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I've seen lots of 2D sprite games posted here, and I do love me some good old-fashioned two-dimensional goodness.
However, I think an MLP game that has the style of animal crossing, with perhaps higher graphical fidelity, although that's not really a large factor for me.
In my opinion, it lends itself really well to that type of game, and with the same kind of graphics that's going to be used in PonyKart I don't think I would ever leave my computer.

The option to have large multiplayer servers would probably make sure that nopony leaves the comfort of their own house ever again.

For those not in the know, Animal Crossing was a simple yet entertaining 3D game which heavily involved your relationships with other animals and overall adventures.
I know this will probably never happen but we could all dream right?

Opinions? :)
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I know there's somepony on /co/ who's working on this
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One of the major influences in design for Budding Friendships is Animal Crossing.

Otherwise, it's a Harvest Moon style of game, and it's 2D. A true Animal Crossing game in 3D would definitely work with ponies, I think. But I haven't seen anything exactly like that, myself.
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