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As the title says I am creating a Touhou/MLP Crossover, inspired by the song Cirno Invades Equestria by HeZeD and Code, and remixes of Glaze and ZUN, I've got a bit of experience in the programming world, Through programs like GameMaker 8 Pro.

Also I'm not the best sprite artist so I was wondering if anypony could make some top down pony sprites for me, I would need: Twilight, Rarity, RD, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Apple Jack, Luna, and Celestia. Everything else I could manage to work out myself... Maybe....

For anypony unfamiliar with Touhou go Google it.
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PS. I've got the music and Touhou sprites, and a good plot line for the game.
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Well, i wish i could help, maybe you can find some pixel artists in /art/
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May I have your email adress?
>> No. 33656
I'd like those sprites myself; I had the same idea for my game design class but it would only be very basic.
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[email protected], sorry for it being so late I thought this thread 404ed.
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Touhou? Really? I love that series! Not a great player, but...

Are you going to do this on Danmakufu or coded from scratch? I can contribute with the sprites if you want. Player-like or Boss-like?
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If you want help with the project, you can come here. There are a lot of people who work on fan games, and we have everything from sprite makers to music composers.
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top down shooter where characters know what gravity is.

me no likey the concept in and of itself.

A game crossover for the sake of combining two popular things... if thats your major motivator you should just stop.
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