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File 132743779994.gif - (94.41KB , 200x200 , derpy-endless-mail.gif )
32415 No. 32415
What more suitable way of honoring Derpy (everypony's favorite mailmare)... than a Letter Writing campaign!?

Just remember.... Keep It Positive!

This new /collab/ is is by request, in response to the threads here and here:



A group on a small MLP board that is hostile to "inappropriate" fanon has done a letter-writing campaign to Hasbro forcing the writer, Amy Keating Rogers, to apologize to corporate HQ for portraying Derpy in a fanon portrayal as a mildly handicapped / clumsy pony. They said it was an insult to disabled people. Hasbro referred it to Quality Assurance to "ensure this does not happen again".

This is not a joke! Amy's the mother of a disabled child. We need to respond with messages of support.

Show support for Derpy and for Amy: [email protected]

This sort of backlash against individual writers could result in Hasbro insisting all brony-friendly references be rermoved from future seasons of the show, or worse, cost the writers their jobs. We need to show that the vast majority of the Brony community does not feel the same way.

>But we'll need to keep it positive and be civil to both
>fanon-skeptics, Dinky-dissappointed, and anypony
>upset over potential references to disability on TV
>to prevent the appearance of fan infighting.

>Not if we send more supportive mail to The Hub and Hasbro!
>Choose "Network/Program Related"
>Choose "The Hub" on next screen
>Choose "MLP:FIM" on the next

Folks who hated the Dərpy reference, the associated fanon, or hate the name are free to start their own /collab/ thread. Love and tolerate ;-)

Replies needed:

* Your own letters (be careful about posting responses here -- make sure it's an official reply or you have their permission to post a response you get back) -- anons welcome -- keep it positive

* If you have thoughts on the merits of a little bit of fanon seeping into the show -- try to keep it on topic of letters you sent in -- so as not to derail the thread

* If you have thoughts on the merits of viewing Derpy as mildly handicapped or merely a loveable klutz -- whether this is insulting or empowering -- that is probably an issue more suited for /dis/ but try and keep it on topic of letters you sent in -- so as not to derail the /collab/

* Additional mail addresses
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>> No. 32416
File 132743791125.png - (380.78KB , 623x700 , derpy-to-the-bank-1sheet.png )
Argh... Suitably, I derped in posting this... had to delete the message and reformat it a couple times. Well now it's here!
>> No. 32419
>A group on a small MLP board that is hostile to "inappropriate" fanon has done a letter-writing campaign to Hasbro forcing the writer, Amy Keating Rogers, to apologize to corporate HQ for portraying Derpy in a fanon portrayal as a mildly handicapped / clumsy pony.

Who the heck decided that Derpy was an insult to disabled people? And why did they write to Hasbro to complain about a fanon work? And how could Hasbro possibly ensure "this does not happen again"? They can't control who writes fanon.
>> No. 32420
File 132743948356.png - (158.18KB , 900x251 , derp-have-cake.png )

I posted this /collab/ thread thinking the /pony/ thread was dying and it belonged in /collab/, only to come back and find that folks are saying that only five negative e-mails were sent and the "good deed" of responding to said e-mails has been done. Then the thread got locked due to negative tone taken against a couple fellow ponychanners (who felt the Derpy shout-out was a hurtful or inappropriate reference). Apparently it was only a few people who complained, so sending in letters might be perceived to be a overkill or divisive against those fellow bronies. Wow things move fast...

OK... so the thing about Hasbro referring the complaint to their QA department to ensure it "dosn't happen again" was just a rumor (see >>36165962 )?

I posted this /collab/ thread in response to a /pony/ thread that is now locked, although it generated a lot of supportive mails.

Should I leave it up?

Would it be good to use this thread to send in positive mail for Derpy, or discuss doing so on /pony/, without referencing the phantom negative response that may or may not have been sent?
>> No. 32423
File 132744120262.gif - (52.71KB , 612x700 , 634eb59c9c89ef1e_disney-goofy.gif )
How about not having any kind of threads like this one ever again?
The only things they will manage to do is keep spreading the stupidity and warped sense of reality of the people who likes to go around looking for things to get mad about.

If they feel "offended" by a clumsy pegasus, then just ask them what do they feel about this guy here and invite them to try suing Disney.

And that's all.
>> No. 32429
File 132744377793.jpg - (213.79KB , 1000x1100 , celestia-youve-got-mail.jpg )

So, I take it because the original thread got locked, it would be inappropriate to ask anypony to send any more letters thanking them for a sensitive and charming Derpy reference? Need some guidance here.

If they only got 5 complaints that's one thing but the original complainant claims they sent their complaints into Hasbro who is "looking into it." But then again, would Hasbro care what only 5 people think?

Still there's a fairly active debate on the original thread starting at >>/pony/36165962 about the "impropriety" of the Derpy concept, i.e. backlash from folks who've apparently been reluctant to advertise their loathing for Derpy fanon till now. One poster claims to be a parent who had to explain to their kids what Derpy meant... sems legit

You make a good point about not giving this sort of tempest in a teapot "attention it doesn't deserve", though.

I'll ask on the original thread if they feel this is still needed, and remove it if it isn't.
>> No. 32431
>I posted this /collab/ thread in response to a /pony/ thread that is now locked, although it generated a lot of supportive mails.
>Should I leave it up?

Leave the thread here, but don't bother promoting it. If nopony else joins in, just let it die naturally. As you said, the supportive emails have already been sent.
>> No. 32432

The thread was locked for a reason.
Ignoring this and trying to recreate it elsewhere is nothing but asking for trouble.

Common sense, please.
>> No. 32436
I... I swear.. if this fandom manages to kill off one of the greatest characters ever... I'm not sure how I'd continue to stick with it...

The Derpy scene was the greatest gift from Studio B to us Bronies, and some [email protected]!% group wants to go F it up?

I heard about this on Youtube. It pretty much ruined my day....
>> No. 32441
File 132745243301.png - (95.33KB , 900x533 , derpy-sad3.png )

The majority of people on the thread were unfailingly positive, and suggested that said thread was an inappropriate place to have a letter-writing campaign.

This thread was created well before that thread devolved into acrimony -- after it was found out that only a few people really complained --

And that a couple of those folks were active on /pony/, posting on the original thread (which is still active and has not devolved into acrimony >>/pony/36164920 )

about why they were so upset at Derpy's name and portrayal, and wrote (one or two) letters to Hasbro to complain (which is their right).

Constructive criticism is fine too. Before I'd seen the episode I was e-mailing a friend about his mild concerns that Derpy might become overly exploited since the cool thing about Derpy is that he was basically a character created by the audience. But I for one loved how they handled it and even if I didn't, the writers need creative freedom to come up with a good show. (That includes the freedom to pick up on fan ideas from time to time if they wish)

That being said, if the idea of sending in positive messages to the writers thanking them for taking a fan character are enough to justify banning a thread in your opinion, I don't even --

My only reason for not bumping this thread is because if only five people complained, then more of a response is overkill. But I'm sure they wouldn't be offended if folks sent in appreciation, ignoring the negative response.

So, feel free to ignore the OP... well don't precisely ignore it, I'm sure the writers would appreciate mail -- but as Sonicsuns suggested, 5 complaints doesn't require a huge collaborative response.

>>/pony/36166420 is the original thread on the topic which seems fairly mellow. >>/pony/36166517 is the write-in thread that got locked (due to people getting upset because they thought there was a much larger groundswell of anti-Derpy sentiment, since the original ponies complaining made it sound as if they had complained directly to Amy's boss and gotten a written apology from the writers, which apparently isn't the case.)
>> No. 32443
File 132745325896.jpg - (57.72KB , 583x381 , derp-problems.jpg )
In any case, to clarify, I'm saging my replies because a letter-writing campaign doesn't appear to be warranted by the actual facts.

If anything the ponies who were upset about the Derpy episode, folks were overstating the strength of the objection.

Only purpose of this thread would be if people felt there is a serious need to show that people needed to show their appreciation to counteract an effort to somehow punish the writers, and apparently only one or two people sent in letters to Hasbro demanding an apology (for 'ableist portrayal' of Derpy and use of the Derpy name).

>which is their right, if they so choose.... I guess
>> No. 32444
File 132745348571.png - (81.63KB , 700x700 , derp-clever.png )
>Said I would sage the thread
>Didn't sage

That's it, I'm out ,9_6'
>> No. 32456
File 132746459222.png - (202.96KB , 462x463 , dash-miserable.png )
On the other hand -- in a YT response, Herooftime noted:

>It has reached Hasbro and they HAVE made apologies.
[for Derpy cameo]
>I'm not sure about Studio B. If they were super cool, (I'm sure they are), they would still be open to the fans and would still give Derpy air time [in the future], no matter what the higher-ups say

Let's hope that the moral guardians aren't going over the heads of the writing team and eliciting a response from Hasbro that fans know little about...

>as they have the right to --
No, fts, nopony messes with the writers that way. Even if they took an actual misstep, its ungrateful and unfair to complain to their bosses and deny them creative freedom...

in the /pony/ thread one of the original complainants certainy sounded like that was their goal (to elicit a response from Hasbro without running afoul of Derpy fans elsewhere on the Net ;-(

Heck, while googling about this I stumbled across this post which reminds me why I don't spend much time on TVT anymore

>Reply from Amy Keating Rogers

>Yes, I am getting flooded!

>But I didn't know that Derpy had any negative connotations. As the mom of a child with severe physical and developmental disabilities, I never would have used it if I had. And that's true of everypony at MLP:FiM.

>Thanks for your positive feedback.

>On Jan 24, 2012, a troper wrote:

>Chances are you're getting flooded with email right now, both in support and not, but I just wanted to say that I think it's ridiculous that you're getting attacked for including Derpy Hooves in the script for "The Last Roundup".
It's not a good word, and ableism is a terrible thing, but you didn't name the character, the fandom did,
>and if anypony should take the heat for her 'stereotypical' appearance, it's us, not you.
>You're my favorite writer on the show, and I'd hate for this to discourage you in any way, so please be aware that there are people who support you out there.

On the one hand this is very supportive and Ms. Rogers notes that she's the mother of a kid with severe disabilities. On the other hand, us bronies have to apologize for calling him that? Really? -__-

>update - saged so as not to unnecessarily pimp thread
>> No. 32457
you wanna know what scares me?

Brony haters could see this and use it to their advantage. they could flood Hasbro with negative messages about the show and point fingers at us Bronies as 'a negative' influince

and if Hasbro listens to them, there could be some pretty nasty results...
>> No. 32458
Can I ask why somepony can't just be stupid for the sake of stupid? Hell I put myself up for that role in my social life. If you don't understand that, here's some maths: Stupid + clumsy =/= handicapped.
>> No. 32459
'derpy' is not a bad word in the slightest. Its definition is so broad I have no idea why anypony's offended by it.
>> No. 32460
because aparently the word 'derp' is internet slang for 'retarded'
>> No. 32461
File 132746737106.jpg - (92.14KB , 934x550 , fGelg.jpg )
It's fine that some people are offended. Really.
They just stop watching the show (they won't).
The show owes them nothing.

Also, Amy Keating Rogers is absolutely my favourite writer responsible for the episodes that "sold" me on the show and the best episode of season 2 so far. I hope she has great success.
>> No. 32462
>reads text in pic

I've never heard words any more wise than this. :P
>> No. 32467
I just posted this on the anti-Derpy petition:

I have Asperger's Syndrome, I don't see anything wrong with Derpy. Instead of seeing this as an opportunity to teach kids empathy and compassion for those different than themselves, many people have decided this character is offensive.

I don't see why a couple of bully teens who opinions don't matter anyways should matter when it comes to a character in a cartoon. You want to ruin things for the very loyal fans of this show, because you were called names one too many times? I call that selfish, and a sign of insecurity.

You had to go ruin a shout out to the fans of MLP FiM because of your personal upset? Really? You think those kids will stop bullying you if Derpy is removed from the show? I am so upset with you I don't know how to put it in words, but i will try.

MLP:FiM has so many fans because it's a well written cartoon for kids that doesn't assume they're all ignorant. They have 2 seconds focusing on a kind pony with odd eyes who's clumsy, and you want to hold a petition that could get people fired from the show, maybe get the show removed from air. You think you know what it means to be hated now? You wait and see what happens, when your selfishness ruins a show beloved by many. Will you be proud at acheiving having people say "Those r-words ruined MLP:FiM, I hate them."

You have an opportunity to prevent this, it is in your own best interest not to send this petition. You will not help those with disabilities, you will only make them more of a target. People will say things like "r-words ruin EVERYTHING!" and those who will be harmed will have you to thank for it.

Please consider putting your issues aside, and try to understand this affects more people just than those who are disabled. That you would be taking away something that brings joy to many, because you cannot move past your victim complex.

Should the writers of the show receive this, I want them to know they did nothing wrong. They shouldn't have their creativity stifiled, because a group of people want to take every little thing personally. The ones who say something is wrong with Derpy, they need to grow up and realized them having a disability does not meant the world revolves around them.

All we can do is hope they grow up, and learn to understand nopony likes annoying instigators who flip out over the tiniest thing. They will not get anywhere in life, if they run off to their rooms crying because they were called a name. By making an issue out of this, they have created more of a stereotype that disabled people are oversensitive, and need to be treated with kid gloves, they are moving things backwards for the special needs community. They will see to it, that anypony with a disability is treated as a forever child. Those of us who are mature, do not want that.

In conclusion, as I said you did nothing wrong in creating Derpy. MLP FiM has brought happiness to thousands, who would be very sad if it left. Try to focus on them, instead of those who want to inflict their pain on others, because they are incapable of being mature enough to deal with it on their own.

I know it's long, because I was trying to communicate my thoughts, while trying my hardest not to call them names, I was more upset about it than I realized. I'll explain:

Today I went to the ENT this woman knows I have special needs. Well after I left theoffice, she litterally was jumping up and clapping like I was a fucking child who did a good job. I have Asperger's Syndrome, that does not mean I'm a forever doesn't mean I appreciate being treated like I'm oversensitive and need kid gloves. Yes, I appreciate things like my sound sensitivity being respected, no I don't appreciate being treated like a baby because I am different.

What these morons fail to understand ia they will make life worse for pepple with special needs not better. I don't want Asperger's Syndrome to be met with baby talk and treting me like I'm 5. That is insulting. A bit of good humor about being wall eyed and klutzy, is not insulting.

These people want to speak out and suggest people with special needs, need to be wrapped in bubble wrap and protected from the big bad world, disgust me. You can't one minute complain nopony listens to people with special needs, then the next minute ask to be treated like a small child. It's hypocritical, treat me like an adult but kiss my boo boos and make it all better. No wonder people feel anxious in trying to interact with people with Special Needs.

So that's my rant I guess, I think this is getting into TL;DR territory, unless it already has. I just feel like, if they get their way about this, they will be showing the world people with special needs are burdens and immature and childish. Way to go, that's a real win right there! *sarcastic slow clapping*. All I have left to say about this is.....horseapples.
>> No. 32472
copypasta'ed your wall of text in my signature there for great justice!

I advise people who appose this petition and who also has aspergers syndrome to do the same.
>> No. 32473
Oh, and if you happen to sign that petition and you appose it, then please hit the like button to all the naysayer posts on there. It bumps their posts to the top!

here's the link:
>> No. 32474
Thank you, I feel honored.
>> No. 32475
This is the petition I posted to:
>> No. 32476
remember, if your a neigh-sayer, upvote the fellow neigh-saying posts in that petition

the guys who are backing this thing need to get it through their thick skull that they can and possibly will inadvertently cause the series to reboot back to gen 3.5

and we dont want that!
>> No. 32477
Sorry didn't realize I posted the same link, and as Ponychan has a habit of making the auto password for deleting posts not work on occassion, i can't delete the post. Sorry.
>> No. 32478
tis cool, it kinda needs to be spammed anyway, bro

sorry to those of you who think otherwise.. but this petition has me a bit... miffed... to the effing EXTREAM!
>> No. 32479
BTW I'm female. Just thought I'd mention that, as you referred to me as male in your response on the petition, just FYI.
>> No. 32480
my apology :P sorry about that

if I could change it, I would
>> No. 32481
It's okay, I'm used to the "There are no girls on the internet" culture. I just thought I'd mention it.
>> No. 32486
What evidence doe we have that this whole thing isn't a paraspriting attempt?
>> No. 32487

The fact that OP defied the Mods by recreating a previously locked thread and using semantics to paint him and friends as Internet Savior Guys and try to use everypony as their personal army pretty much says this IS a paraspriting thread.
>> No. 32489
I mean the original mudfest. Somepony raging on /pony/ is probably legit. Somepony writing to Hasbro is probably legit. But somepony saying on /pony/ they wrote to Hasbro is probably a parasprite - doing that serves no purpose other than piss people off.

And trick them into spamming Hasbro with love letters, like OP here.
>> No. 32504
I thought the idea was to try and save the show from the Derpy haters.
>> No. 32517
From Youtube:

"@spikesquest Update / good news (more or less!) A bunch of folks wrote in and got lovely responses saying that only a few vocal people had actually written in to complain. The folks who complained just made it --sound-- as if Hasbro was taking them seriously. More info: html#36166045 html (remove spaces)

No need for a letter writing campaign. But I'm sure they appreciate general positive feedback. :-)"

So I guess we can officially take a chill pill :D
>> No. 32518
Youtube embed play button
And it also looks like that petition page was taken down.

>> No. 32521
File 132753618126.jpg - (32.04KB , 443x500 , 23read.jpg )
U called?

This looks awesome! I'll look in to it
>> No. 32525
I guess my message, really gave them a wake up call about how they were only screwing themselves over royally.
>> No. 32536

Hey, M. A. Larson owns all other writers.
>> No. 32682
To the writers...
As a 16 year old fan of the show, I've learned many things about ourselves that I should have learned sooner. Everypony is different and has their own advantages and disadvantages in life, so a show that decides to include that needs to be embraced and not insulted. Most TV-shows these days portray society as perfect, which is certainly not true. What listening to the fanbase did is make this show even more cute and amazing. Please don't listen to the ones that try to find an argument in everything.
Sincerely, a huge fan, Alexandra Chois
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