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Yep, I'm doing it. And before you say "Oh look another Pony RPG. lol fail", Let me enlighten you. This RPG is fully open world. You create your own pony, name them, and then you are plunged into Equestria where you can explore every known area, meet every known pony, go on tons of quests, and have fantastic battles.
Here's the basic concept: (Copied from a thread I made on a different forum)

You start off by customizing you pony. You choose you name, mane style, gender, type (unicorn, earth, etc.), and colors. You then take a short quiz determining your cutiemark. The quiz also affects reactions of certain ponies to you. Once this is done, you are plunged in Ponyville as the "New Pony in Town."

The gamplay is pretty much quest-based free roam rpg based. You can talk to other ponies, take quests, go on journies, explore Equestria, and meet friends and enemies.

Gameplay (Conceptual);
Your pony always has an overall reputation which can be increased by doing quests or by attending events or making descisions. Depending on descisions, reputation may lower as well. There is also "sub-reputation" which is smaller reputation between groups of ponies or towns. Here's the list of sub-reps's:
-Mane 6
-Ponyville (General)
-Appleloosa (General)
-Canterlot (General)
-Cloudsdale (General)
-Cutiemark Crusaders
-Princess Celestia
Each reputation (including overall) has its benefits and consequences for being high and low. You can also have reputation with individual people, between the tiers of -100 and 100. Certain characters can reach only up to certain tier limits though. Some ponies, Mane 6 especially, can be romanced through high reputations. This is more of a rune factory romance system though, nothing R rated.

Here's the idea for stats/armour/levels.
The stats are fAirly genefic RPG stats that rely on you class (pony type).
-Earth Pony (High Strength, fair speed, no magic)
-Unicorn (High magic, low strength and speed)
-Pegasus (High Speed, fair strength, no magic)
Since only unicorns can use magic, the magic stat is replaced by the skill stat fot pegasi and warth ponies. Here are the stats as well.
-Strength: Controls attack power
-Speed: Controls attack order, attack speed
-Magic/Skill: Controls effiency of skills and magic
-Wisdom: Neutral stat needed for defense.
-Harmony: Special stat that increases alongside Rep and Party members. Controls special attack power.
Now for armour. Armour is typical pony attire. (saddles, hoof covers, dresses, hats, etc). They can be for stats or just for looks.

Next is the idea for combat.
Battle is simple, rpg, side view battle.
When a pony is defeated, he/she is KO'd. Not killed. Same with enemies.

Next is party members/recruitable character.
Twilight Sparkle: Great Magic, Wisdom. Able to use much more powerful magic than any other pony.
Rainbow Dash: Extreme Speed, good attack. Best speed in the game. "Sonic Rainboom" skill.
Rarity: Able to use items on the whole party at once. Fair Magic.
Applejack: Great attack and speed. Apple to use good, offensive skills.
Fluttershy: High HP, but very weak. Able to use items with double the effect. (Apple heals 30 HP. She can heal 60 HP)
Pinkie Pie: Fairly weak, but illogical, amazing skills.
A team can have 3 other members excluding you. Other members must be swapped out.
(There are other members you can recruit, such as Big Mac, Dr. Whooves, Derpy, Trixie, Lyra, etc.)

Lastly, I give you the beneficial gameplay aspects. This game will also allow you to forge advanced friendships with ponies, and even get a home to live in which can be decorated. You can also do side events instead of quests, like farming and baking.

I do have some screenshots as well as a couple of development sneak peaks and whatnot posted on this thread (updated very often):

~Please note that I am recruiting a spriter and possibly a musician or so. If you are interested please, please, please tell me. PLEASE.
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So your "progress" is a single generic screenshot of somepony else's unrelated tileset? Is this RPG Maker or something because if so what work have you actually done (ideas/design don't count until you have a tangible demo of them).
>> No. 32944
Mostly Scripting/Coding to be honest.
I'm trying to work out new features and tweaks and stuff. I mean, do you really want pictures of code? I realize that the screens are bare. They are subject to change, and are just basically small mock-ups I guess. I realize that it probably won't be the "Best RPG Ever" or anything, I'm just trying to make it unique. You are entitled to think whatever you want, and I can completely understand your view point.
>> No. 32947
>Mostly Scripting/Coding to be honest.

In other words, you have absolutely nothing to display, yet you expect people to agree to serve under your orders and do all the truly important work for you.

Please understand, the "I have the most awesome script in my head" and "Hey, look at my CODE! I have nothing to display, but that's OK because of my CODE!" have been the default answers for every overambitious project that goes nowhere and by now, the overuse and abuse of these answers equals as immediately filling a thread with landmines as soon the OP resorts to them.

Tl:dr: Saying that you have the "script" and the "code" automatically pisses people off and makes them shrug off the topic where they were used.
>> No. 32950
You can honestly believe whatever you want.
I won't say anything, and I won't get pissed.
You are entitled to your opinion, and I can understand where you are coming from.
>> No. 32954
You will notice a lot of these kind of things on /collab/ lately.

About 6-8 months ago a LOT of pony projects were coming together. Ranging from MMOs (yes plural) to adventure games to fighting games to platform games to fan episodes to desktop ponies etc etc etc.

Those projects soaked up a LOT of the talent that was floating around and looking at the collab thread. Most of the people here now are looking for updates on the current projects, and it's rare that a new project as ambitious as your one actually gets anypony interested because the people who have the skills you want and are looking on collab are almost always ones already involved in projects .

That's why there is a big influx of >>32947 that type of comment. Your request 8 months ago on here probably would have been met with a handful of interested people and you could have got something together because it was like a new frontier. As it is now most of the people who have been in projects or have the skills will look very carefully for red flags in the "project".. such as "nothing been done yet", "I will manage the project", "It's just an idea and I need help to make it come to life". As seemingly negative as it is, people just don't have the trust in a half thought out project anymore. They used to, if they didn't none of the current projects would be alive.. but to get something started now unfortunately you have to really stand out from all the other ideas.
>> No. 32959

To add to what monkeyjay said, the number of people with artistic talent here is very, very limited and most, or maybe -all- of them are already busy with one or two projects.

While some of them would agree to work WITH a person, they would not like at all the idea of working FOR a person, and as cold it may sound, the "code" is the most unimportant and worthless part of a RPG, because let's be frank: you can easily download RPG Maker or any similar program, and get practically 80% of the "code" part already done by merely having the program, and the remaining 20% can easily be completed by any person willing to spend a few evenings mashing buttons here and there.

The coder is bottom tier and can easily be replaced by anypony, that's why nopony is impressed at all when a person comes and says "Hey look at my RPG code, now all what I need is custom graphics, custom tiles, custom effects, custom sounds and custom animations. But remeber, I'm the team leader because of my code!"

Or to put it with different words: any artist with enough time to produce the graphics and sounds you want could easily provide the code as well, and not need your presence at all to complete the game.
>> No. 32965
Ironically, I actually got spritework done today.
Go figure.

Anyway, thanks for the advice.
>> No. 32968
While I'm not sure what you mean by "ironically", good stuff! The more you have to show the more people will be interested.
>> No. 32978
I'll have the sprites ready for screenshot showcase thus weekend. I promise. :)
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