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In response to the FiM team's wonderful gift of our very own pony last Saturday, and because the show in general has meant so much to so many, myself and a few others thought it would be great if we could start one massive "thank you" campaign. Equestria Daily told me that they would be happy to promote this thing on their site, so we just need to get this thing organized. We need support in many different ways to make this work. Here are all the details of what this is going to be, and what we need to make it work:

Collab form: A beautifully crafted letter, undersigned by ALL the fans, and maybe a couple outstanding miscellaneous gifts, accompanied by enough cupcakes, and muffins of different varieties to feed the entire FiM team.

What we need:

1) A talented writer that can adequately convey the thanks of all of the fans.

Considerations for this--Obviously there's going to be multiple people who are going to want to submit their idea for a letter, so I'm just going to say this off the bat in order to cut down on submissions--don't send in a letter for consideration, unless you think yours is going to win. I'm considering the idea that maybe we need a small panel of people who would vote on the--hopefully--small number of letters that we receive.

2) An email account that multiple people have access to, in order to process names and compile them into a list.

Considerations for this--I imagine this would be a Yahoo or Google email account, is either of them more suited for this? I'm thinking we can organize round the clock shifts to compile the names. It would be best if we took the name down onto a Google document, then moved the email to a subfolder, so the next person doesn't accidentally count it twice.

3) Somepony trustworthy who can bake dozens of cupcakes and muffins, probably at their own expense, or knows a very good bakery where we can get some.

Considerations for this--Trustworthiness is important here. We don't want some crazy person being the one who ends up doing the baking. Also it would be a bad thing if the humanized version of Sweetie Belle ends up with the job. We don't want somepony who can burn juice.

4)A decided upon method of delivery.

Considerations for this--This means somepony trustworthy who can deliver all of this in person, or knows a safe shipping method. Remember, we have perishables with frosting that can get all over the place if not handled properly. Also if there's any other gifts that we're sending along, those have to be delivered to the person making the final leg of the delivery. I've already confirmed the location of where they're to be delivered to. I'm told the receptionist would be taking the gift, and before you get any bright ideas, no, no tours are allowed or will be granted.

So, who would like to participate in this?
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Sooo... I'm a writer, but not fluent enough in English. I'm not in America, so I won't probably be of any use when it comes to delivery or baking, since I don't think muffins can survive a plane trip around the globe.

Still, I'm in love with the FiM team for what they did for us and I'd love to be a part of it. Can I do something?
>> No. 32791

we're going to need people to compile the thousands of names that will be on the list. Also there will be a small, probably 5 man panel, to decide who has the best letter.

When it comes time for it, I'll be the one to print out the letter and the names. I'll probably have to buy some black ink cartridges, and at least a ream of paper.
>> No. 32797
What we absolutely don't need, if the subject of the Derpy haters comes up, is to use the terms "retard" or "retarded" in the letter. I've been seeing a lot of well-meaning people using both during this whole Derpy thing, and the face indent in my desk keeps getting deeper.

Yes, "mental retardation" is a proper medical term. "Retarded" and "retard" are not. All I'm asking is that the letter writer use something like "intellectual disability" or, if they feel they need to be specific for some reason, that they use the full term "mental retardation."

Let's not wind up putting our hooves in our mouths over this by using terms that most individuals with intellectual disabilities, their families and friends find offensive.

>> No. 32799

that's not even going to be mentioned. This is about Thanking them for everything they've done to connect with us, and for putting out this wonderful show that has from some accounts actually saved lives.

I'm not one of those whose life was saved by this show, but it has meant a great deal to me. It's like before FiM I was missing something, and this completely filled that gap.
>> No. 32801
File 132770311460.png - (57.00KB , 500x500 , 132362561559.png )
Print? I kinda thought somepony's gonna hand-write it in a nice way and only the signs will be printed.
>> No. 32803

this is a collaboration, not a rigid mandate :) It could very well be that.
>> No. 32806
and if it is going to be hand written, which I agree it should be, then it should also be framed, or come in a fancy envelope.
>> No. 32819

Having something hand written and signed by a bunch of people is not something that is logistically possible. I was thinking some sort of Google Docs document that is made into an email. Or possibly have the body of the email be the letter itself, and have an attached text document that is a list of signatures.
>> No. 32828
No, the actual letter is hand written. I'll the list of undersigned names I'll print out.
>> No. 32829

That was me
>> No. 32836
File 132772601106.png - (49.75KB , 173x202 , Toph_Hey_Iroh.png )
Hey you need a list of names? I could probably get some people in /oat/ to give thanks :D I just wonder how you want it formatted, if at all.
>> No. 32838

ya, you could do that, and thanks for reminding me of the format. I was thinking it should be your name as you want it to appear on the list, and your location.

First Name, Last Name- State, Country
>> No. 32839
once we get a solid team built up of members who are willing to work on this, we'll give EqD the go ahead to advertise it on their site. Then we'll get flooded with names, compile the list, and start work on the actual letter.

Once all that is done we have to get everything in one place. The food, the letter, the list, and any miscellaneous trinkets we want to include. That will get either dropped off in person, or shipped. I don't like the idea of shipping (hehe) because of the food, and the uncertainty that it will all get there.
>> No. 32843

Just saying, I wouldn't trust food mailed to me by people I don't know.
>> No. 32844

Of course. That's why I'm leaning towards getting the cupcakes and muffins from a bakery in or around Vancouver. The last thing we need is for some pervert to find a new way to stir the batter.
>> No. 32860
the email account is up. I'll post it when it comes time to start adding names. As it stands right now we don't have anypony to even get this off the ground :P
>> No. 32971
still looking for help need everypony. I'd really like this project to be a success. The creators deserve something nice that comes from the whole community.
>> No. 33066
>> No. 33091
Not to double-bump (despite the double-bump) but I really think we should do something like this to show our appreciation for Derpy. I like the idea of getting some sort of letter out there with all our online signatures, and perhaps we can find I bakery that delivers nearby their studio?

If you want to get this some more exposure you could try getting a link up on the EgD or ARGH's newsletter.
>> No. 33286

and here I thought everypony had forgotten my collab :)

I'm going to resurrect this after the Derpy thing blows over. Right now, it's all I care about.
>> No. 34500
...well I thought I'd check on this one last time.

I still think pulling something together would be a really nice gesture, I'm just not so sure what exactly to do myself.
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