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This will be an ongoing project. Here's all the info you need: It will be an audio series about a kid who hates ponies and gets sucked into the world of Equestria, and would be shown around by one of the Mane 6 (kind of like Fluffy’s Dan Vs. FIM). Ultimately the Mane 6 would help the kid get back to real life.

Intrested? I need these things,
At least one good artist who will draw all the pictures for the show.
Voice Actors. Need anypony who can do Mane 6 or other characters from the show.
A good audio editor or editors to help out with the editing process.
Send me an email at :[email protected] or add me on skype at: mlp.fandub
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>> No. 32909
Already done (and very well, I must add) here:
>> No. 32910
its gonna be about a real person. Not a character from a lame show on the hub
>> No. 32922

Real person?

If it's about yourself, nopony will care.
If it's about one of your friends, nopony will care because nopony knows said friend of yours.
If it's about a person you don't like, so you could have an excuse to put said person on ambarrasing situations, nopony will care because not your personal army, etc.

And this scenario of "what if normalguy is transported into *manga/anime/comic/cartoon*'s universe" has been done to death, literally thousands of times for years and years nonstop.

Try something more original, and remember that just because you like it or because you never did it before it doesn't means everypony will like it as well.
>> No. 32925
>reads premise
hmmm human in equestria story
>sees oc
hmmm black and red oc
>reads over op
hmmm no mention of him doing anything
Eyup I think I know where this is headed

Anyway I wish you the luck in finding those who are like minded and want to put in all the hard work.

Im sorry but I have to agree with this. This kind of story I bet would be fun to make with some real life brony friends of yours but since you want to use a real person I doubt there will be mass appeal beyond those who know this person.

Oh also if you really do want to find help I suggest putting down what your role in this project is, some of the script and storyboards that you've made for this and anything else to draw people in. Well have fun.
>> No. 32926
I meant it will be about made up charcter. Im not gonna use footage of something form real life. Its gonna be made up.
>> No. 32927
its going to be a complety mad up charcter. Nopony I know and its not gonna be about me.
>> No. 32933
Theres better things people would like to read, sorry.

Theres plenty of ideas out there though!
>> No. 32937

And there are more interesting things than an awful OC "created" by simply recoloring a premade template.
Most people never understands that OCs are called "ORIGINAL" characters for a reason.
>> No. 32973
File 132788333111.jpg - (24.63KB , 360x316 , HNI_0078.jpg )
best idea EVER!
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