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File 132722640584.jpg - (93.40KB , 1041x1600 , 104949 - artist spiritto dress fluttershy gala - Copy.jpg )
32226 No. 32226
I wanted to re-write a few of the pony songs in Elizabethan English as a fun little project. The first one I wrote was Fluttershy's "So Many Wonders"!

I just need a good singer! You can be filly or a colt, it doesn't matter!

If you'd like to try it out, sing a few (or all, if you want) of these lyrics and save them as mp3 or wav. I'll accept them through any file sharing site, or you can send them via email.

Thanks everypony in advance!


Whence art this land,
'Tis abundant with beauty,
Magick behests, that I have beteemed,
Squirrels hug the bark, withal rabbits dilly dally,
Birds roam about, and the bees suck their honey,

Meeeeethinks 'tis a jolly good land,
And my debt is owed to my Pegasus clan,
One would surely come hither, if thou knew of this grace,
I would rather thou not, for 'tis my special space!

Yes, I,

Pronunciation Guide:
whence -(h)wens
'tis - tiz
behests - bee-hests
beteemed - bee-teamed
methinks - me-thinks
hither - hi-thur
thou - th-ow

(instrumental music) -
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>> No. 32251
File 132726724278.png - (63.93KB , 945x945 , flut_yessss.png )
Might give it a try c:
(Quebecer but can give it a try xD)
>> No. 32257
Lookin forward to it :3
>> No. 32369
File 132736842853.jpg - (236.58KB , 768x990 , fluttershy_by_sererena-d3jslnu.jpg )
i'll audition
>> No. 32370
File 132736843856.jpg - (236.58KB , 768x990 , fluttershy_by_sererena-d3jslnu.jpg )
i'll audition
>> No. 33372
>> No. 33383
Uh, I'd try, but to be honest I've got no idea how to sing it to fit the melody, since some lines have too many or too little syllables.
>> No. 33397
Sounds interesting! I'll give it a shot if I can find a nice quiet place to record...
>> No. 33412
I'll give it a shot tomorrow after school, sounds like fun already!
>> No. 33429
File 132851971389.png - (167.33KB , 900x805 , Flutter11.png )
I can try..some people say I am okay at singing...

I'll record it soon and sent it to you via e-mail...or something..
>> No. 33436
File 132852844139.jpg - (21.12KB , 635x356 , 131530809923.jpg )
Or when I can get over my nerves...darn things getting in the way
>> No. 33447
I'll try it as well...might be worth finding one of the many talented brony musicians and collaborating with him or her to make a nice medieval feeling instrumental for your vocalist of choice to use!
>> No. 33479
Well frick, if LG's auditioning then she kinda wins by default...(she's done professional singing before)

Still, I'll audition in cause you also want a colt version.
>> No. 33490
I did it twice, the First Attempt one is, obviously, my first attempt and I enjoyed it but felt like I butchered it a little bit, so I tried it again, and that is my Cleaner attempt track.

If this is considered cheating since I'm posting two versions, just pick the cleaner attempt track, I just wanted to present the option of either one since they sound very similiar anyways <3
>> No. 33495
File 132858682115.jpg - (109.87KB , 1100x1070 , 130732668002.jpg )
That was.....not half bad.
>> No. 33511
And here's my submission:
>> No. 33519
My rough cut ;) beteamed is said be-team-ed in the spoken prose, so I sang it that way.
>> No. 33596
File 132874255037.png - (18.16KB , 150x132 , fluttershy_squee_vector_by_officer_rabbit-d4exinj.png )
Like who? The only well known brony composers I've heard of are Mandopony and AcousticBrony.

And I must say...oh my. I love the auditions so far. You're all very talented! I'll give this thread about one more week before deciding. You all have beautiful voices, so it'll be hard. I'll have to get opinions from friends, lol. :D
>> No. 33614
File 132875845488.png - (167.73KB , 500x374 , 132789693040.png )
Those lyrics are great, I kinda wanna try this. You still lookin' for ponies to sing it?
>> No. 33616
File 132876026735.gif - (78.77KB , 566x566 , 132649550334.gif )
"I'll give this thread about one more week before deciding."
Derp. I'll give it a try over the weekend :D
>> No. 33626
Welp, I tried. My sustained notes may be a bit ear shattering, I was always bad at those.
>> No. 33647
File 132881464037.gif - (237.91KB , 200x200 , 131087299881.gif )
Not overly happy with the outcome...but I suppose it is the best I can do with a sore throat and parents lurking around near my room...

...if you need it on soundcloud or anything just ask and I shall try to re-record it..
>> No. 33670
Hey, I got an audition for ya! I started it in my higher voice, but then went a tad jazzy. Very fun! I can re-do it with the music if you want
>> No. 33680
File 132885629111.png - (262.06KB , 1280x1341 , 130698714876.png )
So I thought why not, and gave it a go.
>> No. 33982
File 132918144761.png - (56.17KB , 945x945 , scratchshrug.png )
Welp, guess I kinda sang something in a spare minute I had. Not great but not terrible. Kinda. Maybe.
>> No. 34018
My audition (finally):
>> No. 34031
File 132928217705.png - (17.12KB , 100x100 , icon.png )
Here youz go!
>> No. 34211
File 132955920178.png - (70.38KB , 469x543 , 61124 - jaw_drop Soarin' surprised vector.png )
Wow. I have to go with this one. So much cuteness overload! Haha. May you please send me just the vocal track only to my email?

Thank you SOOOO much though to the others who took the time to record something! It means a lot! You all have extraordinary talent :D
>> No. 34217
File 132958528813.png - (118.50KB , 410x410 , 131285208264.png )
xD thanks for the compliment! I emailed you.
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