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Hey everypony, Clutter Trot, the head of the Role Pony Game project here. Because I recently got a new gif animator, and since I haven't posted here in forever, I figure I drive into some of the aspects of using flash to draw your graphics.

Unlike most ponies, I'm using Flash to draw my sprites instead of using raster graphics, the main benefit of doing this is that the sprites will look more like they do on the show. Also, because I'm using repeated symbols, it makes editing the template much faster than conventional methods because if I edit one instance of a symbol, all other instances of that symbol follow suit.

However, one of the problems with drawing your sprite sheets in Flash is that the exports are going to be off by sub pixels, meaning you can not correct the incongruities in MS paint or some such program. Don't even try, you'll just make it worse. This is because the pixels are rendered where they should be, but the colors blend in such a way the appearance of unintended swaying is induced.

Now the template is farther along than this one, it's just what I had ready and I wanted to play with my new thing.
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Here's a latest version by the way. Only 10 days later.
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