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32731 No. 32731

I'm developer of this site. Lately I've been thinking of adding some kind of error images on errors.
I'm looking for ideas on what to add on most frequent error pages:
404 - Not Found
500 - Internal Server Error
502 - Bad Gateway

I also recently learned about HTML5 AppCache. This allows me to add a error page for when user client has no internet connection and I was thinking of putting some image there too.

"Error: no internet connection" or so

Any other suggestions are welcome too.
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>> No. 32732
File 132767129006.png - (87.62KB , 500x500 , spoiler.png )
A good place to ask this would be in /pic/ and /art/
I know of a few 404 images but I currently have none.

>Pic spoilered for nonrelation to OP
>> No. 32733
File 132767167145.png - (162.66KB , 800x662 , Ticket 404.png )
Found the pic but not many actually like her for some reason...
>> No. 32735
File 132767210430.png - (70.35KB , 1280x800 , Pinkie 404.png )
Seems I also found the Pinkie Pie 404 picture.
>> No. 32736
File 132767273729.png - (262.98KB , 900x1072 , spoiler.png )
Because I am super hyper and have nothing else to do I made you a thread in /pic/ and a request in an /art/ thread.

>Pic unrelated...
>> No. 32737
I derped and forgot the links..
>> No. 32852
File 132774204248.png - (14.35KB , 155x145 , 131656532419.png )
Oh, I love this site, It's sure helping me while I talk with my friend on skype - I send her some silly pony pictures.
Though some of them are offensive a bit...
>> No. 32858
thanks for your help

>>32735 I'll most likely use this for 404

I still need to come up with 500, 502 and no internet error images.

As for offensive images, there is sometimes need for those too.
>> No. 32861
You're welcome! Just doing what I can for the community.
>> No. 32928
404 - from Owl's Well That Ends Well, there's a scene where Spike is searching around the library, I think for a quill. At one point, he pulls what appears to be a saddle out of the drawer.

500 - Derpy's cloud-hopping scene, since 500 is a catch-all error condition ("I just don't know what went wrong!")

502 - My understanding of a 502 error is that some setting on one of the servers was set wrong so that a pair of them don't communicate properly. Derpy would be excellent here, especially if you can shop her into Dash's hogtied scene from Fall Weather Friends and switch the robes for computer cables.
>> No. 32964
>At one point, he pulls what appears to be a saddle out of the drawer.

It IS a saddle but by it's frilly aspect and the way as Spike is holding at it, the scene is played as if a kid had found a pair of his big sister's panties.

You have no idea of how hard I laughed when I first watched that scene.
>> No. 33068
I was looking at images from the Derpy scene and ended up using her for 404 also. I also decided that I want a transparent image without embedded text.

As for 502 I'm not really sure any more that I can serve error page for it as it is returned when I stop the web server process. I think it is served by the hosting company.

I still need to do the offline page and make an apache version of the 500 error in case the whole application crashes.
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