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Alright, I'm going to post this thread and check back in it tomorrow to see if it has any replies.

I've noticed that there has been a lack of MLP space shooter games. I know I can put together something real quick, and I already have a general idea. Nyancat would be the player, and his mission would be to destroy all his competitors to love, rainbows, and happiness, which are the ponies. It would be a infinite-mode, no-win style game where the difficulty increases. The goal would be to get as high of a score as you can before you die. I already have ideas about types of nyancat ships, controls, power-ups, etc., but I'm interested in hearing about other inclusions.

If you were playing a game like this, what would YOU like to see referenced? Are there any personality specifics (such as Derpy having cross-eyes, Pinkie Pie's "hair change", etc.) you would like to see? What attacks MUST be included to complete each individual character? Again, I already have a general idea for most of this, but I'm interested in input.
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>ask for ideas about a game where you shoot ponies
>on a chan about ponies

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you should make it so that whenever nyancat kills a pony, it turns into a nyancat :3
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how can I send what viyyy
>> No. 47576
Nope, a truly perfect plan.
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