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A friend and I will be working on a project soon to make a pony version of Red Dwarf using our OC’s and some characters from our site:
Though the series will be comic based, we want a full length animated episode to really get people interested, therefore, we need the following:

-3 FEMALE voice actors
-An Animator

The script is being written, and is well on it’s way to being finished.
The episode we are working on is our version of ‘Polymorph’.

The characters we need voicing are:
-Pinkie Pie (The polymorph)
-Infiniti (Our ‘Holly’)
-Sky Blue (A life-form evolved from Nyamtom’s Cat.)

We sort of need test lines to see whose voices we like, so…

Infiniti: I am Infiniti, the ship’s computer, with an IQ of 6000, the same IQ as 6000 PE teachers.

Sky Blue: What do you think I am? A cat?

Pinkie: Hi, I’m pinkie pie… (Turns to evil voice) AND I AM GOING TO FEED ON YOUR ENTRAILS.

We have no preferences on what they sound like (exept pinkie, she needs to sound like in the actual mlp TV show), so send submissions (Voice actors only) to [email protected] (Attach an MP3 file of you saying the test line for your character, No download links) with the subject line: ‘Voice actor submission [Name of Character auditioning for here]’

Animators, just apply in the thread by saying you want to join, and linking to an example of your work on youtube.

Thanks, Lenios

P.s. Thanks to Sparkling Limeade for the logo.
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File 132833946127.png - (113.84KB , 609x560 , Infiniti template.png )
Character reference pics coming up:
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File 132833974343.png - (202.54KB , 1816x1608 , Sky Blue Hires edited.png )
<----- Sky BLue
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Can I bump this?
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>we want a full length animated episode
yeah have fun with that
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>>33316 Well, not a FULL length episode, but something of reasonable length....
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I don't really see the point in bumping this, because quite frankly, nopony cares.

You're trying to recruit some people, right? Well here is a hint: nopony is willing to work for a complete stranger for no good reason.
Imagine a random person came up to you on the street and asked "hey, do you want to work for me?", would you accept?
Well of course not. You'd first want to know if the project is worth working on(so far, all you've shown us are a logo and some uninteresting generated OCs) and if the person asking them is a good leader(in the indie business, a leader has to do some actual work as well. If you can't draw, make music, write or etc, nopony will bother working with you, and definitely not work for you), and so far, you've shown no signs of being such a person.

Further more, animators and voice actors(specially female ones) are not easy to come by, and even if there are some, they'd much rather work on something worthwhile(like their own work, or for some other, better, project)

If you REALLY want such a thing to be made, here's what you have to do:
Learn how to animate and make some stock animation, put it on youtube, and then if the animation is good enough you might find people who are willing to voice act.
Alternatively, get people interested in your project. To do so, make a story so good that it gains enough fans(I'd say it'd have to be at least on par with "Fallout:Equestria"). And since you are planning on making a comic, you'll have to have good drawing as well. Using generated ponies is useless. Again, this is something you have to do by yourselves.

As you may or may not notice, these are things that require time. If you want my honest opinion, I recommend you instead make a tumblr with the OCs and make a small evolving story there. This way you at least might get some mlp & Red dwarf fans to subscribe to you and read the comic.

PS: changing 'Red Dwarf' to 'Red Colt' doesn't make much sense, since 'red dwarf' refers to a common type of star.
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