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Hello everypony! Today, myself along with some friends have launched a new website ready for public beta testing -

It's basically your source for all your pony music online and on the go, without the need to actually download any of the music in order to listen to it.

It's still heavily under construction, and that's the very reason every single feedback would be highly appreciated! We are still undergoind major updates, adding new features and songs, and your help is very much needed!

You can check out the site at, as well as the contact addresses where you can drop off your feedback and/or ideas or suggestions.

Thanks alot! /)^ε^(\
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File 132614836311.jpg - (39.91KB , 575x675 , 131670252705.jpg )
My problem is that i have to actually know all the music to add it to the playlist. I am more the radio-kind of music-listener.

Kudos for putting that site up though.
>> No. 33203
Maybe that could actually be a possible adittion to the script... Something like a random song player on login/visit or so... Or with the press of a button...

I actually like this!
>> No. 33207
>> No. 33234
File 132826476955.png - (248.84KB , 512x384 , Toph_Chill.png )
WOW! How has this not gotten much attention? It deserves it.

Especially for users like me who have a tough time finding good pony music and THEN having to go through the effort of downloading it and blah blah. I would MUCH rather have it all in one place that I can just click on and play songs.

One suggestion; a radio option. It's nice to have ALL these songs but I'd also like to just come on and have all the music playing quick and easy. Possibly an option to play all songs, only shuffled? Id that possible on there? Lemme know
>> No. 33238
Feature request: an option to just push play and listen immediately, and when it's playing, an option to dislike/skip the current song and have that choice saved in a cookie, or in my account if I'm logged in. Essentially a simplified version of Pandora or
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File 132829846493.png - (105.87KB , 252x379 , Toph_Just_As_Planned.png )
>> No. 33258
You should work with these guys:

they keep an archive of over 8GB of pony music with tags and artists.
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