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32854 No. 32854
Ok. first off I'm not sue this is the right place. Dont really spend a lot of time here. Any really. So yeah. Here is what I want to do. I've had this idea kicking about for a month or so. I dont think I've seen it anywhere else, atleast not seriously. What I want to do is simple, well the idea is.

I want to create a 22 minute episode, with similar feel, quality, look, and sound to the real thing. With original stories.

Things that we dont expect Hasbro to do, but are still in the realm where we would be too surprised if they did it. Like an episode where Dash wins a ticket to see Octavia in concert, and Pinkie laughs at her for liking slow boring music. Rarity understands, and they go together. Or maybe an episode about Lyra having to find a gift for BonBon.

One thing I want to stress, is that if this is done it will be done right. The story and writing must be just right. The backgrounds, the easter eggs perfectly placed. The movements, flawless. The voices, like a recording.

I need a team. A team willing to do it all. To go that extra minute. Everything from the ground up will be a collaborative effort. The story idea voted in. The actual wording, refined by people. Everything else pretty much the same as it normally is.

So. Are you willing to do it? Are you willing to create an episode?
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>> No. 32855
There are hundreds of people willing to create an episode, but it is a lot harder than you are probably thinking.

That was started in May last year with an outline for 50-60 episodes (their words). They had a whole team of people willing to make episodes. Seven months later they produced a 6 minute short.

I don't mean to be a naysayer here but from the sounds of it you are severely underestimating the amount of work required to get these things done.

Also a huge red flag on this board, and since somepony is going to ask this (there are some wizened salty dogs here sailing these threads for many a month): you haven't mentioned what your role in the project will be.

Anypony coming here with the idea of a pure project management role will most likely be disappointed if the last 8 months have been anything to go by, so I'm hoping you are at least one of the following: good writer/ animator/ concept artist/ storyboard artist/background artist/ musician/ vocal artist/ sound engineer

I wish you the best of luck because I am one of the many people who love seeing the community come together to make awesome stuff. It's totally possible, I just feel it's wise to warn you of the iceberg of work and cat-herding that awaits under the small tip of the idea that's sticking out.
>> No. 32865
File 132776436171.jpg - (39.91KB , 572x389 , 1324326761083.jpg )
>I'm an ideas guy!
>I can't contribute anything but I want to be in charge and take credit for it anyway!
>> No. 32866
>I imply, and misinterpret. And when I cant I lie.
Look I can do it to, it's easy.
Also proper management of a team can always improve the quality or speed of a project.

If this project takes off and I can get a team of people to work on it. Credit will go first to the writer, then the animator, then sound, then storyboarding and editors, then management, then me. in order of playing. Seeing as most people will skip the credits they'll see who wrote, animated, and provided voices first.

Don't try to paint me in a bad light with 0 proof and dont try to put words in my mouth.

I hadn't seen that thread. And you are right. I've never seen or attempted something like this. So I don't know how hard it will actually be, but that's not to say I know it wont be harder than I think.

One important thing I feel I should restate: I'm not looking to put out three seasons worth of episodes. I'm just looking to put out 1, a single episode. Small goal in comparison. Because I know it'll be hard, and I'm not sure how people will react to the work. No sense putting months of work into something if no one likes it.

As for not mentioning what I'll be doing that's because I'm honestly not sure where I'll be fitting best. I can certainly write, I could probably do a background character, or back ground vocals, and I could certainly manage. I'm probably competent at story boarding, but I've never done that so... yeah.

I'll probably end up writing or managing. but if somepony comes it that's better at managing, that's to them. and well same for writing, although I would still like to be involved.
>> No. 32868
It's been attempted before. They managed to get out a few minutes of decently animated content, though with pretty bad writing. Most people didn't like it.

Does that team still exist? Or did they die out?
>> No. 32872
There is a lot of information in that post (>>32865) -- getting defensive about it only weakens your case.

From my years in the open source world, I'll tell you this -- people will attach themselves to a project, not to an idea. If you want to do this, write the episode yourself and storyboard some key scenes. People don't want to vote on a story idea, they want to be grabbed by one. If your script is weak, but has some good ideas, writers will want to help you punch it up. When you've got a good script, illustrators will want to draw scenes from it and so on. Start from the bottom and work your way up. At each stage, your ability (or inability) to draw on the new required talent will act as a quality check on the pieces you've accomplished. But right now, you've got nothing.

Also, do yourself a favor and target an 11-minute show for your first one. Difficulty level will be the square root of a 22 and it leaves plenty of room to shine.
>> No. 32876

They got very defensive, and finally became plain rude, so people decided to simply ignore them.
Since they took it even worse than criticim, they decided to leave and never bothered to return.
>> No. 32878

That, my friend, pretty much sums up 75% of the project threads I've seen since the day I began lurking here.

And until today, I yet have so see even ONE of these threads going anywhere. (Of course, in all cases the OPs always blamed everypony and badmouthed the site for not getting what they wanted, so I can see why you are seeing the same patterns and excuses here.)
>> No. 32881
There's no info in that post it's just a flankhurt vet whining based on trends from the past. With a light dose of vitriol for good measure.

your post on the other hand is filled with information, and actually points me in exactly the right direction I'll need. Now I just need to figure out the story, the two I listed ore two that I have a short basis for.

I want to make a 22 minute, simply because I wanted to emulate the show as accurately as possible. But I do get that an 11 minute 'mini-sode' would be easier.

That's sad. I have no intention of blaming the site or other people if I cant attract a team. That's just stupid.

As for being rude, and taking criticism poorly, well some people are like that. I hope I would be above that, and before you bring up hoppip's post, that wasn't criticism, that was insults.
>> No. 32885

No Hoppip's post was truth, and you will realise this sooner or later. He just used a minimal amount of words to summarise the very real endless failures of fan-projects all across the internet since it existed.

Going for a 22-minute or even 11-minute show is a bad idea, your team assuming you get one will be motivated by the results they get and if they only have something of value in a year's time things will not go well. Make something short that shows an extreme level of polish, people will appreciate it more than no news and an eventual split when you can't get results.
>> No. 32887

But like it or not, Hoppip has a very good point: you have absolutely nothing. Even yourself said it:

>I need a team. A team willing to do it all.

That single line pretty much gave us all the information we need about you, and the way as you keep doing nothing but post words to justify yourself and demonize others for calling you on how you have nothing, pretty much seals the deal.

Now, if you want true information, I will share you a bit that most "project leaders" tend to forget:

Nopony will take seriously the opinion of a person who pretends to be a project leader without having neither the skills or knowdeledge to deserve the title.
No artists or programmers would agree to work for a person who is on the bottom of the food chain, simply because people like that are just a burden to others.
If they can't even take care of their own stuff, then it goes without saying that they will be completely uncapable to coordinate a team, and nopony would want to join a project that's doomed to fail and become just a complete waste of their time and talents.

Don't get me wrong, I think that having a dream is a wonderful thing to do, but trying to live a dream through others is a complete no-no.
>> No. 32891
Hoppip came across pretty curtly but his point is really valid.

The guy who created the original Fighting is Magic (the game I'm working on) thread on here? He is not on the project. He had an idea but nothing concrete to offer.

The two guys that created the original Pony Kart threads (The project Hoppip is working on)? Not part of the project team.

You stated you think you can write a pretty good outline for an episode. THAT is a great start. As somepony said, people will be motivated for a project, not for a boss. In fact I'd go as far to say a dedicated project manager is literally the last thing an UNPAID project needs. A project may eventually benefit from a dedicated project manager, but it has to be pretty established before that is necessary, because people have no reason to listen to a project manager when there is nothing to show for it.

For these projects, the fuel is passion and results. That's it. There is no money involved to tide you over. Having the idea with no starting point is like an investor saying "I like your skills, I will invest 0$ for 20% of the cut and I will also tell you what to do."

You mentioned the credits.. If you find people that are only doing this for the credit, or to boost their portfolio, the project will fail. Those kinds of people will not last the distance.

A rough script or a storyboard or anything like that will produce 500% more motivation for people than the idea itself.

Again, there is nothing wrong with your idea at all, but build it from something solid if you can!!
>> No. 32893
Hay Ink --

You got a bit of a raking here and maybe deserved it, but remember that's just past experience talking. If you come back with a tight script and a few hot pics to shove in Hoppip's face, nopony will be happier than Hoppip.

This is a special case where everypony wants to be proved wrong. If people doubt you, don't get mad, get even -- by putting out such great stuff that people can't help but jump on the bandwagon.
>> No. 32896
>I need a team. A team willing to do it all.
Ok, I would consider my self as part of the team, assuming I'd fit into it. I too would be doing it all, working that extra minute. I wouldn't be separate from it.

Everything else you said I agree with, without needing to clarify.

I'm not really sure what to say here, but I do want to show attention that I'll be using this post to help as well.

How much of the script should I have starting? all of it? to when the theme song would play? to the climax?

I can give a tight script. I cant give hot pics though. no scanner, and even if I did, I have only minimal skills. enough for sketches, but... not hot pics.

I do appreciate this, my initial defenceive reaction aside. I really would love to do this, and ya'll are helping me.
>> No. 32897

You should give your best right off the bet when trying to recruit people for a team under your command.

The extent of your skills displayed there counts as your exam, to determinate if the skilled artists and people that lurks around could find you worth of their time or not.

It sucks, but that's life for you.
>> No. 32912

I just have to reply to strengthen what >>32897 said. The more stuff you have to hype people up front the more hype (fuel) you'll get back!
>> No. 32986
I haven't abandonned the project, but I have taken in all the actual advice here, and I'm finishing up the script. Using an actual screen play format, so it wont need to be translated.

The one thing I just found out I cant do, is song write, I tried my hand at it, but I think my lyrics suck. I'd like somepony else to redo them. Aside from that, I'll be able to have the script and written storyboard finished shortly. Also to avoid distaste and most judgement, I'll be starting a new thread then. Hopefully this one will die out.
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