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I posted this thread two other times on /chat/ but nopony gave any suggestions. Here goes again.

My and a friend just bought and are building a blog on it called Brony/co/ (related to MLP obviously) and we were wondering if /collab/ could help us. So far we have a chatroom powered by TinyChat, and a page with YouTube links to all other episodes (season 1 only atm). So, got suggestions?
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>Cupcakes video posted
>Closes tab not going in that site again
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In for a penny, in for a pound! Be the first blog dedicated to MLP gore and nightmare fuel. Every time an episode comes out, write a post about how it once again proves that Equestria is a

Here's anther one: a directory of all pony websites, including ones EqD would refuse to link to.
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>> No. 32652

My thoughts exactly, both for this site AND the suggestions.

Plus, Equestria Daily is a site that links to as many places it's possible to increase it's traffic and attention. So if they refuse to link a site and give up that extra traffic, it's always for a very good reason.
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