yipes thread. It's all your fault. Not really, it's part my fault too. :P
>> No. 32338
I have all three. And three home tabs for each. (Well, except Chrome. Two for that one.)
>> No. 32364
The New York Knicks have the same colours as the mango Sentinel.

I guess it's one of those things where either you get it or you don't.
>> No. 32492
Hey, I still love you Rellek, it's just kinda strange shouting it when you are anonymous, I mean you won't even know how much I stalk you.
>> No. 32505
File 132752164391.jpg - (22.56KB , 421x423 , LightningBlitz_notsureboutthat.jpg )
o_0 What?
>> No. 32509
File 132752588373.jpg - (8.21KB , 248x186 , Gary Oak with pokeball.jpg )
Are effects able to interact with each other?

Like Twilight's fireball Vs. Twilight's lazer and they do an effect:
like a summon, an explosion, magic balls coming out of it and the players grabbing them for power, or a bunch of projectiles which can damage both sides.

Or twilight's traps being thrown into herself by other abilities or explosions or Pinkie being able to eat them for extra power/magic level.
>> No. 32510

Sounds a bit inception-ish, somehow. Not quite sure why.
>> No. 32512
Sounds like you want this game to be Smash Bros, when it's in fact a fighting game.
>> No. 32513
File 132752737437.png - (240.74KB , 416x431 , 131905576238.png )
Generally fighting games do not have these kinds of effects, and being a pretty standard fighting game when it comes to gameplay, I find it highly unlikely that Fighting is Magic will have anything like this. Likely, the only way moves will interact is that certain moves will have priority over others if they collide while some might simply cancel each other out.
>> No. 32694
File 132763060611.png - (88.38KB , 287x356 , Toph_Plan_A_New_Strategy.png )
I am flattered anon and I'm sorry I'm not on often enough here. Unless you're on /oat/ in which case I go there often.

It's a compliment to me honestly :P

>> No. 32695
File 132763080228.png - (86.55KB , 236x334 , Toph_Explains.png )
When I read that I imagined Power Stone...
>> No. 32951
File 132786730582.jpg - (22.56KB , 421x423 , LightningBlitz_notsureboutthat.jpg )
No news is good news?
Silence is golden?
Where the heck is everypony?
>> No. 32952
File 132786781652.png - (168.81KB , 400x348 , 44170_-_fluttershy_fluttertree_meme_scootaloo_scootaloo_is_a_chicken-(n1314478667800).png )
We're busy beating the crap out of each other in the Skype chat.

And it's only been 11 days since the last update.
>> No. 32953
File 132786852259.png - (119.68KB , 400x400 , 130799307775.png )
Rarity's auditions are ending soon so hopefully it won't be too long until we get a new update.
>> No. 32955
Twitter says we are getting Rarity's theme as soon as Rarity's audition results are announced, can't wait.
>> No. 32956
File 132787001088.png - (270.38KB , 595x842 , 131069826538.png )
Ooh, I've been waiting for that for a while.
>> No. 32957
File 132787005045.png - (33.34KB , 430x478 , Kitsune Sad.png )
Y'all are lucky, my Internet's too slow for me to do stuff like that.
...But, of course, as always, nopony cares about what I have to say... Everypony's going to ignore me... Just like always...
>> No. 32963
File 132787565451.png - (158.69KB , 1646x1028 , BoltSad2E.png )
...I listen...
>> No. 32966
...Guess that means you're Nopony, huh? But at least you're better than me. I'm less than Nopony...
>> No. 32969
File 132788297137.png - (152.15KB , 1287x1441 , BoltWorried.png )
Yo brony, why dontcha join the Skype group. I'm pretty sure your internet can handle the simple stuff we do. You won't know till you try. :<
>> No. 32974
Update for anypony who cares!
GIMP unfortunately doesn't speed up the process at all since it has no way of highlighting the palette colour in the image easily, and also the palette rearranging window does not include blank spaces, which is 100% crucial to the process due to the manual checking of the palette against an unsorted palette.

I will now be using Grafx however! Which is a bitmap editor made to look like the old school deluxepaint. It has a few major major helpful editions to the process including automatically quantizing the palette into values that are multiples of 8 AND a method for palette swapping into blank space AND a way of highlighting the colours in the image and seeing where it is in the palette AND it doesn't corrupt the palette every 5 minutes making me nervous.

Three cheers for Grafx!!
>> No. 32975
File 132788373355.jpg - (61.81KB , 471x526 , Untitled-1.jpg )
I don't use Skype. No reason to. I don't have any friends.
Even if I did, I wouldn't for long. I always offend everypony. That, or they see my face. Remember what my art does to people? My face does the same.
>> No. 32976
>> No. 32977
File 132788414278.png - (169.72KB , 1404x1195 , BoltBattle.png )
Dammit RuBoo! You get in here right now!
>> No. 32979
File 132788502440.png - (33.54KB , 430x478 , Kitsune Smug Grin.png )
...You really want everypony to hate you, don't you? Just like they hate me. Well, I won't let you. Couldn't if I wanted to. Heeheeheehee...
>> No. 32980
File 132788512600.png - (158.69KB , 1646x1028 , BoltSad2E.png )
Bu...but I just like makin new friends... ; ~ ;
>> No. 32981
As do I. The difference between us? You actually succeed.
>> No. 32984
File 132789059334.png - (142.65KB , 1270x1381 , BoltSad3E.png )
...well of course you don' don't seem to even try...
>> No. 32985
I don't mean to interrupt but this is incredibly depressing, and not really in the intended spirit of Fighting is Magic.

RuBoo just install skype and get on their chat!
You don't have to do anything, you can just open the window and leave it in the background while you do your normal internet stuff and can just watch everypony type and join in or not whenever you want. You can try out a game with them or not, or whatever!
>> No. 32989
File 132790153782.png - (99.40KB , 250x337 , Toph_That_Is_Dubs.png )

Don't worry guy, I don't do the skype group either. We'll be the stalkers of the thread :P

No worries! You'll get something eventually :D
>> No. 33000
File 132791697157.gif - (93.26KB , 500x270 , spoiler.gif )
Can I join the stalker cult club too?
>> No. 33004
File 132792887556.png - (35.66KB , 430x477 , Kitsune Thinking.png )
Rule of Three. Works in Pokemon, Legend of Zelda... eh... Mario?
>> No. 33041
File 132798074409.png - (102.63KB , 221x281 , Toph_Ahahaha.png )
Works for me! Stalker Trio Crusaders, YAY!
>> No. 33044
File 132798350056.jpg - (23.38KB , 500x390 , lurking.jpg )
I gotta get my lurk on, then.
>> No. 33046
>Website Updated
>> No. 33047
File 132798921892.png - (135.85KB , 932x857 , rainbow_dash___cry_by_cptofthefriendship-d4nwd03.png )
And best of luck to him in all of his endeavors.
>> No. 33049
This does not bode well.
>> No. 33051

A big round of applause and the best wishes ever for his future life and programming projects.
>> No. 33052
File 132799207859.png - (172.01KB , 550x450 , 130719244923.png )
Best of luck to Prominence in any projects he may be involved with in the future. I'm glad to see you have enough talented people on your team that the consequences of this unfortunate event aren't catastrophic.
>> No. 33053
Good luck Prominence!
>> No. 33056
File 132800090191.png - (524.63KB , 4000x3020 , 131727996657.png )
Just popping in to say thank you Prominence for everything you've contributed to the project. We will all miss you!
>> No. 33057
File 132800185262.jpg - (164.68KB , 848x470 , 131930728951.jpg )
Always sad to see somepony step down. I wish you good luck in your future endeavors Prominence.

On the more upbeat side of things, I am excited to see what you all have in store for us all in the coming days.

Thank you again Prominence for making what I am sure is an excellent contribution to an amazing looking game.
>> No. 33062
File 132801167353.png - (71.01KB , 280x280 , happy.png )
Good luck, Prominence, and thanks!
>> No. 33064
Best of luck Prominence, we'll miss you.
>> No. 33065
i think ill never get a chance to play this game
>> No. 33074
File 132804114211.png - (143.07KB , 1201x1444 , BoltAnnoyed.png )
Oh shush up, yes you will. They have things under control I'm sure. Yeah, they lost another member, and he will be missed, but I'm sure he left them with plenty of knowledge about that there Fighter Maker to continue without him. Stop being so damn pessimistic...
>> No. 33075
File 132804139125.png - (93.04KB , 500x500 , 131099201893.png )
This. Especially since, you know, the announcement blog post says

>The game's progress or completition aren't in jeopardy due to this event

In bold letter.
>> No. 33076
It's natural people would be worried. It's like when a CEO of a company gets sick and the stock prices drop!

Our stock is the fandoms trust that we will finish this project and make it high quality. That is what they have invested in us and we have no doubt that we will deliver.
>> No. 33079
Bold and italicized letters! How could they miss that!? Sheesh, everypony. You're such little kids...
>> No. 33080
File 132804612538.png - (646.43KB , 991x553 , 131638808852.png )
Indeed, we must have faith before fear.

>> No. 33083
File 132804839486.png - (73.28KB , 206x238 , Toph_How_Should_I_Know.png )
But it's only natural to be a little impatient. I don't think it was a pessimistic comment, it was more of a "Yikes, this is taking forever" comment.

And I suppose the loss of another member could kind of slow development even if it's slightly. Try not to be so defensive.

I'm imagining how far this project has come and seen only 2 working stages and themes, 2 well developed characters, 2 under-developed characters and a couple gifs with 2 others.

And you guys got a LOT left to do to just simply release the BASIC build. And then after that, you have 11 more characters to build and program in along with any stages or music or voices you want to release with them. It's going to be a LONG while before this game is released.

Also, this post is NOT pessimistic, it's merely realistic. There is a difference.
>> No. 33086
File 132804968802.png - (228.28KB , 570x600 , 130726426625.png )
Considering how quickly the development has progressed so far, I'm it won't be unbearably long until we get the first release of the game. I do agree though that we should remain patient. Of course the game will take some time to be finished since it's being made by group of amateurs who have their own lives and jobs to take care of. Everypony should really just be happy that the development team is awesome enough to stay in touch with their fans and release updates on a semi-regular basis. Too many fan projects end up in limbo where no one knows what's going on with the project for a really long time. I'm looking at you, Sonic Megamix. If any large delays happen or the game were to (hypothetically) be cancelled, I'm sure we'd know sooner or later.

Also, to be picky: we've actually seen three stages so far: Sweet Apple Acres, Carousel Boutique and Twilight's library.
>> No. 33087
I disagree. I think they were pessimistic comments. But that's fine too, we know a lot more about what's going on with our game than the fans!

>And you guys got a LOT left to do to just simply release the BASIC build.

It's also exactly the reason we don't put dates for our release.
>> No. 33088
File 132805095412.png - (212.14KB , 746x600 , 643Reshiram_Dream.png )
Reshiram likes this post. As do I. 'Tis truth.
>> No. 33093
>Also, this post is NOT pessimistic, it's merely realistic. There is a difference.

Do you mean your post, or the post complaining "I'll never be able to play the game?"
In any case, your points are both realistic and are worded to seem pessimistic to me. It is realistic that we HAVE only been shown 2 working stages and themes, 2 well developed characters, 2 under-developed characters and a couple gifs with 2 others. However, the key is these things are what we have been shown; which is not everything the team has done and simply hasn't shown us yet.
I'm fairly certain they have much more done of Fluttershy and/or Rainbow Dash than a couple gifs of them, and I wouldn't be surprised if Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and the backgrounds are further along than some people think.

Is it still a ways off from being released? Yes, but I'm not sure who thought this project wouldn't take some time. I think it's pessimistic assume you'll "never get a chance to play the game", based only on the information we've been given.

And of course these are just my opinions, and it is not my intent to rub anypony the wrong way.
>> No. 33096
Didn't Prominence mention something about this at Bronycon? He said something about college I believe.
>> No. 33097

It didn't sound like this was something that blindsided the Devteam, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was due to school or some such and there were warnings in advance.
>> No. 33110
>Website Updated:
Rarity casting call closed.

Good luck to everypony that applied.
>> No. 33118
File 132810669655.jpg - (33.70KB , 638x359 , 131185230629.jpg )
>And I suppose the loss of another member could kind of slow development even if it's slightly.

Actually this should speed up development. It was a cooks in kitchen problem. This isn't some large company with a physical location; these are people working together over the Internet. The number of people who can work together before things start coming into difficult to resolve disagreements which make slow development is quite low. This isn't bashing on Prom, he's a great friend of mine. His vision for the game just happened to be different from the rest of the Mane6. Neither vision was bad. Just incompatible. The departure was not in anger, but was thought about for weeks before coming to his careful decision, which everypony else respected. We all still play fighting games and stuff together, and nopony is even mad.

>I'm imagining how far this project has come and seen [...] 2 well developed characters, 2 under-developed characters and a couple gifs with 2 others.

That's because they are in a massive bug squashing stage. It's not like art isn't being made for the future characters, but the programmers are currently trying to smash the fuck out of all the existing bugs. And in the process they are learning things which make programming future characters easier. Art is currently faster than the programming can keep up; eventually programming will be faster than the art and catch up with it.

>And you guys got a LOT left to do to just simply release the BASIC build. And then after that, you have 11 more characters to build and program in along with any stages or music or voices you want to release with them. It's going to be a LONG while before this game is released.

It'll be easier with each character they do, because they learn what things to do, or what not to do, and can get through the basics of the character much faster. Even now, the production of each character in sequence is going faster than the previous.

A lot of things is stuff that they are learning still. Like, they keep stumbling across missing character states which need to be added for gameplay to function correctly. The 6 initial characters are likely going to take more time than the entire remaining 11 characters combined, specifically because of things like discovering by trial and error everything that a character needs programmed into it to work.

>Also, this post is NOT pessimistic, it's merely realistic. There is a difference.

I talk with about half of the Mane6 in the Skype Chat on a daily basis, and the subject of Fighting is Magic comes up every so often. I pick up a lot of little things. It's "realistic" with a limited knowledge set, but "pessimistic" with the knowledge possessed by people who spend more time with the Devs.

Of course, don't quote me on any of this. I could be grossly wrong about something.
>> No. 33119
Okay, you said no quotting but:
"The 6 initial characters are likely going to take more time than the entire remaining 11 characters combined, specifically because of things like discovering by trial and error everything that a character needs programmed into it to work."

Seriously? That's GREAT! Even if it takes a little longer than that it's way faster than I would expect.
>> No. 33120
> This thread

"Oh noes, you guys are taking too long to complete my free game and I want it NAO, it's lost, it's lost FORREVEEERRRR!"

Seriously guys, go get something else to do instead of complaining all the time, and leave the team work at their own pace.

Personally, I don't expect to see a playable demo before June or July, and I'm OK with that.
>> No. 33121
I hope you guys are as fast as you were when you chose Pinkie's VA, because I can't help f5'ing your website ewvery now and then even tough I know I shouldn't expect Rarity's theme at least until tomorrow.
>> No. 33123
File 132811354641.png - (589.55KB , 2729x3445 , big_macintosh_by_geekywebman-d4cjtim.png )

>playable demo

Nnnnope. First playable version will be first released version and contain all the mane 6 as fully fleshed out characters.
>> No. 33126
File 132811591929.jpg - (36.21KB , 509x385 , everything_went_better_than_expected.jpg )
>> No. 33127
Youtube embed play button
  The main problem with a playable demo is people expect weird things out of it.

Get all the mechanics right? People will complain about missing animations or sounds. See >>33083

Make the game look and sound gorgeous? People will find a bunch of crazy weird glitches that even large development companies somehow can't seem to avoid winding up in their fight game engines even on their live releases. Video related.

Thank goodness Mane6 is erring on the side of the former, not the latter. I don't blame them for not releasing a playable demo. It would take development time away from actually finishing the game, in favor of trying to cap it off with only the working mechanics and finished art, and hope people don't rage about how terrible it is with the game missing things.
>> No. 33144
File 132814397443.png - (65.97KB , 229x252 , Toph_Huh_What_Is_That.png )
Oh fancy! I haven't got the time to see it yet. I'll hop to it... I'll find it somewhere.

I never once said "I'll never get to play this game"

I only said "It will be a long time before it's released" which, if you don't know the difference IS realistic.

Man... I'm the thread stalker... I know almost everything that goes on. I have my ways.
>> No. 33145
File 132814456782.png - (23.58KB , 124x125 , 130769953017.png )
The thread hears WAY less stuff than the Skype chat does. We get tons of little off-handed remarks from time to time. This thread only get's official statements.
>> No. 33146

My point about "Never being able to play the game" was about the difference between pessimism and being realistic in regards to the comment you seemed to be defending:

I agreed with >>33087
as I thought the comment was indeed pessimistic, and not necessarily realistic. And again, your points are realistic, but are worded to sounds pessimistic to me. It will be a long time before its released, I never disagreed with you there, and I'm not sure why this is even an issue; I don't think many of us had illusions this project would only take a few months.
>> No. 33147
Actually I think some of the team thought it would only take a few months when we first started :) haha.

We realised pretty soon, and somewhat to our surprise, that we were competent enough to not just make a game but to make a really good game. And I hope everypony agrees that the time invested is paying off and I can only try to assure you that it will be worth the wait.
>> No. 33148

Oh of course; when I first saw the AJ vs AJ trailer I thought the game might be out before the end of summer. Once I started checking up on the threads and webpages after that big livestream, I started thinking it might take a little longer, maybe at latest until early next year (this year) for the game to be out. After the Twilight trailer though, I knew this game wouldn't be coming out anytime that soon!

But I'm quite ok with that, since the progress I've seen has been steady and remarkable. I think it's been worth the wait, and I'm looking forward to that public display of how the progress is coming in the upcoming days. Should be a treat!
>> No. 33149
I'm gonna reserve judgement until something is there to judge.

I like the idea of having first impressions being good. The show itself is best example of that.

Lastly, Jay Wright is a bad flank name.
>> No. 33150
>bad flank

lol Should have kept it as one word like I usually do.
>> No. 33152
File 132815078242.png - (172.12KB , 1203x1449 , BoltShrug1E.png )
Does anypony have the "Nyx Character Select Screen" that was in the very first stream? I still wanna see that...
>> No. 33153

That shall never see the light of day again :c
>> No. 33154
Next time just put in Lauren Faust's OC instead. :B
>> No. 33166
File 132816817244.png - (80.67KB , 285x316 , Toph_Scuse_Me.png )
No seriously...

I have my ways.
>> No. 33178
I'm on the team and I can guarantee I know more than all of you. Do I win now?
>> No. 33179

Yeah, well, I'm on the devchat more than you are, so I win.
>> No. 33185
File 132821954033.png - (13.88KB , 87x120 , 494Victini_Dream.png )
Nopony wins, 'cause the loser has Victini.
>> No. 33196
File 132822892093.jpg - (22.47KB , 428x423 , LightningBlitzrasberry.jpg )
Umm... what? =P
Relevance, please sir.
>> No. 33208
File 132823671989.png - (61.60KB , 260x240 , 028Sandslash.png )
Well duh. But you should keep your blinds closed.

This is true! And I have a Sandslash!
>> No. 33230
File 132825226715.png - (597.71KB , 912x881 , 131048086092.png )
Implying half the posts in these threads are relevant to anything.
>> No. 33237
File 132827690516.jpg - (54.05KB , 600x450 , african-elephant_435_600x450.jpg )

All posts have always been relephant to my interests!
>> No. 33240
File 132828412639.png - (33.54KB , 430x478 , Kitsune Smug Grin.png )
The loser (me) has Victini, a Pokemon which brings it's Trainer victory. I am such a big loser that even with Victini, I still lose. And none of you can use Victini's power, so none of you win. Ha!
>> No. 33241
File 132828428517.png - (35.66KB , 430x477 , Kitsune Thinking.png )
Victini + Sandslash = ...Well, I don't really know, but it's probably something cute... And/or devastatingly powerful.
>> No. 33245
File 132829662001.png - (142.24KB , 800x595 , RD_Wobuffet.png )
If you can't win, make everypony lose! I love your style!

In doubles battles it'll probably be owned by surf but who gives, sound awesome! Wobbuffet is better anyways :P
>> No. 33246
File 132829678927.png - (597.71KB , 912x881 , 131048086092.png )
>In double battles
>> No. 33249
File 132829853165.png - (123.52KB , 288x354 , Toph_Idea2.png )
Well Wobbuffet's my fav pokemon D: Minus Whimsicott and Ninetales.
>> No. 33271
File 132831172922.png - (155.38KB , 637x599 , 038Ninetales_Dream.png )
...Ninetales is best Pokémon...
>> No. 33272
File 132831185916.png - (35.73KB , 177x183 , Toph_Lighten_Up_A_Bit.png )
I knew you would appreciate that :P

Also, after months of tinkering and fixing, I now have skype. Yippee!
>> No. 33277
NO! Kyogre is best pokemon. Ninetails can go suck a tapir cock!
>> No. 33280
File 132832663928.png - (45.12KB , 437x476 , 383Groudon_Dream.png )
1. Learn to spell.
2. Go suck a Groudon.
^Not necessarily in that order.
>> No. 33281
File 132832899634.png - (27.01KB , 136x125 , Toph_Hangin_Out.png )
Huh? That's not even a pokemon...
>> No. 33283
I think you guys are starting to reason a bit too far outside the squareish container...

(and outside the thread topic)
>> No. 33284
File 132833018788.png - (74.19KB , 226x236 , Toph_Smile_Wide.png )
I love you too.
>> No. 33307
Kyogre is still better!
>> No. 33315
File 132838043217.png - (125.80KB , 899x770 , 037Vulpix_Dream.png )
Nonsense. Even Groudon is better than Kyogre, and Groudon's Drought ability makes SolarBeam the best weapon to use against it. And Ninetales can learn SolarBeam.
Dream World Ninetales have the Drought ability, strengthening Fire-type attacks and making SolarBeam a viable tactic against all of it's weaknesses. Dream World Vulpix are the same, but they can't learn SolarBeam.
>> No. 33321
File 132838337577.jpg - (44.08KB , 519x511 )
Please keep /collab/ threads on topic! This is not the place to have a long thread derail.
>> No. 33331
Well now that you have Skype, and you said last thread that you love challenges, you should join the skype chat. We'd love to have some fresh meat =P
>> No. 33339
I know you guys don't really do the whole "suggestions" thing, but I thought I'd throw these out there, and hopefully, somepony on the team finds them interesting.

The first is probably pretty obvious at this point: Give Rainbow Dash a Daring Doo (sp?) alt color. That is, unless you go with my other idea...

...Which is to make Daring Doo a character in the future. I had some ideas for how she could work. She would essentially be a trap/projectile character, but with a unique twist.

Her normals would be pretty standard fare, though there would be some like having a spike come out of the ground in front of her and having her jerk backwards as if she just avoided it.

Her specials are where the real fun is.
First off, she would have an arrow projectile. It would fire off from different sides of the screen (for example, QCF+A = Fires from behind Daring Doo, QCF+B = Fires from behind the opponent and QCF+C is a feint. When you do the attack, she would do a "tell" that lets you know that the arrow is coming from somewhere offscreen, and there would be a short delay (like 2 seconds maybe) before it finally fires. Well, unless you feinted it.

Another move I thought of would be a swinging blade. It would swing from either the left or right side, depending on the button you press (or feint the attack instead), but it would be too high to hit ground standing opponents. It would be an anti-air.

Her Level 1 Super would be a rapid stream of arrows that come from behind her, which she would automatically duck under. Her level 3 would cause spiked walls to appear on each side of the screen, which would prevent the screen from scrolling and damage anypony that touches the spikes.

And this brings me to my next point. All of Daring Doo's special moves would be able to hurt herself as well. They would be fast and/or powerful, but if you didn't plan it properly, you could take damage yourself. For example, if you let an arrow come from behind you, but before you could jump over it, your opponent got you in a combo, the arrow would hit you in the back, dealing damage to you.
>> No. 33340
Read the FAQ.
This is a season 1 project only.
While a Daring Do color scheme may be possible, there's no way they'll add her as character.
>> No. 33341
File 132839574374.png - (71.01KB , 280x280 , 130669580066.png )
As far as I know, Rainbow Dash's colors are not even close to done, so a Daring Do color is almost 100% guaranteed, unless they come up with multiple colors which everypony likes better. Discorded Rarity had some supporters, but it doesn't seem popular enough to go live, and people preferred the original colors that Jay came up with.
>> No. 33354
File 132840377889.png - (70.34KB , 385x377 , Toph_YES.png )
Well I need to be invited to the group again :P Apparently I was kicked out.

I'm not in any particular hurry.

Daring-Do, YES! New favourite pony :P
>> No. 33364
File 132842036055.png - (302.70KB , 536x471 , 38.png )
Do you know what I'm super excited for, DevTeam? When you guys first release this game, seeing what the community does with it.

Finding broken combos, ways to utilize a character you didn't forsee, bugs even.

It's just always so fun to me to see a game develop and mature after it's released. ^_^
>> No. 33366
File 132842066080.png - (231.01KB , 565x462 , 33.png )
Oh and could I get an invite to the Skype group please?
>> No. 33368

Yeah. How does one go about getting invited to this shindig?
>> No. 33371
We, well.. I.. am really looking forward to that as well! Which is also one of the reasons this is taking as long as it is (other reasons being that we are humans with only so much free time): We want to make it solid enough to HAVE a life span beyond a little novelty game.
>> No. 33373

don't you love wishful thinking?

nice ideas. but i'd save them for... never.
>> No. 33374
File 132843212271.png - (160.91KB , 1202x1444 , Bolt Happy1W.png )
Simple. Toss up your Skype names and I'll send ya a friend request as soon as possible. Accept and I can add you to the group.
>> No. 33375
File 132843223401.png - (145.01KB , 1262x1383 , BoltThinking1.png )
If I recall correctly, YOU left. I could be mistaken, if you're correct, you weren't "kicked' so much as, taken out for being inactive. If you want to be active and get back in, for those who were removed, feel free to say to here on the thread or to me on Skype and I'll throw ya right back in. No big deal.
>> No. 33377
File 132843519108.png - (60.23KB , 202x204 , Toph_Eye_Lasers.png )
Well I didn't leave no group but I have been inactive for a while as I was gettin' stuff together but no biggy.
>> No. 33394

Sent ya an email.
>> No. 33413
Is there a new Skype chat or something? Whichever one I'm in has been quite inactive.
>> No. 33417
File 132850642022.png - (76.69KB , 320x314 , 12.png )
bradoshado is my skype name

Thanks in advance!
>> No. 33473
File 132855385303.png - (164.01KB , 1201x1442 , BoltSalute1W.png )
On it!

We never moved...We just removed you cuz you never said anything... >__>
>> No. 33483
File 132857001215.png - (28.38KB , 128x139 , Toph_Not_Impressed1.png )
Well that's a little discriminatory, dontcha think?
>> No. 33484
File 132857158250.png - (141.30KB , 1201x1444 , BoltConfused1.png )
After a MONTH of not doing ANYTHING?
>> No. 33489
Oh, don't be so dramatic (unless my sarcasm meter is broken) :P. If you want to be in the 'chat/fighting group', there is probably a reasonable expectation of chatting and or fighting. If you get removed because of a month of zero activity it's not like there is a hard re-entry process, hell, Sunset INVITED you back in. It's like a quick message and two clicks.
>> No. 33497
Oh. Sorry.
Skype's SkaFox64
I'll be louder next time...
>> No. 33502
File 132858933591.png - (127.24KB , 268x342 , Toph_O_Rly.png )

Yeah I got the invite a few days ago and it was horribly sarcastic. Though it's true.
>> No. 33523
And that would be another reason I'm not joining the group... I have nothing to say...
>> No. 33532
I'm here because I like fighting games, video games, and ponies. I don't have Skype.
>> No. 33533
File 132864508624.gif - (63.15KB , 200x200 , flying.gif )
Will rainbow fly?

technically, you should add flying RD becuase... i dont know , it'd be interesting to see her against AJ who's pure ground character.
>> No. 33537

if by flying you mean some kind of fly mode which can be turned on or off for epic mindgamez and stuff then I don't know about that.

but they confirmed that there will be characters with airdash ability.

and seeing how the 4 chars we have seen gameplay of so far didn't do any airdashing... I'd say the chances that rainbow will be able to are pretty good.
>> No. 33599
File 132874632825.png - (91.75KB , 263x316 , Toph_Nothing_To_Worry_About.png )
Well you have to say anything productive. I got invited back and have said absolutely nothing productive at all...

Then DAMN you're in the right place. What can we do ya for?
>> No. 33600
I assume you mean... "You don't have to say anything productive"?
>> No. 33601
File 132874694220.png - (88.38KB , 287x356 , Toph_Plan_A_New_Strategy.png )
Yeah that. Also the other thing. And I'm sorry that typos happen. Not like I can read what I write.
>> No. 33602
> Not like I can read what I write.

...Of course not. =p
>> No. 33610
Youtube embed play button
Nothing right now. Waiting for something to talk about.

Random fighting game video because I can.
>> No. 33942
Website updated

Rarity VA Chosen!
>> No. 33943

Don't ya just love my masterpiece on that post? :)
>> No. 33945
Never seen rarity so atractive
>> No. 33947
File 132911262199.png - (14.08KB , 239x259 , masterpieceofart.png )
Dat filename
>> No. 33948

I'm hoping you will replace the current in game Rarity with your clearly superior one.
>> No. 33957
File 132913799668.png - (139.39KB , 293x269 , Rainbowmane.png )
Kinda reminds me of them.
>> No. 33958
Yay! Yay! That means we are pretty close from Rarity's theme
>> No. 33965

...definitely looking forward to that, but even more so to that new gameplay footage that was supposed to be presented somewhen around now.

or maybe those are one and the same thing? rarity "reveal"-style trailer coming up maybe?
>> No. 34016
File 132926292741.png - (146.73KB , 1203x1444 , BoltSigh.png )
For that matter, reveal trailer for AJ or Pinkie? I mean we know they exist now. I'll take anypony that is close enough to completion to warrant a trailer at this point. >__>
>> No. 34019

They said that they're gonna do a reveal trailer for Applejack someday.
And of course they're gonna do one for Pinkie as well, since she hasn't even really been revealed yet.
>> No. 34027
File 132927977561.png - (35.73KB , 177x183 , Toph_Lighten_Up_A_Bit.png )
Can't wait for the Pinkie one :D
>> No. 34029
so I just noticed 2 things:

somewhen between yesterday and now you guys updated the FAQ on the website. twas about time, you mentioned that you wanted to do that on your twitter like a month ago.
flows nicely now. even more so than before. didn't just add new questions, but also rephrased a good chunk of the old ones.

that and

honestly, I spend spend way too much time on your website
>> No. 34030
so I just noticed 2 things:

somewhen between yesterday and now you guys updated the FAQ on the website. twas about time, you mentioned that you wanted to do that on your twitter like a month ago.
flows nicely now. even more so than before. didn't just add new questions, but also rephrased a good chunk of the old ones.

that and

honestly, I spend spend way too much time on your website
>> No. 34032
File 132928363712.jpg - (22.47KB , 428x423 , LightningBlitzrasberry.jpg )
>> No. 34060
File 132933055898.png - (313.15KB , 888x638 , 131181427752.png )
LOVE lovelovelove the choice for rarity's voice. She sounds amazing!

Keep up the great work!
>> No. 34098
>Website Updated

This is a big one :) - Remember that game progress show we promised you a few updates ago?

Well, here it is!
>> No. 34100
File 132937375839.jpg - (94.46KB , 506x442 , Liar All of My Hate.jpg )


>haha nope

I don't really feel justified in directing my anger from the lack of Rarity theme at anypony in particular, because that would be unfair. Instead, I'll just direct it at music itself for taking to long and being so hard to make.

Even that feels unfair, but it's the best I can do.

Also thanks for the update. It helps.
>> No. 34101

A couple of details left, it should go up tomorrow, day after at most. It's actually my fault this time. <.< (Don't ask)
>> No. 34102

I'm quite excited. The last livestream really got me interested in the development of the game. With four characters this time, I'm expecting to see some amazing stuff happen!
>> No. 34103
File 132937462154.jpg - (42.92KB , 276x311 , Scarcity Victory Grin.jpg )
>It's actually my fault

That makes this so much easier.
>> No. 34104
File 132937602783.png - (147.28KB , 528x384 , Toph_Sorry.png )
If I had a mic I would've tried out for that...

I better get that in by tomorrow! You're tearing me apart LISA ANU!
>> No. 34105
1 hour stream, correct?

Can't wait for the 5000+ people in one chat again. (That is if it hits EqD).
>> No. 34106
File 132937874650.png - (40.87KB , 152x203 , Toph_Party.png )
It'll hit EqD 55 minutes into the stream
>> No. 34111
File 132940679243.png - (225.01KB , 422x343 , 131758438279.png )
Mfw new stream.
>> No. 34121
File 132942877004.png - (154.04KB , 400x372 , 132746520111.png )
>> No. 34122
>Website Updated

Rarity's stage theme is up

>> No. 34123
Awesome. Like it better than Twilight's.

Also, awesome picture of Rarity. Kinda has the Mario Strikers art style going for it.
>> No. 34125
File 132943459923.gif - (101.21KB , 125x94 , 131204818510.gif )
Flipping shit right now. This is fantastic! It sure wasn't what I expected, but I love it all the same. :3
>> No. 34129
File 132943717919.png - (52.51KB , 232x271 , Toph_Dances.png )

Love it!
>> No. 34135
(my) Official theme ranking
Twilight>Rarity>Applejack>>>>>>God tier>High tier>....
>> No. 34136
File 132945366875.png - (126.61KB , 640x360 , hmmm.png )
Interesting. It's good, but I like Twilight's and AJ's better. This theme just doesn't shout "Rarity" to me like the others do their respective characters...
>> No. 34138
File 132945459886.png - (34.04KB , 164x218 , Toph_Not_Goonna_Worry_About_It.png )
For me it's along the lines of:

Daring Do>>>>>>Twilight>AJ>Rarity>>>>>Everything that is good in the world>>>Magikarp>>>Anu
>> No. 34142
File 132946198698.jpg - (22.47KB , 428x423 , LightningBlitzrasberry.jpg )
Sorry, couldn't resist. XD
>> No. 34143
I feel the same way. I still like it, but the other themes reminded me of the characters better.
>> No. 34144
My ranking seems unpopular opinion now. :(

Applejack => Rarity > Twilight.

Twilight's theme is too soft and it doesn't feel fighting game-ish. They're just more catchy. I dunno... that's just me. Maybe it'll grow on me when I play the game and listen to enough times.
>> No. 34145
File 132946415654.png - (161.17KB , 405x395 , Toph_Is_That.png )
Your opinion isn't manestream. Therefore it's a good opinion in my opinion which is similar to your opinion based on our similar interests of opinions.
>> No. 34150
File 132946929942.png - (150.80KB , 1275x1448 , BoltReassuring.png )
Doesn't matter. Once Rainbow Dash's theme is finished, it'll be the best theme hooves down.
>> No. 34151
This seems like the largest thread so I will ask it here...

Completely random but would anypony know the auto-sage limit for this board?
>> No. 34152
File 132947014341.png - (292.28KB , 700x700 , 130727621046.png )
This. There's just nothing about this song that screams Rarity: even the brief Art of the Dress reference feels forced and out of place to me. Oh well, it's not like the game is ruined forever because of one less than amazing stage theme.
>> No. 34156
Sounds kida Rarity like for me, sounds glamourous but a little popular, something like that.
>> No. 34157
File 132947249893.png - (277.15KB , 1700x1500 , 131097824915.png )
It does sounds kind of fitting for Rarity, but not in the same degree as Applejack's and Twilight's stage theme fit their respective characters. It's not bad by any means, but it's not as absolutely fantastic as the other stage themes that have been released so far.
>> No. 34158
File 132947302695.png - (72.63KB , 236x250 , Toph_^___^.png )
I believe it's 350 though I'm unsure. 80% assurance that it's 350. Don't mind being ignored, they do it to everypony who isn't in on the loop. I'm glad to help :D

If it was a mock up of Becoming Popular, that would be my favourite theme... HANDS DOWN. Because Europe Becoming Popular is my favourite song so far...
>> No. 34161
You have no idea how much you helped just to get that confirmed...
>> No. 34164
yes its 350 I just looked at my thread that went on autosage not too many posts ago

anyway I like this song. Not quite what I was expecting but it does fit rarity. It will have to rest in second place as applejack theme is just outstanding
>> No. 34169
Nay. Fluttershy.
I would help... If I knew...
As much as I like to help people, I'm no help at all...
>> No. 34172
I think t will be the one I'll like the least.
Still going to love it.
>> No. 34174
It's probably grasping at straws since they're trying to stay in season 1, but a Daring Do pallete for Rainbow Dash would be nice.
>> No. 34175
It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the episode (It seems the episodes are now more animation/idea references for me now than an actual show!). It's been brought up so often and I'm not a fan of arbitrary mystery: I would love a Daring-Do palette swap for RD.

IF IT WORKS then I'll be putting it in :)
>> No. 34177
I can't say that doesn't make me happy.
>> No. 34180
Is it wrong I'm more in love with that background picture than of the music in Rarity's video?
>> No. 34181
Youtube embed play button
  Looks like somepony beat you to making an MLP fighter guys. Darn. :P
>> No. 34183
File 132951948398.png - (102.63KB , 221x281 , Toph_Ahahaha.png )
HA! Season 2 content in a Season 1 game!

I would main RD if Daring Do was a colour swap :D:D:D
>> No. 34198
File 132953668083.png - (258.10KB , 1926x2107 , 132640021420.png )
I actually hadn't even thought of that! Though with the way that the palette post said the swaps work, it doesn't seem unreasonable.

The only thing I could see not working is the relative difference in the contrast of Daring Do's coat color and her tail/mane color(s) compared to the contrast of Rainbow's. If all else fails, the tail/mane could simply be brighter, I suppose. I also may be misunderstanding the way the palettes work.

Also yaaay first post with a new tripcode!
>> No. 34199
File 132953725756.png - (64.19KB , 165x233 , Toph_Eating_You_Gonna_Finish_That.png )
Yeah you're misunderstanding how the recolours work.

Go look at Anu's stuff over on the site. He explains the palette thing pretty well. And there's various examples of different shading in several colours for AJ and Rarity.

Shading won't be a problem. It'll just be more work.
>> No. 34200

My knowledge about palettes is pretty much: Color comes in, different color comes out... I think you meant Jay's stuff.
>> No. 34201
File 132953845660.jpg - (70.96KB , 384x632 , wO8Gr.jpg )
This is moreso what I was talking about. Will Daring Do follow the relative value rule? Also... another thing that may not make it work... Reading through again, it was said that colors used in AJ's hat were also used in the coat color. I feel like some of RD's tail might end up getting re-used in her coat. Changing that to black/almost black might be REALLY noticeable.

... Indexed images and colormaps. I feel your pain, Jay. :(
>> No. 34202
*cough* actually he was pretty spot on. Maybe you need to read Anu's post again ;)

The relative values are key, but I'm thinking Rainbow Dash might be a special case because of the non-sharedness of the colours. I'm hoping so anyway because otherwise it's gonna be murder.

Daring Do, I need you!
>> No. 34203
File 132953851984.png - (360.44KB , 998x864 , so_goddamn_happy.png )
Or I could be totally wrong and RD's tail doesn't share much with her coat. XD
>> No. 34206
File 132954325812.gif - (785.44KB , 400x400 , Toph_Blind.gif )
Oh yeah... Sorry, reading isn't my thing.

You guys are expecting so much out of me.
>> No. 34214
File 132957447030.jpg - (33.16KB , 600x450 , 131518064004.jpg )
... Touchè, good sir.
>> No. 34237

>> No. 34243
File 132962620354.png - (158.21KB , 845x927 , 131537128163.png )
Ah, thank you. I never know which accent to use, the acute or the grave. :I
>> No. 34246

Well, grave accent is leaning backwards. It makes the sound "eh" on an è. The "eh" sound falls back in your throat.
The acute accent is leaning forwards. It makes the sound "ay" on an é. The "ay" sound falls forward out of your mouth.

...If you can imagine it that way, it's pretty easy to remember.

If you know how to pronounce touché, you know it's "too-shay". The "ay" sound is well-pronounced and falls forward out of your mouth. So, it's the acute accent é.

...Hope that helps.
>> No. 34247
File 132962779515.png - (172.26KB , 640x360 , 131548664061.png )
Or... another way to think of it...

The Acute makes a long "A" sound. (ay)

... Maybe?

>This is a Fighting is Magic chat and we're talking about accents in words :D
>> No. 34248

Except that it's exactly the opposite...
The a in grave has an é tone in it whereas the a in acute has more of an è tone in it.
>> No. 34249
File 132962871543.jpg - (113.96KB , 880x1000 , ibuki-ssf4-select.jpg )
... Now we're just getting silly. XD

>> No. 34250
File 132963211905.png - (100.50KB , 340x341 , pansy4.png )
I wonder how easy this game will be to pick up for somepony like me, who enjoys fighting games but has always kind of sucked at them.

I had (and still have) real problems pulling off specials. Not sure why. Stupid-fingers, perhaps. When I was a kid, I had SF2 Turbo, and really enjoyed it, but mostly played as Chun Li because I could pull off an astonishing two of her specials.

On the other hand, I had considerably more success with Pocket Fighter.
>> No. 34251
File 132963427438.png - (37.20KB , 148x201 , Toph_Lookin_Down.png )
>I wonder how easy this game will be to pick up for somepony like me, who enjoys fighting games but has always kind of sucked at them.

Are you me?
>> No. 34253
Motion inputs in SF2 had to be done in 8 frames. That is two-fifteenths of a second. Most fighting games these days are much more lenient when it comes to inputs. Also a lot of them have combos that are easier to perform.

I don't think Fighting is Magic will have the most brutal of dexterity demands.
>> No. 34255
Since it's on pc there is a huge range of options available for input devices. You can use keyboard, a gamepad, a stick, pretty much anything at all that will work on your pc (might need some drivers or something but it's pretty lenient).

Now, learning the moves and inputting the commands is the easy part. Like any fighting game, there will be things you can do right away, and things like combos you won't be able to pull easily off even when told exactly how to do them! And that's not even considering a human opponent who likes to foil the best laid plans :)

We are gonna try cater for a lot of people here. We want to make a game that you can muck around with with buddies (or the computer) and pull off some cool looking moves and supers and stuff and have fun, but also a game that once you get into it will have a lot of room to explore and get REALLY good.
>> No. 34256
> Like any fighting game, there will be things you can do right away, and things like combos you won't be able to pull easily off even when told exactly how to do them!

I should clarify, I did not mean that combos will be hard, I meant there will be easy combos and there will be hard combos :) If you've played any of the modern fighting games there are very large skill gaps between a 3-5 hit combo and a 10-12 hit combo and a 30-40 hit combo.

Also I mention the input devices because it gives you options to find what is easiest for you to use :)
>> No. 34265
File 132965857714.gif - (745.62KB , 444x260 , 132903019096.gif )

>there are very large skill gaps between a 3-5 hit combo and a 10-12 hit combo and a 30-40 hit combo.

This game is gonna have the swaggest combo videos.
>> No. 34268
I suck at fighting games, too. The difference between us? I don't like them because I suck at them. All of the ones I have (besides SCII) are part of a series that I like. Mostly anime (Naruto:Clash of Ninja and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series).
>> No. 34270

Me too. I am very interested in this game mainly because it looks so good and it's Ponies. But I suck at fighting games and I can't enjoy them for that very reason.
Don't get me wrong. I don't mind losing. But in the case of fighting games for me, it's about as much fun as riding your bike when you keep falling over every 20 feet.
But maybe by some divine magic, I can actually play Fighting is Magic decently. I really hope so, because I want to be able to enjoy this game.
>> No. 34272
All these "I suck at fighting games" brings me back when I first started playing them. Street Fighter II was my first fighting game. I remember when I spent weeks trying to understand how to do a dragon punch. It was so frustrating because I kept seeing it being done and I kept pressing down and forward at the same time.

That moment when I finally understood you had to press forward before a fireball motion. I felt accomplished, relieved, and stupid all at the same time.

So people that suck, don't feel too bad. I'm average to above average fighting game player right now. Even after all these years.
>> No. 34275
All this talk about how good/bad people are actually makes me wanna play... And that brings me to an interesting question that I didn't quite see on the FAQ or in this thread.

How is the online matchmaking gonna work? Is it gonna be a search function like most console games, or a GGPO-esque function where you get to see who's on and pick your opponent?
>> No. 34281
File 132966982705.jpg - (123.91KB , 575x385 , evo2010_daigo3.jpg )

These posts bring an interesting question to my mind: is it possible that people who are otherwise average or worse than average at fighting games will want to put in work to improve at Fighting is Magic, then get into a broader range of fighting games once they learn the basics of 2D fighters? Is it possible that Fighting is Magic can become a gateway drug to expose bronies to the game mechanics and culture surrounding 2D fighters? Cause that would be pretty awesome, and make this game extremely influential.
>> No. 34282
File 132967019624.gif - (70.73KB , 323x272 , 801.gif )
Well, in the FAQ, they said they were gonna use Lunaport and MTSP. I already knew about (and have used) Lunaport. Lunaport is the netplay thing used in Pokemon: Type WILD. It works pretty well, and it's extremely similar to Melty Blood: Act Cadenza's caster. It allows you to directly connect to another person, so long as you know their IP address and they have open ports.

MTSP, I had to Google. Then I realized that it's the netplay thing they use in Vanguard Princess. It's a lot like Lunaport, but one person opens their computer up as a multiplayer server that many people can connect to. It's like GGPO, but with no gigantic central server. You still need open ports to host, though.
Read that, that's what I found on Google.

From what it sounds like, there'll be no random matchmaking like Street Fighter, UMvC3 or BlazBlue, which all have their own netcode.

>inb4 I get shot for playing Pokemon: Type WILD
>> No. 34283
File 132967029926.png - (331.78KB , 1000x700 , 130721340715.png )
I've actually been playing a bit of my favorite fighting games, the two Last Blade games, lately because I'd like to be at least decent by the time this comes out, and it was pretty embarrassing to find out that I was unable to reliably pull off some very simple specials. It didn't take unbearably long until I was able to even do some fairly long supers though I probably won't be kicking any flank with some of the more combo-centric characters anytime soon. Regardless, I love the feel of just playing a fighting game again for the first time in years. It's pretty frustrating to know that I used to be so much better, but at the same time at least it gives me something to strive for. I'm so glad this game will have online play and hopefully a decently large following: I miss the days when me and my brother would play fighting games almost daily.
>> No. 34284
File 132967048681.png - (28.13KB , 945x945 , 131975766950.png )
I wouldn't doubt it, but I'm not sure.

I mean heck, my "gateway drug" fighting game was BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. I was constantly losing to my friend, so I wanted to get better. Bing bang boom I look up a Nu combo video and suddenly an entirely new world of awesome was opened to me.

However, I didn't really get into the Fighting Game Community until I manned up and went to the venue near where I live. Even then, I didn't even know about EVO, or TeamSp00ky, or... heck, basically anything other than Season's Beatings. Bronies are what actually got me into the rest of the FGC. I love you guys so much.
>> No. 34285
File 132967105409.jpg - (77.55KB , 654x596 , 1325782887972872.jpg )
It's very possible. Outside of the magic system which seem like it only adds a unique twist to each individual character's gameplay, FiM's mechanics are nothing out of the ordinary (which I actually really like: most of my favorite fighting games have very simple, clean mechanics) so mostly, anything you learn from playing Fighting is Magic should be applicable to any 2D fighter. My love for 2D fighters is what brought me to FiM (the game, which interestingly enough is what introduced me to FiM, the show) and if Fighting is Magic turns out as solid as it looks, I wouldn't be surprised if it got a fair number of people into the genre as a whole.
>> No. 34286
File 132967134551.png - (116.75KB , 616x589 , e64620203f48645e6bf9b1223ab1bf1c-d4d6vrf.png )
We're... we're like... in the same situation... but opposite each other. Whoaaaaaaa.

You came to ponies from fighting games, and I came to fighting games (mostly) from ponies.

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Freaky.
>> No. 34287
So a conversation with a friend came up about if some of these high quality fangames would be considered by Hasbro. I can see PonyKart working because it would be considered an E rated game. Now Fighting is Magic is another story. I don't think there's ever been a fighting game with an E rated game. The first Smash Bros was the only exception. The best they could do is rate it E10 for its violence.

It's actually been considered for EVO at the very least. Whether something comes out of that is another story, but it being considered is amazing by itself imo.

I got into EVO 2 years ago when they started streaming their stuff. They're an amazing community. Despite this being fighting games, they help each other out. Sometimes all you gotta do is ask if you don't know something. Most pros will help people out.
>> No. 34289
File 132967209342.png - (135.09KB , 470x470 , pansy7.png )
That sounds pretty reassuring! I've always loved the quirkier fighting games (Pocket Fighter, Darkstalkers, Guilty Gear) despite being limited in what I can do with them: my younger brother, who has to play one-handed, still usually kicks my flank at Guilty Gear.

But since I know I'm going to play the hell out of this game no matter what, it would be awesome if I could finally learn some fighting game staples from it.
>> No. 34290
There is one other example I can think of, and it's oddly appropriate. The Powerpuff Girls fighter for the PS1 (Chemical X-Traction) was apparently rated E.
>> No. 34291
File 132967255773.png - (343.01KB , 945x945 , 131498724323.png )
>Pocket Fighter

I actually don't remember much about this game, but I sure as hell remember having a great time with it.
>> No. 34292
File 132967295052.jpg - (157.47KB , 500x698 , punch-time-explosion-xl-car.jpg )
Probably before E10 rating existed.

With that said, pic related.
>> No. 34293
File 132967434333.png - (165.10KB , 378x395 , 42.png )
Umm... I just thought of something.

Fangames are usually ignored so long as nopony makes a profit from them. However, the winners at EVO get prize money (if I'm not mistaken). Not only that, but EVO itself will be accepting money for admissions and such. Might that be considered "profit" from Fighting is Magic?

I may be worrying over nothing, but it's something I hadn't considered before.
>> No. 34294
File 132968547032.png - (137.01KB , 400x400 , smile (2).png )
Thanks for the headsup on that! Sounds like the matchmaking won't be a problem in that case.
>> No. 34298

If it shows up at EVO it wouldn't be for prize money, just a showcase.

Hasbro would need to OK the game for it to be a main feature.
>> No. 34300
File 132969033399.jpg - (29.13KB , 433x369 , 338.jpg )
Oh, well then never mind.
>> No. 34303
File 132969153881.png - (46.39KB , 210x174 , Toph_Hanging_Out.png )
Why do you guys get mad at me when I have that kind of attitude?


Good stuff.
>> No. 34304
Because you are Rellek, the original Mane6 stalker. j/k :P
>> No. 34305
File 132969248737.png - (38.14KB , 182x180 , 329.png )
I'm gonna be straight with you. You always say you enjoy fighting games, but then you refuse to play with anypony else because you're worried about losing. You keep saying you want to improve, and the best way to improve is to lose a lot, and learn how not to do that. You can't learn how to avoid losing without losing a few times, Rellek.

It's like taking a math course in college, reading the book 500 times over, and never going to class the days there are exams. You never fail an exam, but you never succeed. Because you never go to see whether you really know what you're doing, you can't fix your mistakes. The exams are there to help you, not to hinder you.

Same with us. We want to fight you because we want to see you get better. Not because we enjoy hurting you.

I'm done ranting. Take that as you will.
>> No. 34307
File 132969359500.png - (487.97KB , 500x849 , Toph_Suited_Up.png )
This is true. I stalk and assassinate quietly, I don't take well to attention.

Well I did kind of ask. I'm glad you came to me to talk about that.

I'm not worried about losing. I've lost every game I've ever played in life, so I'm NOT afraid of losing. I've come to expect it. If I lose then, that's just fine. Don't worry, be happy
>> No. 34309
File 132969426047.jpg - (81.68KB , 884x676 , 864.jpg )
Then why won't you fight?
>> No. 34312
Don't worry. As soon as Fighting is Magic comes out, we'll force Rellek to a fight.
>> No. 34316
For one who calls himself "quiet", you sure are talkative...
>> No. 34321
File 132970439003.gif - (323.49KB , 350x188 , m5EXA.gif )
>> No. 34322
Now all I can picture is an assassin constantly yelling about how's a silent assassin as he's trying to assassinate somepony. Ezio/Altair would be proud.
>> No. 34326
File 132970855949.jpg - (58.64KB , 655x598 , keikaku3.jpg )

honestly, this is exactly what I was rooting for ever since I saw that first alpha gameplay.
if this game releases lots and lots of pony fans might give the colourful world of 2d fighters a spin - and most probably there will also be quite some fighting game enthusiasts who feel like checking out ponies all of a sudden.
>> No. 34330
File 132971119383.png - (140.28KB , 316x404 , Toph_Hopeful.png )
>All is according to plan...

No worries. I'll play my part.
>> No. 34334
Zain here, testing ponychan thing
>> No. 34335
File 132971825958.jpg - (3.40KB , 147x147 , 132353240932.jpg )
>> No. 34339
File 132972760698.png - (144.25KB , 1406x1036 , BoltExcited.png )
So, who else is hype as heck for the upcoming stream!?
>> No. 34340
File 132973169456.gif - (272.50KB , 202x237 , 130711730363.gif )
Ooh! Me, me, me! I don't have a reaction image to accurately convey how much I'm looking forward to it so here's Rarity jumping up and down of joy. If the time for this is anything like the previous streams, I'll probably have to get up at 2 in the morning to catch it but I'm okay with that because I have a week off from school. I could always just watch a recording of it afterwards, but where would the fun in that be?
>> No. 34342
File 132974045875.png - (132.77KB , 392x266 , Ponies.png )
I remember when I used to be bad at fighting games...

Oh wait I'm still bad. But I actually understand them more now and even though I still love I have fun because I've learned so much. I started playing with the gang about 6 months ago. Is cool type fun stuff. I almost occasionally win sometimes.
>> No. 34347
File 132974691637.png - (152.26KB , 1314x1442 , BoltPoint.png )
You just need to add a bit more to your oki game. Melty jabbing the opponent as they wakeup everytime gets predictable after a few times. Try jabbing over their body then as they start getting up and expecting to block the melty jabs, suddenly bust out an overhead or a grab. That'll catch em off guard. It's a matter of teaching them how to block you, then using all of their acquired knowledge against them by doing something completely different.
>> No. 34356
how many hours till the stream?
>> No. 34360
From right now, I believe 28 Hours
>> No. 34367
File 132977950588.png - (143.46KB , 500x333 , 132329583079.png )
This is why I love playing Ibuki. If I'm vortexing, sometimes I'll mess up the positioning and then even I won't know which way for you to block!

But no, seriously she has some great mixup on a blocked vortex. I could continue my blockstring, go for a back+MK > forward+MK (Overhead), or teleport up and do a grab! Or I could backdash to try and bait something. :D
>> No. 34377
SF3 or SF4? Since I haven't played her much, it's why I'm asking.
>> No. 34381
File 132979471713.png - (97.75KB , 272x246 , pie35.png )
So much HYPE I can barely stand it. Seriously, it's extremely rare for me to be up-to-date on FiM's progress since I only look at the site when I chance upon a youtube video reminding me of its existence, so I'm excited to catch up and see how things have been going.
>> No. 34384
File 132980157768.png - (35.73KB , 177x183 , Toph_Lighten_Up_A_Bit.png )
Guess who's going to be there? Moi.

Unless I'm kicked out...
>> No. 34397
File 132981296590.gif - (110.03KB , 230x223 , 138.gif )
jasdghfkash late reply gooooooooooo

I play Ibuki in both, but I'm more comfortable with her in 4. I'm also picking up C. Viper in 4. Really liking her playstyle.

I should be asleep right now.
>> No. 34420
File 132984806562.jpg - (49.28KB , 531x475 , IMG_1021.jpg )
I rearranged some things so now I can catch the stream, and I am so pumped. I've been following the project intently since the first stream, and there is so much hype right now, I'm loving it!
>> No. 34430
I may as well not login because there will be to many people to have a chat going. lol
>> No. 34431
File 132986294018.png - (125.97KB , 499x499 , tired.png )
I can't make it tonight. Please have it on YouTube soon...
>> No. 34432
File 132986320957.png - (257.75KB , 467x495 , 131834978178.png )
Don't quote me on this since I may be completely off, but I think Livestream keeps a recording of the stream so it should be up there shortly after the stream is over if you don't want to wait for a Youtube upload. Then again, I might just be talking out of my flank here so don't take my word for it.
>> No. 34445
Livestream II happenin' right now.

Hop in, everypony!
>> No. 34452
That was so awesome, completely worth the wait. I am so maining Pinkie when this comes out, cuz not only does she look like a fun character, she somehoe manages to make fighting adorable. *Patiently waits for Fluttershy to top Pinkie's adorableness*
>> No. 34453
That was a pleasant stream. I was kind of expecting less people and was hoping to be able to actually chat in the stream, but oh well. Not that big a deal.
>> No. 34454

Pinkie looked so cute with her walking animations!
So glad I was able to see the livestream. That Fluttershy bit at the end was genius too, I must say.

Overall, it looks amazing, and every single character seemed great. I'm really looking forward to playing. Thanks for the livestream!
>> No. 34456
File 132987878559.jpg - (86.65KB , 797x865 , 132665990777.jpg )

Pinkie is a epic character! The mixture of Rushdown and Charge is awesome, and her cupcake assalt is nice too. The Fourth Wall Breaking is nice too.

Rarity... Yeah, she is a zooner. I do notl ike zooners, but, for those who enjoy then, she looks like a solid choice.

AJ and Twilight remains the same, but with minor changes. That is OK.

Fluttershy is OP. No more.

Anyway, awesome job! Sadly, it will launch on Christmas(or I got it wrong). But I hope it will get demos!
>> No. 34457
Hey everypony. Stream over.

Thanks for joining us, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! =)
>> No. 34458
oh I was wondering for the palettes if you set the next palette to also be the default color than you would have the same colored applejacks fighting eachother. Couldn't you just set the main 6 to each have a different input be their mane color so that you can have all the normal colored ponies fight each other and still keep the diverse color palettes you have come up with. Also is it only button one that wont let you fight somepony else with button one? if thats the case you could have their default colors always be one of the other buttons if you are worried about consistency. Anyway great stream and thank you.
>> No. 34460
yeah that is a great idea and one of the options. The problem then becomes when people want to play as AJ palette#2 (B button) against say, pinkie, who's palette#2(B button) is her default. They would clash and one player would get shifted up. So you'd have to have a crazy list of what characters buttons are what. It would give us 6 palettes though.

But having 5 palettes and both (F) and (A) button being the default the same is just ONE thing you have to remember. We'll have to see though.
>> No. 34467
>The problem then becomes when people want to play as AJ palette#2 (B button) against say, pinkie, who's palette#2(B button) is her default.

it sounds like you will always have those types of problems though. If player 1 wants to play palette #4 of one character and player 2 wants to play palette #4 of a different character one won't get to be the color they want. Well Im sure after messing around with it a bit you'll find out what works best.
>> No. 34469
File 132988435466.png - (152.93KB , 980x1681 , BoltHype2.png )
>New Rarity and Pinkie tech.
>> No. 34470
Hot damn this game will kick flank. I was surprised at some of those techs and mixups.

Can't wait for combo vids of this one. AJ is definitely going to be Spencer, but will she have a upward rope move as well?

Pinkie is another one I'm gonna have fun with.

Fluttershy breaking the stream.
>> No. 34471
>Website Updated... or is It?
>> No. 34472
File 132988704032.png - (56.01KB , 197x217 , Toph_There_Goes_That_Idea.png )
>Confidential eyes only

Wow guys :'(
>> No. 34473

Sorry man, them's the breaks.
>> No. 34475
File 132988825654.jpg - (271.08KB , 946x1133 , Toph_I_See_How_ItIs.jpg )
I see how it is.

all these damn blind jokes
>> No. 34476

I see what u did thar.
>> No. 34482
File 132989270458.jpg - (132.46KB , 581x1000 , U5Unr.jpg )
Just have to put this here.
>> No. 34483
File 132989400545.png - (22.19KB , 210x99 , Fh8Za.png )
That and this were the lulziest things to come out of that stream for me.

...oh mods...I feel your pain.......poor FAQ prolly only has like...9 page views since it was first put up... :<
>> No. 34484
I like this :)
>> No. 34485
File 132989642480.jpg - (47.66KB , 219x375 , Scarcity A HA.jpg )
I don't know whether it was AJ or Twilight, but that, "Ehu hue he he" laugh. It is the best sound ever.

Plays at 10:29 when Twi throws AJ and a couple more times around 13:30-13:35 when AJ misses her rope throws. On the Livestream 2-2.
>> No. 34486
File 132989645381.gif - (1.91MB , 324x178 , bgcb0.gif )
>Goto Equestria Daily's FiM stream post comments.
>"The girls need fatalities. Just think of it!"
>Goes on about Fatalities for each pony.

This about sums up my reaction quite nicely...
>> No. 34487
File 132989673410.jpg - (45.87KB , 288x327 , Liar oh.jpg )
How long did it last until somepony brought up Pinkie Pie's fatality being related to Cupcakes?

If I was the first one to bring this up, I will ban myself from Ponychan.
>> No. 34490
File 132990350212.jpg - (109.35KB , 960x540 , 131869026987.jpg )
That was whenever AJ missed her rope.

Fluttershy OP, Plz Nerf.
>> No. 34491
File 132990569308.png - (52.21KB , 476x395 , 13256901118863.png )
Excellent stream. It was great to finally see some proper footage of Pinkie and Rarity. I must say Pinkie looks pretty damn scary in her current form. Some of those combos just looked really brutal. I absolutely love the way Rarity plays (also, hurray for Celerarity!): those gems fit my preferred playstyle perfectly and her aerial combos look pretty amazing. The animations for both Rarity and Pinkie are just fantastic as well.

The more I see of Twilight, the more I like her as well. She kind of reminds me of Athena from KoF with the teleport and the slow/fast projectiles as well as the book page that blocks projectiles though reflecting them would still be cooler. This is a bit of a stretch, but the diagonal projectile and the fake-out teleport feel like they've split the functions of Athena's Psycho Sword in two. Of course Twilight's traps mix things up a bit, but I think at the very least Twilight will play similarly to Athena, which is just fine with me since she is one of my favorite KoF characters and by far the one I'm best with.

Applejack certainly looks like a very viable character as well. She's not really the type of character I like to play, but she seems really powerful which puts her in the same camp as Pinkie for me. I really like the idea behind the rope moves and how they're tied to her magic system: with her evasion move, it seems like she'll really be able to put on some pressure if she just hits with a few ropes.

The game is starting to look really impressive. You guys have really become great FM2K tamers.

Mfw. Pic related.

She doesn't seem excessively strong imo. I think they might want to split her stare into a low, medium and high version to make it a bit more difficult to land, but otherwise she's fine. Oh devs, you massive parasprites you.
>> No. 34493
File 132991448113.jpg - (42.18KB , 500x278 , nope.jpg )
I focused a lot of my energy on that. I took away the chatting privileges at least 15 people in the Livestream for it. I muted in the livestream for anypony saying Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, or SHED.MOV should be in the game.

It was causing a massive mudfest in the chat even before the stream went live, so I thought it was best to cut it off early and fast.
>> No. 34494
Excellent job with Rarity.

Good Animations and Palettes (so maneing Celerity), and I love how versatile her gems are. Her damage output is pretty nice (which is balanced by her relatively low health). Great air-combo's as well.

Pinkie looks formidable as well (launcher was quicker than I thought, and has a deceptively large hitbox).

All in all, great job guys
>> No. 34499
Much appreciated. Grimdark has no place with ponies. It's called FRIENDSHIP is Magic for a reason. This isn't Mortal Kombat. There's a reason why MK has trouble finding crossovers while Capcom succeeds.
>> No. 34501
File 132992672833.jpg - (40.94KB , 526x600 , 80.jpg )
Hot damn, Nappy. You've redeemed Pinkie from BroNYCon. See guys? It was an unfair fight at the con! Stop teasing me now, I get it! I don't beat up little girls for fun!

(For those who have no idea what's going on, I was the Tiger Knee guy at NYC)
>> No. 34505
File 132993031055.png - (263.60KB , 1600x1513 , Wonderdash.png )
Grimdark has it's place, just not in a livestream for a fighting game.

I mean heck, I even write grimdark fanfiction myself.

Who doesn't love a story that starts with Rainbow Dash being admitted to the Wonderbolts tryouts, and cheating, and being selected to be a Wonderbolt. Only to have Fluttershy under pressure blurt out that Rainbow Dash cheated. Which has Rainbow Dash to be immediately kicked out of the Wonderbolts. Whereupon Rainbow Dash lashes out with rage at Fluttershy and kills her. Whereupon in a mixture of rage and fear, Rainbow Dash flees to the Everfree Forest. Whereupon the evil magics of Nightmare Moon, having been exorcised from Luna, but not entirely destroyed, take advantage of Rainbow Dash's weak willed state, to craft her into the next Nightmare Moon.

And that's where the fun really begins.
>> No. 34506
File 132993167725.jpg - (94.58KB , 640x480 , umvc3_week11_201_45031_640screen.jpg )
Yeah, I don't hate it. I just don't like how people obsess over it.

Though I like survivor horror more than grimdark (if there's a difference). Silent Hill/Resident Evil/Dead Rising. I had an idea for a Dead Rising-esk fanfic myself. I haven't written fanfiction in years though.
>> No. 34509
File 132993880434.png - (143.78KB , 1201x1449 , BoltAnnoyed2E.png )

>Mortal Kombat. long rant of hate...
>> No. 34510
File 132994004398.png - (367.04KB , 636x571 , excited.png )
I was gonna main AJ from the start, but man you guys just had to make her like Spencer! My favorite MvC3 character and best pony, together at last.

Too bad I wasn't up during the stream, watching it afterwards just ain't the same.
>> No. 34511
File 132994133108.png - (12.71KB , 100x100 , 192.png )
Sunny calm yoself. He referenced a large franchise that many people understand is bloody and ultra-violent. Name me what you would have given as an example.

Also... Fluttershy's level 3, ladies and gentlecolts:
>> No. 34518
Youtube embed play button
Now we need to get Combofiend to play this game. ;)
>> No. 34520
File 132995027326.png - (112.94KB , 368x345 , pillowjack.png )
That'd be awesome! Although it would be great to see any top player pick this up, really.
>> No. 34525

Jayson Thiessen's onto us!, quick, everypony scramble... We'll meet on the other side of the border with new identities and new names... I shall be Señor Moustacho... Who wants to be El Poni Grande? D=
>> No. 34530
File 132996950239.jpg - (28.39KB , 600x449 , bid.jpg )
ur a grimdork, karilyn

I have a notepad file dedicated to MLP/I Have No Mouth cross-over quotes.
>> No. 34531
File 132996950361.png - (54.86KB , 296x296 , ass_fear.png )

No, but seriously, this is flippin' sweet! How funny that he thought you guys were stealing their guys! XD
>> No. 34532
I guess I can be Santo de Sabado.

At what point in the video does he mention Fighting is Magic? If I wait for the entire thing to load up, I'll be up all night.
>> No. 34533

>> No. 34534
File 132997039408.jpg - (59.51KB , 320x362 , Liar whatcha got there.jpg )
>> No. 34535
File 132997388943.png - (302.63KB , 615x438 , Toph_Quagsire3.png )
El bandido ciegos
>> No. 34538
It was on EqD. I was listening to it casually as I was doing something else. I overheard it and had to show it to you. XD
>> No. 34551
Do you have everything planned-out for Rainbow?
Are Celestia and Luna planned playable characters or story only? How impossibly hard are they gonna be to make?
>> No. 34553

Actually, like ten or twelve people tweeted/emailed us that in the same minute. Yours was the first one by seconds.


No comments on story mode (or roster questions) yet
>> No. 34554
Currently, the only ponies that are guaranteed to be in the game are the 6 main characters of the show, so your question about Luna and Celestia cannot be answered at the moment.
Unless I'm mistaken, I believe they have had everything planned out for the characters for a while now.
>> No. 34555
File 133002205883.jpg - (37.06KB , 500x500 , dumbfounded.jpg )
Bah, you beat me to it.
>> No. 34556
File 133002326808.png - (37.28KB , 201x128 , Toph_Just_Hangin_Out.png )
And IF Luna is in the game... Will she be season 1 or 2 Luna :O Or maybe Nightmare Moon. I personally would prefer Season 2 Luna over the fanboy season 1 Luna

>> No. 34557
>>Yours was the first one by seconds.

lol That's hilarious.
>> No. 34558
File 133002721930.png - (398.44KB , 620x690 , twilight friendzoned.png )
The game only has Season 1 content, right? Although I also prefer S2 Luna.
>> No. 34559
File 133002748473.png - (87.42KB , 397x305 , Toph_Casual_Explanation.png )
I know. I was a little concerned when that came up.

Though if I do remember correctly, somepony said they would love to make a Daring Do colour palette for RD if possible. But a colour palette is much less work than making a brand new scheme of movements and attacks just to fit a season 2 rendition of a character.

I honestly don't know anymore
>> No. 34560
We don't really care that much to be perfectly honest.

We don't want to do anything that is like, major character developments or anything substantial from season 2 simply because that would open up way too many opportunities for feature creep in our game. Like, no discord or discord accessories, but as you've seen on teh fluttershy teaser we used a bear from S2 because bears already existed, but now we know what they look like, so we'll use that look.

It's totally up to us on a case-by-case basis. It's fine for you guys to speculate but basically we are going to do what we want cos .. well.. it's our game :)
>> No. 34561
File 133002789614.png - (107.77KB , 300x450 , heh.png )
A colour palette doesn't involve completely redrawing and reanimating a character. Then again, we have no idea whether or not they've actually done work on any of the characters outside of AJ, Twi etc.

You know what? They should just announce the new characters as Vita Exclusives and then make them 5-dollar DLC afterwards!

...too soon?
>> No. 34563
It seems the Vita is actually pretty damn good, so maybe! :P
>> No. 34564
File 133002932749.png - (140.48KB , 420x420 , awkward.png )
SUPER Fighting is Magic confirmed??
>> No. 34565
Pfft. Don't be so generic. You gotta be more MLP style. MAGICAL Fighting is Magic. Wait... that sounds redundant...
>> No. 34567
File 133003134755.png - (213.58KB , 830x467 , idea.png )
How about SPELLBOUND Fighting is Magic... Plus Alpha?
>> No. 34568
Great job on Rarity and Pinkie Pie, it's really hard not to agree with Jayson : the animation is fantastic ! Not only that, but even without their magic system, their movesets are already shaping up very nicely, and definitely fit the characters.

Regarding Rarity's moveset, there's something that bugged me, though : the reverse purple gem (the one that hits from behind) being blockable seems odd, and I don't really see how it differs in functionality from a standard purple gem.

However, if it became unblockable (probably with minimal damage, a longer delay and using up the magic meter), I could definitely see it becoming a great signature move with a lot of potential, maybe a bit like Z.W.E.I's werewolf shenanigans in SC V ?
>> No. 34569
File 133003665453.png - (172.14KB , 1203x1449 , BoltShrug1.png )
It's more of a thing involving positioning of the gem. And sure it comes from behind, but that's not entirely unfounded in 2D Fighters at all. The general rule is, no matter where an attack comes from, you can block it as long as you're blocking the opponent. But yeah, the behind gem could be used to either position it farther/closer to the opponent or on the off chance if your opponent isn't paying attention to their backside, boom, free hit.
>> No. 34570
I kind of like what one of the players tried to do with it. They set it up then went in for an attack and when they normally would of been vulnerable after attacking that is when the gem was flying in so the other player had to either defend or attack and get hit by it.
>> No. 34571
File 133003940180.jpg - (69.04KB , 663x779 , 131468915320.jpg )


Ultra-Witchcraft Fighting is Magical Extreme Gamma Edition! That would be a awesome name!

Anyway, one thing that kinda bothers me: Fluttershy's stare is a real move, right? What would it do? I tought on a stun attack that variates the range with the attack power(Weak, Medium and Strong), but maybe it is her Ultra LV3, with a VERY odd ranged-OHKO attack.But yeah, probably it is my first guess.
>> No. 34576
File 133005122122.gif - (366.21KB , 400x414 , 130923956593.gif )
I'm sure it's a Super obviously. It would require 1 (or 3) bars of meter, and wouldn't do nearly as much damage as it did in the livestream. The damage was just cranked up ridiculously high for the sake of the stream. That'd be easy for them to change. I bet the number in the game right now is something like 999,999 damage for the attack, and they now have toned it down to a more normal damage for a Super (Of course, in some games, 999,999 damage wouldn't be all that much, but you know, meh, games that have damage that measures in the millions are just being silly).

I mean it's POSSIBLE that it's Magic, but it's much more likely IMO, that Fluttershy's Magic revolves around her animal friends.
>> No. 34583
File 133007197458.jpg - (47.25KB , 243x325 , Liar not so sure of this one.jpg )
When do you guys think you'll have the livestream on your youtube channel? I find youtube easier for re-watching than livestream. Can't navigate that site worth a hill of beans.
>> No. 34586
I guess, but in dittos, for example, seeing Rarity block a gem hitting from being by putting an umbrella in front of her would look pretty bad, and I don't really see what it has over the standard, forward purple gem. What >>34570 said is definitely a good part of what makes Rarity an interesting character to play, but the exact same result would have been achieved if the player used a forward gem instead. Because it's a fast horizontal projectile, positioning doesn't matter nearly as much as the delay before being propelled. Just my 2 cents.
Also, AJ already has an unblockable magic move so it's not something completely unheard of either.
>> No. 34587
File 133008133700.png - (240.74KB , 416x431 , 131905576238.png )
Keep in mind that Rarity's Magic system is yet to be implemented. If I remember correctly, the planned Magic system for her is that she'd be able to enchant her gems, giving them different effects, which may affect her horizontal gems in a way that gives both the backward and forward gems their own distinct uses. In their current state, though, it does seem somewhat redundant to have two version of the horizontal gem.
>> No. 34589
Youtube embed play button
  Redundant or not for Rarity to have the back and forward gems, I would say that strictly speaking, the back gem is probably better than the forward gem at most times, unless the opponent is like Twilight, sitting on the opposite corner of the screen, spamming Horndokens at you. At which point you'd obviously be spamming forward gems right back at her.


But a lot of it depends on the flow of play. Think about it for a moment.

Are you approaching the opponent? Or are you backing away from the opponent? If you're approaching, you'd want to use a forward gem, but really, how often would you approach with a zoning character? You want the opponent to approach you and then you fuck their shit up.

So since you'd usually be backing away, if you used forward gems, they'd probably be out of range of the opponent by the time they fire. But that wouldn't be true of a back gem.

I can already see what Rarity mirror matches will be like... Video related;
>> No. 34591
File 133008875399.jpg - (307.39KB , 650x800 , dan vs fim.jpg )
Although I'm aware from your FAQ that you aren't too keen on suggestions for content or crossover characters...
Would it be considerable to include Dan from Dan Vs as a extremely small priority... like, after every other character in the game is done? Just as an easter egg character really.

I just thought he would be a fun addition since he shares a similar art style. Both Friendship is magic and Dan Vs are both originally from The Hub channel. Lastly, because Dan Vs has a Pony crossover tumblr and an official pony crossover commercial on The Hub
>> No. 34593
File 133009155459.png - (269.36KB , 480x450 , 131907955975.png )
>Rarity mirror matches
That's it. I need this game right now!
>> No. 34595

That didn't seem fun at all... D=
>> No. 34596
If you don't mind me asking... do you have any particular plans on how storymode will be like?

As in... will it be like an arcade fighter where you move from fighting one character to fighting another, or will it be like a sidescrolling beat 'em up?
>> No. 34599
File 133009372402.png - (279.84KB , 551x600 , 130721151794.png )
From the FAQ:
>All questions related to story mode will be answered in a future date, closer to release; Up until then, we can’t talk about it. Sorry.

I think it's pretty safe to say though that the story mode will play like an arcade fighter. It's time consuming enough for them to tame the engine to make the basic fighting work as intended so I think it's fairly unlikely that the Devteam will implement sidescrolling or anything of the sort – especially since, you know, it's a fighting game.
>> No. 34600
i just noticed you use mirror animations depending where the ponies are, you know they arent symmetrical?

i guess it's limited by software , but it bugged me a tiny tiny tiny bit.
>> No. 34601
>gets email about page update
>it's about Elosande leaving
>"but didn't they just get the guy back?"
>checks site and doesn't see update about it
>goes back to email and clicks link
>date 8.11.11

>subscribe system is slowpoke.jpg
>> No. 34602
I noticed that too. It's kinda bugged me too. When they stand and then start walking, the body looks like it stretches all of a sudden.
>> No. 34603
Youtube embed play button
Is this better?
>> No. 34604
I just thought it wouldn't be too harmful of a question since it's not asking much about the content of storymode...

Another storymode question... will the characters be their original color when you meet them? I know this is really nitpicky, but I always prefer to play against original costume rather than the colorswap version in games. So I would be eternally greatful if this game had the same system as Tekken or Soul Calibour where if you chose the original costume for your character, all other characters you meet will use their original costume, and only if you face the same character as yourself they use the alternative costume. Then vice versa if you choose the alternative color, and so on and so forth.
>> No. 34605

I'm glad they dumbed down Sagat in later installments.
>> No. 34608
There are apparently some odd issues with the way the engine assigns palettes: if both players choose palette number one, even if they're playing different characters, the second player gets shifted to another palette. So in the normal course of things, both players using the default palette wouldn't happen.

The solution the devs were looking at was to have two of the palettes share the default colors. For storymode, I'm assuming that you'd play using palette one, and the computer-controlled characters would be automatically set to (say) palette six, which is the same. This would make mirror matches a bit confusing, though.

Is the palette issue the same for computer-controlled characters, or is there a way to make the AI always choose an appropriate palette?
>> No. 34610
I was not aware of this issue, I always thought they just choose color swaps because they felt like it... Strange, I do hope they can find a solution to it though. For the issue with facing mirror matches, perhaps a system that detects if you're using the same character could tell it to use a certain palette.
>> No. 34611
What I'm personally hoping for from story mode is something similar to what Pocket Fighter did: there is no over-arching story, and each character is just preoccupied with their own (often very silly) quest that requires them to track down another specific character. For example, Ken's quest is to have tea with a nice girl because he's bored of his wife. It ends up taking him to... well, see for yourself.
I think this style of storymode would fit the FiM characters really well. I wouldn't object to more of an epic quest-style thing either, but few fighting games seem to take the whimsical route, and this one seems like the kind of game that could.
>> No. 34616
File 133010802040.png - (1.07MB , 1104x854 , MeltyBloodMains.png )
They probably did just mostly chose color swap because they wanted to. I don't recall a lot of matches between two default colors.

It's just part of fighting game culture. People tend to pick their favorite color swap and play it exclusively. To some extent, players are often recognized by the color swap that they play. Like as far as I know, I haven't stumbled across another person who plays Green Vermillian in Melty Blood. I also played Super Saiyan Aoko. Cam played Sweetie Belle colored White Len. Somepony played Scootaloo colored Red Arc. Another person played minty White Len.

The colors to some extent identify the player without having to see their name.

Now there aren't that many recolors in Fighting is Magic, so it's not as likely to happen as games with larger numbers of recolors. But still to some extent it'll happen.
>> No. 34618
File 133010945082.png - (152.26KB , 1314x1442 , BoltPoint.png )
Yo, I played Scootaloo Arc. My Red Arc was just dat cool green color.
>> No. 34619
File 133011068905.png - (86.89KB , 320x320 , Applebloom hammer.png )
Yeah I was trying to operate from memory. It's been a while. Melty Blood was cool having like, 50 skins. Even though Vermillian was generally considered the highest tier character in Act Cadenza, so there were dozens of videos of her on Youtube, I still never stumbled across somepony who used my colors.

Was very cool like that. Made me feel special.
>> No. 34621
Wasn't aware of that. I've never played a fighting game as serious as that... hell in fact, my best memories of fighting games are Tekken 3 for playstation, and Soul Calibur 3 for gamecube (I wouldn't count Melee as a traditional fighting game). I haven't owned a console in ages.
>> No. 34622
You are thinking a little too technically about it. The blocking something behind you is a little strange but it's not unusual in fighting games.

But this is the important thing: you are playing another person. Having the same move but in another part of the screen may distract your opponent, it may divide their (if it's human) attention. That confusion is part of the match.

There is more to a competitive game than just hitboxes and frame data!
>> No. 34624
File 133012253034.png - (61.79KB , 181x305 , Toph_Enjoys_The_Fire.png )
Cotton Candy Hisui for me :P
>> No. 34632
>Website updated

The livestream recording is now up at youtube!

p.s. Yes, we know the thread autosaged. New thread'll come with the next update.
>> No. 34635
That's more reason for me to main my favorite pony. Applejack's lasso whiff chuckle shall be engraved in my mind forever.

Anyway, are supers going to be performed by doing QCF + 2 attack buttons? Or is another QCF needed? Also, I know there's only going to be four buttons, but is it be possible to set light and heavy, for example, to another button for supers and whatnot?
>> No. 34638
File 133014136819.png - (120.93KB , 283x341 , Toph_Momo_Why_You_So_Adorable.png )
Yes but that's more like a Minty colour. It don't look so much like cotton candy...
>> No. 34656
File 133016150304.gif - (137.17KB , 350x350 , Lunagallop.gif )
Taking this to mean you have an update planned so that the thread isn't on autosage for an undetermined length of time. Please be more Fluttershy D:

Assumptions are the best flankes.
>> No. 34660
I personally love that chuckle. It cracks me up. We might put a bit of variety in it though so it's not too repetitive.. maybe. Use it as a taunt if your opponent doesn't like it :)

Also, supers are still being worked on as far as commands go, at the moment they are the QCF QCF + button style. There have been inconsistent problems using double button inputs (but only on some keyboards and windows 7, more testing required). As far as button mapping, there are 4 buttons used and no, you can't double map a button.. or map a double button :).
>> No. 34673
At the moment, all of the ponies' throws but Twilight's telekinesis are placeholders, so I'm wondering, how are you planning to handle throw animations ? I love how each of them had a unique throw fitting their fighting style instead of generic forward and backward throws, but when it comes to 4-legged characters, it's hard to picture good-looking throws.
Maybe they could keep the exact functionality that they currently have, but look somewhat like SoulCalibur's attack throws ? Basically, the grab animation would be replaced by a non-damaging, unblockable heavy blow (like a headflank or a shoulder bash) and the grabbed state by a stunned/dizzy state animation (with throw teching simply being a successful parry and a quick step backward). Then Pinkie, for example, would automatically follow up with a launcher. This way, it's still coded as a throw under the hood, but without the need to show ponies grabbing each other with their hooves.

Regarding the lack of training mode in Fighter Maker, Vanguard Princess did manage to get something close enough. If I recall correctly, if both players pressed an unused button, they would get regenerating health and infinite super meter. I don't know anything about this engine, but I assume that setting the IA to always press that button would make it possible to train against a computer, while still requiring both player's approval to enter training mode in online play.
>> No. 34710
File 133024188680.jpg - (2.70KB , 120x120 , pie17.jpg )
And don't forget me, with the old faaaabulous pink/purple Warachia
>> No. 34757
Will you be doing a version of Dash like in this video?
>> No. 34784
File 133040928840.png - (141.30KB , 1201x1444 , BoltConfused1.png )
>> No. 34786
He's asking if there's going to be a specific recolor from a fan-made game.
The answer is probably no.
>> No. 34787
File 133041033576.png - (222.15KB , 640x480 , Toph_Apple_Argument.png )
I wouldn't mind that however, that's simply too close to the original colour palette :P
>> No. 34797
Yeah, I don't think that's possible with the way the palettes work.
>> No. 34798
File 133041944822.png - (189.50KB , 414x436 , Toph_I_Demand_Service.png )
Definitely not. Though I DEMAND them to work like that. That oughta work.
>> No. 34799
File 133041998230.png - (142.65KB , 1270x1381 , BoltSad3.png )
If only FM2K weren't such a flank. :<
>> No. 34800
File 133042007042.png - (86.55KB , 236x334 , Toph_Explains.png )
Or we can simply be tolerant. I mean colours are simply aesthetic anyways...
>> No. 34821
Nope! We already have too many good colour swaps for RD as it is.

>I mean colours are simply aesthetic anyways...
>> No. 34833
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 34835
File 133050057621.jpg - (172.66KB , 1134x600 , Liar pony you serious.jpg )
So in the stream you mentioned that Pinkie Pie was god-tier, while AJ and Twi were both ranked highly in the tier list. How do you manage to get 3/4th's of the cast in high-or-better tier?

And I guess that this means Rarity isn't best pony, after all.
>> No. 34839
File 133050432541.png - (154.46KB , 800x800 , pie43.png )
It's simple.
Everypony is high tier because everypony is best pony.
Pinkie's only slightly better than the best.
>> No. 34842
File 133050787009.jpg - (103.57KB , 488x506 , Scarcity suspects.jpg )
That's not how tier lists work...

I'm on to you.
>> No. 34849
>>34842 is right. If it were, Fluttershy would be god-tier.
>> No. 34854
cos we're amazing.

We only have 4 ponies. so we can only have 1-4 tiers max right now. 1 tier is our goal for the mane6 (very hard to achieve).

At the moment pinkie is only god tier compared to the others. We don't say high tier because she really does have too many good tricks regardless of the opponent. We say God tier to mean broken. Rarity was broken the other way, and obviously. While AJ and Twi are whatever is in between. We used the words high tier because they both have a lot of options (medium/low tier seemed like bad wording).

That's it.

Don't read too much into our tier lists at alpha stage. they are more useful for us developing it that anypony playing it! We just thought it was interesting info.
>> No. 34856
File 133055354989.jpg - (34.19KB , 397x685 , 1323242353.jpg )
Give this link to RainbowCrash88, he might be interested in it.
In other news, how's the Rainbow Dash theme coming along?
Also I'm really curious about Fluttershy's theme...
>> No. 34857
File 133055895153.jpg - (5.66KB , 140x196 , Snide wondering.jpg )
>1 tier is our goal (very hard to achieve).
"Very hard" is a bit of an understatement, I'd think.

By "broken the other way" do you mean Rarity is currently unusably bad, or that she's OP in a different way than Pinkie Pie?

>Don't read too much into our tier lists at alpha stage.
I am from /pony/ /show/, pointless overanalysis is irresistible to me.
>> No. 34913
>"broken the other way"

What he meant was that older versions of Rarity were pretty much useless (broken as in simply not working), but the current Rarity is way more viable as a fighter. She was missing a lot of what makes somepony usable in an even decently paced fighting game, and the recent changes filled in a lot of those gaps.

I personally love seeing people overanalyzing things based on what they've seen, it's a lot of fun to see somepony so engaged in something we're working on! But yeah, the tier list thing is mostly based on testing, and it changes between patches pretty often. We're not saying this is how the actual tier list is going to be in the long run by any means.
>> No. 34915
File 133065673864.png - (222.15KB , 640x480 , Toph_Apple_Argument.png )
Pretty intense yo.
>> No. 34918
File 133066396672.jpg - (22.47KB , 428x423 , LightningBlitzrasberry.jpg )
Meh... not so much "intense" as "laid on thick." =P
>> No. 34919
File 133066431307.png - (214.97KB , 640x480 , Toph_How_Very_Wrong_You_Are.png )
I don't get what the big deal about colours is... Not much sense was made that day. Everypony is saying the same thing, why am I left out? :P
>> No. 34921

Being such a colorful and flashy game, I think in this case the Devteam sees how cool adding some palette swaps can be.
Look, the ability to have some neat options when selecting your character in regards to their coloring for a bright pony game can really draw people's eyes.
I am sure most people will agree that the color-swapping is a really exciting feature since it adds some customization for people to pick from.
No doubt the DevTeam is just as excited for their vision of being able to color-swap get successfully implemented in their game as the fans are, especially in an engine as difficult to implement it as Fighter Maker!
Don't think this game would be the same without the great palette swaps the DevTeam is adding in; they know this adds a great layer to the fighter and they aren't blind to its effects on the audience.
>> No. 34922
File 133066894182.png - (123.37KB , 277x377 , Toph_You_See_Anything_Because_I_DONT.png )
First rule of talking to Rellek: Don't take what I say seriously. I play the role of Toph a little too closely...

>> No. 34925

So I gathered! Fortunately for you, I was well aware of your plight!
Everything will be a little clearer if you recall the acrostic form.
Eventually, even your eye-related ailment shouldn't prevent you from discovering the truth. Now do you
>> No. 34926
File 133067121297.png - (72.63KB , 236x250 , Toph_^___^.png )
Hey, as long as they don't stress themselves out by trying to provide super duper awesome colour palettes, having 30 different colours that no one will use then I am fine with whatever they're doing.

I trust that they know exactly what it needs. It is, after all, their game.
>> No. 34932
File 133068183092.jpg - (88.21KB , 479x479 , Liar smile.jpg )
>What he meant was that older versions of Rarity were pretty much useless (broken as in simply not working), but the current Rarity is way more viable as a fighter.
Was the older version the one we saw in the stream, or was the stream version the newer, working Rarity? I mean, she seemed pretty functional in the Stream, but then I've met people who made Dan in SF4 look functional. At least against me.

>We're not saying this is how the actual tier list is going to be in the long run by any means.
Oh, of course. If developers could plan out tier lists, we wouldn't need tier lists.
>> No. 34935
File 133069179683.jpg - (57.36KB , 600x596 , 131208343230.jpg )
I demand pics for Rainbow Dash like you gave us for Rarity. It was fun having everypony debate which palette for Rarity was best.

Dan is best pony.
>> No. 34940
File 133070002726.png - (169.72KB , 1404x1195 , BoltBattle.png )
I demand updates on Rainbow Dash!

Dan. Best Pony? Or BESTEST Pony?
>> No. 34941
File 133070497547.jpg - (43.14KB , 400x282 , dan.jpg )
He sure is.

Surprised no one drew Dan as well, the other Dan.
>> No. 34962
File 133073116287.jpg - (7.93KB , 307x164 , pie14.jpg )
Are you implying that Dan isn't the most functional character?
That is, unless he's the worst and I'm just really good at bad characters.
Quick, make Pinkie bottom tier!
>> No. 34968
Despite being not good in previous games, Dan is actually a fairly decent character in Street Fighter 4. Everypony having the notion that he's horrible really helps that though.
Sometimes a character is only "bad" because no one takes the time to flesh them out and learn everything they can do.
>> No. 34969
He was decent in SF4, but he's even better in Super Street Fighter 4.

Even Justin Wong played him a few times. But yeah, the notion of him being bad really screws with some players. They let their guard down.
>> No. 34979
File 133073985369.jpg - (307.33KB , 750x750 , 14951568.jpg )
By Street Fighter 4, I meant vanilla, Super, AE, and 2012 as a whole.

But it's not even just the notion of a character being bad, but rather unfamiliarity with a character.
Even playing a character like T.Hawk, who is arguably one of the worst in the game, you can still catch people off guard if they don't know what he can do. But, if you're familiar with T.Hawk it can be a pretty easy matchup for most anypony.

Knowing even a little bit about a matchup can go a long way.
>> No. 35122
I highly doubt this is possible, but will there be a way to track character usage stats? I'm assuming there would need to be a dedicated server for it, which would be hell to set up, but I'm not going to pretend I know all the ins and outs.
>> No. 35134

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's get a functioning game first.
>> No. 35141
File 133108675210.png - (99.40KB , 250x337 , Toph_That_Is_Dubs.png )
Hey! That's an excellent idea! I can't believe I never thought of that because I love going into that menu on games. Fight for a week or so and then check the status of how much I used certain characters and how much. Most notable example is SSB.

Great idea. This should be implemented.
>> No. 35260
Well, here we are, over two weeks since the last site update. Maybe you guys are just working on something really big...?

I have to say I really appreciate the amount of information and disclosure you guys are bringing to the project, but you really aren't consistent enough sometimes with the updates. I would be fine with this if it was the norm to get some news only once every few weeks, we've been getting information about the game in some way every few days for quite awhile, and it's worrying when there's this long a dry spell. If it weren't for a few errant replies on your Twitter I wouldn't even know you guys were still there.

Honestly, I think it would be better if you made a commitment to put at least something out at least once a week. It would go a long way to help keep the hype and community behind the project alive. I know I'm eagerly awaiting the project, and my excitement is double, even tripled on every update, but it begins to ebb away when we don't hear anything for awhile after regular updates like this. I'm not talking about a weekly video or huge write-up like Jay did on the color palettes (all of which were super cool, though). Even if it's just a single screenshot showing a stage background update, or small gif of a character attack, or showing how you updated the effect on one of Rarity's attacks or whatever. Even it was just three or four lines describing what you worked on that week. Even if you don't consider it significant, I know the fans will, and it would prevent multi-week dry spells like we usually have after a big update.

No matter what you do though, thanks for all the hard work you've been putting into this, and I hope the finished product turns out great.
>> No. 35265

I believe they said they don't like doing weekly updates because some weeks all the new stuff they have is "Fixed a bug, fixed an animation error, partially done with adding X attack into the game (which we aren't going to tell you because that would spoil the surprise!), etc". Basically, some weeks they don't have anything to report that'd be interesting to most or build up any hype, since reporting seven days later that four bugs that they can't say about were fixed.
That might potentially get more people disappointed than hype them up that their weekly update is "Just some stuff we fixed that we can't tell you about". Also, somepony would have to got about typing all that up and posting it to the site, and that would just use up time that could be potentially better spent.

Now I will say I WOULD enjoy it if they updated an a more regular basis regardless of all that, but I can understand completely why they wouldn't. If they released every ounce of information they had as soon as they had it, weekly updates would be amazing since we'd actually be able to see unfinished animations or ideas as they come out. But they like to keep surprises, and don't want to show or promise something that may end up not working or getting scrapped.

I don't want to seem like I'm "coming down on you" for you comment about more updates, since I know most people (including myself) would love the idea, but I think we might have a romanticized view of it, and it's something that we'd probably get tired of quickly when we're unable to be properly told what exactly "4 bugs fixed this week" are.
>> No. 35276
Well what I'm saying is that I wouldn't mind if two weeks went by and we got two updates that said basically, "Not much to report this week guys. We've been working on bug fixes for the engine, mostly. More new stuff coming soon, though!", or "Worked on character-related stuff this week, but we can't talk about specifics yet."

With absolutely nothing, it just makes you feel like the game is stagnating and no real progress has been made (even though there may be absolutely no truth to this, it's an impression that comes across.) Reading the fourth guideline in the OP, the policy from the devteam is that they'll only post when they have something they "consider worthwhile". I'm basically asking them to perhaps widen the breadth of what they consider worthwhile. Hell, even an update that says, "We were all really busy with other things, sorry but there was no progress made on the game this week." is something I wouldn't mind. It wouldn't worry me unless we had several straight weeks of these kinds of updates, something I trust would not happen given the overall reliability of the devs so far.

Anyway, just something I've been thinking about. I don't want to come across as greedy or ungrateful of the information we already have received, because it's quite the opposite. I'm very glad the devs have been good enough to keep us up to date. I just feel that they would do well to take a few minutes to make sure we get some kind of news in some form at least once a week or so to keep everypony hyped and keep the community strong for when the game does come out.
>> No. 35286

Here's an example of the schedule for this week that just ended.


- Worked on tech backside update to website that you can't yet see since I've only gotten halfway around coding it

- Did some more work in that thing I've been working on the last couple of weeks that I can't tell you about just yet because it's not scheduled to come up in a bit.

- Replied to questions in youtube, twitter, and our e-mail account

- Commented on a particular piece of fanart on Equestria Daily, also replied to author's e-mail thanking them for it, and tweeted about

- Flash not working. Had to reinstall whole adobe suite five times to get it to work.

- Replied to important e-mails.

- Forgot to eat all day 'cause I was busy doing said backside checks on

- Helped Leed with a certain bulletpoint in his to do list.


Leedin (Things that I know of)

- Worked on that Rarity sprite that would be pointless to show because you already saw it in action in the livestream, but now it's 2 pixels more to the left.

- Worked on that other Rarity sprite. It's now 2 px taller.

- Hated on a particular bulletpoint in list of work. Received help from Anu and Elo



- On temporal leave due to RL








We know you guys want updates, but unless you're eager to hear the same thing over and over again (I.e. Jay worked on palettes. Had the same trouble we already explained in "the joy of palettes", but with a different character...) or "Can't talk about it yet. It's not done"... it's more of a waste of time for us to type a precise log, then go over it and redact half of it because it's sensitive/in progress info we can't give you guys for one reason or the other... and in the end... What does it tell you?, that we're still around?... You can see that we're still on the project by following the twitter =)... If you see new questions being answered or new tweets popping up, it means I'm still doing community management, and ergo, that the project is still going on... Not to mention we'd tell you guys if we were cancelling the project (and we're not)

Why don't we show you guys half-baked WIP stuff?... Half of it is personal taste (We'd not even show it to the rest of the team until we personally feel it's shown a decent amount of work), and the other half, because we -CAN'T- show you, given it's something we'd rather present when it's finished, that it might or might not stick around (and then we get more "what happened to X?", "why didn't you use Y?" "you should do Z instead" questions than we already do), or that it's not cooked enough... In which case we get "why is X not finished?" "will Y look like this in the final build?" "I know you said Z is a placeholder, but are you planning to change it at some point in the future?", of which we already get a lot, and that wouldn't need answering if we held back on them for a couple more weeks until the next big scheduled update, video or livestream.

Once again, sorry if this sounds too snarky. Not intending to chew on you, but explaining why the situation isn't likely to change before initial release.

Of course, we could always go the other way, and not say a thing 'till the game's at one week of releasing, like most projects do. =)
>> No. 35287
File 133145580618.png - (101.84KB , 400x499 , Toph_Ya_Rly.png )
You better believe I'm writing this down :P
>> No. 35288

Dude. Creepy. No wonder they dont tell us much.
>> No. 35289
File 133145668160.png - (53.63KB , 189x237 , Toph_Que.png )
If they refrained from updating, it wouldn't be because of me :P Don't you think halting updates for EVERYPONY just because of the FiM Stalker is taking notes?

>> No. 35293
File 133146038905.jpg - (71.53KB , 600x498 , Liar smile zoom.jpg )

But how about a new thread?
>> No. 35295
File 133146362009.png - (163.19KB , 894x894 , 130721009459.png )
Hasn't their policy always been to create a new thread when they have an update?
>> No. 35304

Pretty much. New thread on site update is so we don't spam ponychan with threads saying basically the same. We'd probably be around thread CXXVIII if we did.
>> No. 35331
File 133152568676.jpg - (139.54KB , 582x668 , Scarcity you forget.jpg )
What if you updated the site to say that you had a new thread?

Would that work?
>> No. 35346

Nope, but this does:


New thread, everypony!
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