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Ok. This is almost technically against the rules because it's not actually a project, but this guys blog and resources could be very very useful for some of you guys who are creating games.

Scroll down for some really good tilesets that he's giving away that could be edited easily for pony games, and also some interesting discussion about game development in general.

I can't think of a better board for this sort of thing. Feel free to suggest anything else you guys have found that have helped you!
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But nothing there is compatible with FiM styled graphics...
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You have a poor imagination if you can't think how these would be useful to a game developer making a tile-based game.

They are all free, and EDITABLE.

That's the point. It's a great starting point for those who want to find know how tilesets are made, how to make nice looking edges and seams, the algorithms used for things like placing shadows in tilesets. Editing each one to the FiM style is no problem.

This is far better than starting from scratch.
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